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**Disclosure: I received compensation from McDonald’s in exchange for writing this review. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own**

I have to admit that the holidays seem to bring out the hustle and bustle in all of us. I strive so hard to keep my family happy and healthy during the holidays albeit I sometimes fail miserably. I wanted to share my best tips for managing some of the holiday craziness while still on the go.

Plan Ahead

One of my best tips is to plan ahead for the day. You can’t predict every single thing that will happen, but you can plan ahead for what might happen. I write my day down and add a few notes to what I can do to help stay on track and keep things running smoothly.

Tone Down the Schedule

If I feel like things are getting too busy during the holiday season, I pull back and tone things down. It’s important to remember that spending time with family and friends is more important than anything else this holiday season.

Wholesome Fast Food Choices

As much as I love everything on the McDonald’s menu, I like to make the best choices possible and offer those same choices to my kiddos. I’m so excited that McDonald’s is adding fresh fruit items, like Cuties, to their menu! Beginning December 1, 2014, customers nationwide can choose to enjoy Cuties as a side in Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals, as well as “a la carte,” or just purchasing the side option itself Cuties are a sweet and delicious kid-sized fresh fruit choice providing an excellent source of vitamin C and providing about one-quarter (1/4) cup of fruit; they are small and easy-to-hold and peel! Make sure you try the Cuties in your Happy Meal because they will only be served while they’re in season (thru March 2015).


Happy Meal Evolution

The traditional Happy Meal is amazing, but I love the chances that are happening! McDonald’s continues to evolve the happy meal to help keep their smallest customers happy and healthy. Want to know more about the Happy Meal?

  • Side choices now include: Cuties, Go-GURT low fat Strawberry Yogurt, apple slices
  • Customers can choose both apple slices and Cuties as side offerings in the same meal
  • Customers also have the option to choose Go-GURT low fat Strawberry Yogurt in addition to apple slices or Cuties
  • Beverage choices now include: 1% low-fat milk, 1% low-fat chocolate milk, 100% apple juice
  • The Happy Meal is only $2.99!

McDonald’s is always looking at their menu to see what they can improve! They understand that healthy food choices are important and want to be able to provide lots of smart choices!


Guess what?  One of my lucky readers is going to win a $25 McDonald’s Arch Card, so you can get a Happy Meal with some tasty Cuties, too!

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Thanks again to the folks at McDonald’s for offering this fantastic giveaway!

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  1. I love that McDonald’s is adding Cuties to their Happy Meals! My all time favorite is probably their Chicken Nuggets!

  2. I love that McDonald’s is expanding their healthy food choices. My kids love it, but me, not so much, mainly because it’s hard to eat something healthy!

  3. We love McDonald’s too and admit they truly have some great alternatives and both my girls just love the apple slice side 🙂

  4. When I was young and worked there I use to always get a quarter pounder with gauc on it oh my gosh it was so bad and so good!

  5. We don’t eat at McDonald’s that often. Fast food isn’t that good for you from any fast food place. So when we do take the kids there it is a huge treat. I am happy to hear that McDonald’s is offering cuties now. My kids love cuties.

  6. The Cuties are my fave, though the holiday pies get a big nod from me too. 😉 Thanks for hosting.

  7. My favorite McDonalds food item is the McDouble!

  8. I love McDonald’s fries.

  9. We like the honey mustard chicken wrap.

  10. Happy Meal is a life saver..during my bad days after chemo, I really couldn’t cook at all and happy meals come to the rescue..I love the fact my kids really enjoy their fresh slices of apple along with the chicken nuggets and choco milk. And now we have oranges as well, yaaay…I myself like chicken all those fresh veggies in it!

  11. I like the regular hamburger and fries
    Deb Jackson
    instagram as carlaaldrich

  12. I like the Big Mac.

  13. I love the fries.

  14. I Love The Apple Pies!

  15. Cookie Totes

  16. I seriously LOVE mandarin oranges and this excites me they are in Happy Meals now! Only because I like to get a Happy Meal for myself every now and again lol.

  17. I love their hot fudge sundaes. They have some of the best fudge hands down!

  18. My favorite McDonald’s item is their Quarter Pounder with Cheese. I get this every time we go, it’s my absolute favorite! 🙂

  19. My favorite is the vanilla ice cream cone!

  20. We just saw the Cuties added to our menus here too! Kai isn’t quite into them yet, likes the apples better, but still! Such a great step forward!!

  21. I love the Grilled Chicken Sandwich that is healthy and does not have a lot of calories and that way I can have an order of their awesome delicious fries!

  22. I love their mango pineapple smoothies!

  23. Im loving the new clubhouse sandwiches and my go to is a quarter pounder with cheese.

  24. Their Southwestern Salad with grilled chicken.

  25. I love that they have the yogurt option now – my kids love that. And my two girls almost always choose the apple slices over the fries. I love that I can just get one of their chicken wraps and feel healthy and full too.

  26. I like the fish sandwiches – I have one once a year….

  27. They’ve certainly done a lot to make McDs a healthier place to eat now. My MIL really likes their salad options!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  28. I like the Big Mac or Filet O Fish

  29. I love the chicken bacon ranch wrap.

  30. I like their french fries or yogurt parfait.

  31. I love McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger

  32. I like their quarter pounder with cheese

  33. The chicken sandwhichs are good

  34. I love their hamburgers with french fries and ketchup inside.

  35. My favorite are their McChicken sandwiches. Thanks.

  36. Love the fries and tea.

  37. I love the Fruit and Yogurt Parfait.

  38. i love their sweet tea

  39. My kids love the gogurt.

  40. My favorite is the MnM McFlurry!

  41. My favorite mcdonalds food is the Big Mac!

  42. I’m addicted to the M&M McFlurry.

  43. strawberry shake

  44. crispy chicken sandwich

  45. I like their chicken nuggets and fries.

  46. I love there fries.

  47. I love the chicken nuggets.

  48. My favorite item at McDonalds is the Filet of Fish!

  49. I love a big mac!!!!!!

  50. Egg Whites Delight – YUM

  51. I love their chicken nuggets.

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  52. I love the buffalo ranch mcchicken!

  53. I like a Big Mac and fries.

  54. My very favorite menu item is thei McRib!

  55. Bacon Ranch Crispy Chicken Salad!

  56. My favorite McDonald’s food item is quarter pounder with cheese and the fries!

  57. My favorite are the chicken sandwiches.