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How To Make Overnight Guests Feel at Home

I love, love, love having people come to stay at my house – whether it’s just for one night, a week or even longer. My husband is one of seven and since a few of his siblings have relocated over the years, sometimes when they come “home” they need a place to stay. I am the first one to raise my hand when one of them needs a place to stay. My brother in law, his lovely wife and my super cute 1 year old nephew are regulars at my house and I get so excited whenever they tell me they are coming up. They live in Astoria (Queens, NY), so since they are fairly close, they come back to Massachusetts pretty often.

When they (or anyone else) stay at my house, I want them to be comfortable and feel completely at home. Just a few extra touches here & there can really make your overnight guests feel special.

1. Clean and/or Pick up your house.
Give your house a good cleaning. If your house is already clean, go through your house room by room and get rid of clutter. I am a parent and that means that there are toys all over the place. Take an afternoon to pick up all of those things laying around and put them back where they belong. Why not get the kids involved while you’re at it? I do!

How To Make Overnight Guests Feel at Home3

In addition, I always use having overnight guests as an opportunity to cross things off of my to-do list. Have a doorknob that’s wiggly and needs for the screws to be tightened? This is the time to get those little things done.

2. Stock up on food & beverages.
I always make it a point to text or email my guests a few days before they arrive to ask them what their favorite snacks and drinks are. I don’t want my guests to be shy about grabbing something to eat or drink and I like to make sure there is plenty for them to eat and drink throughout the stay.

3. Plan ahead for meals.
Depending on your guests plans, they may be around for dinner and if that’s the case, you will want to make sure you are prepared with enough food. The internet is full of amazing casserole recipes that you can make ahead and heat up the night your guests are there. I like making casserole type meals because they go further and if your guests are not around for dinner, casseroles are easy to reheat if they need a midnight snack.

How To Make Overnight Guests Feel at Home1

I highly suggest checking with your guests before they arrive so that you can get a feel for their preferences – and don’t forget to ask about food allergies!

4. Have sleeping arrangements ready before your guests arrive!
Make sure the bed is made for your guests and if possible, leave out lots of extra blankets and pillows for them so that they are comfortable.

How To Make Overnight Guests Feel at Home

5. Leave some extras in their room.
I always leave my overnight guests some towels, snacks, bottled water, current magazines and the WiFi password in their room so that they are easily accessible. I also like to put a few candles in the room and burn them before my guests arrive so that the room smells great when they arrive.

Also, don’t forget to give your guests an extra house key so that they can come and go as they please!

6. Don’t forget the kiddos!
If kids are coming, too, pull out some fun board games or toys. We have LOTS of board games at our house, so when kids are in tow for the stay, I put out a few of our favorites. I also leave out things like Legos and coloring books/crayons to keep the kids busy.

How To Make Overnight Guests Feel at Home4

7. Make sure the bathroom is stocked with bath tissue.
Since both of my bathrooms are small and there is little storage, we keep our bath tissue in the linen closet outside of our downstairs bathroom, which could make for a bad situation if our guests were to run out of bath tissue while they were in the bathroom.


I always make sure that I leave several extra rolls of bath tissue inside the bathroom so that they never run out. I was at BJ’s Wholesale Club recently and grabbed some SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue because we have guests coming this weekend as a matter of fact.  I always like to be prepared.  I love that I was able to go right to the bath tissue aisle and find my SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue in no time.


Plus it’s only $23.32 at BJ’s Wholesale Club, which is a great value for my money – and that makes me very happy!

I like buying SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue because it has 100 extra sheets per roll, which = 3 extra rolls per pack!  I also like that it’s safe for septic systems! Living in an older house, that is very important to me. Another reason I love SCOTT® Bath Tissue is that the cardboard cores for all rolls utilize 100% recycled paper.


And for all my camping friends, and I know there are a lot of you reading this – SCOTT® Bath Tissue passes water breakup tests and is therefore safe for RVs and boats!

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But back to having overnight guests…..

When I have people stay overnight at my house, I want them to feel as comfortable as they do at home. I also make sure that I offer my guests use of my washer & dryer while they are at my house so that they can go home with some clean clothes. I also like to send them home with some snacks and treats for the road.

What do you do to prepare for overnight guests?

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  1. Great tips! We usually have extra toilet paper around too. I also like to make sure uor bathroom is nice, clean, and smelling fresh.

  2. Thanks for sharing these tips for your guests. It’s great that you are able to welcome your husband’s large family into your home often! And I love your rainbow-colored towels #client

  3. I am coming to your house! Just kidding! You are preparing for the day you have your own bed and breakfast!

  4. I’m the exact opposite. I hate having overnight guests. lol But when I do have them, I go out of my way to make sure they’re well cared for. Great suggestions!

  5. Strangely enough I never know when someone will pop over–like in the middle of a massive snowstorm. But then my friends know all they have to do is knock on my door and come right in–mess or not! They also know my refrigerator and pantry is theirs. Never had a complaint yet! If I actually knew someone was coming to stay over—I’d probably do what you suggest up there.

  6. I love these tips. I always buy a few magazines and make a snack tray for our guest room too 🙂

  7. These are great suggestions! We don’t have guests stay here very often due to a lack of room, but I do keep a basket of bathroom toiletries in case they forget anything! Toothpaste, unopened toothbrushes, deoderant, soap, etc.

  8. This is a great way to make overnight guests feel at home, I haven’t had overnight guests in a long time. I would like to start having more family over though, will keep this post in mind!

  9. you can never have enought TP on hand, No matter if you are having guests or not–we stock up on Scott’s at Bj’s too–they have great prices!

  10. I buy scott for myself, let alone my guests. I get the extra soft version from Costco. It lasts a long time!

  11. Love, Love, Love this article! My sister-in-laws visit with us from time to time and I try to do most of these. The toilet paper made me giggle.. so true, though! I mean yelling down the hallway that you need toilet paper could certainly make a visit uncomfortable.

  12. I always make sure the house is relatively clean and that we have a ton of tasty nom noms when guests are coming over. That’s the best way to make guests feel comfy.

  13. Aw I like how you leave them snacks and water. Your guest room looks amazing. I am liking these tips and ideas.

  14. Great tips for hosting overnight guests at your home. Stocking up on snacks is such a nice gesture.

  15. It is so much fun to have overnight guests! You cover a lot of bases about what to do to make your guests feel at home. I will definitely incorporate some of those tips the next time we have overnight guests.

  16. So important! we run out of TP all the time so we have to stock up! Your guest room looks amazing, who would want to even leave that???

  17. Great tips for all your overnight guests. I think you have it all covered here. I always leave bottled water and crackers in case someone has a tummy ache in the night and doesn’t want to tell me.

  18. Thank you for this great tips! I’m gonna keep this in my mind for my next overnight guests.

  19. This is such a great post. I love when people come to visit because even though it can be some work, I love being a good hostess. There are some great tips in here! Great post! xx

  20. NOw that we have a spare bedroom for guests, we can definitely invite some friend and family to come over. I will bear these tips in mind,

  21. I love having friends and family visit to stay with us as it give me a chance to indulge them and get all the entertaining ware out. Food is a great way to connect and a freshly made bed too. 🙂

  22. Plan ahead for meals is such a great tip! I’m so bad about that and I’m always scrambling to decide what to make once the guests arrive. It’s super stressful!

  23. These are great tips to prepare for overnight guests! I always make sure to have plentyof snacks and drinks, too. Running out of toilet paper is never a good idea.

    • Snacks are so important for making people feel at home. No one wants to go to someone’s house and be hungry the whole time.

  24. I love these tips! Most of them are the things I do when I have guest stay overnight, except for plan ahead for meals. I keep this tip in mind.

  25. We have a family of 6 stay with us twice a year. I am going to use these tips to help make next stay easier!

  26. These are great ways to make overnight guests feel at home. Such creative ideas too, not just the basics you read on most articles. Thanks for this!

  27. Such helpful tips! I always do a guest room looking like a hotel room! I put out slippers and robes and candy… its so cute and my friends always LOVE that extra touch!
    Karen | GlamKaren.com

  28. Now that we bought a new house we have visitors all of the time so I’m thankful to come across these tips. Hopefully people will bring some hostess gifts along with them!

  29. I love this idea! The next time my daughter comes to visit, I am going to leave her a guest basket in her room!

  30. Can I come to your house? You sound like you really pamper your guests! We just tell every guest at our house to just help themselves to whatever.

  31. Great tips for sure! We haven’t had overnight guests yet but I will definitely reference this post when we do!

  32. Can I come over? Looks like you’ve got everything planned for your guests to feel welcome and ready for a relaxing trip. When we have guests, I try to stock up on snacks.

  33. This is so great and so true. I love that you leave lots of extras in their room, that’s a must!!

  34. You are such a good hostess! Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips 🙂

  35. I’m a bad person because I don’t really care for overnight guests. LOL! Seriously, though, we rarely have overnight guests, so I’m kind of set in my ways and we have a routine, that overnight guests… disrupt. Believe it or not though, I do go out of my way to make it a very pleasant time for overnight guests (when I do rarely have them). 🙂

  36. I always make sure to have towels and sheets ready for my guests. I also check and see if there is anything special they would like to eat or drink. Most of my guests are family, which means I don’t have to worry about them not feeling at home.

  37. What a great way to make your guests feel at home, love the idea of having an extra bed for guests in a guest room or area.

  38. I don’t like to entertain too much, but I do like Scott tissue. It is the best toilet paper on the market, hands down. No other TP holds up in my book.

  39. Awesome tips, any guests would feel super comfortable with this attention

  40. These are some great tips. But still- I don’t want them at my house too long, lol.

  41. Love your tips. When can I come and stay with you? 🙂 We love putting extra nice sheets on the bed and using great pillows. We know it is hard to sleep away from home, so we have a fan available and extra blankets just in case.

  42. I love the idea of leaving the wifi password in the room. I always forget to give it to my guests!

  43. Love these tips! The casserole one is a good one it seems when ever we end up with over night guests we order a lot of pizza. Running out of toilet paper would be a nightmare!

  44. These are all great ideas. I always make sure that the bathroom is stocked with toilet paper when guests are over. It’s important not to run out.

  45. I definitely agree with these steps, especially when your guest came from somewhere far. It would be nice to make them feel as comfortable and at home as much as possible.

  46. These are awesome tips for making overnight guests to feel at home. I love the idea of making casseroles because they are easy and they can be heated up if the guests are out. It is always important to have extra toiletries so you don’t run out. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  47. I love the idea of leaving extras in their rooms. It makes them feel very at home, and that way they don’t need to keep asking for things!

  48. We just changed our guest room into a yoga room. Haha. I’m not sure what we will do when we have guests but I will make sure they feel at home.

  49. I just bought a huge pack of Scott’s. I wish I had this coupon! For me, cleaning and decluttering are a must before having company.

  50. I can tell from these that you are a thoughtful person! Such great tips by the way! Would love to be your guest for a night!

  51. These are great tips! It’s so important to make your guests feel welcome by taking these steps.

  52. This is absolutely a great tips! I can use this for my overnight guest

  53. Its always great to make a guest feel welcome, I wold love to come stay at yours Robin 🙂 You sound like a great host!

  54. These are such great tips! I don’t have overnight guests really often, and really don’t enjoy it, but I will keep these tips in mind next time I do.

  55. These are great little touches to make your guests feel at home. I will have to stock up on some extra pillows and blankets.

  56. I actually have an entire rock band coming to stay at my home this weekend, so this as helpful! Thank you!

  57. These tips are awesome and I’m going to print your post so I’ll have them on hand. I love having company as well and I like to plan my meals ahead too.

  58. These look like some great tips! Though gotta say #1 got me a bit discouraged, because I have a 1 year old baby and a 31 year old big baby and neither of them are tidy. I shudder almost every time someone wants to come over for sleepovers. Be it adults or children (our nephew comes over to crash sometimes). But yea, I lay out extra toilet tissues and towels in the rooms most times. =) And I find febreeze works decent, over candles, coz I have a baby who gets into things everywhere.

    | yvonnesowell.com |

  59. We have friends who frequently stay with us and I agree that it’s so important that they feel at home! It’s our main goal when we have guests!

  60. I always have overnight visitors at home since my and my friends love sleepovers. Thanks for the awesome tips. I will do this!

  61. This is very helpful. We are expecting some guests in our house. I will take notes of these tips.

  62. These are such great tips! I love making my guests feel like they’re at home but one step up from that.

  63. These are awesome ideas! I’ll have to remember these for when I have my own place and host people more often!

  64. This is a thoughtful list of advice.
    And you can never have enough toilet paper 🙂

  65. These are some great tips. Your home sounds very welcoming.

  66. We don’t have company often so I don’t have to do much. When we do I covert our basement dwelling into a comfy guest area.

  67. I do love to go somewhere as an overnight where extra precautions have been made to make me feel welcome. It’s nice. 🙂

  68. Those are great tips! I had family over a couple of weeks ago, I’m glad I had most of the items on your list down pack. Next time I will add the snacks and water to the rooms.

  69. I like going to my aunt’s house because she always gives up her bedroom to her guests and takes the guest room for herself. She is very accommodating to her visitors!

  70. We don’t get overnight guests. Unless we count my MIL lol I usually just makes sure there’re clean sheets for her. She makes herself at home when she comes over….

  71. We generally don’t have many guests because we have a tiny house. But, we have family over quite a bit, and it’s nice to do many of these things for “day guests” too – get out games, extra bath tissue, etc.

  72. This is a nice idea. I feel awkward whenever I stay with someone else’s home but I don’t want them to feel the same in my house.

  73. Wow, I never thought that you can do this. I will try these tips whenever we have guests coming over.

  74. Meals that are planned ahead are really awesome. I hate to ask for a delivery when I have guests at home, looks like I didn’t prepare for it.

  75. I am with you when it comes to loving the stay of my close relatives or friends as it is a great feeling to be together with your loved ones. I agree that comfort is so important during their stay & these are some wonderful tips to make sure they feel like home. We always have a huge stock of Scott as well!

  76. Stocking up on TP is a must! There have been a couple of occasions where I have forgotten that most important item…and had to make an emergency run during a party.

  77. I need to get a new set of towels. My yellow ones are looking drab.

    I love that brand of TP. I bought single ply on accident at Costco. I’ve tried balancing out out with Scott, so I don’t hear too many complaints. I still have single ply to go through. Blah! I can’t wait until it’s gone, and we have just the Scott stuff left!

  78. This is very helpful! I love going to someone’s home overnight and they have thought of the extras to make me feel at home. I will be sure to do the same. 🙂

  79. It’s rare that I have overnight guests these days. But, these are great tips for when I get my new house with plenty of extra space.

  80. These are all wonderful ideas to make guests feel at home! I will have to try some of these ideas the next time I have a guest.

  81. I’d love to be your guest! You make sure everyone feels at home. Even while I’m reading this I feel like you got me LOL

  82. If we have guests coming I like to make sure their room is warm and inviting with the basic essentials such as towels, extra blankets, and their own bar of soap. I also try to make sure we have plenty of healthy foods and drinks available.

  83. Oh overnight guests will have the time of their life with your tips… Oh, and they might not leave!!! LOL!

  84. Such a thoughtful way to make guests feel they are welcome and appreciated.

  85. Some great tips here. We don’t have overnight guests because we don’t have a spare room for them to sleep in.