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**My family was invited to experience the LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Boston at no charge in order to facilitate this post.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way**

If there is one thing that my boys can agree on, it’s their love of LEGOS®.  We have thousands of Legos in our house and LEGOs® are pretty much their go-to toy.  They both knew that the LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Boston opened last year and when I told them that we were finally going to go check it out, they were beyond excited.

But what exactly is the LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Boston?

It is a 44,000 square-foot indoor attraction that features more than 3 million LEGO® bricks and is geared toward children aged 3 to 10 (and their families).  Sounds pretty awesome, right?

We arrived shortly after the place opened for the day because we were excited to check it out. Because the LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Boston only sells a certain number of tickets per hour (because they want to make sure everyone enjoys their experience), it’s recommended that if you go, you buy your tickets online to make sure you don’t have to wait when you get there.  Plus, the tickets are cheaper if you purchase them online versus at the door.

Once we were inside, we took an elevator up to the second floor, which is where all the action is.


Once you get upstairs, the first couple of parts of your LEGOLAND® Discovery Center experience are organized for you.  First up was the LEGO® Factory Tour:

“The first-of-its-kind virtual Factory Tour gives visitors an exclusive insider look at the LEGO® design studios and factory in Billund, Denmark. Guests see the process of how LEGO® bricks are made and have the opportunity to design their very own virtual LEGO® MINIFIGURE.”

There were about 20 people in our group and after we watched a virtual factory tour, everyone got their own station to design a MINIFIGURE.


That only took a few minutes and once our group was done, we were all ushered over to the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride.

“In this indoor LEGO® ride, visitors jump into their chariot and use their laser to zap the trolls and skeletons and rescue the Princess who has been captured. The better the visitor’s aim, the higher their score.”

Don’t worry, it is a seated ride and only takes a few minutes once you’re on.  My little guy had a panic attack when he saw that we were going on a ride because he doesn’t like rides with drops.  This ride had no drops and just stayed flat on the track.  When you get on the ride, you sit in a car (up to 4 people per car) and you will be able to shoot laser guns at LEGO bricks, skeletons and trolls during a 3D experience trying to save a princess.

Once we were finished with the ride, we walked right into LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston’s MINILAND®:

“Discover iconic regional landmarks and attractions all made entirely out of LEGO® bricks. Using more than 3 million LEGO bricks, see Boston come to life with interactive displays, touch screens and sound effects, and watch the LEGO® population explore Boston.” 

For a life long Bostonian, I thought it was really cool to see all the famous Boston landmarks made out of LEGOS®.  Seriously, they didn’t miss a beat – there were things like the Cheers bar, Fenway Park, Union Oyster House, Faneuil Hall, The Citgo sign, the Zakim Bridge, the State House and so much more.


Boston Landmarks

Last, but not least, we ended up in “The Neighborhood”, which is full of all sorts of fun, interactive rides and places for the kids to explore.  It’s all contained, so you will be able to go from activity to activity with the kids, or grab a table or bench and watch them from your seat.




The first thing that my boys wanted to do was to check out the LEGO® City: Play Zone.

“Side by side with climbing walls, slides and a jungle gym, the LEGO Fire Academy and LEGO Construction Site play zones are perfect for firefighters and construction workers-in-training. The LEGO Construction Site is suitable for children up to 36” tall, and the LEGO Fire Academy is suitable for children up to 56” tall. Children must wear socks to enter the play area.”

They spent quite a bit of time climbing and playing with the other kids in that area.



They also really loved the LEGO® Racers: Build & Test.

“In LEGO® Racers: Build & Test, visitors use their imagination to build a vehicle and take it to the test ramps, with times recorded to the hundredth of a second, challenging Nitro Predator, Star Striker, Bone Cruncher and Crazy Demon.”

When we were in LEGOLAND California last year, they have one of these there and the boys loved it, so they were excited to see it again here in Boston.

First, they built their LEGO® vehicle


There were a couple of different tracks for the kids to race their creations and my boys tried them all.



One of the highlights of my day at the LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Boston was getting a chance to meet and chat with Ian Coffey, who is a Master Model Builder.


The main tasks for the Master Model Builder involve maintaining and updating the MINILAND models, building new models and running Master Model Builder Classes, which teach groups of children secrets for making fantastic LEGO creations.

I hung out with him in his office for a little while and after we chatted for a bit about his background and what exactly he does at the LEGOLAND® Discovery Center.

Check out some of the cool things he’s built:



He spends his days building, teaching kids and interacting with the people who come in to visit the LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Boston. His office is located right as you walk into The Neighborhood and there are two big glass windows on his office, so you can see him as he works.

And check out this supply of LEGO® bricks he has to work with.


Ian has been building since he was a wee little lad and truly loves what he does.  I told him that he pretty much has the coolest job in the entire world, am I right?

There is so much more to do at the LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Boston. Here are some of the other features:

LEGO® 4D Cinema: Come and ride alongside your favorite LEGO® Characters in our 4D Cinema. 3D films get an added special dimension to bring the experience to life, including wind, rain, snow and lightning. Four 4D cinema experiences are available – Spell Breaker, Clutch Powers and LEGO® Racers and LEGO® Legends of Chima.

Merlin’s Apprentice Ride: This indoor LEGO® ride is set in Merlin’s potion room, a world of wizarding magic spells and sorcery. Visitors pedal as fast as they can to see how high they can get, and are able to look out over the rest of the attraction.

LEGO® Model Builder Academy:  Young LEGO® builders can learn secrets and insider tips from Master Model Builder Ian Coffey in the LEGO® Model Builder Academy. Various workshops will keep budding builders coming back to learn more building secrets and create new LEGO® models.

LEGO® DUPLO® Farm:  Designed for kids aged 5 and younger, DUPLO® Farm is full of LEGO® DUPLO® bricks and larger soft play bricks, exclusive to LEGOLAND® Discovery Centers. DUPLO bricks can be built together over 1,000 times and still have the same clutch power, which means endless possibility for imagination, creativity and discovery.

LEGO® Duplo Jams:  LEGO® Duplo Jams are catchy songs to feed children’s imagination and get kids aged 5 and younger excited about their trip to LEGOLAND® Discovery Center. Available on the website, LEGO® Duplo Jams include Barnyard Serenade, Brick Racer, Build With Letters, Going To School, Grow Caterpillar, Sort Out The Blues, Stick Together, Summer Heat, What Can I Be.

Earthquake Tables:  Visitors build the tallest LEGO® brick tower possible on the special Earthquake Table Plates. With a flip of a switch, the plates move and visitors can test whether their tower will remain standing. The Earthquake Table is also used during the School and Educational Visit Workshops, designed for children aged 3-10 years, to teach basic motor skills and more advanced design and

LEGO® Friends – Olivia’s House:  Visitors are invited to Olivia’s House to join the karaoke party. They’ll join Olivia, Andrea, Stephanie, Mia and Emma as they sing their favorite songs on the karaoke stage, build cupcakes in the LEGO® brick pits, or sit and chat to with friends on the sofa.

Café:  Take a break from building LEGO® creations and relax in the colorful Café area, which offers a selection of healthy food options. LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Boston Annual Pass holders receive a 20 percent discount on all Café purchases.

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Shop:  The shop is open 7 days a week and does not require a ticket to enter. The shop is open Monday through Saturday, 10am – 9pm and Sunday from 11am – 6pm. The shop features over 900 LEGO sets and products and monthly LEGO set offers. LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston Annual Pass holders receive 10 percent discount on all purchases in the shop.

The folks at LEGOLAND® Discovery Center recommend that visitors allow 2 – 3 hours to ensure they experience all that LEGOLAND Discovery Center offers. Of course, you can stay as long as you’d like, though.  We were there for a good 4 hours or so and my boys felt like they got to do everything they wanted to.

The LEGOLAND® Discovery Center  is located at 598 Assembly Row in Somerville.

Visit www.legolanddiscoverycenter.com/boston for more information
Like them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/legolanddiscoverycenterboston
Follow them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/LDCBoston

My boys had a BLAST there and were barely out of the door when they started asking when we were going to go back. Have you been to a LEGOLAND® Discovery Center before?  What was your child’s favorite part?

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    *Goodrich is a well known local ice cream shop. Even our grocery stores sell their malts. They’ve become connect to Subways, so I imagine alone they weren’t doing as well as they used to. When I was a kid my mom bought milk in a glass container from there, and would get it refilled.

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