Nov 132017
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I am super excited to share the news about the new Jr. Celtics program here in Boston. It’s their brand new official youth basketball platform where kids will have the chance to learn the values of Celtics basketball by participating in on-court training right at the TD Garden in Boston!  Yes, the kids get a chance to do some really fun drills and exercises on the very same court that our beloved Celts play on.  If you’re child is a Celtics super fan, the Jr. Celtics program will provide the ultimate basketball experience.

The Boston Celtics are providing the ultimate basketball experience for kids throughout New England by launching the ‘Jr. Celtics’ program.

Serving as the official youth basketball platform of the 17-Time World Champions, Jr. Celtics will promote the values of Celtics basketball through on-court training and exclusive events in a safe and fun environment directed towards youth development. Over 20 clinics will be offered in the program’s inaugural year, all of which will provide feature coaches, special guest VIP appearances and exclusive Jr. Celtics apparel. Clinics held at the Celtics’ Practice Facility in Waltham, or at TD Garden, will also feature exclusive access to team facilities.

The Boston Celtics are providing the ultimate basketball experience for kids throughout New England by launching the ‘Jr. Celtics’ program.

My boys had a chance to experience the Jr. Celtics program last weekend and they both loved participating in the clinic.  If you’re thinking about signing your kids up for this amazing program, here’s everything you need to know:

  • The kids who participate are broken up into teams by age.  Each team will have their own coach and the kids will work with their assigned coach for the whole clinic.
  • Each child will get a Jr. Celtics jersey before they enter the court.
  • The parents will be guided to a designated section where they can watch the drills/exercises, take photos and cheer the kids on.
  • There is a “warm up” before the drills start, so the kids will have a chance to stretch.

The Boston Celtics are providing the ultimate basketball experience for kids throughout New England by launching the ‘Jr. Celtics’ program.

  • There are four stations in which the kids will rotate through while they’re there.  Each station teaches them different skills like ball handling, defense and shooting.
  • A team photographer is out on the court taking photos of the kids, so don’t worry if you didn’t get an award winning shot of your child on the court – all the event photos get emailed out after the event.
  • The kids will not meet any Boston Celtics players, but they will meet Lucky the mascot!
  • Since no outside food or drinks are allowed inside the arena, waters are passed out to all the kids as they exit.

For a young Boston Celtics fan, it’s an unforgettable experience.

The Boston Celtics are providing the ultimate basketball experience for kids throughout New England by launching the ‘Jr. Celtics’ program.

The organization is also launching the Jr. Celtics Kids Club this season, a membership program offering multiple opportunities for young fans to stay connected to the team. Members will receive benefits such as gift items, monthly prize drawings and discounts to Jr. Celtics events.

If you do want to sign your kids up for an upcoming Jr. Celtics event, here’s what coming up next:

Boston Celtics

The Jr. Celtics clinic was a truly memorable experience for my boys and I think it’s something that all young Celts fans should get a chance to do at least once. My kids haven’t stopped talking about it since they participated and I know it’s a memory that’s going to last them a lifetime.

The Boston Celtics are providing the ultimate basketball experience for kids throughout New England by launching the ‘Jr. Celtics’ program.

For more information on the program, or to register for upcoming Jr. Celtics events, visit

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  1. Now that would be a lot of fun for kids. If I lived closer this would be something fun for my kiddo to check out. What a great program.

  2. That looks like it would be so much fun for the kids! The Braves do something similar for their young fans down here, as well. I love it.

  3. Oh my gosh! This is so incredibly awesome. Participation in sports is so important in kids lives these days. This grandma thinks too much time is spent on video games and social media and not enough time moving their bodies. I love this and wish there was a like program in my area for my grands!

  4. This is so awesome! Something I know my kids would love! I love seeing professional sports teams doing good like this!

  5. What a great idea for kids to boost that self-esteem! I know any young Celtics fan would love to participate.

  6. I sure wish they had more stuff like this when I was younger. This is so cool and gives kids great opportunities.

  7. I admit, I have never been to a Celtics game before. I hope to possibly attend one when my kids get a little older.

  8. This sounds like an amazing experience for kids. It’s a great way for them to get active.

  9. Your boys must have had a great time. It sounds like such fun.

  10. This looks like a great program for young Celtic fans! My son loves basketball, so I know he would be all about this!

  11. I love that the kids can get involved this way! Being able learn from the experts and interact with other basketball fans is great!

  12. This sounds like an awesome program. I love that they get kids involved. This is such a great thing!

  13. This is such a great program! I wish they would do this here in NYC!

  14. I love that the team is giving this chance to their young fans. The kids can learn so much from it and it’s definitely an unforgettable experience for them! How amazing!

  15. What a great experience. So much fun

  16. What an awesome program the Celtics are doing. I know if we were closer my son would be so in love with this.

  17. I love seeing professional sports teams inspiring the next generation. This Junior Celtics program sounds absolutely wonderful for kids in the Boston area.

  18. Wow, this sounds like such an exciting opportunity! It’s great to see teams who encourage youngsters and respect them as the future of the sport.

  19. This is really awesome! It would be a great experience for kids who love basketball!

  20. Always nice to see the players giving back to the kids. Who knows one might grow up to be a famous basketball player.

  21. My grandsons would love this! They all play basketball and this is an awesome opportunity for local Celtics fans. What a great program!

  22. What a great program! We don’t have a basketball team in Jax. Wish we did with this kind of program!

  23. Looks like your boys enjoyed the game! We don’t watch basketball live or on tv, but we like to play it.

  24. This looks like a great program for kids! My teenager wouldn’t be interested because he hates sports, but my daughter would love it.

  25. Oh my gosh the kids must just love that! And meeting the mascot is pretty cool.

  26. what a fantastic opportunity for kids! That is great that they are broke out by age and all have a coach dedicated to that group. Also yea for having someone else take pictures for you to use!

  27. I’m not a fan of sports, and definitely not a basketball fan. However, this is super cool! This is such a wonderful opportunity for kids.

  28. This is such a neat program for young celtics fans. I love that the kids have this chance.

  29. A great program to promote basketball for kids! To be able to run drills and play on the court of their favorite team must be awesome!

  30. That is a great idea for basketball fans. I can see how any kids would love it.

  31. Any kid would love to get a chance to play on the same court as the pro team that they root for. My son has never been on a court like that but it is his dream.

  32. This is such a fun opportunity for kids who are fans. I know a few kids who would love to participate in this!

  33. Now this looks fun! What a great way to get kids active!

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  35. This sounds like a great event for young Celtics fans. My daughter really enjoyed basketball.

  36. This would have been such a fabulous experience! My kids would have wanted to try everything and not leave the court. My eldest would have have the best time as she has hoop dreams of her own she wants to come true.

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  38. This sounds like such a great program for young Celtic fans! How fun! This sounds like a great experience.

  39. What an amazing program for the young months, I think it would be awesome to be part of such an amazing activity for the kids

  40. Way to go Celtics for providing a great program for all your young fans! This is fantastic!

  41. My brother would have loved this as a kid. He was big into basketball and attended lots of bball camps. What a fun way for kids to get to play on the Celtic’s court.

  42. That is so cool! And it looks like a really amazing program for kids!

  43. What a great way for kids to get OUT of the house and get into some exercise! I would totally do this if I were still little (why didn’t we have cool stuff like this back then!?) lol

  44. What an awesome program for young kids. I need to look and see if there is something similar in my area. I bet my kids would love it.

  45. This is such an awesome opportunity! I think this would be great for any basketball loving kid – including my own!

  46. My oldest son isn’t really into sports that much, but this is definitely a good program for children. It is fantastic that they’re giving kids this opportunity!

  47. This is such a wonderful opportunity for kids to experience the thrills of the game and the team they support. I am sure programs like these set them on to the path of choosing sport as a more serious hobby.

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