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Trying to get your kids to eat enough fruits and vegetables is about as tricky as, well, trying to get a young kid to eat their fruits and vegetables. That’s why smoothies can be the ideal way to conceal the food that’s nutritious for them while giving them their daily intake of fruits and vegetables in a form that almost feels like a desert.

In broad terms, smoothies can run the gamut of flavors and ingredients so it is best to begin with something simple. Try starting your kids off with a pure fruits and yogurt yogurt mixture and work your way to more complicated recipes from there. Green smoothies can be filled with essential nutrients and can be extremely tasty, they may not be the best option for kids who still make dramatic faces overtime they look at broccoli.

A simple recipe to start them off would include frozen strawberries, a banana, and vanilla or plain yogurt. Once they get accustomed to the the basic flavor and texture of those smoothies, you could slowly start reducing the sugar and use a healthier vanilla yogurt instead of the plain yogurt. At this point, you can also start adding additional ingredients, such as blueberries or mangos, a little at a time without drastically altering the overall taste.

As you try to expand the ingredients in their smoothie it is important to remember to always start with some of their favorite fruits, veggies and foods in general. For instance, If your child likes peanut butter, blend up bananas, berries, milk and a spoonful of peanut butter. If your kid’s favorite fruit is peaches, start with peach smoothies and slowly incorporate a bigger variety of ingredients.

After they’ve accepted that smoothies are a delicious and healthy option that doesn’t require them to eat whole Brussels sprouts, it might be a good time to introduce them to green smoothies. During the initial taste-testing phase it is best to start with more fruits than green vegetables so that they will still taste plenty of the natural sweetness and not be turned off by thought of drinking green leafy vegetables.

Start them off with small portions and and don’t try to overload them with taste sensations that they may not be familiar with. Most kids like any drink or meal that appeals to their sweet tooth so take advantage of that. A simple way to add flavor with green smoothies is to substitute apple juice instead of water or coconut water. Just like with the yogurt smoothies, you can slowly reduce the amount of juice and fruit while replacing them vegetables to make even them even healthier. You might have to do some parental marketing to help the green liquid gain acceptance at first. Try giving them a catchy name like “Hulk Juice” to help sell your case.

This method can also be employed for adults, such as spouses or significant others, who aren’t huge fans of green smoothies. Ultimately, the idea is to get extra greens into their regular diet so if you need to add extra fruit juice (like apple!) so it is more palatable, it is much better than the alternative like processed foods that are high in cholesterol.

With a little patience and, of course, some trial-and-error, you’ll be able to incorporate a whole range of fruits and vegetables into their daily diets and they won’t even fight you over it.

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  107 Responses to “How To Make Smoothies Your Kids Will Love”

  1. We have smoothies most mornings. I think they are a great way to get things into kids that they don’t get at school.

    The pink one you made is great for Valentines Day coming up.

  2. This is really smart advice! I’m lucky enough that my kiddos don’t snub their noses at too many foods, but there are definitely a few. Giving them a slower introduction to those foods mixed in with some of their all time favs is brilliant!

  3. These are great tips. Green smoothies are the best way I’ve found to get veggies into the kids without a fight. And I did have to do a little selling at first. LOL

  4. These are all great tips. I haven’t met many kids who can say no to a smoothie, and gradually turning them into green smoothies is a great way to get them used to the color and get more healthy greens into them.

  5. Some mornings my grandkids just aren’t in the mood to eat breakfast. My daughter makes smoothies and nobody complains. Yogurt, fresh fruit, spinach, kale they are eat healthy and don’t even care. Plus we make our own cheese and save the whey which is pure protein. Toss some in and perfect.

  6. My kids love smoothies with fruits. It’s always one of their favorite treat during summer time.

  7. All of these tips are great…and look super tasty! A sneaky way to get kids to eat their fruits and veg!

    <3 https://alpluslex.com/

  8. I would have to start this for myself! LOL. I am not a fan of the thought of green smoothies unfortunately! But I know that I need to get more greens in my diet.

  9. My little love yogurt and smoothies, will be trying this out.

  10. Love a smoothie but didn’t when I was little so I love these pointers, I will definitely share this with my friends who have children x

  11. My youngest adores smoothies. We go through a lot of Greek yogurt and bananas around here!

  12. I do love a good smoothie for myself. I don’t have any kids at home, but I feel like the kid’s smoothies are the best tasting ones. I will try these.

  13. I really like the approach to lowering out the sugar. That is a good way to make sure that you kids don’t get addicted to sugar.

  14. OH yum! I want to make this for me! I MIGHT share it with the kiddo!, but only if they catch me drinking it! 😉

  15. Great advice! My kids already love smoothies, but it was a transition to get them to drink them if they caught me sneaking a veggie into the mix!! Now they realize that the banana and strawberry flavours will always be the strongest. And the peanut butter idea is great — I’m trying that next time.

  16. I love this! Such a good way to hide the veggies they won’t otherwise eat 🙂

  17. The kids love smoothies with bananas and strawberries. I’ve never thought to add anything else to them but I will now.

  18. We love smoothies in our house. This is great advice on how to make delicious smoothies that the kids will love. Thanks for these tips.

  19. My boys love chocolate peanut butter smoothies. They are not too keen on fruit ones but they will eat their fruit by itself.

  20. Your smoothie looks delicious! These are good tips-love the idea of calling a green smoothie “Hulk juice!”

    • The Hulk Juice name is a cute idea. My kids always ate things if they had a cool name. Well, they didn’t always eat them, but they would at least try them.

  21. Pretty much as long as it’s “Not green” the kids will drink almost anything that we throw into a smoothie. I love the green ones myself. Never thought to try adding peanut butter into it before.

  22. I totally use this method with my husband who thinks the only veggies he can eat are peas, corn, and beans! It took me a while to get him to start trying the smoothies I made, especially since he already knew I put green leafy veggies in my smoothies, but I eventually wore him down.

  23. Since I have gasteroparises I make smoothies all the time for everyone else when I make my smoothie meals on flair up days. Strawberries is a huge hit with kids and hubby.

  24. These look amazing! I just know my kiddos will love them <3

  25. Great ideas. Smoothies are a really good way to get kids to eat fruits and veggies.

  26. Smoothies are the best thing since sliced bread. I know that if kids get to choose what goes in, they have a better chance of eating them too. My neighbor has a rule: 1 fruit, 1 veggie, 1 dairy and then a optional (chocolate chips, coconut, granola) It works for them!

  27. Smoothies are a great way to incorporate some extra fruits and veggies into the diets of picky kids. I like your ideas for introducing green smoothies. Easy does it!

  28. Thank you for your ideas! My son doesn’t like smoothies so much, I hope this can help me!

  29. That was a super great tip. From simple fruit recipe down to the greeny ones for them to be acquainted first with the taste and then reduced the sugar and make its title a little bit interesting.

  30. These are great tips! We love smoothies at our home; my kids think they’re treats! So they’re always excited about it.

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  31. We do smoothies a lot too. I can get the kids to drink green ones most days, but you can tell by the wrinkled noses when it’s going to be an issue.

  32. My kids hate smoothies but I love smoothies.

  33. These are wonderful suggestions! My kids certainly love their smoothies and I love the fact that I can sneak extra vitamins into their systems.

  34. I couldn’t live without my magic bullet and my smoothies!!!!! xoxo Robin

  35. Great ideas! My daughter loves the berry smoothies. And the banana ones. I could probably sneak something green in there. Maybe.

  36. Thankfully, my kids love smoothies and will drink just about any one I make. However, I was not like that as a child. I wasn’t fond of smoothies and it was difficult for me to drink them in general. I love the ideas you have here!

  37. Get tips! I’m blessed that my kids love smoothies! They are always looking for new items to add to them. My youngest does not like bananas so I try to hide a few in his.

  38. this is very helpful article! my kids don’t like fruits at all! it was always my prob but now Ive got an idea! thanks for sharing this tips!

  39. We love smoothies. I try to make them for my family at least twice a week. I love trying new recipe. Some are very healthy.

  40. Great tips! I love smoothies, and I have been trying to get my son to drink them.

  41. I love the idea of calling it Hulk Juice – my kids would probably think that’s so funny! I’ve been pretty lucky so far and they actually like smoothies – but that’s likely because I haven’t tried sneaking any spinach into them yet.

  42. Smoothies are packed with benefits and I often hide bits of veggies in the smoothies that I make so that the kids won’t notice it. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing them!

  43. I love a good smoothie. I try to have one every morning. I like a mix of fruit and veggies.

  44. We love making smoothies and it is one way I can get my kids to eat fruits and veggies so we really love them

  45. My kids LOVE smoothies and ask to make them all the time! You’re right: they are such a great way for kids to get their fruits but especially their veggies into their daily diets. My kids especially aren’t fans of green leafy vegetables but will happily enjoy them in green smoothies! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your tips!

  46. I can get my kids to taste most things but if they are green they will not try them. They like the ones that I make with fruit.

  47. My children love smoothies! I make one for them almost every single morning and I always sneak in veggies!

  48. Smoothies are awesome and for the kids who done like veggies this is a great way to slip them in!

  49. I admit to going through phases with smoothies. My kids and I all love them; they will drink whatever I make to include kale or sometimes even Matcha.

  50. I like the idea of gradually introducing the green veggies into the smoothies! Definitely going to try these tips!

  51. I like smoothies, in the good season I do them all the time it is healthy and good for body cleansing ..

  52. I have a green smoothie every morning! I find boys more eager to try green smoothies because I draw a “hulk” face on the glass…

  53. My one year old loves smoothies! We have a natural green powder that helps boost greens in your diet (safe for kids) and I throw that in with a banana and berries and she can’t get enough!

  54. I wonder if my nieces and nephew would like these. They are the pickiest eaters, but they do like yogurt so this might be a great alternative.

  55. I tried doing this but my kid is just too smart. He totally noticed when I made it less sweet. I think I didn’t do it gradually enough.

  56. This is awesome information for those parents whose children don’t like fruits and veggies. I never had a problem with my kids eating veggies or fruits but my sister always did and the smoothies would have help her back than. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  57. Forget kids, I need to do this to introduce smoothies to my husband! He doesn’t feel like vegetables should be able to be drank this way. I guess he is just a big kid, lol

  58. My kids enjoy smoothies especially if I make their favorite flavors! Thanks for sharing your tips here! Definitely trying these!

  59. This can be a tricky accomplishment, as children tend to shy away from healthy drinks.
    But yours looks sweet enough to do the trick.

  60. Great information on getting kids to eat healthy. We recently started adding peanut butter powder to our smoothies and it is amazing. Just taste like you are drinking peanut butter.

  61. Such a sneaky way to get kids to eat their fruits, but smoothies are delicious!! I’m sure kids would run away from the green smoothies I make in the mornings though haha!

  62. We love to start our day with a delicious smoothie. It is so healthy and the kids love it.

  63. My kids will surely love this smoothie! This would be fun to them while playing at their play room.

  64. What a brilliant idea! This is looks easy to make and healthy for kids at the same time!

  65. Love this! I have 4 kids who love smoothies and 2 that couldn’t be bothered and I REALLY would love to get them on board with smoothies. I am making them more often so it would be great to share with them!

  66. My boys love smoothies. It’s been a great way to get a little extra fruits and veggies into them, especially the picky one.

  67. I love making smoothies for my kids, they actually love it! My son could eat fruit all day, so i sometimes have to throw a little protein in there for him since he doesn’t really eat much meat. But i love using smoothies for a way to keep them getting the vitamins they need, and slipping some veggies in there too!

  68. What a great idea, smoothies are a hit here and a great way to get my picky eater to get some nutrients in him. Appreciate the ideas and easy way to make a healthy option!

  69. My daughter loves smoothies…even the green ones! 🙂 I got lucky in the kid department when it comes to picky eating.

  70. My whole family loves smoothies!! These are great tips for smoothies for kids, I know they don’t like some of our extra add ins.

  71. My kids love smoothies and so do I. It’s the only way I can get my son to eat fruit and yoghurt.

  72. We love smoothies here. The best part is when we have leftovers and our girls will have them for snack or breakfast.

  73. Tricking the kids to drink something healthy is never easy but when it comes to smoothies, you can’t go wrong! I think these are great tips!

  74. I love this. I have 3 little ones and sometimes getting them to be healthy or eat healthy is so hard. This is a great trick because they love smoothies.

  75. My husband isn’t a fan of green smoothies so he started with just fruits & milk. Then started adding peanut butter. Now we add greens to it and he enjoys it. It took a few steps but it works!

  76. Mine will only eat them if I call them milkshakes! They are partial to a smoothie bowl though I just think that’s coz we call it fruit soup!

  77. Yes! I love this post because my husband and I have been talking about using smoothies to actually get our son to eat something. Thank you!

  78. This is exactly how I introduced spinach and kale to my kids. I cover them up with bananas and berries or peanut butter and cocoa. They love it.

  79. My granddaughter loves her smoothies but probably because they’re made from bananas, strawberries, yougurt … and fruit that’s seen better days. I on the other hand, just haven’t gotten the process down even though I know how easy & good they are, duh!

  80. I think i need to try this on myself lol Veggies and me do not get a long so this is a good way to sneak them in!

  81. Smoothies are seriously the best way to sneak in healthy things! (I have to use this trick on my husband sometimes!)

  82. Oooo these are some great tips!!!! My daughter likes super fruity smoothies. As long as they taste like juice she’s happy lol

  83. Great tips! This smoothie looks so delicious, wish I could have one right now. =) I’ll have to try this with the kiddos.

  84. My kids love yogurt, fruits, and veggies they are the perfect candidates for a smoothie. I bet they would love it, my daughter is always trying to get me to buy some smoothie type of drink.

  85. While I currently don’t have any kids, I could always learn to appreciate an awesome smoothie! Thanks for sharing so we all can enjoy!

  86. We love smoothies here. Strawberry banana is almost always a winning combination for us too.

  87. Great tips! I’m definitely going to try this out with my picky eaters! Love the post.

  88. Healthy and yummy. Anyone would love these smoothies.

  89. My daughter in law started my granddaughter on them early, so she loves them. My son on the on the other hand, isn’t a fan (so far). Maybe his tastes will change.

  90. Your technique reminds BB of how she got The Trio to eat salad. May have to use that same technique to get used to green smoothies myself. BB2U

  91. I loved smoothies growing up! Incorporating veggies into the smoothies to covertly get the little ones their nutrients and vitamins is such a good idea!

  92. Wow, this is so cool. My little girl will love this. An awesome recipe to make this weekend!

  93. I think ti’s something what I will love:D obviously my little one is to small for smoothies but I will be doing some for him when he ill grow up a little bit and I hope he will like them

  94. Yum! I love smoothies! My kids and I just came up with a new chocolate and peanut butter superfood smoothie this morning and it was delicious! I can’t wait to try some of your tips!

  95. As long as a smoothie keeps a bright red, orange, yellow, blue or purple shade, then my nephew is fine with it. He can’t get over the color green in a smoothie though.

  96. This looks so delicious! I’d love to try blueberry version of this as well 🙂

  97. Thankfully my little one is not picky when it comes to food! I have a hard time keeping her from eating anything and everything! I could use some of these tips for my husband though!

  98. Wow so many great tips. My kids love smoothies and will even drink smoothies with peppers and so on. I think adding a small amount of new veggies that they might not like is a great idea.

  99. My nieces absolutely love smoothies, whether they’re all chocolate or made with fruits. Great advice and suggestions on what to put next on their smoothies, though.

  100. We are a smoothie loving family too, and these are great suggestions! I like to add avocado to smoothies as well for my toddler and he loves it! And then I add neutral greens like spinach in it!

    I also put his in a camelback cup sometimes that he can’t see through so he won’t refuse! Ha

  101. Great info. I am a Smoothie Queen and I am obsessed! When I have kids I am getting them on the smoothie train too and sneaking veggies they wouldnt normally like to eat.

  102. I Love smoothies I love strawberries, I just love healthy stuff, although sometimes the smoothies can be packed full of sugars 🙂

  103. Great Tips!! My oldest and I absolutely love smoothies but my younger Kiddies are a bit on the fence. Maybe these tips will help bring them over to the smoothie side 🙂

  104. Smoothies are an easy solution to a busy morning! I am trying to get my kiddo to eat more greens so I’m blending them up!

  105. We enjoy making smoothies around here. The hardest part is keeping a working blender. We go through them.

  106. i simply love smoothies with fruit. so tasty and also filling.