Oct 162015

I wrote this post as part of my participation in a blog tour on behalf of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division, the makers of SUDAFED®. I received compensation to thank me for taking the time to participate. However, all opinions expressed are my own.​

It seems that every year around this time, I get the sniffles.  I blame it on the kids. They come home from school everyday with god knows what kind of germs.  Even though we all wash our hands regularly, it’s still bound to happen.  Since I am always on the go, I feel run down quite often and I think that makes me even more susceptible to getting sick.  I can always tell when I am getting sick, too.  I end up with a sinus headache and the rest of the symptoms aren’t usually far behind.

For some people, sinus congestion feels like a big old weight sitting on their face and I definitely fit into that category.  In addition to the fact that my head feels like it weighs 322,210 pounds, every little noise is totally amplified.  It’s like I can hear everything that goes on in my next door neighbor’s house as if they were in my house.  Just imagine how loud it gets for me when my sinuses are congested and both boys get home from school and try to talk to me at the same time.  It’s like there are 40 people in my kitchen screaming at the top of their lungs.


Sadly for me, I am currently experiencing that sinus congestion that I was just telling you about.  I finally took some SUDAFED® yesterday and after a good nights rest,  my family is super happy that they don’t have to tip toe around the house any more…..well, until the next time.

I seriously feel like a vice has been removed from my head and instead of everyone’s voices being muffled when they talk, it’s all back to normal.  Thank you SUDAFED®.

SUDAFED® products truly did help relieve my sinus pain, pressure and congestion so now I am back to feeling like myself.  I am not the only one suffering with sinus pain at the moment, either.  You can visit the SUDAFED® Facebook page to watch Lorenzo or Jessica’s SUDAFED® sinus pain videos.

And guess what?  One lucky Masshole Mommy reader is going to win a $25 gift card thanks to SUDAFED®.  Enter in the widget below.

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Good Luck!

  20 Responses to “How to Relieve Sinus Pressure With #SUDAFED & a $25 Gift Card #Giveaway #SinusStruggle #ad”

  1. Yup, totally use Sudafed, too when I have sinus issues. So definitely entering and thank you!! 🙂

  2. it’s been helping us alot as well during the super cold time in NYC.. will join the giveaway 🙂

  3. I get the sore jaw she talks about in the video. The underwater feeling. I think I clench my jaw because my sinuses hurt so bad.

    As for my own besides what she mentioned in the video…I get headaches that make me feel like I have a hangover when I didn’t even drink the night before.

  4. I like when she said when the congestion is gone it feels like she has reached the surface of the water. When I have sinus congestion it feels like jumped into the water without holding my nose and had the rush of water and pressure go up into my nose.

  5. Sinus congestion is the worst! I am not looking forward to winter hitting and getting that stuffy head feeling. I definitely need to stock up on the Sudafed before winter hits!

  6. Sudafed is the only remedy for my sinus pain!!!!

  7. She said that it feels like being underwater!

    My story is here https://twitter.com/flippingdancer/status/655187058605076480

  8. I hope you feel better! My husband has the world’s worst problems with his sinuses. He has tried everything – including Sudafed.

  9. Oh I need some right now. That’s what I get for hanging around a bonfire in the cold rain.

  10. My allergies are terrible no matter the time of the year. Sometimes Sudafed is the only thing that can dry me up.

  11. Sinus pain is the worst. A little steam always helps me!

  12. when I have sinus issues it feels like my whole nose is out of work and I have to breathe through my mouth; trying to breathe through my nose I realize right away how stuffy my nose is

  13. Oh I love how she describes it as being under water! I would add…being under water in the deep end of the pool! My ears always hurt too from it and feel like they are going to pop! I have always described it as an overfull balloon ready to pop!

  14. Jessica said it feels like her head is under water. My #SinusStruggle Has me up past midnight with my head feeling like it’s being squeezed in a vise.

  15. Her metaphor was like being deep underwater and I can totally relate to that!

  16. Jessica said she feels like she is underwater.

  17. She was talking about her sinus feeling like she was under water and coming up to breath. when she comes up she has taken Sudafed and she is able to breath again. For me it feels like you have something stuck in your throat like a giant gum drop and finally sneezing and it comes out. #SinusStruggle @MassholeMommy

  18. In the video she said she feels like she is underwater.

  19. I totally can commiserate with her saying it feels like she is under water.
    Tweeted: https://twitter.com/reklaw422/status/659528769393319936

  20. Thank you so much! This is really great!