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With warmer weather comes more time spent outdoors for yard work. Getting your garden and flower beds prepped and even tackling your lawn. If you are looking for some lawn care tips to get your grass looking amazing check out these tips!

With warmer weather comes more time spent outdoors for yard work. Getting your garden and flower beds prepped and even tackling your lawn. If you are looking for some lawn care tips to get your grass looking amazing check out these tips below. We all want the greenest and nicest grass on the block!

8 Lawn Care Tips For Summer

Early Summer Feeding
In the early summer, I recommend getting a feed for your lawn. This will give it nutrients and really help it grow better through the summer evenly. By feeding your lawn with a fertilizer it can help your grass spread and thicken up, kill out weeds and more.
Then every 8 weeks you can do another summer feeding on your lawn to keep giving it nutrients. This is very helpful if you live in a really hot area. There are many brands out there you can find to buy.

Depending on the type of grass you have will depend on how high to set your mower blades. I suggest looking up your grass type online and see what mower blade setting is recommended. If you are unsure set your blades to a little bit taller setting. Allowing your mower blades to be set a little higher will let the grass develop deeper and stronger roots. You will mow more often but you will have a nicer looking yard.

Even if you move a sprinkler all over your yard, make sure to water consistently. This will help keep your grass alive and green. I start watering my grass in the spring to help jumpstart it. Water really well when summer peaks and you experience those super hot days. I recommend watering early morning or in the evening so it soaks in easier.

If you notice weeds you can pull them up making sure to get al the roots or do a spot treatment. In the spring is when you are supposed to treat for weeds. If you missed it just try to get weeds sprayed or pulled before they seed and spread.

Sharp Blades
Make sure your mower blades are nice and sharp. A dull mower blade will tear the grass and not cut it clean leaving your grass to have jagged brown edges. Try and sharpen the blades after 10 hours of mowing time.

Lawn Clippings
It’s ok to leave the grass clippings lay in your yard instead of bagging it. It’s called grasscycling and can really help fertilize, and saves you time and money. Just ensure the grass clippings are not clumping and leaving piles in your yard, that can kill out grass.

Beetles and grubs can tear up a yard fast. They generally hit mid-late summer. Depending on your location will depend on what treatment plan you need. Look up for grubs in your area and see what chemicals or natural options work best.

Clean Yard
Make sure your child’s toys and lawn chairs are picked up. Having toys and outdoor items sitting on the lawn can hurt your grass. Also, try not to park or drive your vehicles on your grass as well.

What tips do you follow for a green lawn?

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  31 Responses to “Lawn Care Tips for Summer”

  1. I’m over-the-top about mowing grass correctly. So many people scalp their yards thinking that they won’t have to mow as often and the grass is too short. This can cause grass to die and it’s so ugly. Love all of your tips!

  2. Most people cut their grass was to short and it encourages weeds to grow. Always important to feed and water your lawn.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post. These are wonderful lawn care tips. Can’t wait to try them on our lawn.

  4. Great tips, especially with the mowing or I would’ve made the same mistake. I’ll keep them in mind for future use.

  5. Mowing the lawn is my husband’s favorite pasttime. Crazy, right? He is meticulous so thanks for the tips!

  6. Our lawn looks scary. I need to keep these tips in mind. We have brown patches and I’m just too hot to care. (We’re in Texas, We can get up to 100 in the summer.)

    At least our grass isn’t long! We do maintain the length.

  7. We’re always interested in different tips and tricks for caring for our yard. May need to ask the hubbs about the mower blades.

  8. Our yard could definitely use some help. We just planted seed this last year and some of it took that some of the did not. I will have to try a couple of the suggestions you have here.

  9. I really love your post! I can always use more lawn care tips. A beautiful lawn is a great feeling of accomplishment.

  10. Dull mower blades definitely can ruin the look of a lawn. It’s important to stay on top of your lawn care.

  11. Thanks for the tips on taking care of your lawn so you have a green yard. In my opinion, having a clean yard is one of the biggest things you can do for your lawn. I would imagine that having a lawn care service can really help keep your lawn looking good all year long.

  12. You have some terrific suggestions. Our lawn is green but isn’t all grass, it’s got crabgrass and some other things in there too.

  13. Lawn care can be so tough to keep up with, especially in summer when there are some arrid days strung together. These are some good tips though to help stay on top of it.

  14. Watering is something we don’t do nearly enough but we totally should. My goal this summer is to take better care of my lawn!

  15. We have two dogs that pee on the yard constantly so we always water our yard. Also, tick is thick this year so we cut our grass pretty short.

  16. I love all of these tips. I love a great looking yard and lawn.

  17. It’s usually my husband who takes care of our lawn. I do love these tips though, and doing all of these could really imrpove how your lawn looks.

  18. These are some really helpful tips. I live in NC and our summers get REALLY HOT. It’s really important for us to water the lawn well.

  19. As a new homeowner I so appreciate this tips. We really need a lawn mower and we need to remove the weeds. The last place we rented, lawn service was included.

  20. great tips. we leave the grass clippings in the yard too now that the mower doesn’t have a bag on the end of it anymore.

  21. We actually have a company that takes care of our lawn so we don’t really have to worry about any of this. If we ever move, I’ll know what to do.

  22. I pay to have my yard taken care of, I just don’t have the time nor the energy to take of it properly. Great post!

  23. These are some great lawn care tips for summer. Where we live, we are only allowed to water a few times a week for a small amount of time, so our grass isn’t as green as I’d like. 🙂

  24. These are really helpful tips! Bookmarking this to share with my husband.

  25. Great tips. So far this spring we have not had to worry about the watering though. We are way above normal on the rain meter this year.

  26. I live in Manhattan, so this kind of stuff isn’t even on my radar. But my husband is dying to move to the ‘burbs, just so he can mow the lawn. Tell him it isn’t as exciting as he thinks! 😛

  27. Mowing often is very important. Hiring a good mowing service my parents were having a hard time for a while because their mow guy kept coming on their own terms and their yard got out of control, so hire reliable and timely service people if you dont do it yourself.

  28. I don’t have such lawn yet but I would definitely agree about this article. Indeed great tips and suggestions. My parents has a lawn so I guess I still need to take note of this and I’ll share these tips to them when I head home.

  29. During summer, I spent more time on my lawn as compared to another season, I am looking forward to making my garden more attractive.

  30. I need to take better care of my lawn especially this summer! I really appreciate all the tips that you shared especially since I have little knowledge on how to make sure it’s maintained properly! Thanks for these!

  31. We have a problem with those Asian Beatles. I’m not sure if they are everywhere else, or not? They are so annoying! They eat holes in leaves all over.