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**I received a copy of Maleficent to review in exchange for my honest opinion of the movie.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way**

I tried so hard to see Maleficent when it was in theaters last spring, but because of one thing or another, I just never ended up getting there.  When I heard that the Blu-Ray & DVD Combo Pack was being released on November 4th, I knew I finally had my chance to see it.  Last weekend, I sat down with a big bowl of popcorn to watch it.

In case you’re not familiar with the story, Maleficent is the story about the villain in the 1959 Disney film, Sleeping Beauty.  To summarize, in the movie they tell the story of how Maleficent had her heart turned to stone by her first love who betrayed her.  She spends her life trying to right the wrong that was done to her.  I was captivated the entire time I was watching this movie.  It was a great story and it was very well told.

I can’t say enough about Angelina Jolie who stars as Maleficent in the movie. Long before the movie was ever released I kept saying that she was the  perfect casting choice and I was right. I honestly can’t even imagine anyone else playing the character. Her performance was incredible and she was absolutely perfect for the part.


Overall, Maleficent was one of my favorite movies of the year. I loved it and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should.

Maleficent is one of my favorite villains.  I loved the character long before this movie was ever even thought of.  If you love all things Maleficent, you have to give this Maleficent themed holiday ornament a try. Using a few basic crafting supplies and VERY little crafting skill, you can make your own Maleficent holiday ornament perfect for displaying on your tree. Take a peek so you can get started working your own Maleficent magic. This is a craft that is too fun to miss out on!

Supplies needed:
Clear tree ornament bulb
Black craft paint
White felt
Red felt or craft foam
Black pipe cleaners
Craft glue


1. Begin by pouring a few drops of black paint directly into the ornament. Slowly roll it and shake it so that the paint spreads, covering the inside of the ornament.
2. Add more paint as needed, repeating the process until the inside of the ornament is fully covered. On the outside, you only want to see the black show through.
3. Using your scissors and white felt, cut out a heart. You want the heart to be long and narrow. Use your scissors to create a dip in the forehead and slightly point toe curves of the heart.
4. Glue the felt to the front of the ornament to create the white face of Maleficent.
5. From the red felt, cut a small heart. Glue it to the bottom of the white heart to create her blood red lips.
6. Finish the Maleficent ornament by creating the horns. We twisted our pipe cleaner into the shape of her horns, and attached them with glue to the top of the ornament.


Now all you need to do is add a ribbon for hanging and you are ready to roll! Gather your supplies and give this Maleficent holiday ornament a try. It is a magical way to get into the spirit of the season…Maleficent style!


I do want to point out, that this movie is not lighthearted and I would not recommended it for younger children. There are a few parts in this movie that might scare younger kids.

Maleficent is available now for purchase on Blu-ray, DVD and in stores when ever DVD’s are sold.

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  1. I still have not seen this movie. I need to do that. The ornament is adorable! I love how easy it is to make.

  2. Haven’t Seen the movie here either, but have it on my list for sure. I also love ornament. Great job 😉

  3. I loved this movie, and the ornament came out really, really cool. I should make one of these and give it to my Mom – we went to see Maleficent with my nephew at the theater, and we all had a really good time.

  4. I loved the movie and watched it just a few nights ago once again since we saw it in the movies. I have to agree that it’s one of the best live movie this year. Great ornament too!

  5. That movie is AMAZING and I love how the ornament came out!

  6. What a cute ornament and very creative. I’ve not seen this movie yet but my girls love it.

    • It is definitely a very creative craft! I just saw the movie about a week ago and it is really great. My son had been bugging me to watch it since it came out.

  7. I have to agree – I loved this movie as well. Its not lighthearted and I wouldn’t be taking my 4 year old however my older boys would love it. Its a great movie and I love this ending so much better!

  8. I haven’t seen the movie but that ornament is so cute. It makes me want to see that movie. Great jov!

  9. I wanted to get it at Redbox this weekend, but it was gone of course. I’ll definitely be seeing it though!

  10. This is a great movie. My kids will enjoying making these ornaments. Not sure they will turn out as awesome as yours though.

  11. I still haven’t seen the movie yet either. Not sure when I will get there. That decoration turned out great. I am always looking for ideas to keep my grandkids busy.

  12. This ornament is so cute and the horns really do look like the ones from Maleficent. This will make a wonderful keepsake for when you decorate your tree every year.

  13. I was surprised at how much we enjoyed Maleficent. Easily one of our favorite movies this year.

  14. The movie sounds good. Old fairy tales turned modern or in a rehashed version seem to be the thing right now. Clever ornament.

  15. What a cute idea! Now I’m having ideas about the boys favorite movies!

  16. this is such an interesting craft! and oh, I loved the movie too. It was so much better than how I expected it to be!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  17. That is so cute and looks easy enough to do. I actually unpacked most of my crafts and have everything I need for this one!

  18. I have not gotten the chance to see this movie yet it’s been a very busy year for us. I think I do need to get my hands on this movie and see what Bella thinks of it.

  19. Still waiting for an evening to watch the movie! Great ornament won’t frighted the little ones!

  20. Lol. I know it was a good film – yet for some reason, I haven’t seen it yet – I really should! That ornament is adorable!

  21. We watched it 3 times on Friday afternoon and night. Kids were off school. Great film – the ornament is really cute.

  22. I’d like to see the movie too! I’ll have to check it out on DVD and watch it soon.

  23. I never watch this movie before :(( What cute ornament that you made.

  24. What a fun DIY project! This is a great decoration for those who love the film 🙂

  25. my kids wanted to see that one in the movies too – but we didn’t get around to it either – we’ll try to catch the DVD – that ornament is really cool!

  26. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but it sounds really good! It’s a side of the typical fairy tales that we don’t often get to see.

  27. What a clever way to make a cool Maleficent ornament. I’ll have to try this with my little one.

  28. I wanted to go see it too but missed it. My mom bought it to watch with the boys when I go to Boston at the end of the month.

    I love that ornament!!

  29. I have yet to see that movie. Heard it was pretty good. I will try to decorate the ornament though, I think its rather cute!

  30. What a great idea! We haven’t seen the movie yet but can’t wait to. It looks like a great story!

  31. What a super cute ornament!
    My oldest and my hubby went to see the movie and they said it was excellent.
    {I have yet to see it}
    I love how easy this craft looks…perfect for the girls to make before they see the movie!

  32. My kids are totalyl maleficent obsessed – we need to make this ornament. Thanks for the idea!

  33. This is absolutely adorable! <3 I loved the movie and the costume and I'm definitely going to love making this too.

  34. Nice ornament.. We have not seen the movie yet, but my daughter is itching.

  35. Oh my! These are adorable! I just picked up some Styrofoam balls to make snowmne for ornaments this year..but I might be switching gears!

  36. I thought she did a great job too. I want this one on DVD. I like your ornament. 🙂

  37. Awesome, I swear I am renting the movie this week!!

  38. I love that movie. The ornament is a really cute idea!

  39. I love the ornament! It is such a cute craft idea!

  40. That is adorable! You captured Angelina’s lips perfectly! =D

  41. This is a cute ornament idea! I haven’t seen this movie yet, but I really want to – and this would be a great way to commemorate watching it!

  42. Omg this is just awesome!!!! Love this ornament!!!

  43. I have yet to see this movie but I so want to. I absolutely love this ornament.

  44. Oh now that is just too adorable!! It came out great.

  45. That’s so fun! I love it. Very crafty.

  46. How cute! With us homeschooling this year, I am thinking we will be making a lot of our own ornaments! Thank you for the inspiration!

  47. OMG, what a cute ornament. I would love this for myself to put on the Christmas tree. 😀

  48. The ornament is really cute. This sounds like a good movie I will have to watch it.

  49. Love this! What a cute idea Robin! So simple!

  50. I want to see this movie. Thanks for the heads up on younger children being scared.

  51. What a great way to celebrate the movie! I am sure this is going to be such a hit!

  52. I’m not the least bit crafty, but these are really adorable! Haven’t seen the movie yet but still hoping to!

  53. My daughter and I really wanted to see the movie when it was in theatres as well but missed it. I’ll try and check it out now that it’s in stores. Your arts and crafts looks really cute.

  54. I still need to see the movie. What a cute, hands-on craft.

  55. My husband and son loved this movie. They saw it in theatres. I love the craft idea to go with the movie.

  56. I still need to see this movie, I missed it too! Very cute ornament craft!

  57. Such a neat craft. Very neat and easy. Great job!

  58. That came out perfect! Omg you did such a great job!

  59. That’s a great ornament. I love that glossy black that you used. It really sets off the white felt.

  60. We enjoyed this movie. That is a very cute idea.Your so creative.

  61. How creative are you? What a fun ornament. I need to see Maleficent!

  62. I really liked the movie. I want the DVD now. Your ornament came out amazing!

  63. I LOVED the movie! It ruined Sleeping Beauty for me though. 🙂 And I love the ornament craft! My mom is a big villains fan, so I’ll have to make this for her! Thanks!

  64. OMG! I so want that ornament!!!! So cute! I loved the movie, Angelina Jolie was totally on top of her game, and everytime she said ‘little beastie’ it totally cracked me up! 🙂

  65. This is cute! My kids would enjoy making these.

  66. I’m really looking forward to renting this movie soon! I keep hearing such amazing things about it. – Katy PS – love the ornament! So simple and cute.

  67. I haven’t seen the movie yet either but plan on seeing in the next few weeks. I love this ornament. What a great idea and also would make a great gift.

  68. Oh now that is cute and very creative! I love this!

  69. Now I know kids wouldn’t get a kick out of seeing this little character on their tree. It’s super cute, well done.

  70. Is it bad that I want to make one of these JUST to hang in my office? I love this movie and I’m not a big time crafting mom (seriously…If I try to glue something I’d end up with my fingers stuck to the table) but I may have to try this.

  71. I love this idea! What an awesome ornament!

  72. I had a great time watching Malificent with my daughter. We saw a girl dressed as Malificent this halloween – my daughter’s a fan!

  73. I finally watch the film the other week and loved it! I adore this ornament and how easy does it sound to make. x

  74. How cute and easy is this!!! Wow I love it thanks for sharing!!

  75. I loved this movie so much. I want it! I almost bought Maleficent ears on our recent trip to magic kingdom 🙂

  76. What a cute ornament! This would be a great Christmas project to do with children. Thanks!

  77. I haven’t seen the movie yet myself but I love the ornament. Totally adorable.

  78. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this movie yet!!! I really want to. And your ornament is adorable, such a creative idea!

  79. So cute and creative! I really love Maleficent!

  80. creative and wonderful! gonna make this for xmas presents! my cousins and friends gonna love it

  81. Maleficent is a great movie. I am excited to buy a copy to have at home. This is such a cute ornament. It turned out fantastic.

  82. Ha, ha, ha… I love it. We just watched the movie for movie night the other night and though Hubby & I had seen it the kids hadn’t yet. It was great watching it with them and seeing them love it as much as we did

  83. I still haven’t seen the movie, but this is such a great DIY ornament idea! It looks awesome!

  84. This is so creative! What a fun idea for those that love Maleficent!

  85. This is super fun and cute! Maleficent was a great movie and is one of my favorite Disney characters!

  86. This is just the cutest ornament ever. I love it!

  87. Such a neat idea! I love the way this came out!

  88. I saw this on a plane recently. Great movie!! Angelina is awesome in it. I love this craft. It’s so cute.

  89. You are so creative, I love it! Thanks for letting me know about how the movie was, so I don’t watch it with my 2 year old. =-)

  90. I loved this movie and so did my kids! So excited it’s on DVD. That ornament is super cute 🙂

  91. LOVE This movie! It was so good! Cannot wait to see it again.

  92. I brought the movie home from the library a few days ago but still haven’t watched it! I hope to do so this weekend! Great craft!

  93. This is such a cute movie! We did see it in the theater and I can’t wait to own a copy myself. You did a great job on the ornament too!

  94. This is such a cute ornament. It looks great, and it looks super easy to make.

  95. What a fun idea to make the Maleficent ornament. For the true fan, I bet they are making ti right now.

  96. What a great add on for a movie that many are loving! Kids love crafts and this just makes it better.

  97. That is just too cute, and looks so easy to make. I know the boys would love to make some of these to put on their tree this year.

  98. That is so cute! My niece adores Maleficent!! 🙂

  99. That turned out really cute! I loved the movie!

  100. How cute! Or evil? Either way, you did a great job!

  101. This is such a cute idea! My Aunt is obsessed with this show, I will have to make this for her!

  102. What an adorable ornament. This is the perfect project to make with your kids, as long as you exercise proper caution.

  103. How creative and cute is that. Love it.

  104. I hardly go to the movies, but I made sure that I went to the theatre to see this. Such a wonderful movie!

  105. I totally loved loved loved that movie. By the end I was on the edge of my seat rooting for Maleficent. lol

  106. That looks so cool! I love DIY projects.

  107. I am yet to see it but love the reviews so far, love your ornament nicely done

  108. I loved Maleficent! Angelina Jolie was perfect in it. And that is a pretty perfect ornament! What a great idea!

  109. That is very creative and unique!! You’ve inspired me 🙂

  110. We took the kids to see Maleficent and we all loved the movie. AJ did a great job with the role imo. The ornament is a cute idea for the Maleficent fan to make for the holidays. 🙂

  111. Cute ornament idea! They’d make great gifts for teachers.

  112. We still haven’t seen this but I do want to. That ornament is adorable!

  113. We haven’t seen the movie yet.. will have to! This ornament is so cute + simple.

  114. I just saw Maleficent a few weeks ago. Loved it. Kiddo saw it in the theaters when it came out. Although she liked it, at 9, she said their were still a few parts that were ‘a little scary.’ I love this bulb. So easy, even I can do it! 😉

  115. It is always fun to take characters from our favorite books and movies and make arts and crafts projects based on them.

  116. We just watched this last weekend! Really good! And this ornament is great!!!

  117. What a cute idea. Love the ornament. We have this movie but have yet to watch it. Not sure what’s keeping us from watching. My family is excited to see it.

  118. That turned out super cute! I loved this movie!

  119. thank you for this review! I have been wanting to see this movie all year – but I was wondering if it was suitable for my 7 and 5 year old daughters: and I am glad now that I didn’t take them to the theatre. I think it would probably be too much for them just yet. But I will definitely watch it – love Angelina and I too thought she would be just perfect for this role.
    The ornament though: I think the girls would definitely love making that.

  120. I am yet to see that movie. A friend of mine had seen it when it just came out and had expressed a bit of disappointment that Maleficent was not as wicked as she could have been. But I would love to get the DVD and see for myself

  121. What a fun craft idea. I can’t wait to see the movie.

  122. This is too fun! I should have my kiddos make this for my Disney obsessed sis!

  123. Maleficent is definitely on my to-see list. I love how the ornament came out! Super cute.

  124. That is a really cute idea. My daughter loves Maleficent.

  125. Just wanted to add that I pinned this as well. I have a lot of friends who both love this movie and look for crafts that are easy and cute! Thanks!

  126. My girls would totally love to make one! Thanks for the DIY!

  127. My oldest would love this! She’ll probably want to make a whole bunch as gifts.

  128. You are so creative. I love this and it would make such a fun craft for the whole family to make.

  129. How super cute! Thanks for sharing! I am sharing with my neighbor! She loves maleficent!

  130. We absolutely love the movie Malificent, we’ve watched it at least 5 times so far. Such a fun ornament to do while you watch the movie!

  131. I keep seeing it available on my Apple TV to watch – but just like Frozen I’ll probably stick it out a long time before seeing – just never have the time! UGH! But this ornament looks super badass and easy to make!

  132. How cute is that?? I haven’t seen it yet (movie) but would love to!

  133. This is SO fun! My kids would LOVE to make this!

  134. I think my son would liek the movie. I will probably rent it at the redbox this weekend. Cute craft.

  135. Well that ornament looks like fun. Though I have no intention of seeing the movie and I’m not a fan of Miss Jolie, I think the ornament would be a blast to make 🙂

  136. That is just way too cute~ Oh my gosh! And it is so easy to do, too. Thank you so much for sharing! My kids and I are going to make some Christmas Decors, too.

  137. Love this!! How about a Disney Christmas tree! That would be super cute!

  138. What a super cute ornament! I loved the Maleficent movie, so this is perfect!

  139. Cute ornament! I can’t wait to watch the movie. It’s on my list of must sees!

  140. wow How creative! We have that movie and the kids enjoy it a lot. I think we need an ornament like that for our tree this year.

  141. I have heard good things about this movie so I may have to check it out. What a fun ornament to make!

  142. I love this ornament and will so have to make some of these. They would make a great gift indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  143. This is too cute! I love the ornament!

  144. That’s totally cute, great idea for Maleficent fans 🙂 Ours is a Frozen themed one.