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**Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Famous Footwear, but my love of shoes is all my own.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way**

If there is one thing in this world that I can not resist, it’s a new pair of shoes.  I have well over a hundred pairs and have been known to drop a pretty penny on a single pair (gosh, I hope my husband isn’t reading this).  Lucky for me, when I shop at Famous Footwear, I don’t have to drop a ton of money on new shoes.  They have a huge variety of all the latest styles for the entire family and more importantly, they are affordable.

I was so excited when I heard that Famous Footwear opened two new stores in my area.  I am always out & about, so having more shopping options is always a good thing.  Where are they you ask?

1. The 6,000-square-foot Westwood store is located in the Westwood Station at 245 University Ave.

2. The 5,049-square-foot Hyannis store is located in the Capetown Plaza at 790 Iyanoough Rd.

I had a chance to stop by the new store in Westwood yesterday and was really impressed with the new store.  In case you’ve never been inside a Famous Footwear, they carry name brands at discounted prices.

Famous Footwear Store Westwood

Famous Footwear has a huge selection of brand name shoes including Sketchers, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Dr. Scholl’s, Converse, Aerosoles, Naturalizer and Steve Madden Girl. They carry the latest styles for the entire family including women, men, girls and boys! Even though it has still been pretty chilly here in Boston, I have a major case of spring fever, so I wanted to get a new pair of sandals because I figured that would make me feel better about the fact I am still cold all of the time.

Famous Footwear Store Westwood1

I spent a while browsing through all the fun spring styles out and had a really hard time narrowing it down to which ones I wanted to buy.  I could have easily left with a pair of every style of shoes they sold. But these are what I ended up with:

Famous Footwear Shoes in Box

Cute, right?

Famous Footwear Shoes

The new stores in Westwood and Hyannis mark their 28th and 29th locations in the greater Boston area. Both locations just opened on March 11 and they’re both  hosting eight Free Shoe Saturdays, which began on March 21.

Free Shoes?  Yes.

Famous Footwear will host Free Shoe Saturdays at both new locations with hourly shoe drawings from noon to 5 p.m. every Saturday until May 9. Customers are invited to come back weekly for a chance to win up to one free pair a week.

If you’ve never shopped at a Famous Footwear before, you are missing out. They are a leading, easy-to-shop footwear destination, featuring brand name merchandise for women, men and children, making it a one-stop-shop for the entire family. They also have a loyalty Rewards program, so check that out the next time you are there.

Additionally, Famous Footwear is a proud sponsor of March of Dimes and from March 26 to April 25, they will be donating $5 from every pair of select Saucony purchase to the organization (up to $75,000).

For more information, visit or

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  152 Responses to “Mama Loves Shoes and Famous Footwear Has My Addiction Covered”

  1. Love the shoes you picked and love Famous Footwear here, too! 😉

  2. I’m a shoe lover, too! I’m in need of some new spring and summer footwear (or so I tell myself). I need to head over to Famous Footwear and look around. Love the sandals you purchased!

  3. Those shoes are really cute! You are all set for summer – if it ever gets here!!

  4. This is the first time I’ve heard of Famous Footwear ( we don’t have one here, boo ) but I must say, this is heaven. It does remind me of Payless. The concept seems the same, but Famous Footwear seems to carry better brands. I hope it eventually comes to my country – the shoe-lover in me will love this!

  5. So how many pair did you really buy? They do have some cute shoes, that’s for sure.

  6. wow, free shoe Saturdays, pretty good customer promotion if you ask me :). I bet they get a lot of visitors with that. Looks like you found some nice sandals while you were there!

  7. I absolutely adore Famous Footwear- it’s one of those rare stores that you can always find what you’re looking for. I wish I was up in Boston for the free shoe giveaway, what an awesome promotion!

  8. Not sure if there is a Famous Footwear near me. If there is I am positive my Mom knows exactly where it is–having a shoe addiction is a lifetime habit–she is 92 and still can’t get enough shoes!!

  9. Famous Footwear sounds like a great place to shop and they do have some really cute styles. The sandals you selected are cute and are something I would have selected for myself. I love cute summer shoes.

  10. Cute sandals! FF always has a good selection of known brands. Nice post today!

  11. That’s a super fun pair of shoes you picked! I love Famous Footwear too!

  12. I think we do have a Famous Footwear close by. I haven’t tried it out, but if they’ve got sandals that cute, I’m headed over.

  13. Those a re cute shoes Robin. They have shoes for the whole family?

    • We’ve bought shoes for the whole family at Famous Footwear. Great selection, great prices.

  14. Oh how cute are those!!! We don’t have a famous footwear here in Toronto. What a bummer. Looks like they have a great selection!

  15. Mama DOES love shoes, especially sandals! Thanks for sharing this. I’ll be checking out Famous Footwear shortly!

  16. Cute sandals! I love when stores have nice, reasonable priced, and pretty shoes for sale!

  17. Those are cute shoes and they would go great with a lot of different styles of outfits. I’ve always had really great experiences with famous footwear. It is the only place i would take my son when he was a teenager because I could sit while he decided and not break the bank when we came out of the store.

  18. Thanks for sharing!! Love the Saucony promotion! Makes me want to go and purchase a pair!

  19. Gah, I love your new shoes for the summer time! I’ll have to check out and see if there is a location near me because I definitely could use a shoe shopping spree for the spring and summer.

  20. I Like. I need to get me some spring footwear myself.

  21. Great reminder that I need to hit the store for a sandal update! Free shoe Saturdays? Be still my little shoe loving heart. Thanks for spreading the word!

  22. I love those shoes! They are so cute!

  23. Love the sandals! I need a pair of those in an 8 wide please 🙂

  24. I love shopping at Famous Footwear. I just got my toddler this cute minnie light up sneakers for 14.99. Can’t beat that.

  25. Wow, that is one huge shoe store, I don’t think I’ve ever see one so big. The sandals you got are gorgeous, perfect for summer 🙂

  26. Sadly, they closed my local store. I have purchased shoes online from Famous thoguh.

  27. Oh I wish we had a famous footware where we live, actually we might in the mall. Those sandals are cute, and I love your yellow nails!

  28. Those are so cute! It’s sad that the Famous Footwear in my area went out of business a few years ago.

  29. Those sandals are so cute. I don’t think we have a famous footwear close to where I live. I believe there is one down by the beach, but I have never been in it. I may have to change thatn next time I see the sign, those sandals are a must!

  30. I lovE Famous Footwear and your shoe selections are awesome! Made me realize that i need to update my Spring shoes!

  31. Cute sandals! It’s just starting to become Spring here and ooh how I’m looking forward to feeding my shoe addiction.. 😉 too!

  32. I love these sandals! I need to go find some for me!

  33. Those are cute shoes! I love New shoes and boots too, but I don’t have 100 pairs.

  34. There is one there is one near me yay. On Westnedge ave in Kalmazoo. YAY!! so now that’s out of my system, yes I really said that because I am in desperate need of new shoes. I am not like most women who have like a billion pairs of shoes I wish I was but yeah that just isn’t in my budget but I love the prices and I hope to drag hubby there some times next month

  35. Those are really cute and springy! Love your yellow polished toe nails!

  36. They are one of my favorite places to shop! I love getting myself a little something when I pick up the kids some new shoes.

  37. Love those! I think I bought the exact same pair a few years ago, lol!

  38. Yes those are very cute shoes! I think we have a Famous Footwear in the area but haven’t been yet. Guess it’s time to visit them. =)

  39. Ooh, I do love a pretty pair of shoes! I need to make a trip to Famous Footwear!

  40. I love Famous Footwear because they have all the shoes I need in one store! I can’t believe they are giving shoes away! That is amazing!

  41. I LOVE famous footwear! Need to make a spring trip over there.

  42. Love Famous Footwear! They always have something for everyone in the family!

  43. I don’t know if there is a famous footwear near me. I like that they will be donating to march of dimes. A great excuse to get new shoes! I have sandals with the same braiding in black & cobalt blue . I love them!

  44. Those stripy sandals are adorable! Lucky you getting to write about these great shoes! Speaking of… I think it’s time I bought some new ones lol

  45. whoops! I meant the STRAPPY ones!

  46. Those are super cute! I do love Famous Footwear they have great coupons too~

  47. Oh, those are too cute! I have a Famous Footwear near my house, and it’s always got great deals.

  48. perfect sandals and I love your pretty toes too!!
    We still got a few feet of snow up here, but I agree: shopping for new summer footwear would definitely make me feel better.

  49. I LOVE SHOES! And the pair your picked is super cute!! We have a Famous Footwear but it’s not close to my house so I have to plan my visits.

  50. I love famous footwear. And I totally wish they did free shoe Saturdays here at my local store.

  51. I am so excited to get new shoes for summer. I miss my sandals. I will have to check out Famous Footwear.

  52. I love the sandals! I need to get some new ones myself, so many of my shoes don’t fit after pregnancy.

  53. We love Famous Footwear for our entire family. It’s funny how we all split to our own sections and find so many pairs of good shoes.

  54. Ooh! Looks like they have some really cute selections for summer! I am going to have to stop in and see if they have something I can shove my feet into this summer 🙂

  55. Yes, I love how they have so many great deals!! Love it!

  56. I like Saucony shoes. This would be a great time to go to FF and check them out. So sweet that they donate to March of Dimes. 🙂

  57. I was just thinking about getting some sandals. Need to check out Famous Footwear

  58. Look at all those shoes! If I were at a Famous Footwear you would probably never get me to come out! I would feel like a kid in a candy store!

  59. I have a shoe fetish and LOVE shopping for shoes… My girls take after me so bargains make me real happy… Oh how I wish they had free shoes in LA 🙁

  60. I need a rehab from Famous Footwear! It’s my go-to shop for my shoe needs!

  61. That looks comfy, that’s my kind of shoes! Oh, I love your nail polish color!

  62. First of all, the shoes you selected were AWESOME! Nail Polish color – AWESOME AGAIN! The fact that they are donating to March of Dimes was just what I needed to get through the door. 🙂

  63. I know we have a Famous Footwear around here, but it’s been so long since I’ve been there. Those are really cute shoes, though, and definitely a reason to go back.

  64. I love Famous Footwear! The store by us has the best staff!

  65. I am not allowed to be shopping right now. Trying to save money for vacation. But I totally need new sandals for vacation right? I love famous footwear. Bad thing is mine is also next to one of my favorite clothing stores to shop too. So I always buy and outfit then go get shoes for it.

  66. I need some new shoes so bad! Especially since I think it’s actually starting to get past the freezing cold- some sandals would be nice!

  67. I have never been in this store but apparently I am missing out. Sounds like a great place to buy shoes for my family of 7!

  68. I need to go shopping! I am loving all those sandals! I love the style that you picked.

  69. I love Famous Footwear. I’m so excited to be able to get sandals and welcome spring! The shoes you got are SO cute.

  70. Those are cute shoes! They’ll look great with a skirt or with jeans/pants/capris. Nice choice!

  71. I love shopping at Famous footwear. Lots of great shoes.

  72. My family and I go to Famous Footwear too! How wonderful that they are a sponsor of March of Dimes!

  73. I like those sandals!! And your toe nails are so fun!! 🙂

  74. I still shop there but not as often as I would like to. The closest store is 40 miles away. Love their coupons and deals. Always got my kids sneakers from there.

  75. I love shoes and I love your bright yellow polish! So cute for spring!

  76. I love Famous Footwear! They have an amazing variety of shoes! That is definitely the place to go if you are in need of shoes. They carry shoes from toddler sizes to adult sizes! It’s a one-stop shop for shoes for our family!

  77. I love your sandals! I need to get both kids shoes this weekend. Looks like a trip to Famous Footwear is in our future!

  78. I love Famous Footwear. They have awesome shoes, and you can’t beat their prices.

  79. I love famous footware! Great shoe BTW, perfect for spring.

  80. Surprisingly famous footwear is one of the store they have where I live! Great store. I can always find something fabulous when I walk in!

  81. I do enjoy shopping at Famous Footwear. They have such a great selection.

  82. Haven’t been to Famous Footwear in quite some time. But I do love their shoes and the prices.

  83. Great cause and awesome shoes yes please. Oh and cute nail polish on your toes.

  84. Your sandals are really cute. I love Famous Footwear they always have a great selection. If I could afford it I would buy a new pair of sneakers every week.

  85. I love Famous Footwear and this reminds me that I need to get a new pair of sandals. I hope their is one near me now that I have moved.

  86. Ohhh I love the pair your chose! I am in heaven when I at Famous Footwear! That’s my favorite store to shoe shop in!

  87. I didn’t use to like wearing sandals and flip flops for many years, but recently I’ve grown to like them. I need a few more pairs of sandals in my closet. Famous Footwear is like a 5-minute drive from where I live.

  88. those sandals look adorable. i am surprised you can wear them with all the snow you have had. love the yellow toes too

  89. they have some great deals! I love hitting them up for the boys.

  90. I love those sandals! Sounds like they have a lot of awesome deals right now too!

  91. This place seems like a Foot lovers dream! I’ve been there once when I visited the U.S and I can say the prices are not bad at all

  92. Those sandals are super cute and would look good with so many different outfits! Love them!

  93. Love the sandals you picked out, they just scream summer! I’ve gotten some cute shoes there before.

  94. My son loves Famous Footwear. I have no idea where he got this addiction from, but when we pass it he says he wants to go there and get shoes, every time! We always find what he wants, too.

  95. Can’t wait to check out the University Station location! They always have such cute summer styles and we get all of our sneakers there!

  96. I am loving the shoes you picked out (And those yellow toes!). I need to check out their sandal collection!

  97. They are cute! I just bought sandals there yesterday 🙂

  98. I really love Famous Footwear for their selection and prices. I love your choice of the metallic sandal. Super cute.

  99. I love the styles at Famous Footwear too! These sandals are really cute!

  100. I love Famous Footwear, and those sandals are adorable! Love your polish, too!

  101. Cute shoes! Loving the yellow toes too 😉 We shop at Famous Footwear. They have one in our outlet mall. They usually have a lot of great sales.

  102. The sandals you show are adorable! Looks like our puppy ate my pair from last year. I guess I need to do some shopping.

  103. I love famous footwear. You got such a cute pair of sandals.

  104. So excited for sandal season! Those ones are so cute, can’t wait to put on my pair soon.

  105. I too share your love for shoes! Those sandals are amazing!

  106. Those sandals are adorable! I take the whole family to Famous Footwear when it’s time for new shoes.

    I’m a shoe hoarder, but I wouldn’t know what to do with 100 pairs of shoes. That’s some obsession you have there.

  107. That’s a fabulous pair of shoes you picked! I love Famous Footwear too! It’s shoe shopping heaven.

  108. Those are a fantastic pair for Spring! I love that they support March of Dimes too!

  109. Oh man, those shoes are fabulous! I just love them!!!

  110. I love to go shoe shopping. I am excited to get new sandals for this summer. I will have to see if there is a Famous Footwear in my area.

  111. I thought Famous Footwear only carried sneakers and athletic shoes, so this is an awesome surprise! I could use a new pair of cute sandals and maybe some heels too!

  112. Those sandals are gorgeous! I need to get a pedicure and go show shopping ASAP!

  113. Wow, love them. I have a shoe addiction, as well. Totally addicted 🙂

  114. That would be awesome! I love famous footwear!

  115. Hi, my name is Gabe and I…don’t have a shoe addiction. I get itchy when I have more than 5 pairs. I do, however, like to see them on other people so this is OK by me.

  116. I love these sandals! They are so cute, perfect for the spring!

  117. Those look super nice, it`s almost season to buy some new sandals!

  118. Those sandals are adorable! My daughter would love them!

  119. I need to pick up some new shoes for summer! I love Famous Footwear!

  120. Great shoes! I love Famous Footwear – worked there for 2 years!

  121. Yes, indeed, when my sister Jan and I travel, we look for Famous Footwear and have a blast. I really like the sandals you found.

  122. Love those shoes! I am needing a new pair of sandals for the spring, so I will be checking out my local store!

  123. Love your choices!! I love to shop at Famous Footwear I always find amazing deals and shoes there!

  124. Shoes can be addicting – those are wonderful and perfect for walks.

  125. This mama loves shoes too. I haven’t been to Famous Footwear in forever. It looks like you found some really cute sandals.

  126. I love Famous Footwear! They always have a huge selection and I can always find my 3 kids shoes.

  127. I actually love the sandals and your nails. The yellow reminds me of spring. This is totally awesome what Famous Footwear is doing for March of Dimes indeed. Thanks so much for sharing.

  128. Those shoes are adorable! I can’t wait until I can wear sandals again. It’s still too chilly here.

  129. Wow looks cool. I will share this Famous Footwear store to my friends.

  130. I have been going to famous footwear for a while now. Cute shoes I might have to get some of those for me!

  131. This mama here loves shoes as well! 🙂 Those sandals are really pretty. I can’t wait to wear my sandals soon!

  132. i am a huge shoe lover. famous footwear is awesome! i’m actually going to the mall today so i probably will be there lol.

  133. Famous Footwear always has the cutest shoes, like the silver sandals you are wearing.

  134. Those sandals look amazing. I love Famous Footwear. I will make sure to check their giveaway

  135. I am a total shoeacholic but I am also a shoe snob as well. If I am not comfortable in a shoe I won’t wear them . I will have to check out Famous for their shoes.

  136. I love to shop at Famos os Footwear! They have such a great selection.

  137. Those look awesome! I have an adoration for shoes too. Famous Footwear is awesome. I have one close to home and end up there way more often than I should.

  138. The people closest to me would say that the LAST thing I need is anotheer pair of shoes, butI would adamently disagree…I ALWAYS need a new pair of shoes. Spring, I need new white sneakers; summeer, I need new sandals; fall, I need some awesome new boots; winter, well I just need shoes to cheer me up. I can’t think of a single season, holliday or just day of the week that I do not need new shoes..they have to match our outfits, right ladies? Famous Footwear is great for those with an undying love of shoes because they really do have a little of everything.

  139. I LOVE Famous Footwear- and I NEED those shoes you’re wearing! They remind me of a pair I had a few years ago that I wore so much I destroyed them- except these ones are even cuter!

  140. I’m trying to pass my shoe problem on to my kids. It doesn’t help that they are adorable (IMHO) and all my friends pass outgrown shoes to me. Do love famous footwear also.

  141. I wish I loved shoes, but I have a hard time finding shoes I like that are also comfortable! I used to shop at Famous Footwear all the time for my family, but haven’t seen any since relocating. I will have to see if there are any in the area.

  142. I need to hit up Famous Footwear because I need new walking shoes. I want some nice and bright new kicks!

  143. i need to get some cute flats to wear … mine are all so old and yuck!! i’ll have to pop in to famous footwear next week

  144. Those sandals looks amazing on you! I love the toe color too bright just for spring!

  145. I could definitely have a shoe problem, easily. Shoes are so much fun to shop for…way better than bathing suits and the like! Love your new sandals too…Fun with a little dress up look if you want! Time for me to snag a new pair of sandals from Famous Footwear with warmer weather FINALLY arriving!