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There’s nothing worse than spending a ton of money on Christmas decorations year after year. Whether you’re looking to purchase new Christmas decorations for a first time home or replace your old decorations, there are some ways you can save money.

Borrow Christmas Decorations

There’s nothing weird about borrowing someone else’s Christmas decorations. Let’s say a person is no longer using something fabulous, decoration wise, and it’s just sitting in their basement. It’s best to ask  to borrow it than just watch it sit there.

Garage Sale Christmas Decoration Finds

Garage sales are some of the BEST places to find Christmas decorations. Whether you’re looking for a tree or lights, it’s best to find them for the lowest price possible. There’s no use in spending your whole Christmas bonus on something like this. Look around during the summer months for decorations that you can use during the winter months.

Swap Christmas Decorations

If you’re tired of using the same old decorations for Christmas, then consider swapping decorations with someone else. Swapping allows you to change things up a little bit when the holiday season comes around. Tired of staring at the same old Christmas decorations from the 1990’s? Well, swapping is the answer to your Christmas decoration needs.

Buy Christmas Decorations Out of Season

Whenever you choose to buy Christmas decorations in season, you will want to avoid buying in season. Buying decorations in season will hardly ever get you more than a 50% deal. Usually when you’re Christmas shopping, you are trying find several things, so buying at full price just won’t work. Wait until these items are marked down to 75-80% after the holidays have passed.

Make Your Own Christmas Decorations

Have you considered making your own Christmas decorations? There are tons of awesome wreaths to be made out there. Grab your favorite craft supplies and have fun making your own Christmas decorations. Just don’t use any leftover Halloween craft supplies for your Christmas wreath and you will be good to go.

Saving money on Christmas supplies might seem overwhelming but it’s not when you follow these tips. What are some of your favorite ways to save on Christmas decorations?

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  1. These are such great tips ! Thank u for sharing!

  2. These are great tips. Buying decorations out of season is always such a big money saver. I’m going to have a go at making some of my own this year too.

  3. Great ideas and tips. I get all of my stuff after Christmas decorations and presents for next year when they have the discount sales.

  4. Great tips and tried a few of these myself over the years, too 😉

  5. Great tips! I will have to check out the occasional garage sale for X-mas decorations. I like shopping the after Christmas sales for some great bargains on decorations. I usually have good luck at Target. 🙂

  6. Great tips! Really helpful in this time of year!

  7. I always, always buy decorations out of season. I do that with clothes, too. It saves a ton of money.

  8. These are great tips!!!! Christmas decorating can get expensive So anyway to save is definitely fabulous to me 😉

  9. I think it’s fun to make our own Christmas decorations. The kids like that too. 🙂

  10. Great tips! Thanks for sharing. The Dollar Tree is also a great place to get inexpensive but pretty decor.

  11. Great tips! I really love hand made ornaments.

  12. I like the swapping idea especially if you and neighbour have different ones to each other. There is also no shame in recycling them year or year

  13. GREAT ideas as always my dear!! I agree the swapping idea is very clever!!

  14. I always tell myself to buy Christmas stuff off-season…and then I forget. 😛 A swap is such a great idea!

  15. OH yes, I get almost all my Christmas decorations from garage sales. You can’t get cheaper than that. Love your post!

  16. My mom buys one for me, and one for each boy’s stocking every year. It’s kind of nice that I don’t have to get any.

  17. Such awesome tips. I always shop clearance, after the holidays. I also love the dollar store because you can put a lot together for a little bit of cash!

  18. I buy decor year round. I find you get the best deals the day after Christmas but it’s almost like a black friday situation…people are vultures.

  19. These are all awesome tips for saving money on decorations! I had a ton of mardi gras beads one year and purchased cheap ornaments and went to town with my hot glue gun and beads! These turned out to be my favorite ornaments I have!

  20. We always wait until after season and get them 75% off. We have a house full of great decorations we paid so little for!

  21. I’ve actually been thinking about replacing our current Christmas decorations except for the ones that have sentimental value. I was worried about the cost but this post helps to put me at ease.

  22. When I was in need for Christmas decorations I would buy off season. Saved so much money.

  23. these are all great tips on your list. I would love the time to make them all myself

  24. I buy out of Season.. Around here the stores will go down 90% off on some things. It doesn’t always leave a big selection, so I sometimes snag the ones I want before they go that low, but I’ve found some great ones by shopping out of season.

  25. Great list. I enjoy my kids homemade ornaments the best they are not only frugal but sentimental.

  26. Swapping decorations sounds like a great idea! That way everyone gets something new!

  27. I buy ornament craft kits at Michaels after the holidays, then put them away with the Christmas decorations. The following year I pull them out early and let the kids make their own decorations!

  28. Love all the tips! Christmas decorations can get really expensive.

  29. I remember one year, I found the most beautiful Christmas ornaments (lovely globe bulbs) at the Rescue Mission thrift store. I still use them to this day…they are glittery and so pretty. Truly a great find!

  30. Great advice. I usually buy some after the holidays for the next year.

  31. These are all great tips. I have a little of all on my tree. Some we’ve made, some passed down and others were given as gifts. I remember for a wedding gift my hubby’s Aunt gifted us everything we would need for our first tree, I thought is was a lovely, creative idea for a wedding gift!

  32. This is the one area where I never stick to a budget, I buy two things as souvenirs when I travel, jewelry for myself and a Christmas Ornament, My tree is a living scrapbook of places I have traveled to and I just couldn’t imagine it any other way! 🙂

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  33. I’ve bought them after the season has ended. I’ve also found cool vintage trees at thrift stores and had my MIL go in and use her senior discount to get them for me.

  34. Thanks for the great tips! Decorations can get soooo expensive! I just bought a few and cant believe how quickly they add up

  35. As my mom has found out recently, garage sales in the spring and summer are great places to find steals on Christmas decorations.

  36. Great ideas! I have so many decorations that I’m packing some up to give away to some folks who are in their first house this Christmas!

  37. These are all amazing ideas! Thank you! I love your posts!

  38. Thanks for these great tips. I love decorations, but they can get expensive fast!

  39. Those are great idea’s! I love the idea of swapping, I never thought of that before!!!

  40. We had out Christmas decorations stolen a few years ago and we have been trying to replace them ever since. I love making them with the kids as it creates new memories.

  41. We are able to pick up a lot of nice ornaments by purchasing them after Christmas!

  42. coincidently I just went to the Salvation Army and picked up 2 boxes of yard art for my front yard at a steal of $10 and I would never say NO to hand me down decos:)

  43. Great tips. We always check out the after-Christmas sales, too. We found a tree one year for over 85% off. WOW!

  44. These are some really great ideas! I have a few bins of decorations I ended up taking back up to the attic because I just didn’t feel like putting them out this year.

  45. Never underestimate the garage sale! I’ve found some of my favorite decorations at the bottom of a box of junk!

  46. It’s always a great idea to stock up during off-season to save money.

  47. I never thought about swapping them before. That’s kind of a neat idea!

  48. These are great tips! I love looking at garage sales for Christmas decorations. You can always find great deals.

  49. Buying out of season is great advice. I also make a visit to the local dollar store for ornaments and lights.

    An alternative to buying new Christmas decorations is to go through your garage or storage unit and find the decor you put up years ago. I always find old decorations I forgot I had.

  50. I usually buy my Christmas ornaments at Goodwill. I also have a lot from my home schooled daughter.

  51. we love shopping the dollar stores the day after christmas. Last year we scored 100.00 worth of decorations for 25.00 a huge saving.

  52. The Goodwill’s and Salvation Army’s around here get brand new stuff from places like Target and Old Navy. I love going on there to grab stuff. Their is no shortage of Target castaways in the Christmas department.

  53. My tree is filled with homemade ornaments and I love it! The kids love making them and they’ll be treasured for years!

  54. Ohh, I like the idea of a Christmas decoration swap. It would be a great way to get more decor items without spending money!

  55. Great list of ways to save money on Christmas! I wouldn’t care so much if I didn’t have a kid, it means so much to them!

  56. Great tips! I buy alot of stuff after the holidays. Micheal’s Crafts discounts their ornaments and decor to 90% fairly quickly after the 1st of the year. They also do grab bags full of leftover stuff for like $2 a bag.
    We add alot of outdoor stuff too, pine-cones and leaves, tree cuttings, etc.

  57. These are all great tips. I like to hit the clearance section the week after Christmas.

  58. We love to make our own Christmas Decorations. My girls have had fun making ornaments this year. I agree that it’s a great way to save money. Plus when your kids are older looking back on the ones they made with their own hands is special.

  59. Garage sales & thrift shops are the best places to go! And of course making your own

  60. My kids love to help make decorations! I plan on buying new ones this year- but after Christmas!

  61. I really want to make some ornaments this year with the kids. I just keep putting it off until tomorrow. . .

  62. These are all great ideas. Buying things at the end of the season can save a ton of money!

  63. Love your ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

  64. These are some great tips!! My family loves arts and crafts so making our own decorations would be so much fun!

  65. I’m all about buying out of season! Having kids is nice because whatever decor I don’t find, they make!

  66. I hit the stores the day after xmas and get stuff for my parties the following year. Great way to get cheap ornaments at 70% off.

  67. These are GREAT tips! Thanks for sharing how to save money! I can use that this season!

  68. Great tips. I always buy them when they are 50% off or more during the after Christmas sales!

  69. Last year I went shopping on Christmas Eve and I was amazed at the deals they had on Christmas decor! Great ways to save for the upcoming year!

  70. We always get our ornaments right after the Christmas season. They go on sale for mega cheap and we stock up!

  71. Garage sales are such a great way to find decorations. There are a lot in my area year round so I tend to visit lots. Another great place is big lots! They usually have a great selection at a reduced price.

  72. Great ideas! Especially the idea to swap with a friend. Why have I never thought of that!?!?!

  73. These are great ideas. I like to shop at the end of the season to see if I can find any good bargains. That is actually how I got my tree!

  74. These are great tips. Buying out of season is a fantastic way to save money. Yard sales are a great place to find unique ornaments.

  75. Great tips! I “borrowed” ornaments from my mom a few years ago…and am still borrowing them. haha

  76. We also love making our own decorations. The kids have a blast and we get to spend time together

  77. Garage sales are amazing for finding decorations! great tips!!!!

  78. I Love garage sales and yard sales for finding stuff like this! I got an entire Christmas village for $20 bucks one year!

  79. We’re lucky to have family that loves giving us decor every year. I always stock up right after the season

  80. Great tips! We just use the same fake tree I got at Lowes one year on clearance after Christmas, and that’s it for our decorations. LOL

  81. We have started decorating our home and have managed to reuse last year’s decorations. We just did some reshuffling!

  82. Awesome tips you got here. This would help me save more!

  83. I have my parents’ old tree & decorations. I basically inherited all my childhood xmas tree & I’m ecstatic about that 😛

  84. I love making Christmas decoration with the family, but we usually use the old same ones every year; it’s tradition!

  85. I always try to wait to make purchases right after the holidays! It is hard to go one more year without an item, but so worth it!

  86. Great tips. I find myself over buying decorations for every holiday!

  87. I love these tips! I try not to buy a lot of decorations and keep it very minimal.

  88. I have NEVER EVER thought of swapping Christmas decorations! Totally amazing idea. Thanks for sharing and love all the other tips on saving money at Christmas time.

  89. I’ll stick to making my own decorations this year. It’s time to save money!

  90. Great tips for saving on ornaments. I love to make special ornaments by hand and that is a great way to save too.

  91. We just use the same ornaments every year, it’s a tradition every year!

  92. You some great tips. I love the swapping idea, it’s something cool to try with friends.

  93. Great tips on how to save money, I usually just put up the same decorations!

  94. GREAT tips! I always go shopping in fancy stores for decorations after Christmas — you can get some great ones then!

  95. I always go shopping the day after Christmas for deals. I also shop thrift stores and craft fairs.

  96. I love these tips. We seem to have a ton of decorations.

  97. These are all really great tips. I use the same decoration for quite some years now but as my cat broke quite some, I would definitely need new decoration next year. I will definitely use one of your tips then.

  98. I also like to make my own with my kids. I buy supplies at the craft stores.

  99. We always re-use old stuffs, and just add a few new ones. This is a great list of tips. thank you for sharing.

    I sometimes do DIYs too, just that at most they’re time consuming..

  100. Thanks so much for your awesome tips. I bought a bunch of Christmas items when a retail stores in the next town over went out of business. I got them dirt cheap, for 75 to 90% off.

  101. I tend to buy decorations out of season. Makes me fell less guilty if I don’t like them after a few years.

  102. I bought decorations after Christmas last year and I scored great deals. Gotta love that!

  103. I love buying new decorations, though I have to make sure I don’t go overboard!

  104. I love the idea of borrowing ornaments – never thought of that one! My favorite place to find ornaments is yard sales. Found 3 boxes of some ball ornaments a couple years ago for only $.25 each! I couldn’t pass that up.

  105. These are awesome tips! Swapping Christmas decorations is such a smart idea.

  106. Awesome tips! I usually forget to buy after Christmas for the next year. That’s a great tip because the stores are trying (desperately) to get rid of that stuff!

  107. Most of our decorations have been handed down from family members!

  108. Great tips! I love getting my xmas decor at dollar stores, surprisingly they have great deals as well!

  109. Borrowing Christmas decorations is a wonderful idea! I have a few themes I rotate but I would totally let someone else borrow the others.

  110. My MIL has a gazillion Christmas decorations so I ask to borrow something different every year. Other than that, I think we end up crafting at least a dozen more.

  111. We don’t celebrate Christmas but I love to decorate the our house. One of things I do from list of tips is buying the decorations after Christmas is over. I save almost 50 to 75% off all decorations and that makes me very happy.

  112. I love the idea of having a Christmas decorations swap! One person’s trash is another’s treasure right?

  113. Love your ideas. We have a small tree in our front yard which we did up with some lovely gold, silver, and red bows this year that we got at a discount 🙂

  114. Great ideas! Next year, I should throw an ornament swap party. Hmmm…. Now you’ve got me thinking.

  115. I have not thought about swapping around Christmas decorations before! It seems like a great way to save money and it can become a fun holiday tradition to do each year with a group of friends.

  116. This is a good ideea for people who celebrate Xmas, after all, one girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure.

  117. Those are great ideas, some I never even thought of before. I always buy when the sales are going on and get them way cheaper.

  118. These are great ideas! my son destroyed our decorations so this comes in handy!

  119. Great tips and ideas! I love anything handmade especially from little ones!

  120. These really help. I like to buy ours at clearance time.

  121. Those are great tips to save. I try to buy right after Christmas to get clearance prices.

  122. Great tips! I also used holiday crafts from my son’s school over the years!

  123. We always make a decoration, every year- it’s part of our tradition. This way we have a crazy tree, full of kids crafts and we have a look back each year when they all come back out. I hope my children appreciate it one day when they can hang them up on their own trees.

  124. basics but very great tips and those which we tend to forget 🙂

  125. Great tips on Xmas decorations! I just like to buy my own.

  126. Thanks for these tips. We are doing Christmas decorations this weekend. I am not sure what I am going to have to purchase yet.

  127. These are wonderful suggestions. I try to buy out of season. Right now though a lot of stores have it marked 70% off…. so I have been indulging. 🙂

  128. After Christmas I love going shopping for Christmas decorations for next year and I pay so much less 🙂

  129. We have way too many Christmas Decorations for the tree…. I may need to go to yard sales when it gets warm to find some other stuff for the house to make it more festive looking! Thanks for ideas on where to look!

  130. Making your own Christmas decors is awesome, money saving and fun to do!