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Tavern on the Wharf opened in early June and is already taking Plymouth by storm. Located on the town wharf, when you dine there you are are guaranteed amazing views of historic Plymouth Harbor – seriously, you can see it from every seat in the restaurant.  What makes dining at Tavern on the Wharf really spectacular is that all of their food is fresh and the majority of it is sourced locally.  Much of their seafood comes right from Plymouth Harbor.

Tavern on the Wharf is both casual and classy at the same time. With very reasonable prices, Tavern on the Wharf really is the perfect restaurant for any occasion including date night or just a night out with the family.  The menu was created by Chef John Sheehan, and there is something for everyone on there. John may be young, but he brings lots of experience and fresh ideas to this restaurant.

Last week I met up with three of my fellow bloggers for lunch at Tavern on the Wharf and we were not only treated to a wonderful meal, but got a chance to spend some time with with the chef and were given the opportunity to tour the restaurant and see some of the behind the scenes happenings.

**Disclosure: Although all the food I ate that day was complimentary, as always, all opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way.

Tavern on the Wharf1

Tavern on the Wharf’s menu selections include many seafood dishes, in addition to salads, burgers, steak, pizza and much more.  I was truly impressed by the variety of dishes on the menu.

Their menu changes with the seasons at Tavern on the Wharf and their fall/winter menu just rolled out last week.

Tavern on the Wharf3

The four of us were there for about two hours and the food just kept coming.  We were given a wonderful variety of menu selections and everything was beautifully presented.

Tavern on the Wharf7

These are a few of the wonderful menu items that we got a chance to sample that day:

Tuna Sashimi:

Tavern on the Wharf2

Fried Burrata (fresh mozzarella, panko crust, cream, roasted tomato, olive oil and basil):

Tavern on the Wharf5

My personal favorite of the day: Rootbeer Glazed Short Ribs, (sake infused onion puree, crispy & roasted new potato, charred chippolini onion and box choy):

Tavern on the Wharf8

Beef Carpaccio (sliced filet of beef, black truffle vinaigrette, Greenway Farm herbs, crispy sunchokes):

Tavern on the Wharf4

As you can see, the four of us ate quite well that afternoon.  All of the food I tried was fresh, perfectly cooked and just plain delicious.

Before we left the restaurant, General Manager John Murray, showed us around.  He told us about some renovations that were made before they opened in June.  Several booths were taken out and replaced with free-standing tables, making it easier to arrange for larger parties. They also wanted to make it more family-friendly, so they made sure there are only a few carefully placed big screens around the restaurant.  The folks at Tavern on the Wharf understand that conversation is more important than spending the entire meal watching the television.

Tavern on the Wharf6

Tavern on the Wharf features a 230-seat dining room, two 25-seat bars, and an 80-seat outdoor patio (in the nice weather).  They also have a private dining room with dedicated bar.

Tavern on the Wharf9

One thing that you should know before you go – Tavern on the Wharf does not have it’s own parking lot. Don’t let that throw you off, though. There are tons of metered spaces in the area where you can park, but don’t forget to bring some quarters.

Tavern on the Wharf is located at 6 Town Wharf in Plymouth and they are open daily for lunch & dinner.  I can’t wait to go back.

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