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There are many options you can do so your child can stay safe on the internet without invading their privacy. Here are some ways to monitor internet use!

As a parent you might find you want to monitor what your child might be surfing through on the internet. But your tween might be fighting back with, “You are spying on me!” Here are some ways to monitor internet use without invading your tweens privacy.

It can be a tricky balance of worrying about them and letting them have the freedom to explore and not feel like we are hovering. There are many options you can do so your child can stay safe on the internet without invading their privacy.

Privacy Settings
Make sure to check the privacy settings on your social media accounts and computer. Make sure it is set to the maximum security level. This can help limit and protect your computer as well. Most social media accounts require you go be 13 or older before you join. Each social media account has their own privacy settings you can adjust.

AntiVirus Software
Every computer should have antivirus software downloaded. The internet is full of spam and this will help protect you and your child. Having software can help block unwanted sites, keep your child from making it to bad sites and entering their personal information and getting it stolen, to seeing unwanted pop ups that aren’t for kids eyes. There are different brands you can buy, I suggest researching them to find what’s a good fit.

Set Rules
Just like house rules you can set internet rules. Maybe they can’t get on social media, sites they can use, etc. Teaching your child to follow these rules is a great life skill for when they leave. Without sitting behind them watching every move, you will never be able to monitor them fully. You have to let them show you they are trustworthy. Teach them about bullies, fake contest, spam sites, so they are aware of the bad parts to the internet and can look for it.

Search Engine Filter
Make sure to add a search engine filter to whatever browser you use. There are a ton out there that work great and it will help to protect your child on ending up on an unwanted page or seeing something they shouldn’t.

Overall you have options but it mostly comes down to teaching your child what not to do and trusting them. Sure you can look through the history feed on the computer but if you ask them about a site they looked at they will know you are spying. Parenting is tough at times. Hopefully these measures above can help.

How do you monitor internet use in your house?

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  35 Responses to “How to Monitor Internet Use Without Invading Your Tweens Privacy”

  1. This is a great resource. We have a WiFi gateway that we just installed, and it’s been great. It helps me filter out specific sites, viruses, and other stuff. Plus, I never have to “snoop” on my kids.

  2. My kiddo is only allow on certain sites and I have checked them all out before they are on the internet sites! I worry a lot about security and the computer and I will be making sure that they are as safe as I can make them!

  3. Great tips! We just got our 9-year-old an ipod touch this past weekend and we put him right on our apple family plan so that he would need to ask our permission before he downloaded anything at all. I also love the tracking element because then I know when to go grab him from the school bus lol

  4. We’ve been using Circle by Disney which blocks certain sites and can even be used to keep my kids off the internet at certain times of day and night! As a mom of 4, this has been one of the most challenging things to navigate!

  5. I may be naive but I don’t see my son searching many illicit sites. He uses the computer for school and he searches up past political debates on youtube. I will keep your tips in mind and look over his shoulder here and there.

  6. This sounds like a useful monitoring tool! I don’t have any kids in the house anymore but this would have been helpful.

  7. I will have to remember all this when my kids are that age . Great tips

  8. I love that you are carefully treading on invading their privacy. We didnt really have a computer growing up. My mom would have been like the friggan FBI if I had one!

  9. We need to stick with these tips once our oldest daughter begins using the internet more freely. It’s so important to keep them safe without smothering them.

  10. I am sharing this with my moms groups! The internet makes parenting SO much harder than it was for our parents!

  11. This is great to know. Parents should be able to monitor their kids’ internet use. Sharing this with my mom friends.

  12. I’m glad that there are so many great safeguards out there when it comes to monitoring computer time for tweens. You can never be too safe when it comes to monitoring your tweens activities.

  13. Very useful indeed, Robin. It’s not that easy at all to be parents these days but there are a few tricks we all can share. And it is important to talk to them and keep the conversation going ..

  14. These are great tips. The internet can be a scary place. It’s so important to monitor our kids and keep them safe.

  15. These are all great and wonderful ideas. When our kids were home they knew the computer wasn’t a private place and we had the right to check anything at anytime. Plus the computer is always in a public area.

  16. This is so important! I do this with my tween and my teen. But I do invade their privacy. I told them I have the right to do so until they move out. I tend to read their texts often 😉

  17. Oh this is very timely for my family, thank you! My son is 9 and is really starting to test boundaries, one of which is what he can watch on the iPad. He has gotten in trouble a few times already.

  18. This is such an important topic to discuss. These are all really fantastic ideas to monitor without completely invading privacy. It is important that they show us that we can trust their choices.

  19. I pay the bill and I monitor frequently. Real talk internet use was becoming a huge problem in our house and I was concerned about my kids’ internet usage. My kid was even profiled on GMA – yes, nationally syndicated Good Morning America about his internet use. Set boundaries and check frequently.

  20. Such a great post full of amazing tips and so very important to address. I think making sure that we are protecting our tweens when they are online is one of the most important things to discuss in this day and age.

  21. These are all great choices. I’ll be honest, I was totally all up in my daughters computer and phone when she was under the age of 18. It was my business what she was doing online, and if she fought me about it, I just told her that I was going to assume she was doing, saying, viewing things she shouldn’t!

  22. I’m sharing all of these tips with my mom friends. I understand not wanting to snoop or invade their privacy, but at the same time, so many kids are into so many things they shouldn’t be. And it’s amazing that sometimes when you google something that seems totally innocent…it’s not.

  23. These are some great ideas, I’m not a parents so I’ve never thought about how you can monitor activity without being right there and seeing it all. It is good to know there are other ways.

  24. We just got my daughter an iPhone, and we really have to get controls in place as far as rules and monitoring. Thanks for the tips – these are all things we need to consider.

  25. These tips are genius! I think it’s important to monitor their online activity, and privacy settings should not be overlooked.

  26. These are great tips. You don’t want to invade your kids’ privacy, but there are a lot of dangers on the internet.

  27. This is my life right now. My teen got a cell phone for his birthday in November. I’m walking a balance of parental settings, actually checking and trusting. So far it has been good, I hope we continue on this path. He is okay with me reading his text messages and such. He says a lot of his friend’s parents check their phones.

  28. Privacy Settings are definitely key when it comes to monitoring the/your internet. It’s okay to let kids browse the net as long as they’re being safe about it.

  29. This is really awesome. Another victory in the endless battle of teens.

  30. My kids are way past that age when they have to be constantly reminded about this stuff. Thankfully, we breezed through that stage with no major problems. I will send this link over to my sister. Her kids are still young and very curious about the internet.

  31. These are great tips! I don’t want to be a “helicopter” but at the same time, I want their online activities safe for all of us.

  32. There are good ideas here. We must learn to supervise our children online just as we supervise them in the real world.

  33. My husband and I were just having a conversation about this. My oldest will be turning 10 at the end of this month and I want to encourage them to be independent and handle things on their own, but want to monitor them for safety reasons. I was not aware of some of these options, thanks for letting me know about them!

  34. These are great tips for monitoring your tween’s internet usage without seeming like you’re invading their privacy. I will have to remember these tips and tricks!!

  35. I dont have kids, but I bet its a hard balance. It seems it would be difficult to make sure you’re protecting your child and making sure they feel as if they have some privacy.