May 262011

Well, me and the fam are off to the big apple this weekend for my brother in law’s wedding.  He’s getting married on Monday and we decided to make a weekend out of it.  It will be nice to get away for a few days and I’m looking very forward to it.  I was actually going to post a picture of myself & Chris from the last time we went to NYC (2 years ago), but it was pre-keratin and I didn’t want to post a picture of myself with curly hair.  Sorry, but it’s just not going to happen.  But rest assured, I will be back here on Wednesday with plenty of pictures from the weekend – straight hair and all.  You’ve been warned.

So in my absence, which I am sure you’re very broken up about (right???), I have three very lovely ladies lined up to take my place.  Two of them are fellow massholes, and one is a masshole at heart, so they will fit in quite nicely over here.

Friday will feature Eve from Beautiful Spit Up.

Mondays guest blogger is Kat from Living Like the Kings!

And on Tuesday, Frannie from Frannie Fires Back has a really funny story for you!

A heartfelt thank you to the three ladies that are going to be invading my space entertaining you for the next couple of days.  I do have a few giveaways that I scheduled in advance that will be posting on Saturday and I pre-scheduled my Sunday giveaway linky for you guys, so keep an eye out for those over the weekend.

And one final note – my brother will be dog sitting at my house, so if you’re thinking about breaking in and stealing my worn out couches and old tv set – think again.

  6 Responses to “I’m New York City Bound”

  1. Have fun!!

  2. Have a great time!
    (and damn….,I was totally looking for a old TV set…..*sigh*)

  3. Awesome, thanks for the shout out lady! Good thing MY brother isn’t house sitting for you, his crazy arse might just sell your worn out couches and old TV set!! LMAO

  4. Psyched to be entertained by the guest bloggers- have a great trip!

  5. Have a great weekend girl!

  6. Have a great time! Can’t wait for pics and I’m looking forward to your guesters….

    Damn…I was so gonna come lift your couch too!