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The latest and greastest from Hasbro for Tween Boys

Has the Yo-Kai Watch craze hit your house yet?  It hit here right around Christmas time and has been going strong ever since.  Each of my boys got the Yo-Kai Watch 3DS game for Christmas and when we found out there were a line of Yo-Kai Watch products out there, my kids were thrilled.

Now that my boys are getting older (they are 8 & 11), finding toys they like is getting to be a bit of a challenge.  My little guy still loves toys, but his tween bother is too cool for a lot of things these days.  Luckily Hasbro has toys for every age group covered and here are a few of their latest and greatest toys for tween boys.

Yo-kai Watch Season 1 Watch

Experience the world of Yo-kai Watch with the Yo-kai Watch and Medals (watch sold with 2 exclusive medals, watch and additional medals each sold separately, subject to availability). Fans can imagine summoning Yo-kai characters, and when used with the medals, the Yo-kai watch plays sounds, music, and phrases. Insert one of the collectible medals displaying a Yo-kai into the watch to hear the character’s name, tribe song and more sounds. The Yo-kai watch recognizes over 100 collectible medals planned to be released through December 1, 2016. (Dates and number of medals subject to change. Check yokaiwatch.hasbro.com for planned release dates. Website not available in all languages or markets. Watch and medals each sold separately and subject to store availability.) The Yo-kai watch toy comes with 2 exclusive medals and batteries. Kids can get started exploring the wacky world of the Yo-kai with the Yo-kai Watch!

Yokai Watch

There are three ways to play with every Yo-kai Medal:
1. Imagine summoning Yo-kai by inserting the medal into the Yo-kai watch toy to hear the character’s name, tribe song, and other sounds. (Watch and medals each sold separately, subject to availability.)
2. Discover the wacky world of the Yo-kai by scanning the Medal with the Yo-kai Land app.
3. Collect Yo-kai Medals and store them in the Yo-kai Medallium Collection Book (book and medals each sold separately, subject to availability).

•Includes watch, 2 medals, and instructions.

Nerf Sports Dude Perfect PerfectShot Hoops

Make a Nerf Perfect play with the Dude Perfect PerfectShot Hoops game from Nerf Sports! Hang the hoop inside or outside, and compete with friends to score points! With its flexible hanger, the hoop can be hung in all kinds of places and spaces. Grab some friends for a pick-up game, or try some challenging shots. The instructions include game starters and trick shot ideas. Go big with the PerfectShot Hoops game, which combines the adrenaline rush of Nerf Sports with the exhilarating fun of Dude Perfect!

Includes ball, backboard, rim, net, hanger attachment, flexible hanger, door hook, and instructions.

Playskool Mr. Potato Head Transformers Mixable

The Rescue Bots are back, and now they’re tater Transformers! Little hands can mix and mash the fun of Mr. Potato Head with Transformers parts to create an Optimus Prime tater robot or truck. It’s easy to put the 2-inch potato body on the truck or robot base and then add arms and a helmet, and just as easy to rebuild the tater in the other mode! The parts work with other sets (sold separately), so little ones can build an Optimus Prime robot tater with Starscream arms. Get them all so your kids can create a whole mash of mixed-up Transformers heroes!

potato head

Includes (1) 2-inch potato body, 2 character arms/torso, 2 character helmets, and 2 character bases.

Yokai Watch Game Of Life

Introducing The Game of Life: Yo-kai Watch edition game in which players choose to play as Nate, Katie, Bear, or Eddie, and then set off on exciting adventures! Players explore the city and discover Yo-kai in all different places — on the beach, at the school, the forest, and at the park. The game spinner might send a player in an unexpected direction, but they can also use their Watch Detection Power cards to capture more Yo-kai! The first player to return home with 3 Yo-kai game medals wins! The game features 2 exclusive Yo-kai Medals (not part of the gameplay.) For 2 to 4 players.

yokai watch life

What are some of your kids favorite toys right now?

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  1. Oh I bought Lil Pumpkin the new Hasbro Disney Princesses toys recently.. look very different from the Mattel ones and I like that each Princess now has her own unique look and character… and not just from the same mould, just painted with different makeup colours like the old Princess dolls 😛

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. What a great list and thank you for this as I never know what to look for in boy’s toys when my own girls are invited to birthday parties here, as we are truly all about the girls toys. So this will most definitely help me out 😉

  3. Your post is perfect timing for me! My nephew has a birthday coming up and I really was stuck for gift ideas that he’d love. I think I’m gonna snag that Yokai Watch Game Of Life for him! He’ll love it!

  4. I put the ball hoop over my tween son’s laundry basket. Where I continually find that balls …. and no dirty clothes.

  5. Even my five year old loves the mashers – we have some that are different than Mr. Potato Head, but still popular with all our playdates!

  6. This is a look into my future with my son!! Wow, these are fun and exciting toys. I’m going to have to read up on all of these games and characters.

  7. I think Yo-Kai Watch is the coolest! I know I’m an adult, but Yo-Kai and Pokemon are just irresistible to me. I love that they made a Game of Life with the game.

  8. Wow. I’m not ready for all this as he boys get older. My eldest is going to be three and LOVES Mr. Potato Head. It’s good to know that there are still options for him to use as he gets older.

  9. My kiddo would love these toys! He loves wearing watches it makes him feel grown up, so that toy would be his favorite.

  10. We haven’t gotten into the Yo-Kai Watch phase yet. My boy is all about Transformers, though, and that Mr. Potato Head Transformer looks so cool!!

  11. I’ve not heard of that watch, my boys would absolutely love that and it’s just in time for there birthdays! Thank you 🙂

  12. Our kids are still young so they are entertained by just about anything! For examples boxes! I love how easy they are too please. We have really stopped buying them toys because they play outside more than anything! Birthday and Christmas even though our kiddos are 2 and 4 they are getting skis and snowboards this year.

  13. Oh my goodness, we have that Nerf Sports Dude Perfect PerfectShot Hoops set and my littles love it. They put it on the balcony and shoot or over a door… It is perfect for us. Thanks for sharing these other goodies, I can always count on Hasbro

  14. I have 6 & 16 yr old grand boys. Need to check what they own & then run these options by mom. Makes it easier.

  15. I have not seen these variations on these games for Hasbro. My son would love these new options from Hasbro, the game life is one of his favorites to play with his sisters.

  16. I haven’t heard of Yo-Kai yet but with a ten year old and a thirteen year old boy over quite a bit, I am sure I will be hearing of it soon. I bet they are all over it and would love these toys.

  17. Wow, a new version of the Game of Life. I’m in! I have been hearing a lot about Yo-Kai lately. Time to explore!

  18. That version of the game of life looks fun! I haven’t heard of Yo-Kai before.

  19. That watch looks like fun! I could see my son Isaak enjoying it.

  20. I love Yo-Kai. It’s like an even cuter version of Pokemon. I’ve seen the game, and it’s just too adorable.

  21. I see my son doing some experiments with that Mr. Potato Head mixable. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with!

  22. Oooh! I am going to stock up on some new toys for my nephews!! Early Christmas shopping!

  23. My oldest daughter is obsessed with Yo-Kai. I’ve seen the game in action,and I’m starting to become obsessed myself.

  24. My ten year old stepdaughter loves the game of Life and we have a game closet full of Hasbro! I will definitely have to check this out – I hadn’t heard about the new Yo-Kai Watch yet. HAHA now when I know about it, I’ll be totally cool. 🙂

  25. What an awesome game. I like playing board games with son. So much fun.

  26. I’ve seen Yo-Kai in action, and anything related to it would make a great game for a tween boy or girl. It’s super cool!

  27. These look like fun and exciting toys. My grandsons will love them.

  28. These toys look so fun! I wish I had a little one who I could get these for! I love the roundup of items…all so cool and entertaining!
    Karen | GlamKaren.com

  29. My little guy is only two so I’m not up to date with all the latest and greatest stuff for big boys out in toy world, my daughters on the other hand have my house full of shopkins, my little pony and monster high so this is a breath of fresh air.

  30. Finding a toy for that age group can be very challenging. These look like great options.

  31. My cousin is super into this stuff. That Life game is awesome! He would go nuts over it!

  32. I haven’t heard of this but I have nephews in this age range so I am going to read up on it and surprise them with my vast knowledge. Thanks for your help in making me look super cool.

  33. Right now my son is still really into building his star wars lego stuff and both of my girls are into My little pony. We were just looking at the Life game.. I remember playing it when I was older and it was so much fun!

  34. Life is still one of my favorite games! So fun to play with big groups!

  35. I don’t know Yo-Kai, I’ll need to check it out. We love Mr. Potato Head and the Game of Life. That watch looks really cool.

  36. I have never heard of Yo-Kai but honestly it reminds me a lot of Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh. My brother used to have all the extra toys from the shows like the “dueling deck” and pyramid necklace and he loved those toys! It’s cute to see stuff like that is still going on!

  37. All three of my kids are obsessed with Yo Kai. My youngest very dramatically told me that if he doesn’t get a Yo Kai watch for his birthday, he just might not be able to take it. 😛

  38. Tweens are at such a difficult age to buy for but if anyone can make them happy it is you. Love Yo Kai personally!

  39. My kids still very much like their toys and have way way too much! My oldest is getting to board games, so I think we might end up doing a board game night soon, he loves “Life”, even though he doesn’t know how to play it yet.

  40. Ah, I miss being in New York! I loved going to the Toy Fair and checking out the new Hasbro toys.

  41. Okay, I have to admit that I might just have to buy myself the Mr. Potato Head

  42. We have some birthday parties coming up, so this is perfect. These toys will make great gifts!

  43. That’s a cool take on Life making it fun for kids!

  44. My boys are only 2 and 3, but I can imagine when they get older that they’ll go through a toy phase like this.

  45. The Yokai game of life would be something that my tween cousin would adore. She loves playing games.

  46. Yo Kai hasn’t come to our house. From the looks of it, I hope it doesn’t.

  47. Love Mr. Potatohead! So cool to see that toy evolve. Also love Nerf! Great toys to have fun in the backyard during the summer!

  48. I feel like I can’t keep up with all the new kid shows these days. This one looks like fun, and that Mr. Potato head is adorable.

  49. Wow, now this is cool. I know my tween daughter would love this just as much. They have such great toys.

  50. I need to get one of those Potato Heads! My twins have been all about them the last few months!

  51. LIFE and Mr Potato Head were my favorite two games when I was little. Glad to see Hasbro is still going strong with fun stuff for today’s kids.

  52. My son is older, no more toys for him 🙁 But I love the ones you’ve shared, so much fun!

  53. My son would have LOVED these toys and games when he was younger. I’ll have to point these out to my friends who have tweens. I love Lego products though and I think they make fun and educational toys.

  54. The Yokai-Watch is going to be so much fun. It’s cool that kids can collect the medals and store them in a collection book.

  55. This is perfect! I never know what to get boys this age. And my son will be there soon, but for now, it’s so hard to know what they like!!

  56. Looks like a lot of fun! My oldest would love to play all of these games!

  57. The game of LIFE was one of my favorites growing up! My husband and I were just discussing how we wanted to have a board game night!

  58. It’s nice to see what’s trending every now and then. I am no longer updated since my twins are all grown up. Looks like we still have the same toys only more tech-savvy.

  59. Life is such a fun game! This could be a fun version!

  60. Great ideas for some birthday party gifts, that is for sure!

  61. I like the game of life done in the kids cartoon character. It is an idea that will make kids more interested in playing the game with the family.

  62. The Game of Life was a favorite of ours when my kids were younger. Games are a great way to spend family time together.

  63. We always had fun playing Risk with the kids. Chess is another great game.

  64. The “tween” age is so hard, especially for boys! Glad to have some good ideas for gifts in the future.

  65. We are Obessed with Yo-Kai watch. I just bought the game for my daughter for her DS and she love it!

  66. What a cool set of toys!, they didn’t make these when i was little hehe im so jealous of my little brothers.

  67. These look like fun items for boys! I only have tween girls in the family right now, but in a few years, tween boys in my family will be taking over!

  68. Oh my gosh this is so cool! We just became totally addicted to Yo-Kai Watch on the Gameboy DS and this would be super fun too!

  69. Spencer is obsessed with Pokemon right now which reminds me of this stuff. I’ll have to check out this new Life game! Life rules.

  70. Those are great for tween boys. I am sure my boys would love them.

  71. Very cool! My boys are just babies, but I love seeing what’s cool for all ages – you never know what will still be trendy by the time I need to buy them these toys!

  72. I actually have most of these as well. My daughters love them too. Mr. Potato Head is one of our favorites. Hasbro always comes out with some great products.

  73. WOW toys have sure come a long way! I grew up with Hasbro and I am sure many of us have. This looks fun!

  74. Is it sad that I totally checked out what the tween boys are into so I could figure out what to buy my husband. Lol.

  75. Those Hasbro toys looks like a delight to play with. I know my godson will fall in love with those in a heart beat. Will show it to him and maybe gift him with one soon.

  76. That watch does seem like something my son would really ejoy. I’ve been seeing them around. I’ll have to check them out!

  77. Tweens are such a tough time. You’re too old to play with your “baby” toys anymore and you’re too young to play with big kid toys.

  78. That watch is huge! I have to hide my laptop from my Hubby until he sees it and wants it for himself lol!
    These toys look really great

  79. A fabolous recomendation of toys especially for tweens. They’re sound very entertaining, and the watch is so cool!

  80. You make a very good point regarding children’s ages with toys. My husband and I notice it is much more difficult to buy toys for our nieces and nephews who are getting older (the tween age). These look like some good options for this here.

  81. These are so cute! I’m pretty sure, kids would love these especially kids in our home

  82. Hasbro has some great choices for tween boys. Right now my tween is playing the Sims video game.

  83. I have never heard of Yo-kai before. Sounds really cool and definitely something my boys would love!

  84. Wow so cute! Potato Heads is so adorable! Perfect for my son.

  85. We don’t have any tweens in our family currently. All my nephews are high schoolers and beyond. But, these are really great ideas I am happy to share with my friends of tween boys!

  86. I had no idea about this! thanks for sharing! I’ll have to tell my sister, who has a son 🙂

  87. Great list! I can’t wait till my daughter gets older and is in to games like these.

  88. This is so perfect! my sister was looking for new games and toys for his kid! I think she might be interested on Yokai Watch Game Of Life!

  89. Never heard about some of these toys yet, but they sound fun. Thanks for sharing.

  90. How fun! My kids are into homework right now but as soon as summer hits I think they’d love all of these!

  91. This list is just what I need! I have several nephews in this age range and it’s so hard to shop for them. Thank you for the suggestions. I should have known anything video game related would be popular. 🙂

  92. This is a great list…my son is still too young for these toys but I’m pretty sure they’re the kinds of toys he’ll love when he gets a bit older.

  93. Those are some great toys for tweens. My boys are still into Minecraft for some reason. I will have to ask them about these.

  94. Most of this post seemed like it was written in another language to me. I so don’t understand boy toys other than Mr. Potato head and blocks. This is my future isn’t it? I have two boys who will be all over these kind of toys one day. I need to prepare myself for these days!

  95. I’ve seen it on advertisement, but it hasn’t hit here as yet.
    I think the kids would definitely love that watch and the game of life!

  96. The Yokai stuff hasn’t hit with my son’s preschool, yet. It’s so funny that he’ll come home talking about Minecraft and Angry Birds, when he isn’t watching that at home, ever. I know he’d love that Transformer Potato Head.

  97. Wow! That MR Potato Head looks really amazing. My son is a transformer fan so I guess he will love it too!

  98. That watch is super cute! My nephew would love it for sure. My son’s fave toy right now is iPad, iPad and more iPad. 😀

  99. Looks like fun! MY son would love that watch!

  100. I’m always on the lookout for good boys toys. It seems like the girl stuff takes over sometimes, and then I only find LEGO for my little guy.

  101. This would be fun for my two boys. this is really cute

  102. I love Mr.Potato head to this day! So many different combinations that you can work with now! And I love that all the pieces still work the same whether they are old or new!

  103. Omg! Life is still one of my favorite games! Can’t wait for my daughter to be a tad bit older so she can play it with me!

  104. I have never heard of any of these. I will be sure to check them out

  105. My son just recently got into the Yokai stuff and that watch looks like something he would really love to play with.

  106. This seems like something awesome to get for kids! I’ve seen the yokai stuff around, it seems really cool

  107. My tween girl wants one of those Yokai watches. She pretty equally likes stuff for girls and stuff for boys.

  108. Sounds like a great toy line for kids. I’ve never heard of Yokai before