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We all need time to ourselves, and what better way to spend it than in the company of friends? I’ve never been one who enjoys going to bars, and I am even less inclined to do so now that I’m older. Sure, a girl’s night out is fun occasionally, but it can get expensive. My friends are I prefer a girl’s night in; much cheaper and often a lot more fun! Here are some ideas for Girl’s Night In:

Pinterest Night– I’ve done this many times. The rule was that we each had to pick a Pinterest project (sometimes we worked on the same thing, other times we did different projects). We tried out some great food, some not-so-great foods, and made some cool stuff. We typically also had a bottle of wine, but that is optional. I know that my Pinterest page has over 5,000 pins, many of which I will never make, but I have tried more than a few out this way. Give it a try!

Craft Night– At one point I had a group of friends who were a crafty bunch. Some knitted, some crocheted, and some scrapbooked (I am a crocheter and a scrapbooker). We had snacks and drinks, and we always chatted the night away. We had many laughs on those nights. We made it a monthly event and rotated houses each month.

Play Cards Against Humanity – I’m not sure if you have ever played this game, but I have never laughed so hard in my entire life. Of course, we have food and drinks; a glass or 2 of wine makes it that much funnier.

Movie Night – I have never done this because I’m a talker and people don’t usually like it if you talk through a movie, but a lot of people enjoy popping open a bottle of wine and watching a good chick flick.

Talk – There have been nights when my friends and I just sit around the table or on the couch and just chat. Let’s face it; life gets busy. We don’t always have the time to talk or catch up as much as we may like. Setting aside a night once a month, or even once every few months, ensures that we stay connected. Text messages are okay here and there, but nothing beats hanging out with your friends.

Book Club – I have never done this, but I do love to read. If you and your friends enjoy reading, this is a great option. You could choose the classics, new best-sellers, chick lit, or anything that sounds interesting. For some inexpensive/free eBooks, see my previous post.

Swap Night – I just came across this idea the other day, and I would love to try this. Everyone brings 3-4 items they no longer want (they can be anything, or you could limit it to clothes, household items, etc.). Everyone then “shops” from the items and then whatever is left at the end of the night can be donated to charity. What a great idea!!

What do you and your friends do for a Girl’s Night In?

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My name is Rachel and I'm the single mom of a 14 year old boy. I am a Registered Nurse nurse caring for our nation's veterans. I'm a amateur photographer and a self-proclaimed "adventurer"; I am always looking for for free and inexpensive ways to enjoy life.

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  108 Responses to “Ideas For Your Next Girls Night In”

  1. I think combining craft night with wine would be a total blast. I think it would lead to lots of laughs.

  2. Movie night is right up my alley. I love watching movies with the girls. They know not to talk! Not like my family…

  3. We do a craft exchange once a year because it lasts about 15 hours and we all learn a craft and take home as many crafts as there are people. Every Sat we do cards or a game (mostly CAH) and we also do dinner! I love these other ideas too!

  4. My husband talks through movies too. It drives me crazy. When we lived in America I would pause the DVR and rewind. We don’t have that here. He knows it drives me nuts.

  5. Think I have done everything but the pinterest night. Book club and movie nights are the best. Well I take that back we have had some pretty awesome craft nights and made some great stuff.

  6. My girlfriends and I have been doing craft nights monthly. It’s a great stress reliever to focus on something other than kids/work for a few hours.

  7. Having a night out with friends is always great, but yeah, I think night in is as fabulous as a night out. Swap Night is something I would love to do next time.

  8. I have never played Cards Against Humanity before, I would love that. Usually what happens is we all end up in the kitchen.

  9. I love the idea of a swap night. My friend and I play Cards Against Humanity all the time, and it never gets old! Wine definitely makes it all the more hilarious, but it’s a great time no matter what. So funny.

  10. I love a fun girls night in. Game night is a good idea – haven’t tried that humanity game yet.

  11. I love having craft nights with friends. Its so fun to unwind, have a little wine and make some crafts!

  12. My wife used to enjoy having her friends over for spa nights. I have to say, it was always something that seemed to renew her and give her new “mommy energy”. Good ideas you have here. I’ll be sure to direct any of the special women in my life to your blog.

  13. These are great ideas! My girls and I just had a Girls Night in and played Bananagrams! It was surprisingly SO much fun and lasted for a few hours. I never tire of that game!

  14. I love having girls night – we usually do paint parties and wine glass painting. There is always some wine – we each bring a different one to try. It is so much fun. Can’t wait to try your suggestions.

  15. Cards Against Humanity is hilarious! Drinks definitely help and the more people the better!

  16. These are great ideas, some I have done and others not. I love movie and game nights and always have lots of fun.

  17. These are great ideas, some I have done and others not. I love movie and game nights and always have lots of fun and food.

  18. what great ideas for girls night out. My gal pals love to play board games. We have the best time and laugh so hard over nothing. Just fun time.

    • That sounds like a great time! I don’t think I have played any board games in ages.

  19. I really like the idea of a Pinterest party. I don’t forget girls nights often, but it sounds like fun.

  20. I love a day with my girlfriends. I have done some nights but several of my friends are stay at home moms and when kids are at school we have done a few of these suggestions together, so fun!

  21. We love playing Cards Against Humanity. It is so wrong and so funny at the same time. Our next girls night in is going to be a wine/facial/jammies night!

  22. The swap night would be my favorite. It would be such fun to just hang out with friends.

  23. Swap night!!!! What an awesome idea!!!! Love that. Some of my favorite nights are girls nights!

  24. I like the idea of Pinterest night. I would tell my girlfriends to pick up a niche each, food, drinks, craft, diy, beauty each….now that will be fun.

  25. Now those are some fantastic ideas! We do bookclub regularly but I love the idea of Swap night and Pinterest night! Thanks for the inspiration!

  26. I’m always for a wine girls night in. Everyone brings a bottle and it’s bound to be a good time. I also love cards against humanity – that could be a fun combination!

  27. Love the idea of a Pinterest and book club night with friends. It would be great to do something productive, fun and catch up with friends at the same time. Great ideas here!

  28. Cards Against Humanity always makes for a great night in! I need to try the Pinterest idea and put my craftiness to the test with some wine lol!

  29. Perfect ideas, how can I share this to my daughter’s wall .

  30. I love home nights at home with friends,watching movies and eating popcorn or simply eating and speacking together!
    They are so funny!

  31. These are all really cool ideas for a get-together. I like the Pinterest idea and the swap party idea the best.

  32. I think the shop night would be fun. It is a good way to get other stuff in exchange for something you no longer need. We don’t spend a penny, and still have a chance to donate to charity.

  33. I love having a girl’s night in vs a night out honestly. These are such awesome ideas, thank you! I need to do one of these soon!

  34. These are great ideas for a girls night in. Sometimes when my hubby works late I enjoy having my friends over for some wine and chat.

  35. These are some really fun ones. We played Cards Against Humanity on New Years Eve and it was a blast.

  36. it’s been 5 years i had a girl’s night, back in my college days i use to have a girls night often but now after getting married and with kid, I never get time for that…These are some good tips for girl’s night but i wish could do any of them atleast for a night now, which looks impossible

  37. Love the blog!!! Glad to be along for the ride

  38. Those are some pretty good ideas for a girls night in. I like the movie night but I’m a guy, what do I know…

  39. These are all great ideas! Clothing swaps are SO much fun and I’ve gotten some great items from them. Cards Against Humanity is also always a good choice.

  40. Great ideas! I love something as simple as a movie and drinks too!

  41. Hanging out with friends and have some talk and laughs relieve stress instantly. It keeps you healthier and helps you deal with stress better. Love your idea, especially the Craft Night.

  42. Movie and game nights are my favorites! I need to do this again at some point.

  43. These are some fun ideas. Cards against humanity can be such a laugh with the right friend.

  44. Lots of good ideas to have some fun at home with our fellow moms. I especially think those cocktails look really appealing.

  45. I loved this! The ideas are wonderful. I’m going to have to try a few these like swapping or try a game night. This is giving me ideas. Thanks!

  46. I need a good girls night in. I like to have a diy spa night sometimes. My Sister crochets and has a few friends that get together once a month.

  47. I love the idea of a swap party. I have a friend who did it and was able to get some GREAT clothes!! My bestie ad i were just saying we need some “non-mom” time!

  48. I can’t tell when last I had an all girl night, I miss those days.

  49. These are all such great ideas! I so want to do a Pinterest night with my girlfriends. And Cards Against Humanity is probably my favorite game of all time, especially on girls night!


  50. It’s been a while since I’ve had a girls night in. We tend to spend a lot of time talking and catching up.

  51. I love all of these ideas it’s given me a lot to think about for when I have my girlfriends over

  52. Wow these are such great ideas for girls night in! Been doing a lot of them now that we are on a budget! I think my favorite is the craft night! What a fun way to get my creative brain working again!

  53. We have done the cards against humanity night and a movie night. So much fun! I feel like the ultimate would be a sleep over at a luxury hotel. No driving and no cover charge. 😉

  54. These are such great ideas! I could really go fo a GNI soon…I guess I need to plan a party soon – I really like the pinterest party.

  55. The swap night and the Pinterest night seem very interesting. I can imagine having a ton of pins on there and not doing them. So finding a fun one to do with your friends sounds like fun, and kind of like an adventure.

  56. Love the idea of the swap night. Sounds like fun. I think all your ideas are perfect for a get together.

  57. Cards against humanity is such a fun game! It would be an amazing girls night idea! My friends and I have done craft nights and that is always a hit with my group.

  58. Wine, cheese and a movie is usually my girls night in. I’d like to try other things like craft or book club!

  59. This makes me miss my girlfriends! I really love it when we all get together and just spend time catching up! These are awesome suggestions!

  60. I love all these ideas but I would love to try first the swap night! My friends and I share same passion so I’m pretty sure they’ll love this!

  61. A girls night in sounds so much better than a night out! I love preparing drinks and food with my girlfriends at home. These are great ideas!

  62. I think it’s awesome to just stay in with your friends! No dressing up and no worrying about how to go home. Thanks for these lovely ideas.

  63. It’s always fun to just sit down and chit chat! Movie night is great too!

  64. That Pinterest night is SUCH a good idea – how have I never thought of that before! My friend works in marketing and it would actually be a brilliant blogger event as well! x

  65. Pinterest Night? That’s something new for me but looks awesome 🙂

  66. You have some good ideas here.
    I particularly like the swap night one.

  67. These are great ideas! I especially love the idea of a Pinterest night. Maybe even make it a Pinterest Fail night, especially since alcohol may be involved. Sounds fun!

  68. I love the craft night and swap night. These are all great and fun ideas! The blanket and baby hat are gorgeous!

  69. What great ideas! I love the Pinterest night and the Talk night. I am also a talker and I love bringing up different topics of conversation. Anything is better with friends.

  70. I really love all these ideas! I’d like to try Pinterest and a swap night! Sounds fun!

  71. What, no wine for the book club?! Just kidding. I love these ideas as the quality of the interaction is so much deeper than just going to happy hour! My last one was a movie night. May try a Pinterest night next!

  72. I love the idea of a Pinterest night. I have a zillion pins that I am just dying to try out but never seem to have the time. Girls night sounds like the perfect opportunity to try a few!

  73. Love these ideas! I don’t know the last girls night in I had or attended….. I’d love a movie night or swap night!

  74. Great ideas! I haven’t had a girls night in so long. Could really use one, and I’m not one for really going out much so this is perfect!

  75. These are great ideas! I am definitely saving this for future use. My favorites are the pinterest and movie nights! I can’t wait to try these!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  76. I went out on a girl night out (which was rarity as I NEVER go out anywhere!) recently and we went to a spa! I had so much fun and i must do it again. xx

  77. These are some really great ideas for a girl’s night in! I love playing Cards Against Humanity. Bunco is another fun idea too!

  78. Girls’ night out? I’m in! I recently had a girl’s night out with friends that I hadn’t seen in years! It’s always so refreshing to hang out and reminisce!

  79. We sure do need time to more time to ourselves. I love getting together with my sisters and friends. We didn’t get to hang out during the winter because everyone lives so far apart but we are planning tons of things for this Spring/Summer/Fall.

  80. We sure do need time to more time to ourselves. I love getting together with my sisters and friends. We didn’t get to hang out during the winter because everyone lives so far apart but we are planning tons of things for this Spring, Summer, and Fall. 🙂

  81. Really adore the ideas. Great post. Loved going through it.

  82. I am so down for a Pinterest Party. This isnt a girls night thing but I do have a friend that has a Pinterest Picnic every year! SO much fun we bring food and drinks we made on Pinterest!

  83. I’m down for movie night & Pinterest night!!! Love them!!!

  84. I never tried the Play cards against humanities and pinterest, they seem challenging. Also, the swap thing is cool, like a Galleon trade.

  85. this is so creative. I love having girls night with my friends. I’ll have to take some of these and try them.

  86. So many great options! I love the idea of a pinterest party and the simplicity of ‘talk”. I pinned this. Great article, thank you!

  87. I’ve had a Pinterest night before! My friends and I chose a recipe we had really been wanting to make from a pin and we all came together and made them with each other. Tons of fun.

  88. I have a friend who has done a Pinterest night! It is totally fun and worth trying. Grat post, as usual.

  89. I rarely have a Girls Night In but should definitely do it more often!

  90. These girls night out sounds like so much fun! I have never been on one.

  91. These are all such great ideas. Sometimes it’s better to just stay in!

  92. Those are nice ideas!!! I wish me and my girldfriends could do at least once a week activity! I’d love some crafts ’cause I’m not much into reading books since it takes me awhile to finish it. lol.

  93. I love having a girls night out with my friends so we can catch up on life.

  94. Totally agree about going out! You can’t hear anyone and it is SO expensive. I love the idea of Pinterest night.

  95. When my girlfriends and I get together, we like to drink wine and enjoy a chick flick! I’m going to have to try a few of these the next time we get together.

  96. I am long overdo for some type of girls night out or in! I love this idea and it looks like a fun time. I like the drinks as well, because it’s not a girls night without drinks!

  97. What a great list of ideas! I’ve wanted to do the swap night, but haven’t yet. I just moved to a new city, and haven’t met anyone my size! Lol.

  98. It’s always nice to have a night in 🙂 Don;t always have to go out – love your ideas 🙂

  99. These are great ideas. I really love staying in lately. I just haven’t been feeling the best. I imagine I’ll feel better after my nose surgery happens.

  100. Great ideas! So fun to do with my girls 🙂 I love the Swap night idea thank you gonna add it to our next night in.

  101. I love your ideas! Cards Against Humanity is SO fun, we laugh and have such a good time every time we play it!

  102. These are some amazing ideas. I have not done a girls movie night in forever. I think it is time for some take out pizza and a chick flick.

  103. I’m definitely at an age where a night in sometimes seems more appealing than a night out. These are some great tips.

  104. Craft night has my vote! It’s always fun to get the girls together to create!

  105. I love hanging out with my Gal Pals. We’re a circle of five who have fun every time we’re together. I keep hearing things about Cards Against Humanity. Would love to play it someday. I really like the Pinterest Night idea.