Nov 292017
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If you follow me over on Instagram, you probably already know that I spent a long weekend in New York City last weekend. We spent three jam-packed days in the city, but managed to find some time to stop into La Pulperia, a restaurant featuring rustic Latin cuisine on the Upper East Side for lunch. Chris and I spent that morning at the Museum of Natural History and really worked up an appetite by the time lunch-time rolled around.

Between the ambiance, the great service and the menu at La Pulperia - it's the perfect combination for meeting up with friends, a date or a family dinner.

We were both immediately impressed by the atmosphere of La Pulperia when we walked in. It has a really cool vibe, but at the same time we felt like we had just walked into a really upscale restaurant. The decor in La Pulperia was spot on with handcrafted floor tiles from Mexico, reclaimed wood from Brazil on the ceiling and walls and gorgeous bar with shelves and shelves filled with bottles of liquor. Not to mention the great Latin music that was playing in the background.

Between the ambiance, the great service and the menu at La Pulperia - it's the perfect combination for meeting up with friends, a date or a family dinner.

We were greeted and seated as soon as we walked in the door and were both impressed by the reasonable prices on the menu once we sat down and started to look at what they had to offer. The menu itself was simple, but we each saw several things we wanted to try.

Between the ambiance, the great service and the menu at La Pulperia - it's the perfect combination for meeting up with friends, a date or a family dinner.

For starters, we got some Empanadas. Two were De Carne, which were filled with Argentinean style ground beef, hard boiled eggs, hydrated golden raisins, cumin and chimichurri. The other two were Ranchera Empenadas and they were filled with braised pork, black beans, cotija cheese, chipotle peppers, roasted corn and cilantro.  So good and the dipping sauce totally made them!

Between the ambiance, the great service and the menu at La Pulperia - it's the perfect combination for meeting up with friends, a date or a family dinner.

For the main, I got the Fried Chicken Sandwich, which was topped with caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, fried egg, mozzarella cheese and chipotle mayo.  It was SO BIG and mighty tasty.

Between the ambiance, the great service and the menu at La Pulperia - it's the perfect combination for meeting up with friends, a date or a family dinner.

Chris got the Black Pepper Spaghetti Bolognese, which was handmade pasta, ground meats, onions, celery, carrots and topped with tomato sauce.  Let’s just say that he was a member of the clean plate club that day! He loved it.

Between the ambiance, the great service and the menu at La Pulperia - it's the perfect combination for meeting up with friends, a date or a family dinner.

La Pulperia also has some really great cocktails and drinks available on their menu.  Since we were just in for a quick lunch and had a show to get to, we didn’t try any, but I definitely want to get back there the next time I’m in Manhattan so I can try some.

Between the ambiance, the great service and the menu – it all made for a perfect combination for our lunch-time visit last week. La Pulperia is a great spot to meet up with friends after work, a date or dinner with the family.  I am looking forward to going back the next time I am in the area.

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