Aug 122015
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My stepson is heading off to college in just a few short weeks.  Since this is his first time away from home, I want to make sure that we send him off prepared for life on his own.  I have been spending the summer picking up things to make him a big care package so that he will have everything he needs.  In addition to a whole slew of personal care type products that I am including in the care package, I am sending him off with some SanDisk products, too.  I want to make sure he has everything he needs to do well in school as well as taking care of himself,too.


Disclosure: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free!

If you head to Best Buy, you can get a memory card to support safe storage for all of your devices.  Visit the site to learn what card is right for you.


SanDisk for Digital Imaging: SanDisk products, from professional-grade camera memory to point-and-shoot SD cards to microSD cards, deliver industry-leading performance and reliability. SanDisk SD cards are also designed to meet the security, capacity, performance, and environmental requirements of next generation devices—because your stories span generations and your memory solutions should too.

  • Capture more fast action , Record more 4K Ultra HD and Full HD video, AND Transfer speeds up to 60MB/s FOR SMARTPHONES, TABLETS AND ACTION CAMERAS
  • Over 10X faster than ordinary cards3 AND Transfer speeds up to 80MB/s FOR DSLR CAMERAS AND CAMCORDERS

Add a SanDisk microSD™ card to your smartphone or tablet, and you can carry more of the media and apps you love. Thin and light computing devices, tablets, and smartphones demand the compact form factors of SanDisk microSD cards.


Mobile devices help you share stories every day, no matter where you go. Make sure their performance can keep up. SanDisk microSD™ cards give your smartphone or tablet a more responsive camera function and smoother media playback. Whether you want more storage for your phone or a card that makes it easy to shoot high resolution video on the go, you can choose the way you want to add fast, reliable data storage with capacity options from 4GB to 200GB.

USB FOR IPHONE AND IPAD  – Allows for Easy transfer between iPhone, iPad, and computers AND Frees up iPhone and iPad memory with both lightning and USB connectors.

Dual USB for ANDROID devices Allows for easy transfer between Android™ device and computers AND Frees up space for photos, videos, music and more!

With these SanDisk products, my stepson will be totally ready to rock his freshman year! SanDisk products for Back to School available on the SanDisk page on and in-store.

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  1. I need extra memory so bad and how cool is it that I can also us it with my phone?! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  2. We have plenty of SanDisk SD Cards in this house – like in our camera. We rely them for storage all the time and highly recommend. That is so exciting that your stepson is off to college. Good luck to him!

  3. These are on my son’s school list. We usually pick up a few

  4. I definitely love SanDisk products. I’ve got one in my camera right now and need to get one for my phone soon.

  5. I always use SanDisk memory cards for my camera. They’ve never failed me yet and I completely love the brand.

  6. Great idea for your son and great products .I always need more memory cards.

  7. I can see how this would come in handy for a young man! Great tips! 🙂

  8. GREAT idea I so need to pick some more!

  9. I really need this! I am about full on the memory on my iPhone and am begrudgingly deleting stuff here and there.

  10. I am always needing more memory cards. Definitely going to be stocking up at Best Buy!

  11. I need to upgrade my memory cards to whopper storage holders like this! Mine is a baby card!

  12. I had to add an SD card to my phone. I filled it up way too fast. My kids have to have jump drives for school projects too.

  13. I recently bought a 128 GB SanDisk Ultra and I am loving it. Thanks for the review of SanDisk. They are definitely the go to choice for memory storage

  14. Having extra memory around is so important. I always need a flash drive or an extra SD card.

  15. It will be very handy for sure .. We use many of those as well..

  16. I’ve been using SanDisk for years. I’ve tried other memory manufacturers, and they really just cannot hold up like these guys.

  17. Congrats to your stepson. And yep, these are the way to go for memory. I love SanDisk products here too!

  18. SanDisk is the best storage company out there. They are always thinking up new ways to make portable storage even better.

  19. I could definitely use some extra disc space –and I do trust the San Disc name.

  20. I only use SanDisk to store our files and photos. I used a different brand before and all my files were corrupted.

  21. I need a new flash drive, so this post is very timely for me! I didn’t realize that ScanDisk made USB cables for iPads!

  22. I only use SanDisk for my camera and other items. Their products have proven over and over they are quality work. Good luck to your step son on his new adventure

  23. Scandisk has been around a long time so I trust the name. I have a ton of files that I need to move over to this drive.

  24. My son needs a new flash drive. He only wants a SanDisk.

  25. I need to get one of these fro son. They are strictly digital at our school so it will be needed.

  26. They are so handy and have saved my behind on more than one occasion!

  27. San Disk is really one of the best brands out there when it comes to external storage. This is a great deal, I think I’m going to stock up on flash drives soon.

  28. Yep, San Disk is in my DSLR now in fact. Good to know they have the USB for Android version too!

  29. SanDisk is a great portable storage company. They were the first to come out with a 128GB MicroSD card. That is a TON of memory.

  30. We sure could use some more of these! Never enough storage and we LOVE Best Buy!

  31. That is great to know about. Do you know? This was the first year ever that my son had a memory stick on his back to school list!

  32. We have several SanDisk products and are quite happy with them. We carry extra memory cards for our camera now when we travel just to be sure we have enough disk space without having to transfer and delete mid-trip.

  33. Nice and right on time. I filled up my list stick so it’s time for a larger one.

  34. We always use Sandisk products. That is what I have in my camera right now.

  35. I just had a card (not San Disk) go corrupt, so I need to replace. I will be getting a San Disk this time!

  36. These are my fave products. Especially for my camera. All I use are SanDisk. I seriously only trust them so I have tons of them!

  37. I trust SanDisk with all of my memory needs. They are a great brand.

  38. I love SanDisk. It’s the most reliable memory out there.

  39. I don’t know what I would do without my memory cards. San Disk is our favorite and we have a ton for all of our needs.

  40. We love Sandisk products! In fact, they are the only ones we use. I really want the one for the Android phones- it will help me free up so much space?

  41. Sandisk always has the best products – I love that company!! These are all great for back to school, too! 🙂

  42. With all of the reports, project, and homework assignments, SanDisk products are a back to school necessity. Need to stock up!

  43. Even if your kids don’t need them, it’s a great time to grab things like this. You can’t beat the prices this time of year.

  44. That is great that you can transfer the card from one device to another.

  45. Extra memory is helpful in many ways. I use it for my camera.

  46. I always have one on me at all times. You never know when you’ll need one.

  47. All three of my kids have media class as an elective which requires an SD memory card. This product area sure has come a long way in the last few years.

  48. I’m going to need one of these to save my lesson plans on when I go back into the classroom in September. They really have so much memory.

  49. These would be great for my older kids for back to school.

  50. I love my Sandisk for my camera. it is such a life saver when it comes to transferring photos to the laptop!

  51. I need to go to Best Buy and pick up a couple for my son. I am sure he will need them for college.

  52. My kids use memory cards and sticks for so many things. I need to stock up now that school has started.

  53. I was juts thinking about how I needed more SD cards for Back to School! SanDisk definitely has great picture storage options

  54. We love SanDisk products. We usually buy the flash drives for music saving for car rides.

  55. Aww you’re so sweet to get him a care package. Wishing him all the best in his new chapter of life!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  56. Looks amazing. A classic way to store memories and important information.

  57. I need the iPhone USB so I can dump the photos from my phone to the USB each night of my upcoming cruise.

  58. I’m using San Disk memory for more than year, and it’s really amazing.

  59. SanDisk products have always been on our must-have list for school. They are great products to have.

  60. I really need to stock up on memory. With two kids in College i am sure there will be a ton of projects to do.

  61. I use SanDisk microSD cards to store all of my kids pictures. I like to have backups of everything.

  62. For electronics and gadgets we don’t go anywhere else but Best Buy. They have everything!

  63. So, my {little} 25 year old brother moved in with us and could totally use these for his college classes. Ahhh… we need to shop, like now

  64. I could definitely use this. Thank you for sharing.

  65. Absolutely perfect for back to school! All of my kids need these for sure!

  66. Extra memory space is always needed in my house! Good luck to your stepson as he starts college!

  67. It’s always a good idea to have extra memory cards around. We always seem to need one.

  68. My daughter will be heading off to college in a few short weeks. I will definitely need to get one of these. Thanks for the great idea!

  69. Absolutely hands down LOVE SanDisk. They’re always there for my kids schoolwork.

  70. Having extra memory space is always a awesome thing.

  71. SanDisk is the only memory card I’ll purchase for my camera. But I think I’ll have to look into the Dual USB for ANDROID devices – it sure sounds like something I need!

  72. Extra memory is always needed when it comes to school. SanDisk is my favorite brand.

  73. This is a good reminder that I need to stock up on some Sandisk products! I can really go through memory cards.

  74. i am into photography, so i need more than 2 memory cards

  75. i need some extra memory for my pictures. Those are one thing you don’t want to lose.

  76. You can never have to o many of these around. They sure come in handy for saving stuff and moving from classroom to home and back again!

  77. Can’t go wrong with Best Buy or Sandisk. My Little One is going into her 3rd year of university and she insists on Sandisk for quality and dependabiity. Can’t argue with that! BB2U

  78. I can always use some extra storage space! I’m always misplacing thumb drives when I don’t need them!

  79. I really like SanDisk products! We have been using their memory cards for our cameras and also for our phones for several years and they work really well! It reminds me now, that I need to buy a bigger memory card for my phone asap!

  80. San Disk is really amazing, I love their products and I used there memory card I’m really satisfied.

  81. I use these memory cards for my photo’s. I have one in my Nikon and one in my laptop right now!

  82. These SanDisk products are just in time for back to school. My son is going to be starting college and I will be taking pictures for sure. I took a bunch when he went off to kindergarten so I need a bunch for when he goes to his first day of college. lol Dual USB for Android devices is the one I need. Thanks for sharing.

  83. You never know when you’ll need some back up -so it’s great to have these on hand.

  84. So funny how much technology has changed since I was in college. The scandisk is a perfect option for any student. 🙂

  85. I just got this message on my phone. I guess it is time to start using these products.

  86. I need to buy one of these for kids! they start school in ten days and I know they will need it!

  87. This is a great idea, I love the care package you are putting together. I love that it has a variety of goodies. He will love them and USE them most importantly.

  88. I definitely need one of these for the house and for my college age son!

  89. I definitely need one of these. I have a lot on my computer that I could save to this disk. It would probably free up a lot of space too.

  90. I need one of these for our trip – I will be checking these out this weekend.

  91. Being a Blogger .. we can never have too much memory .. thanks for the recommendation

  92. I definitely need one of these!! maybe my hubby will give me a care package too! 🙂

  93. We have a few more weeks before kiddo has to go back to school. We have open house next week, so we’ll see what it is she needs for school supplies. I have a lot of Sandisk products. They never fail me!

  94. Best Buy is my go to shop for anything electronics. I am actually heading over there to buy a new Flash Drive for my son.

  95. Love this.I wish we had those when I was in school – so handy!

  96. These are great going away gifts for your college age kid or for any student for that matter. I like having a few of these around the house too.

  97. I love SanDisk products! I have several and have never had any issues with them. Definitely a brand I’d recommend, too. Thanks for sharing!

  98. I need to pick up one of these. My oldest has one on his school supply list.

  99. This is always handy to have around. It is a nice gift and everyone needs them now for presentation at school.

  100. We’ve been using and loving Sandisk for years. And we always shop at Best Buy! 🙂

  101. I need to stock up on new memory cards. After a few years some of mine just STOP working. I bet Sandisk wouldn’t give me that issue.

  102. These memory cards are so handy to have. I find them especially useful since I take a lot of photos and they take up a lot of space so I need lots of them.

  103. I love Sandisk, they offer so many amazing storage options and this memory card looks awesome!

  104. I would love an extra storage for my PC. I need a disk to dowmload all my pictures that is taking up so much space from my PC.

  105. I learned in college how important it is to make sure you have a reliable back up of your work. I always use SanDisk for my camera memory.

  106. I love san disk products! I really want a 64 G card!

  107. I always run into the issue where I need more memory. Sandisk is my go to brand for this!

  108. I need a USB for iPad and I think SanDisk is the best brand for my needs!

  109. You can never have too much memory! Thankfully my husband works in IT and has more than enough on hand!

  110. Love SanDisk! Been using their products for years!