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If you are finding it hard to work out or need to spice up your everyday routine, try hosting a fitness scavenger hunt! This creative idea can be hosted at any time during the year, and all it requires is a little planning. The main idea is that you jog or run to find items on your scavenger hunt list as opposed to walking around the block. You can have fun, workout, and challenge your friends!

Choose the Right Location

The first thing is to pick the right location. You would like the area to be large enough to have room to exercise while running around to collect items. It should obviously be safe and be available during the daytime.

Scavenger Hunt Location Ideas:

  • Parks
  • Beaches
  • Field
  • Large backyards
  • Downtown area (one with lots of benches, walkways, parks, or historic monuments that you can use as stops on your adventure, etc.).

Plan Your Scavenger Hunt

There are two types of fitness scavenger hunts that you can create. You could either choose items that you would typically find in the area of your event (for example, trees, flowers, benches, etc.), or you could have someone place items in various locations beforehand. The second choice may work better since you can guarantee that you will find the items on your list.

Think of it like an Easter egg hunt. You could even use plastic eggs and fill them with slips of paper that say what type of exercise that you have to do when you find them. Make sure everyone has a list of the items to be grabbed, and prepare a few prizes for your winners!

What to Do During the Scavenger Hunt

This isn’t JUST a running activity. The goal is to do various workouts between every item that you collect. For example, the first step requires 20 jumping jacks after finding the first item. Try calf raises, high knees, burpees, planks, sprints, squats, lunges, and push-ups.

Sample Scavenger Hunt at a Park

  1. Find a bench and do 10 jumping jacks.
  2. Look for a pile of leaves and do 5 push-ups.
  3. Jog to a water fountain for a break and do 15 burpees.
  4. Do high knees until you find a crack in the sidewalk.
  5. Sprint to a bike rack.

You can also bring “extras” to add other types of activity to your scavenger hunt. For example, you could bring small hand weights, hula hoops, balance balls, or resistance bands. Extra tasks for those items could include:

  1. Do 10 curls with hand weights.
  2. Jog to a designated area to complete a 15 second plank before hula hooping for 2 minutes.

Make sure to designate a “start” and “stop” location, and ensure that all participants play fair! You can create a Facebook event to let guests know that gist of your event, or you could start a group text message. Friendly competition is encouraged! Form teams if you would like and encourage everyone to wear their team colors.

How would you create your own scavenger hunt?

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