Nov 172014
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Imagine a world where you can everything beautifully on the screen right in front of you. Perhaps, you can imagine a world where you can’t even distinguish television from real life, or a television that gives you an even better display than real life.

My husband and I have recently come across a television that is unlike any other and we both agree that it would be fabulous to own in real life. I mean we have a hard core television crush on the LG OLED TV, available at Best Buy.

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As a child, I remember watching television and thinking it was cool to be able to see my favorite shows. My boys have it made here in 2014! They can watch a television that changes the way they can view the world. Let me tell you why this TV is specifically so amazing!

  • Infinite contrast ratio and stunning color – delivers more natural, lifelike viewing.
  • 4 Color Pixel technology enhances color range and accuracy.
  • Super thin design
  • Find content faster with webOS

Okay, so these are only a few reasons that this LG OLED TV is super awesome. One of my favorite features of the television is that the colors are so deep and rich that it really makes the TV watching experience incredible. The screen is also ingeniously curved, which helps to deliver a picture like you’ve never seen before. The stunning design of LG OLED TV is only 0.21″ thick at its thinnest point. Picture quality is spectacular, with Infinite Contrast that ranges from the most blazing whites to the deepest blacks. And, LG’s exclusive 4 Color Pixel technology delivers bright, vibrant colors. No more bulky television in your home, did you see how thin this TV is? Pure technology awesomeness!

If your family is passionate about technology, you may consider this as the perfect family gift! The holiday season is right around the corner and I know my family would go crazy for the LG OLED TV in our home. It has the perfect technological advances to meet all of our family’s wants and needs in the television department.

Would you like to find out more about the LG OLED TV? Visit! You won’t regret seeing this TV via the interwebs, but you will regret not buying it for your awesome family to enjoy! Best Buy’s everyday price is $3499.99 (so you save $500)!

**The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free**

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  131 Responses to “I Want a LG OLED TV From Best Buy For Christmas This Year! @BestBuy #HintingSeason #OLEDatBestBuy”

  1. Wow we love technology in the form of the latest and greatest TV’s too, so my husband would totally flip over this TV if we got. Thanks for sharing and going to have to check out the next I am at Best Buy now.

  2. I want one of these TVs too!! Though we don’t need a new TV… I just love new Tech!

  3. Ok so I am jealous of anyone who has an HD tv at this point. We would love love love that here. I would never get my husband away from the set.

  4. I would love one of these televisions too! Imagine? How awesome would that be? I’m going to need to try to talk my husband into getting me one for Christmas.

  5. We have totally been shopping for a new television since our move. Waiting until Christmas to surprise the family with it though- This looks like a great one!

  6. This tv sounds amazing. I will definitely check it out the next time I am in Best Buy!

  7. You are not the only one who wants this TV. This TV has been calling my name every time I see a post about it. 🙂

    • It has been talking to me too. I would live to be able to surprise the family with this for Christmas.

  8. Maybe we could put our heads together on how to convince Santa to bring us both one 😉 I don’t need a new tv, but I want this one too!

  9. I was just talking about this TV on my blog. My husband wants one bad. I told him we can save for it because I agree, it is nice!

  10. This TV looks amazing and the color is impeccable.

  11. Good luck with that. That’s better than two front teeth any day!

  12. Was it really that good? I think that is a temptation for me too lol!

  13. I saw this TV at Best Buy and I had to touch it, lol. It really is amazing.

  14. Looks so cool! That would be awesome – you’d never want to leave the house 🙂

  15. All I want for Christmas is OLED TV. But if I get this, I may not see the light of day, I’ll just watch movies all day long. movie buffs BFF – a good tiveeee!

  16. I am going to put that on my list!

  17. This is definitely going at the top of my list. You would not believe how old the TV is that we have in our room right now.

  18. We have been in the market for a new TV for a few months now and with the holiday season coming up I think I’ll be doing some hinting of my own lol! I can’t believe how bright the colors are on that TV, on my wish list for sure!

  19. We are planning to head to Best Buy to get another tv. Not for Christmas, just because we now have a playroom that needs one. I am sure if my husband buys this tv though, he will take it and we will get his old one downstairs!

  20. Oh, I totally want this! You won’t have to tell my husband twice either! 🙂

  21. We’ve been window shopping for a new TV and I’ll have to visit Best Buy and take a look at this one! Love the super thin design!

  22. We would love to have this TV as well, i just showed it to my hubby and let see what happens lol.

  23. We have an LG TV right now and LOVE it! Our next one will probably be an LG, as well!

  24. I imagine this TV will be on a lot of people’s holiday wish lists this year. Myself included!

  25. Me too!! Got to get me one! soon maybe

  26. Such a great looking TV! My husband and I recently bought a new TV, so we are off the market…for now!

  27. Best Buy has some great gift ideas! I would love to shop for a new TV for myself for the holidays.

  28. Ahhhhhhh I want this TV for Christmas also 😉 maybe Santa will bring me one 😉

  29. I’ve seen this TV in store and it looks amazing! The picture quality is so crisp, I would love to buy one!

  30. I saw this television this weekend and I definitely would love to have one of these! It is awesome and the picture is superior above all the others I have seen.

  31. my husband can NOT see this post. oh my gosh… he’d drool all over my computer.
    not that I wouldn’t mind having this TV either. especially since the picture is going on our current TV — all these lines are starting to appear. ick.

  32. I’m secretly saving up to buy the husband a new TV for Christmas. I’d love to get him one of these!

  33. Looks like a great TV! But seriously, don’t let my husband see this …

  34. I really want a new TV and this one would be perfect. Have to see if Santa brings me one.

  35. What a gorgeous tv! They have changed so much in the last few years!! My husband would LOVE that!

  36. These TVs sound amazing! I need one. Ours is only 780p and it keeps doing this weird flickering thing.

  37. This really is an amazing TV and one that would look pretty great in our family room. I would love to gift this to my husband this year.

  38. I want one too! After reading all these reviews, it really makes me want to buy one. I love how it enhances the colour range. Let’s hope Santa hears me 😀 …!

  39. I definitely want one as well! Looks like this tv has amazing features!

  40. We have had our oldest TV for around 7 years and we got it from Best Buy.. Great TV that has kept us happy.. knock on wood.

  41. I so want one of these. Awesome picture. Best Buy has the best stuff.

  42. So many Nice reviews about this TV. I too have put this on my wish list.

  43. That curved screen is like the coolest thing ever. Wait, maybe the crisp picture is. I want one!

  44. We’ve somewhat recently upgraded our second television to a flat screen and I’m SO behind on technology already! I want this television!

    • Me too! I am so far behind. I just moved a box TV out of our living room and replaced it with a flat screen.. Being all “fancy” with TV’s just isn’t my thing though.

  45. I’ve read so much about this TV during the week and I really want it. The picture on it sounds amazing.

  46. TVs have sure come a long way. I remember when we had to get up to change the channels!

  47. I think we will be getting a new TV for our playroom this winter, will have to check these out.

  48. We used to have an LG tv and we used it for many years. We also loved all of the LG phones that we have had! They are such a great brand!

  49. These sound so amazing. I NEED one in my life. So bad…

  50. This looks so fantastic! My hubby is making me check into one:) I told him maybe in the new year lol! We just got one not too long ago! Not this fantastic of course!

  51. My hubby is in love with this TV – it is amazing how clear and bright the picture is.

  52. These are such nice TVs. I hope to get one some day. I would love to have something that has such an amazing picture.

  53. Oh John wants one of these tvs!! The picture quality looks amazing. Its amazing what they are doing with technology!

  54. Oh boy, do my husband and I want one of these. We’ve already started a TV fund.

  55. I seriously want one that more I see it. My husband has mentions it several times so I am sure it will be coming.

  56. I want one too! We need a new TV badly. This one is at the top of my list.

  57. Admittedly, I am not a huge technology person. That said, this television looks amazing and I want it. I love good picture quality when I’m watching a movie!

  58. Whoa…. sounds like a great Christmas present. When I see Santa I’ll let him know for you. 🙂

  59. Me too. I keep hinting about it and finally just showed it to Hubby! HA! It sounds awesome

  60. It would be cool having this TV. The specs are so impressive.

  61. I could totally use a new tv. Hopefully this one goes on sale over Black Friday, it looks great!

  62. That TV is definitely on our wish list, too!

  63. I’m planning on buying a television for my boys for Christmas. I will definitely be heading to Best Buy to check out their selection.

  64. I SO want that too, the colour is brilliant! Oh Santa, I’ve been good this year!!

  65. This LG TV looks amazing! But, I’d settle for any flat screen at the moment… we still rock our box TVs lol

  66. This is at the top of my WANT list! Really want list!

  67. Best Buy always has such awesome stuff! I love the Geek Squad is right in there to help too!

  68. I just saw this online browsing TV’s! I could be happy watching my shows on it I think! 😉

  69. I have a crush on this TV too. I love the colors: so rich. It will be a great addition to my family room

  70. This sounds pretty cool! We have such old TVs. One is 12 years old, and the other is 16. YIKES!

  71. I love this TV! It’s on my wish list this year, too.

  72. I so wish I could justify buying a new TV right now. I would totally buy it.

  73. We need a new t.v. in our living room. This sounds really nice, crisp pictures.

  74. Ooh, ooh me too! This would be perfect for our family room so we could all enjoy it! It would be a fab holiday gift to get.

  75. I LOVE Best Buy products! I seen their stoves and ohh my gosh I cant wait to get one. Now this TV is on my list!

  76. I want it too! I can imagine being surrounded by that sound and seeing that vibrant picture. I shop at Best Buy for a lot of Christmas gifts, so I am sure i will get to see this live and in person!

  77. I know, right! This television is wicked awesome!

  78. This sounds luke a really great TV. I would love to have one, by it is out of my price range.

  79. I think I’ll be getting this TV for my husband for Christmas! But it’s a secret! 🙂

  80. LED TVs are the in thing nowadays. We also have one already sitting in our living room. But we would also want a smaller-size LG OLED TV in our bedroom. My parents are also so passionate about technology.

  81. I so want one of these tv’s! I will have to start hinting to my husband right away!

  82. I must have one of these! They sound amazing. Our TV is on its last legs anyway. We might as well get an awesome one.

  83. LG is a great brand, and these televisions sound amazing. Time to start saving my pennies.

  84. LG makes such great electronics. I would love to have one from Best Buy for Chistmas too.

  85. You and me both! i totally want one! I am heading to Best Buy to check them out first hand

  86. Hey, if Santa brought me a $3500 tv, I’d be pretty flipping excited too 😀 What a fantastic piece of tech!!

  87. I love thin TV designs. It looks like a TV I would want to have in my living room.

  88. I love LG and wouldnt mind getting my hands on this new beautiful good looking telly.

  89. This television sounds excellwnt. I would like to get one for my husband.

  90. oh my gosh! My husband would be in heaven if he woke up to this inout living room. we have been looking for one of these. Thanks for the info.

  91. This new TV is top in my Christmas list. I wish somebody just hears me.

  92. Those reviews…It really sounds like a great TV!

  93. This TV sounds like the complete package. Nice features.

  94. I think that this TV sounds amazing! On my wish list for Santa!

  95. It sounds like I need to put the OLED on my hint list.

  96. arggghhhh….I wish Santa will send this to me for Christmas!

  97. That tv looks/sounds awesome. We recently bought ourselves a new 50″ smart tv so luckily even though I want it it would be pointless now that we have a new one.

  98. This TV is definitely on my wish list! I love all the features!

  99. Gah – I want one! Not that I need it – but wow that’s a stunning TV.

  100. THat’s the dream TV, I would love to have one of these in my bedroom!

  101. Sounds like an awesome T.V. My husband would love it.

  102. We love our tv here too – Hubby picks it (and he’s a bit of a geek, so it’s always the good ones!), and then I shop the sales – Which, funny enough, we’ve almost always bought at best buy!

    the curved screen looks cool on this! thanks for sharing

  103. I so want this TV. Haha. It looks amazing!

  104. I really want this TV! Need to convince my husband some how…

  105. If could afford this I would totally get this. This TV would give anyone a great experience while watching.

  106. I am amazed at how much TV’s have changed! When I am in a store and see some of the news ones, I’m shocked! So weird seeing how realistic the pictures are!

  107. I’ve never owned an LG product, but everyone that I have spoken with LOVES their technology. This definitely encourages me to consider purchasing an LG TV.

  108. The picture on those televisions looks SO clear! I would love to watch Planet Earth on one of those bad boys! LOL

  109. That’s an awesome tv! We upgraded our tv recently after I accidentally shattered ours!

  110. These tvs look amazing! I’d love to have one!

  111. I love these TVs. We have a large flat panel and it really hurts my eyes. There is only one wall we can put it on and I feel like the couch is too close. I think the curve would help out with that and not put so much strain on my sensitive eyes.

  112. I want one too! hopefully Santa agrees! I will have to be extra good for that $3500 price tag!

  113. I wish someone or Santa would deliver this to our house on Christmas. It sounds like an awesome TV. We eliminated TV in our house years ago, but I wouldn’t mind having it back again and watch our fave shows.

  114. Ok, fasten your seat belts : we still have a TV from the 90s. And that’s the only TV we have. It’s about 25 inches wide. And it works. I have a problem with the new TVs making me dizzy with the clarity of the graphics and we can never find one that a) doesn’t make me ill b) is actually a size that will fit in our house or c) is within a reasonable price range. The idea of having to lay down to watch TV so I don’t get dizzy doesn’t really appeal to me and when I find one that seems OK, they dont’ come in a 40 inch or so and we don’t want anything bigger or smaller. This magical TV is probably exactly what I need for a TV but at that price, it will be another 20 years before we can even consider it! I keep saying I’m not going to cave until there is green smoke coming from the TV we have!

  115. That looks like an awesome TV. I think I need one of these for Christmas.

  116. Now that is tv to crush on. I would so crush on it as well.

  117. I keep hearing about this tv. I want one too!

  118. Okay this is screaming… YOU NEED AN UPGRADE! 🙂 Do you mind if I upgrade with you?

  119. This would be a TV for us. We need to upgrade my daughters TV. Lol

  120. I would love to have one of these tv’s. It’s all about the viewing pleasure!

  121. Apparently this is on a lot of our Christmas Wish List. Santa do you hear us? LOL Thanks for sharing your info on LG OLED tv from Best buy.

  122. I too would really really really LOVE to get the new LG OLED tv!!! It would love perfect in my living room! lol

  123. If you get one I’ll be over to watch some shows! I’ll bring BLTs!

  124. Oh my…I totally want one now too! Or maybe two!

  125. OOhhhhhh I saw these and I’m in love 🙂 hoping for an upgrade on my surface though, and we bought a new tv last year, so I can’t beg for it just yet 😉