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With the colder weather here, I love having hearty and warm soups for dinner. Here's a a list of 20 Instant Pot soups for you to try out this season!

One big reason I have fallen head over heels in love with my Instant Pot is that it makes soups. With the colder weather here, I love having hearty and warm soups to serve for dinner. Pair with a refreshing and crisp salad, or serve your soup in a bread bowl. There is something about soup that makes me feel cozy inside. I have created a list of 20 Instant Pot soups for you to try out this season! 

20 Hearty Instant Pot Soups 

Creamy Tomato Soup| A rich and creamy tomato soup that is topped with crisp parmesan chickpeas. This tomato soup is a total upgrade from the canned soup I ate as a kid. 

Chicken and Wild Rice| I love the hearty flavor from the rice paired with chicken, it is one of my favorite soups. This is a very healthy and simple recipe to make and cooks fast. 

Butternut Cauliflower Soup| This is one hearty soup that is packed full of rich nutrients and fiber to fuel your body. Minimal prep and packed full of rich flavors. 

Pumpkin Soup| You can’t go wrong with a rich and creamy pumpkin soup. It is a perfect fall and winter soup that fits the season. 

Zuppa Toscano| This is an Olive Garden copycat recipe that is sure to please your taste buds. It is full of hearty vegetables, sausage and more to give you that authentic Olive Garden flavor. 

Italian Wedding Meatball| A traditional soup that takes minimal time to prepare. You can use frozen meatballs to speed up the cooking and prep work even more. 

Creamy Verde Chicken Chili| If you are looking for a new soup to try, this one might be perfect for you. Salsa Verde, white beans, and chicken are a few ingredients that make this chili magical. The flavors paired together are perfect. 

Thai Curry Zucchini Soup| This soup is something new to me, but I love the idea behind a fiber-rich zucchini with some Thai seasonings. Five ingredients are all you need for this soup. 

Potato and Corn Chowder| You can pull this soup together in around 20 minutes when you use your Instant Pot. You will have a comforting bowl of soup to serve up to your family in no time flat. 

Easy Lentil and Sausage Soup| A simple soup to whip up and serve alone or add a side of cornbread or a crisp green salad and dinner is served. 

Potato Soup| This recipe is great because it is gluten-free and will even work if you follow the Whole30 diet. Simple and fresh ingredients needed to create this delicious soup. 

Low Carb Cauliflower Soup| This is a low carb soup but you would think it would be loaded with carbs with how rich and creamy it is. This is a wonderful soup that is nutritious and a breeze to make. 

Goulash Soup| If you are a fan of goulash, try this soup version. You get the same great flavors you would from traditional goulash in the form of a soup. 

Bean Soup| If you want a soup to warm you up from the inside and stick with you when you are out in the cold, this soup is perfect. Lots of fiber and wholesome flavors you will find in this soup. 

Taco Soup| Change up your traditional taco Tuesday to this taco soup. You will find those same spices and flavor just in a soup form! 

Sweet Potato Tortilla Soup| Sweet potatoes are so good for you, and I love finding new ways to incorporate them into my diet. Here is a spicy tortilla soup that adds hearty sweet potatoes as an ingredient. 

Easy Italian Vegetable Soup| A light and refreshing vegetable soup that is vegan-friendly. 

Chicken Noodle Soup| Feeling a little under the weather or have a craving for some chicken noodle soup? Here is an easy recipe that is full of flavorful broth, chicken bites, carrots, and more. 

Easy Minestrone Soup| Healthy and vegetarian-friendly, this soup is full of flavor. You have a variety of vegetables in a flavorful broth paired with some pasta. 

Ham and Potato| I love the pairing of ham and potatoes in a soup. It is the perfect combination with a creamy base, that is packed full of flavor. 

Which one of these hearty Instant Pot Soups do you want to try first?

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  54 Responses to “Instant Pot Soups To Add to The Menu”

  1. Yay! I’ve been looking for some soups to add to my Instant Pot rotation. These are great.

  2. I’ve been using my Instant Pot a lot lately, and I am so excited to add these soups to my menu options. Thank you so much!

  3. There are a few soups I’d like to try, like the pumpkin soup and the chicken with wild rice. Great soup choices for fall and winter!

  4. With the weather getting cold just today soup is something we all would love to take the chill away. I am a big fan of tomato and tortilla but i never had sweet potatoe tortilla. I will try some of these when I make soup.

  5. After hesitating last year, I plan to purchase an Instant Pot on Black Friday. The ease of all of these delicious soup recipes definitely has me excited.

  6. Wow what a list of instant pot soups. It’s the perfect time of year for soups too. Will be trying some of these out.

  7. These are such good ideas. I need to start gathering ingredients for a few soups so we’re prepared on cold days!

  8. I have seen a lot of people using the insta pot! I totally need to get one so I can try some of these recipes!

  9. My Instant Pot has been a game changer for me. I am always looking for new recipes to try in it. I will have to make my way through this delicious list of recipes.

  10. Soups are my thing especially this season! And I love that you shared crock pot recipes which makes it easier to prepare even if you’re busy!

  11. Some of these sound so delicious. I can’t wait to get my instant pot and try some out.

  12. Potato and corn chowder caught my eye so fast. It has been at least a decade since I have been able to teat that!

  13. I just got an Instant Pot last week. I am so excited to try out all these soups.

  14. I eat so much soup in the winter, I really need to invest in an InstaPot. These recipes all sound like perfect cold weather comfort.

  15. All of these sound super warm and cozy for winter! I keep hearing good things about instant pots!

  16. I would love a goulash or taco soup! Instapots are so handy and having it ready so quickly would be awesome, I am not a patient person so I don’t do soups often.

  17. I cannot get enough soups right now! I am writing down all of these recipes!

  18. Nothing beats having a nice bowl of soup during those cold winter days! All of those recipes look delicious!

  19. I’ve been very curious about the instant pots! I think I need to bite the bullet and buy one because it sounds like they are really handy to have and look at all these amazing soups I can make

  20. These all look amazing! I just had a baby so I have been scrambling to find fast, easy recipes that are good especially during the chilly fall. These will be perfect for us!

  21. Thank you for this recipe round up for delicious soups to enjoy. I will try the taco soup followed by the Italian Vegetable soup, then the potato and potato and ham soups. Oh goodness, I can’t wait to have these in my belly!

  22. These look really delicious! Such a perfectly comforting meal for cold nights!

  23. Just like they have a color of the year, i have a vegetable of the year. 2017 has been all about cauliflower. Can’t wait to try the Butternut Squash Soup and all the other amazing options.

  24. Pumpkin and Minestrone are my all time favourite soups, once in a while, i fall in love with chicken noodle soups too. So definitely would try the pumpkin soup first.

  25. Cauliflower Soup is one of my favorites and I love how quickly I can make soup in an Instant Pot. You have so many soup recipes I want to try. Which one should I try first? Decisions. Decisions.

  26. I hope to get an Instant Pot for Christmas. There are so many wonderful recipes to try out in one. These all sound really tasty.

  27. That is a ton of different soups to choose from and enjoy. Everyone should find at least one favorite among all of these to enjoy.

  28. I love that we have the weather coming that make soups a regular menu item! Thanks for the huge list of recipes I can try!

  29. I keep hearing amazing things abotu the Instant Pot. I totally need to get one. It sounds like a convenient addition for the kitchen.

  30. Thank you for all of these! I make a lot of soups when it gets chilly although I could eat soups all year long. But my husband is all, “Why are we having soup when it’s 90 outside?” Because it’s GOOD! So yeah, I make them mostly when it’s cold.

  31. I love instant pot soups, they are so easy to make and I really love soup! Soups are perfect for winter meals.

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  34. My Instant Pot has my crock pot looking a little jealous since I’ve been using it so much this year. What can I say, it cooks EVERYTHING and much quicker than my crock pot. Thanks for these recipes. Yummy!

  35. ‘Tis the season for some yummy warm soups! Thanks for the suggestions. My family will love these.

  36. This is great! It is becoming that time of year that I eat a lot of soups to warm up on these cold days.

  37. We love our soups. Especially in the winter months, they are so comforting and soothing. We usually go for tomato and vegetable soups. But would love to try a few from this list soon.

  38. I have never tried instant pot soup. Sounds like it would come in handy during these coming cold months.

  39. The selection of soups instantly warms my tummy. I do enjoy a cup of instant soup from time to time.

  40. I haven’t jumped on the Instant Pot bandwagon yet but it sounds like a must have kitchen tool. I love having soups in the winter when it is so cold out but they usually take forever to make. The Instant Pot might be just what I need.

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  42. I received an Instant Pot earlier this year and am ashamed to say I have not opened the box yet. I love soups and have only attempted to make a potato soup and a french onion soup, many, many years ago while visiting a friend during the winter. These recipes are going to make me open that box this weekend and get to cooking!

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