Nov 162016


Anyone that knows me in real life knows that I always have a bracelet on.  I seriously never leave the house without one (or a stack of them) around my wrist.  So imagine my excitement when I got an email from Rachel, the owner of Mama’s Linkz Jewelry asking if I wanted to check out one of her bracelets.

Uh, YES!


Rachel creates jewelry specifically designed to remind us of the connections we share with those who give us strength, comfort and meaning in our lives. It’s through this simple reminder that this jewelry line taps into a powerful energy of healing, comfort and peace in which a loved one can connect with you anywhere in the world. On her site she has bracelets that are perfect for mothers, daughters, grandmother, aunts, fathers, sons….as you can see, she has something for everyone.

About Rachel Curwen:
Rachel Curwen is the sole creator and jewelry designer for Mama’s Linkz Jewelry. She has her MS in Gerontology and is currently a stay-at-home-mom and entrepreneur. Rachel has always enjoyed designing whether it’s finding vintage millinery items and re-working them for broaches or making earrings, bracelets and necklaces for friends and family. Creating jewelry has always been a meaningful outlet for Rachel to give something beautiful back to those she loves. Rachel has been making jewelry for over 15 years.

Rachel was kind enough to send me a gorgeous bracelet of my own and I have to say how impressed I am with the quality and craftsmanship of it. I have a few jewelry makers in my own family and I knew as soon as I opened the box that the beads she used were very high quality.


This bracelet is exactly my style.  The colors match pretty much my entire wardrobe and I love the heart and infinity symbol because it goes perfectly with the tattoo on my wrist.


Looking for a custom design? Mama’s Links Jewelry creates custom tailored bracelets for the person or people in your life who you want to show just how much you care and pay attention to their likes/interests. Custom bracelet sets are a thoughtful and unique way to ensure you get the colors, gemstones, style and charm/s that have the most meaning to you. These are amazing gifts for any special occasion- wedding, bridesmaid/s gift, baby shower, new mom/push gift, anniversary, birthday, adoption, remembrance or loss of a loved one.

Pricing starts at $150 for custom designs and based on the complexity of your design as well as the gemstones you choose and the type of metal you prefer, the cost will increase. After the initial consult, a price will be established and a listing created just for you. Mama’s Linkz Jewelry will make sure to communicate with you through every step of the design process including sending pictures to ensure you are satisfied with the result.

Be sure to follow Mama linkz Jewelry on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest to keep up with their latest news and updates.

Mama’s Linkz Jewelry offers a thoughtful way to be connected to those you love and to share healing and courage.  And just think….the holidays are coming up, so be sure to check them out for those special people in your lives.

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  1. What a gorgeous piece of jewellery I love their packaging design and that bracelet is so cute.

  2. I’m such a bracelet person. I always have on at least one. I love the unique design and I can tell by the photos that it’s a high-end bracelet. So pretty!

  3. Really nice bracelet and I really like that they have custom designs. This would be a great holiday gift.

  4. Those are totally cute!!!!

    I love the infinity symbol with the heart intertwined. Definitely going to give them a look.

    Thanks! Xxxxx


  5. That is such a pretty piece. I love that it’s a substantial size without being too huge.

  6. That is so my style. I rarely wear jewelry. When I do, it’s not the classic gold and shiny stone stuff. It’s pieces like this.

  7. These are so cool and I know that my wife and girls would love the style and colors that you chose. I am going to share this site with my wife tonight, she will love it!

  8. This is beautiful! My mom is a big fan of jewelry especially bracelets and I needed idea for Christmas! I will definitely check them out.

  9. Oh nice. I’ll have to check this company out and see what else they have going on. Love that piece.

  10. Like you I never leave home without a bracelet and I frequently have them stacked up my arm. I adore the infinity symbol, that is a nice touch. I’m a sucker for custom jewels so I need to add her to my Christmas wishlist.

  11. Beautiful work. I love that the colors matched your wardrobe and that the style was complimentary, too. Pretty things.

  12. I am a big fan of Gem stone jewelry and I love it when you can get a good quality piece custom designed for your fashion needs. I have never heard of Mama’s Linkz but I am going to have to check them out.

  13. This jewelry is beautiful! It looks like it’s high quality and it would be a wonderful gift!

  14. That is a pretty piece. I love wearing bracelets when I dress up.

  15. What a cute design on the box!! I love how the bracelet looks to it’s a pretty color and a great design.

  16. What a pretty piece of Jewelry! And Custom made to boot Awesome 🙂

  17. These are beautiful! What a great way to shop local! I’ve never been a huge bracelet person but I love getting new jewelry.

  18. That bracelet is so pretty. I could use some new pieces and I will have to check out Mama’s Linkz Jewelry.

  19. That is such a pretty piece! Perfect for my outfit this Thanksgiving.

  20. Such a pretty piece of jewelry. I love the colors in the beads, and how it could be worn with so many pieces of clothing. That is why I don’t wear jewelry that often.

  21. Besides the packaging being gorgeous, I really like the simplicity of the bracelet you choose. It is something you would wear everyday as you signature piece.

  22. It’s beautiful!! I love the infinity symbol too. Following on Instagram now.

  23. I love this jewelry line. The pieces are gorgeous and I’m always looking for great gift ideas for my mom and my friends. This line is fabulous!

  24. What a gorgeous piece and I adore the infinity inclusion. The thought of receiving custom jewelry sounds extra special.

  25. That jewelry is gorgeous! It such a beautiful gift idea.

  26. This is such a cute bracelet. I love the heart on the infinity symbol, I don’t think I have seen that motif before.

  27. Mama’s Links Jewelry is really unique looking jewelry. Im also a huge bracelet fan, and love all sorts of different stones to wear.

  28. Very pretty bracelet! I will have to check out the website and see all of the jewelry they offer!

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  32. What a beautiful bracelet! I love attention to details on the packaging as well.

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  39. This is really pretty.
    I have a friend who loves to make jewelry.

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  43. Super cute! I love bracelets even though I don’t wear many anymore because of babies but once they are bigger I plan to buy as many as I can as I just adore wearing them!

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