Dec 292013

Last week was belt testing at the boys dojo.  If they passed their test, which consisted of them being able to perform the current form they were learning and show that they knew their blocks, they would both advance to the next belt.

The little man was up first.  He was a yellow belt & would advance to orange if he passed.  Here are a couple of pictures of him doing his form:



He passed with flying colors and here he is getting his stripe – which signified that he passed the test (his belt fell off).


Then my nine year old had his turn.  He would be advancing from a blue to a green belt if he passed & here are a few pictures of his forms:



He also passed with flying colors and here he is getting his stripe:


Once they pass their test, the kids aren’t awarded their new belts until a graduation ceremony is held.  Usually the graduation is held the week after belt testing, but since it fell so close to Christmas, it was held the same week.  Every six months, the dojo awards black belts, so the graduation is a little bit more of a big deal and it’s held at a local school with a stage so that more people can attend & bring their families, etc.

At the graduation ceremony, all the kids perform their current form up on stage.  Before we went into the auditorium, we got the boys brand new belts so they were ready when it was their turn to go up on stage.  Here they are sporting their new belts:


Here’s a picture of the stage:


The little man’s class was up first (he was looking to his left because that was where his instructor was standing).




Then my big guy:




I am so proud of both of my boys.

tgFYI, I attend the same dojo, but I take krav maga there.  I also belt tested and earned my blue belt.

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  1. They both are doing so good

  2. Congrats to all of you and love you got there, too!!! 🙂

  3. Congratulations to both of your boys. That is quite an accomplishment.

  4. Congrats to all three of you on your belts!!

  5. I love that their class celebrates their accomplishments like that. It’s so awesome. You must be so proud!!

  6. Wow they are flying through the belt levels it seems like and so are you. I think that is awesome exercise and a great way for them to learn self esteem and defense. Especially in today’s world.

  7. Congrats! It’s a great way to exercise and to teach them responsibility. My 7 year old nephew blew through the kids levels and is close to earning his adult black belt. I feel sorry for the kids that try to pick on him in high school, LOL.

  8. Wonderful! Congrats to you and the boys for your achievements!

  9. Woo hoo!! Congrats to both of your boys!!!

  10. Congratulations to all of you! Now that is the way to bring in the new year!

  11. Yay congrats to your boys! I love seeing their progress!

  12. wow nice! Congratulation for the boys and you Robin!

  13. Way to go! You’re going to need a spot to display those belts!

  14. Congrats on the new belts. My husband and I took Taekwondo years ago. I made it up to red belt (one under black), but the only thing I remember is a good punch, a few kicks, and KEEEEEEAPPP!

  15. Congrats to your boys! And congrats to you too!


  17. Brilliant! congratulations from me too 🙂

  18. Congrads on the boys getting through their tests and progressing to the next level. 🙂 Happy New year to you too.

  19. Congratulations! I wish my son were more into martial arts, but when we tried (when he was much younger), he laughed. He could not understand why people wanted to hit each other!

  20. Great photos. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!

  21. They are rocking! I love they both like to do it, I so wish my boys would.

  22. Very cool!

    You are one tuff family!

  23. Congratulations to both your boys! Quite the accomplishment.

  24. Handsome able boys!
    Best wishes for the New Year from distant Germany 🙂

  25. Awesome job they both did! Karate is such a great skill for kids to learn!

  26. Wow, good for them…. they have a great role model, though. Happy 2014

  27. Congrats to all! I am seriously going to look into karate for me and my son this year. Can’t wait! Hope you all have a happy new year!

  28. Oh my gosh Robin. Your oldest sons form has come a long way. He really looks professional now like he knows exactly what he is doing. One day he will be teaching the class

  29. Congratulations to you and your cuties on the awesome new belts! Happy New Year. 😀

  30. Oh how cool! They are doing great! My 8yo boy starts karate next week, so it is very encouraging to see kids around his age enjoying it so much!

  31. Fantastic! Congrats to them both 🙂

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  32. Cool! That’s awesome and a great sport. Cool you do it too. I always wanted to as a kid but never did 🙂

  33. wow they are both doing amazing so wonderful

  34. Congrats to your boys! They look so proud!

  35. That sure brings back some memories. It’s a good activity for the kids. Happy New Year!

  36. Congrats to all of you on earning your belts!!

  37. Wonderfull fotos karaté boys in action

  38. Congrats to you all. love the pictures.

  39. That’s so awesome! Congrats on the belts!! That’s so much fun!! My boys want to do that!

  40. Congratulations to moving up!! My daughter takes karate and it such an achievement for them to move to the next level so I know how important a day it was. Happy New Year 2014!

  41. Congrats to your boys! I’ll probably sign my son up for karate classes this year since he has been wanting to do that for awhile now.

  42. Congratulations on your blue belt and congrats to your boys as well! I am a Kenpo Karate girl but we moved away from my school and I am having a hard time convincing myself to try something else, especially because I was a certified instructor with a black belt. It’s an hour 15 drive though. I might start teaching my kids at home and then once they have the basics, maybe make the drive on Saturdays.

  43. congratulations boys….way to go!

  44. Congratulations to the boys and you.

  45. That is awesome! They look like adorable little ninjas. Karate is so great to know — and the younger the better!

  46. Congrats to them and you. Wonderful.

  47. Way to go to both of them! And congratulations to you on your blue belt!!