Apr 302019
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Hiring a babysitter can be a difficult task. These days finding someone you trust that can handle a child or group of children with varying needs can be a challenge. When you find yourself looking for a babysitter here are some basic tips to help you hire a good one.

  1. Use a service like Care.com to help find a vetted baby sister. With background checks, resumes, and plenty of competition making it worth it to potential sitters to have more qualifications it is easy to find a good trustworthy sitter from a place like this but still be mindful when you interview.
  2. Check at your local college for a college student in need of extra work. While you are helping them get an education you often can find a great deal on a babysitter that comes with extra skills like experience with your child’s math homework. Teaching students make great babysitters that get valuable experience putting the techniques they are learning to work.
  3. Call your potential sitters references. For teens, their boss, pastor, teachers, or people they have previously babysat for all make great options for references. Parents, friends, and family members are more likely to give a reference that is less than truthful.
  4. Look for a babysitter with training from the local Red Cross. They offer great programs like Babysitting certification and first-aid and CPR. A babysitter with CPR and first aid certification is more likely to have the confidence to keep a cool head and handle an emergency situation when one arises. While you hope your babysitter will never need this skill it the situation arises you will be glad they have it.

When you interview potential babysitters introduce them to your child. Watch how your child interacts with the potential babysitter. If a child and babysitter do not hit it off quickly the new babysitter will often have more struggles with your child acting out.

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  30 Responses to “How to Hire a Babysitter”

  1. i used to work and find babysitters to help me find a quality babysitter when my husband and i wanted a date night. word of mouth is always helpful too!

  2. Having a trained sitter that knows CPR is such a smartb idea. I am lucky we had grandparents to help us when we needed it but having a competant sitter is a good idea.

  3. I love the idea of using a service to hire a baby sitter. There was a time when you could just hire a neighborhood kid or put an ad out, but people have gone bonkers these days.

  4. I am pretty much beyond the babysitting days, but man, finding a good one was tricky. My husband and I rarely went out when our kids were small.

  5. It has change so much since I was a kid babysitting. It’s probably a lot better now than it was back then. I love all these different points in with my niece and nephew my sister-in-law is always looking for good babysitters. I will tell her about this post.

  6. This is one of the hardest things as a parent. I was so thrilled when my older kids were old enough to watch my younger kids… And I was I even happier when my kids all hit the teenager stage and I didn’t need to worry about babysitters unless we were headed out of town! These are great tips and I wish I would have had them 15 years ago! 🙂

  7. I really enjoyed reading this post. Your tips are really helpful. I have to share this post with my friend who’s considering hiring a babysitter.

  8. These are excellent tips for anyone who needs a new babysitter for the kids. I have used care.com and feel like it’s a good service.

  9. My daughter is old enough to start babysitting. I need to get her Red Cross certified to give me added peace of mind.

  10. These are great tips. Things have changed so much since I was a young mom. If I was hiring a babysitter, I would need these tips.

  11. Great ideas! I imagine there are lots of qualified college students. I didn’t know about the Red Cross certification.

  12. Having a teen-age daughter who babysits a lot and looks to do it full time as a summer job this is super helpful

  13. You are right it is a difficult task that is why I have never had one before. It is so hard to trust people. Thankfully my oldest son is now old enough to watch his siblings for a few hours which is super helpful.

  14. I was always hesitant to hire a babysitter. I think we did once but she was a friend’s daughter. Otherwise we always relied on family. These are great tips though!

  15. Hiring a babysitter can be so hard. I have used care.com quite a few times to find a great sitter.

  16. These are great tips! Luckily I have been able to have family watch my kids when I needed a sitter.

  17. I totally agree! Finding a good sitter isn’t easy. Thank you so much for these helpful tips!

  18. These are wonderful tips for those who need to hire a babysitter! Thanks for sharing!

  19. I think these tips are great for anyone wanting to hire a babysitter. It’s important to know your child(ren) are with someone that is suitably qualified and experienced.

  20. It’s important to have one that has a lot of experience and has good character. I loved my son’s babysitter and she worked for us for years.

  21. Great tips! My sister is expecting and we are all working so we will need this soon.

  22. Great tips for hiring a babysitter! I am past that stage but I agree with you. I always looked for someone who had CPR training. Will be sure to share this with others.

  23. I found finding a sitter to be super stressful. I feel bad when I have someone come to my house and it is a flipping disaster.

  24. Such an important topic. We must carefully choose who we entrust our kids while we are away at work. I am sharing this post with my daughter.

  25. When my kiddos was smaller. I will hire a family friend to come over and watch them.

  26. I am stay at home mom and never used baby sitter until now. Actually I am afraid hearing all these news .

  27. Great tips. It’s important to find someone that you trust! Not everyone should be a babysitter.

  28. Its very important for parents to have a babysitter on stayby. I love that there is the internet and sites like Care.com that makes it easier to find the babysitter that will be great for your family.

  29. My parents didn’t believe in hiring babysitters growing up. They just let family and family friends watch us in their homes if something came up. For them it was a trust thing.

  30. It’s been quite a while that we hired baby sitter. I really remember the time when we needed to have one due to the Presidential visit. Luckily we always found the good one