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How to Wrap Gifts Almost Perfectly

Every birthday and Christmas I try my hardest wrap my gifts perfectly. I’ve never wrapped them perfectly, but I have learned to wrap them almost perfectly. Check out my tips below to follow along in my secret wrapping.

#1. Pick out wrapping paper you love.

I’ve learned that the secret to wrapping a gift almost perfectly is picking out wrapping paper that I love. I take some serious time choosing several types of wrapping paper that will help me wrap my gifts. I especially love finding incredibly beautiful wrapping paper for Christmas. The shinier than the better when it comes to Christmas wrapping.

#2. Grab your supplies.

There’s nothing worse than starting to wrap a gift and you realize you forgot scissors or tape. I always have everything ready before I start wrapping any gifts. The more prepared you are than the better your gifts will turn out.

#3. Lay your gift out on the wrapping paper.

I lay out my gift on the wrapping paperfirst. Laying out the gift on wrapping paper helps to see how much wrapping paper you will need on each side of the gift. Make sure you have enough wrapping paper on each side to cover the gift. You have to be careful about this because you don’t want too much paper or too little of paper. This is a very crucial step to wrapping your gifts almost perfectly.

#4. Wrap the gift as carefully as possible.

After you have cut out the correct size of paper for your gift, it’s time to start wrapping. Pull up one side and meet it with the side directly across from it. Seal the wrapping paper by putting the tape on the paper and not on the gift. At the short ends of the gift, you’ll want to fold the corners of the wrapping paper down, fold the paper over, and then secure it with tape.

#5. Add the bow or ribbon.

The best part of Christmas wrapping (or birthday wrapping) is adding the bow or ribbon. If you’re going to use ribbon, you should cut the ribbon twice as long and wide as the bow. Everyone needs a little bow tying practice, so don’t be too hard on yourself it this part is not perfect.

This is how I attempt to wrap gifts almost perfectly. As you know, I’m not perfect at this gift wrapping thing, but my efforts have paid off over the years. What’s your technique for the perfect gift wrapping job?

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  1. Need this advice as I am really a terrible gift wrapper. So, I seriously sppreciate this 🙂

  2. I’m horrible when it comes to gift wrapping. Hopefully these tips work for me.

  3. I used to work at a kid’s boutique and was lucky enough to be trained on how to wrap a present. I have never learned anything as important. Of course I still end up with packages where their was not enough paper cut.

  4. Ah I’ve been getting pretty sloppy with wrapping and I don’t know why! Going to try these tips and hope they help! I want them to look pretty and well done!

  5. Yeah, I am not the best gift wrapper….but I do already follow your tips. I never do my own ribbon…just take a bow that sticks and BAM! That’s it!

  6. I am the worlds worst present wrapper. I really don’t care what it looks like either…. they are just lucky if I even wrap it.

  7. Thank you for this! I need to remember to get the right size. That is the trick!

  8. I am ahuge fan of the gift bag! When I do have to wrap gifts I always use too much paper.

  9. I like pretty wrapping too. Awesome that you are sharing your tips!

  10. I think Martha Stewart would love to poke me in the eye with a dinner fork if she ever saw my wrapping. To say it SUCKS would be an understatement!

  11. I don’t wrap really well. Everything has all these crazy openings and odd angles now.

  12. My technique is to let someone else do it! The funny thing is that I used to wrap gifts daily when I worked in a gift shop and I was super good at it. I don’t know what happened since then!

  13. I am an ok wrapper. Most of the times my gifts look pretty good. My husband however needs lots of help and he should be the one reading this.

  14. Excellent tips! It took me years to get my wrapping technique down but I needed the reminder to wrap carefully.

  15. Great tips. and if all else fails, tell everyone the kids wrapped it!! 🙂

  16. I used to work for Hallmark for my wrapping skills are on point, unfortunately I get lazy so this is a great reminder!

  17. I tend to be an impatient wrapper so Tip #4 is so for me. I’m wrapping gifts later today, so I’ll do my best to keep these tips in mind.

  18. I am always terrible at wrapping gifts! I don’t have the patients for one and I seldom seem to get it right. I end up rushing through and they look like a train wreck afterwards.

  19. I am getting better at wrapping! I used to be a mess, but with a little patience and lots of practice I am getting there!!!

  20. The lazy part of my wants to just stuff everything into bags with tissue paper but I love the look of wrapped presents! I agree with the wrapping paper, it has to be something I love or I’m not into wrapping them!

  21. I’m going to bookmark this, I’m an awful wrapper! My in-laws totally make fun of me for it. 😛

  22. Gift bags rock if you hate to wrap.

  23. I love to wrap and remember that the most beautifully wrapped gifts were always the ones I wanted to open first. These are great tips and tricks.

  24. I save bows and ribbons for last (on all packages.) I don’t do too many ribbons now because our cat likes to attack the presents.

  25. I have always loved wrapping presents so years of experience has made me a great wrapper, but I never add ribbons and bows LOL I really need to learn how to work with ribbon, paper is the easy part.

  26. Technique? I don’t know that I have an actual technique, but I always like to use REAL fabric/wired ribbon. Just makes it look pretty, I think. And boy do I need to get to wrapping!!!

  27. It’s getting more difficult to wrap items, especially toys, since all the packaging is so open! I still like to do it though, and always gather all the supplies before sitting in the floor to wrap for Christmas!

  28. Thanks for the great tips. Wrapping presents can be such a pain.

  29. I am the wrapper in the family and I am pretty good at it. I need to show this post to my family!

  30. I am ok at wrapping I’m a bit out of practice though, must spend the next week getting them right. x

  31. Thanks for the tips. I need all the help I can get when it comes to wrapping gifts. My husband usually does all the wrapping.

  32. I’m a terrible gift wrapper, ha ha! Especially at Christmas when it’s one gift after another. I love using gift bags, but the fact that my kids LOVE ripping open wrapping paper means that I’ll continue wrapping gifts for awhile yet 🙂

  33. My husband could certainly use this article. When he wraps gifts, it looks like he has no thumbs. =D

  34. Hey, that is a great step by step. I am the worst wrapper.

  35. I love using wrapping paper that is thick! It helps so much to have paper that isn’t cheap and ripping while you wrap. Lately, I’ve been on a craft paper kick. I love that it is such a blank canvas and there are tons of different ways you can embellish it!

  36. I think pretty much every man in America needs to read this. Thanks a lot!

  37. This post made me laugh. Not because of what you wrote. My mom used to have me “Help” wrap gifts when I was younger. I’d try wrapping them all creative. She would get mad when the tape showed, or an uneven cut showed. I did learn how to wrap a gift from her. I called her the “Wrapping Nazi”. On Friday when my mom and sisters were making fun of how I get picky with my Christmas Cookie decorating; I had to remind everyone about the “Wrapping Nazi”. My Mom said, “I’m not that way anymore.” Ha ha

  38. I am pretty good at getting the right supplies. However, I always seem to mess up the end and it looks like a mess around the tape.

  39. This is perfect timing. We are doing a gift wrapping session!

  40. I love wrapping gifts. I think that doing the extra touches, shows that your gift is truly from the heart. I stock up after Christmas each year, which really helps the budget.

  41. I love wrapping. Somehow I always manage to cut the paper shorter than needed!

  42. I wish I had more time to wrap! I tend to do all of the buying and hubby does the wrapping 🙂

  43. I love that you threw that “almost” in there! I’m going to be doing a lot of wrapping tonight – thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

  44. Ha, great tips. I love wrapping presents… I sit by the fireplace, watch Christmas movies, and wrap away… ha!

  45. Thanks for these great tips! I always prefer a beautifully wrapped gift, over the ever-popular gift bag.

  46. I’ve gotten better at wrapping gifts over the years. Unfortunately, my cats always come along and helpfully tear up the wrapping paper.

  47. I suck at gift wrapping. It’s true. My husband on the other hand wraps beautifully. Yet, he hates to wrap. 🙂

  48. I am terrible at gift wrapping! These tips make it seem so easy!

  49. I like using double sided tape to hide the tape lines when I wrap.

  50. Great tips on wrapping packages. After 20 some years wrapping I still haven’t figured out how to wrap odd shaped ones.

  51. Great tips for wrapping up presents. We won’t talk about how the gifts my boys look….

  52. I need to remember to lay the gift on the paper before I cut – I always over estimate the amount needed!

  53. I needed these tips badly. I think I’m the worst present wrapper in the entire world. And my husband is even worse LOL

  54. These are great tips and I tend to put more things in gift bags since I don’t want to waste the bags we get for gifts…. Recycle I guess. but there is something amazing about a great gift wrap

  55. I like how you added “almost” haha. These are great tips, I do this too!

  56. I love shopping where they’ll wrap my gifts for me…but it is fun to make a gift pretty, myself…thanks for these tips!

  57. Those are all fantastic tips and ones I’ve found very handy in the gift wrapping process! Actually when it comes to wrapping a gift people in the family come to ME because out of everyone I do the best job and I’m proud of that fact 😀

  58. I like to wrap gifts. It is fun to pick out the paper and make the present look cute,

  59. I try every year and still fail. I hate wrapping gifts.

  60. Yes! This is absolutely the best way to wrap a gift. I practice it with my kids every year and we have beautifully wrapped gifts. Sometimes you can forego paper and use the comic pages from the newspaper.

  61. Great tips! Hubby and I have to do it while kids are in school so we divide and conquer! We have a little station setup with supplies!

  62. I have a ton of wrapping to do. Thanks for the these tips to make my gifts look as good as possible!

  63. I absolutely suck at wrapping gifts! Thanks for the pointers!

  64. Wrapping gits is something I actually do like to do! But who in the world’s idea was it to put all those action figures in those crazy shaped packages!

  65. I have always loved wrapping presents and I’d like to think I was really good at it. I have many family members that are absolutely terrible! Like embarrassing terrible! :p

  66. Great tips! That looks really neat! Thanks for sharing.

  67. I love wrapping presents. It is honestly one of my favorite parts of giving a gift! Great tips!

  68. These are good tips for wrapping presents all year long. I like making presents look pretty and interesting.

  69. Thanks for these steps to wrapping a gift, I always tend to not be the best at it!

  70. Can’t deny that I can be quite sloppy with gift wrapping, these steps sure help!

  71. believe it or not, I hate wrapping presents. I am a “throw it in a gift bag” kind a girl. Lol

  72. Great tips! I actually enjoy wrapping gifts for Christmas. 🙂

  73. I am not the type of person to wrap presents! I prefer bags any day!

  74. I love wrapping presents! I feel like that’s all I have done the past few days.

  75. I think I did okay, but they are not wrapped like a professional. lol My husband and I had to wrap all of the gifts within an hour while our toddler slept in his room. We locked his door and tried to go as fast as we could. lol They look okay, but it wasn’t pretty. hahah Now they are all hidden in the closet.

  76. I suck at wrapping gifts but I love attempting it! It always add to the Christmas spirit. I love your title! 😉

  77. I’ve always loved wrapping gifts since I was a child. I think I’m rather good at it now 🙂

  78. I wish I had the time and patience. I really cannot wrap perfect no matter what. tons of tape, and crumbled bottoms are my specialty.

  79. I tried these out last night when we wrapped our girls presents. Helped out a lot! Thanks!

  80. I have so much fun wrapping! I love craft paper and rustic bows, raffia and burlap. I just wish I had an unlimited budget!

  81. I feel like I’m buried in wrapping paper right now! These are great tips, though!

  82. I have a method to my wrapping madness. It’s like a game of Tetris sometimes trying to match the gift to the wrap. I’ve also mastered the art of using every little piece. LOL

  83. I love wrapping gifts but I have yet to master the bow! You’ve inspired me to give it some practice, nothing like a beautiful bow on a present!

  84. I absolutely hate wrapping presents! So I need all the help and tips I can get. Thanks for sharing!

  85. I’ve always loved wrapping gifts and my husband loves the way I wrapped them. He even asked me once where I learned to wrap. 🙂

  86. Great tips my dear! I love wrapping it relaxes me 🙂

  87. I need to follow 4 more often. Or buy less presents so I don’t have to wrap as much. LOL

  88. Sounds like I am doing the wrapping for gifts. Thank you for the tips!

  89. This year I bought nice wrapping paper and ribbon instead of trying to find the cheapest there is. It looks so much better!

  90. I love using kraft paper so I can decorate it! Stamps, markers, glitter!

  91. can’t agree more…I hate it when I start wrapping gifts and realize that I’m running out of tape. I love using colorful paper wraps with crazy patterns cheers me up 🙂

  92. I am not going to lie, I have been lazy the past few year with wrapping and just threw it in a gift bag with tissue (lazy). I want to go back to the art of opening a gift again so thanks for the tips!

  93. I would love to add bows, but I tend to do all of my wrapping in one evening (crazy, I know!) so I run out of time. Sigh.

  94. I love wrapping presents and have gotten pretty good at it. My husband on the other hand he hates it lol. I will have to share these tips with him.

  95. Love your easy tips! I’m a huge fan of reusing gift bags and tissue paper, too! So easy!

  96. Omg glad I gave this a read!!! I need all.the gift wrapping tips I can get!

  97. When we wrap presents with plain gift wrap we use rubber stamps on the paper to make them look fancier. LOVE your tips!

  98. I always love wrapping gifts at Christmas. I coordinate my paper to the tree and it makes me very happy!

  99. I’ve always been terrible at wrapping gifts but my sister has always been great at it so I usually let her wrap the gifts. Maybe this year I’ll do a better job due to these tips.

  100. I am not that great — I don’t think I am even close to “almost perfect.” But, the best tip my mom ever game me, was when you fold the paper to cut – Do Not use scissors! She uses a very sharp paring knife and draws it along the folded line. works much better and is smoother.
    Basically, I’m a gift bag person.

  101. You have no idea how much I need this. I’m the worst at wrapping!

  102. My oldest sister knows how to wrap gifts so beautiful, whereas I don’t know how to wrap at all. So, it’s normally gift bags for me.


  103. I hate wrapping presents. Hubby does them all. But when I do have to wrap they look awful. I need all the help I can get

  104. This is cool – I definitely would need to practice this one.

  105. I love plain brown wrapping paper and festive ribbon and bows. I love love the butchers twine for adult gifts

  106. This year I’m giving everyone gift certificates … no fuss, no muss 🙂

  107. My husband once took a gift wrapping course at Sears and he wraps the best. I personally hate wrapping gifts and I have a ton to wrap for my husband and I really should do it soon!

  108. Oh this is great! I honestly am too impatient to wrap presents and my boyfriend LOVES wrapping. He does it so perfectly and I painfully watched him wrap two until I realized it was aggravating watching someone be so perfect about it. I wrap presents messy for my kids, but try hard to make my family gifts for extended relatives look a bit nicer!

  109. Thanks for sharing these tips! I need all the tips I can get – I hate wrapping presents!

  110. I am almost notorious for the way I wrap gifts. I have gotten better–now the entire present gets wrapped and there isn’t a portion that is unwrapped! People always knew who the present from from (not so much anymore thankfully)! These are good tips-Thank you!

  111. Great gift wrapping tips! I always enjoy doing this activity!