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I love  living in New England.  We have so many fun fall traditions that make living here so special. Aside from the obvious (the gorgeous colors of changing leaves), a few of the thing that make living here so amazing are the corn mazes, pumpkin picking, apple picking and last but certainly not least, Spooky World.

Spooky World features five haunted attractions as well as food vendors, a paintball game where you get to shoot zombies, a small bar, a bonfire, dance floor, and much more. Spooky World is located at Mel’s Funway Park in Litchfield, NH, which is about an hour north of Boston.

Chris & I went to Spooky World last Friday night and had a blast going through all of the haunted houses.  Because it is the first one you come to when you walk into the park, we started with the Freak Show in 3D.


We were handed 3D glasses before we entered and once we set out through the house, we were scared out of out wits several times. Complete with neon paint, strobe lights and monsters jumping out at us, this house was by far our favorite of the night.  And as an added bonus, it had one of  those spinning tunnels at the end that makes you feel like you’re walking on the ceiling.  It was awesome.

Our next stop was Carnage, which was right across the way. Carnage is a haunted, outdoor junkyard filled with old abandoned cars and trucks.  You have to navigate your way out all while trying not to be scared silly by the monsters inside.  With all the cars & trucks, there were lots of good hiding places for the “monsters”, so Chris and I may or may not have screamed really loud on a few occasions as we made our way out.

We hit up The Colony next. This was my second favorite out of the five attractions and I definitely screamed the most while going through this one. The Colony is set in the woods and  you have to walk along the trails of the back woods of Nightmare New England to make your way out.  While in The Colony, you’ll have to make your way through cabins and outrun guys with chainsaws.  Good stuff.

Our fourth stop was Bringham Manor.  We came across members of the fictional Bishop family that lurk in the hallways of their house. It was definitely scary!

Bringham Manor Spooky World

Our last stop of the night was Raven’s Claw.  You know, just your typical haunted cemetery. As soon as you walk in, you’re surrounded by crypts, tombstones, mausoleums and freshly dug graves. Corpses and zombies lurk in the shadows.  It was all kinds of scary fun.

ravens claw spooky World

Know before you go:

1.  Be prepared for Long Lines!  If you are buying a general admission ticket (which most people probably will),  you will be in the line for at least 45 minutes to an hour.
2.  While you’re walking around or while you’re standing in the lines, scary people will pop out of nowhere and try to scare the daylights out of you.
3.  When you first enter the park, they are going to take your photo with a backdrop & some props.  You are not obligated to purchase, but if you do want to – you can view and buy your picture on the way out.
4.  You can buy food at Spooky World.  There are a few food carts there in which you can buy things like hot dogs. burgers. fries and fried dough.  They all appeared to be cash only, but there is an ATM on the grounds if you need cash.

Spooky World Car

General Admission is $35 per person Friday/Saturday and $30 all other nights.  VIP / Fast pass tickets are $60 Friday/Saturday and $50 all other nights.
Parking is $5.

General Admission includes access to the Carnival Midway and one-time admission to all Five Haunted Attractions.

VIP Tickets include UNLIMITED admission to all Five Haunted Attractions. Receive rock-star treatment and skip the long lines! This special ticket also provides access to the Carnival Midway and unlimited access to Go-Kart rides, Mini-Golfing, and Batting Cages at Mel’s Funway Park!

Spooky World Presents Nightmare New England
454 Charles Bancroft Highway
Litchfield, NH 03052

Spooky World is open until November 8th!  I highly recommend Spooky World if you love Halloween, or are just looking for something fun and different to do!

**I was provided a pair of VIP tickets at no charge in order to facilitate this post.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way**

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  119 Responses to “I Loved Getting Scared Silly at Spooky World Nightmare New England #Spookyworld”

  1. My favorite house was the 3d one. And I let massholemommy beat me in the go karts.

  2. Sounds like a great time! Love that they have more than one haunted attraction to visit. The cemetery must have been spooky. 🙂

  3. I think I might go to Spooky World Nightmare New England this weekend! Looks like a blast!

  4. Sounded like fun and love seeing all the different attractions local that you could visit this time of the year 🙂

  5. I would love this place. I always watch horror movies and, even though they scare me, I can’t stop watching them.

  6. We tried 3 times to go to a haunted house this year, and plans kept falling through. I shall live vicariously through you. Looks like an awesome place to get spooked this time of year!

  7. The decorations are really top notch in spookiness! I wouldn’t want to enter any alone 😛

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  8. Looks like it would be such a fun time! I love haunted houses and spooky places. I don’t believe I live near any but would LOVE to go! These things are up my alley, although I always freak myself out before fling haha!

  9. And by fling I mean going:) lol I’m sorry ^

  10. I want to enter that 3d House.. I love things like this, but at the same time I get so scared.

  11. Nice!! I bet the VIP tickets were oh so welcome!! And I love that you love where you live!! I get that feel in your posts all of the time, and it’s awesome. 🙂

  12. I actually went to Mel’s before for mini golf/go carts –
    The Spooky World looks cool.

  13. I remember going to the old spooky world in Berlin and I even went to the one at Foxboro Stadium a few times. I’m going to have to try this one. I love haunted houses!!!

  14. Whoa. On point # 2, is the scariness level enough to get prompt someone a heart attack? I think people will be willing to fall in line even if the wait time is quite long. It happens once a year anyway. 😀

  15. the best haunted houses are on the east coast–i’m totally convinced this is true!! so much history and legends…

  16. I personally do not like scary things at all, so I would have to avoid this at all costs…LOL. Seems like you had a great time though

  17. I haven’t been to a haunted house in years. The last time I went, it was shortly after having my first kid, so my bladder totally wasn’t prepared LOL It was a lot of fun – just no clowns!

  18. This looks like a scary and cool place to visit for Halloween!

  19. This place looks like a lot of fun but very spooky. I am not a big fan of haunted houses but I know a lot of people who do enjoy them, so I am going to let them know about Spooky World.

  20. This is perfect for Halloween, but to be honest I love scary things like this in general. Haunted houses and all the scary rides are the main reason I go to amusement parks. This looks like such a fun place, I wish I had something like this closer to where I live!

  21. That’s really cool. I’ve never heard of a theme park totally devoted to the haunted theme.

  22. LOL… I like to get scared too. That might make me a weirdo… but it is such a rush when your heart hammers because you are scared shipless. What a fun place!

  23. This sounds like so much fun. I’d definitely hit the 3D house first.

  24. I do NOT like to get scared. I can’t even watch the Halloween commercials on TV these days LOL But I’m glad you enjoyed yourself!

  25. A spinning tunnel where you feel like you are walking in the ceiling? was it a ride at the end or a room- this sounds so cool! I bet all of us would enjoy a visit to Spooky World!

  26. I’d have to send my husband to this one on his own. He’d love it, but I’m not into being scared.

  27. I have not been to a haunted house in YEARS. I quit going the year that Michael Myers jumped out at me and I punched him in the face.

  28. Oh, that sounds AWESOME! I’d love to play killer zombie paint ball. How much fun would that be!

  29. I hate being scared. I would run for the hills before i went into that spooky house. yikes!

  30. I wish we were closer! I would love to go there. I love those spinning tunnels! 🙂 I dont find them very often here, occasionally at a carnival or fair but thats about it.

  31. Ah that really looks like a spooky place! I’m a chicken but I think Hubs would love going!

  32. I don’t like scary things, but my spouse and son does. They always play pranks on me for Halloween. This looks like a cool attraction for them and a great road trip. We might do, this weekend.

  33. I hope we had a spooky world too. It looks exciting to be scared by the various attractions.

  34. Eeek! These are so freaking scary I can’t do them anymore. I did the Halloween Haunt and Knott’s Berry Farm as a kid and the Halloween Haunted Hayride in Los Angeles and they were so scary I still think about them 20 years later.. ha ha

  35. you are one brave girl, I tell you I can’t stand these types of things but know there are plenty of folks, I am just dont like getting scared

  36. Looks super creepy! I wouldn’t be caught there, but so glad you had fun

  37. I adore events and attractions themed around Halloween. So spooky! Great post, this would be awesome to go to!

  38. This would be so much fun to visit! I have always had a blast in haunted houses. I’ll definitely be adding this attraction to my bucket list of holiday-themed fun!

  39. I would love to visit a haunted house this year.

  40. I DON’T love being scared, but my oldest and my husband do. I’d love to be able to take them here.

  41. Oh my that place looks really scary! Definitely creepy!

  42. That sounds like so much fun! Perfect idea for a date night 🙂

  43. I love the adrenaline rush from places like this!

  44. I have a love/hate relationship with spooky world places like this. They look like so much fun at first, but I’m scared way too easy. But man, I think they are worth the fun.

  45. seriously – you guys have the absolute coolest stuff!! are we just completely unimaginative in Canada? or is it just that I live too far out of the city? I wanna move to where the cool stuff is. 🙂

  46. Spooky! I like places like that. Mica swears he’s ready for a haunted house. He gets scared for the school haunted house. There’s no way he’d go a non-kid friendly haunted house. He

  47. This looks like a blast. We went to the Worlds of Fun Haunted houses in KC last year and very similar.

  48. You are so brave to go through all these scary things! What fun!

  49. Looks like fun, I love haunted houses etc. We have a haunted tunnel around here that’s pretty fun 🙂

  50. I love haunted houses. I used to go to this one in San Antonio, TX every year growing up called Nightmare on Grayson. It’s shut down now, but I have a lot of good (and spooky) memories there! Thanks for sharing this place with us.


  51. I’ve never heard of that place before, but it definitely sounds spooky! I think I would be afraid to go through some of the rides. LOL

  52. I like doing this vicariously through you but I do NOT like getting scared silly! I screamed my way through Universal Studios’ Haunted House and will not do it again!

  53. This looks like a great haunted house. We always visit our local haunted house at Halloween time.

  54. Those are the best decorations. You guys are so lucky to have such a good supply.

  55. Oh what a fantastic sounding frightfest! I would love to go and be scared 🙂 x

  56. This looks like so much fun. I wish we had something like this around here. To bad the line ups are so long but i bet it is worth the wait.

  57. They still have that Caddy! Love it! I have family that still attends Spooky World each year.

  58. This looks like a whole lot of fun! There aren’t many fun Halloween attractions around us, which is no good!

  59. Remember all the fun we had when we went to Plymouth? This seems right up your alley! I have never done Spooky World!

  60. Wow! I have never seen quite a place like this. Very scary but I bet great fun. We use to do things with our kids like this when they were young and we have great memories.

  61. Ravens Claw was my favorite one!! Love NightMare New England. I still miss it at Foxboro but this does the trick!!

  62. I would seriously never enter that place. I remember trying the haunted house at a park and I got really scared! I was with my cousins and uncle then and was 12. LOL! I do know some friends who’ll be up to that! I’ll suggest the place to them. 😀

  63. You are SO BRAVE!!! If I went there my heart rate would be so high that I wouldnt have to work out for a month!!

  64. Looks like you had a great time!

  65. I bet this was a super fun time. I wished I lived in the area to go.

  66. Oh my! I would not be able to make it through! You are braver than me! I;m sure you had a blast!

  67. This sounds really fun! I used to love to get the daylights scared out of me. It has been a really long time since I have done anything like this.

  68. I totally want to go. We plan every year to hit all the scare sights in town and this one sounds awesome

  69. I just can’t do haunted houses! I really get freaked out!

  70. I think I will have to leave those haunted houses to you. I don’t like being scared.

  71. I love spooky amusement parks, especially during Halloween!

  72. This looks like a great place to go for Halloween fun! Glad that you had a spooky good time!

  73. What an awesome place! Love that crazy tunnel at the end of the clown house!

  74. It sounds like a lot of fun but I am so chicken that I would probably cover my eyes through the attractions. My daughter loves this kind of stuff.

  75. I’d love to check out Bringham Manor- looks neat! And paintball sounds like TONS of fun too!

  76. Spooky World sounds like fun. Would bring my nephews there.

  77. Definitely sounds like a spooky way to spend the night. I went to HHN a few weeks ago and it was terrifying.

  78. This place sounds terrifying to me! I’ve never even made it through a haunted house. Big wuss over here- I’d probably scream myself to death. Even the images are scary!

  79. Wow, you guys have so many Halloween attractions. Up here we have exactly NOTHING!

  80. This sounds like something I’d totally do! I love Halloween activities 😛

  81. That looks like a ton of fun! I have a lot of family in Mass I will have to let them know about this.

  82. Wow…looks fun and scary. I don’t think I dare to go there 😀

  83. Wow, this looks like so much fun. I got hooked with the first photo.

  84. Wow…that place looks like so much fun and bigger than the one in my city. I love that people scare you around the area

  85. My son works at the Haunted House in our city. He is absolutely frightening. He loves giving people a good scare!

  86. Oh gosh – I’m creeped out just by your pictures! I’m not a haunted house person! I get spooked to easily!

  87. Lol. I wonder if I actually can handle those, lol. Probably not by myself, haha!

  88. i use to love these kinds of things but I am afraid to say that I have become a chicken!

  89. That does look like a lot of fun. Definitely something to consider, next year.

  90. That looks like a lot of fun! Spooky fun that is!

  91. THAT looks scary. I love things like that…the last time I really got scared was in Canada. There was a haunted scary experience…they did a really good job. We were afraid to walk in at first…my sweetie actually pushed me towards the door first. We didn’t go in until this older couple arrived.

  92. You said food vendors. I’m all over that. 😉 Looks like a lot of fun. I need to find something like this around here to take kiddo to. Looks like fun for all.

  93. I wish they did things like this where I live!

  94. We have a similar thing around us and we love it. Little one is a bit scared though

  95. Looks like a great time.. I won’t ever go LOL. I do not like scary things at all. Wouldn’t be able to sleep after going there LOL.

  96. Well it looks absolutely spooky! I love haunted houses for sure.

  97. I could not handle this! It seems way too scary for me!

  98. I’m such a wimp … I hate being scared 🙂

  99. we used to have a place like this in my town, but they stopped doing it a few years ago. i miss it.

  100. That looks really scary and a fun place to visit at the same time. We may have to check this out if we get down that way.

  101. This looks like a lot of fun! I love getting scared too!

  102. I can only remember one time being truly scared from a spook house and I was about five years old and I was with my Dad at the spook house at River-view and in the beginning they had these screen doors that was a maze, and you had to find your way out, and my dad and I got separated, and he couldn’t get to me or I him. So he told me not to move and I cried until he got there. Awwwwww ~hehehe~ It’s true though.

  103. This looks like such a fun place if you like to be scared! Interestingly enough, the town I live in is named The Colony!

  104. Oh my goodness, I have always wanted to do something like this but have been too scared. You are so brave!! 😉

  105. I can’t with you! Going somewhere to get scared silly. I will just wait at the hotel and pamper myself with amazing sleep and candy corn. I’m going to have to get it together so I can take my kids on some of these scary adventures!

  106. Sounds like a wonderfully frightful time! Yes, New England is amazing in the fall. I had a brief stint in Williamstown, MA and loved that Berkshire autumn!

  107. Hubby and I love haunted houses but there aren’t really any great ones here. I may have to pay you a visit so you can take me to this one.

  108. YIKES! That looks super scary!!! Happy Halloween!

  109. When I was a teenager I loved going to these types of things. Now for some reason I am just too afraid!

  110. That looks like so much fun. I love haunted places 🙂

  111. Can’t do it. I used to love getting scared at these things, but now I can’t handle it! Love motherhood has frazzled my nerves.

  112. Looks like a blast. We’ve got some places in this area, around St. Louis that are pretty cool, including an actually confirmed haunted house that they do bookings for dinners.

  113. Wow, that looks really scary!! I hate being scared, but my husband would love this!

  114. spooky world it is…never tried one, not here in NYC..maybe I have to wait a bit longer to try one hehehe…the kids love it, but only to a certain extent…

  115. I freak out a lot but I sure enjoy being scared.