Jun 042011

Huge thanks to my friend Ally from Fourth Grade Nothing is going to tell you about one of my favorite groups of all time:  The Monkees and how she interviewed Mickey Dolenz.  They’re out now on their 40th anniversary tour and happen to be playing in Clearwater, Florida tonite. 

Micky Dolenz and me.

The summer of 1986 was probably one of my most favorite summers ever. I was 13 years old and all was right with the world. That summer I wasn’t going away to camp that year, which was cool, instead I was attending an outdoor Monkees concert at Jones Beach on July 17 (now known as my husband’s birthday).

That year I began writing articles for Newsday, our local Long Island newspaper. I was a kid editor for Newsday‘s kid-friendly column, appropriately titled, Kidsday. Pat, the editor in chief who ran the column, knew how crazy I was for the ’60s bubblegum group, The Monkees. Every time we spoke, I’d beg him to hook me up with concert tickets.

I wasn’t just a fan of The Monkees. I was insanely obsessed with them. I attended conventions. I ran a quarterly fanzine (my dad helped with the printing and mailing) with over 160 members. I had every album, magazine, photo, collectible, you name it, I had it! I had every episode of The Monkees show taped at least twice on VHS. I knew the lines to every song, every episode and their movie Head.

One fateful day, Pat called and said my wish was finally about to come true. Sure, he could offer me second row tickets to their Jones Beach show, but I’d have to earn them. Ugh. How? “We need you to interview them!” Pat said nonchalantly. I nearly passed out. My first big assignment. They were my most favorite band at the time next to Howard Jones and Tears for Fears of course. Wow!!!

The only Monkee who agreed to the interview for whatever reason, was Micky Dolenz. This was fine by me, Micky was my favorite member of The Monkees. I asked Micky questions about himself he was surprised I even knew about. I gave him a handful of things to autograph for me and asked him for a hug. I was sure it would forever be the best day of my life. In some ways it was the best day of my childhood life. As an adult, my wedding was the best day of my life.

  4 Responses to “Love the Monkees? Read This Guest Post by Ally at Fourth Grade Nothing!”

  1. Thanks so much for posting this. By the way, their publicist didn’t hook me up and we’re not going to the show tonight. Bummer, but what can you do, right?

  2. Great Interview! They are playing here in Lowell, MA on June 15 =) https://tickets.lowellauditorium.com/Online/mapSelect.asp

  3. AWESOME. That would be like me interviewing Hanson (I was OBSESSED with them in middle/high school.) Btw found you through the blog hop & I’m your newest follower! xoxo!

    • Shelby, my first job out of college was as the associate editor for SuperTeen magazine. I’ve interviewed Hanson on three different occasions. I recall asking Ike what kind of car he had now that he was driving, he literally refused to tell me. I thought they were so talented and so cute, but lacked poise and charm with the press big time. ‘N Sync, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and 98 Degrees were DARLINGS. Put it this way I had interviewed many celebrities, and only Hanson had the power to make me cry. Worst interview ever.