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Marshmallow Boo Boo Ice Pack

I am a boy mom and while they are not so little anymore (le sigh), boys are naturally prone to all sorts of cuts, scrapes and bruises. They love playing outside all summer long, so we definitely see our fair share of boo boos.  I have to bust out an ice pack at least once a day every day from the day they get out of school in June until they go back to school in September.  I’m not exaggerating at all.

The thing about ice packs is that they can be messy.  They drip everywhere once they start to melt and if one of the kids hurts someplace like their knee or elbow, ice packs aren’t flexible so they don’t really work well for jointed areas.  Well, here’s an awesome summer hack for you.  Make a cold pack out of marshmallows!  Yes, I said marshmallows.  Marshmallows get cold, but won’t be hard so they can mold to the body. Plus they are way more fun for the kids.

It only takes a few minutes to make and trust me, it will make the kids forget all about their boo boos in no time.

Here’s what you need:

  • Ziploc bag
  • 1 1/2 -2 cups of mini marshmallows (will depend on the size of your bag)
  • Food coloring in choice of color
  • Masking tape or washi tape (optional)
  • Bowl for mixing
  • Plate or cookie sheet

Here’s what you do:

1. Place the marshmallows in a bowl and add 2-3 drops of food coloring. You don’t need or want more than that because you don’t want to drench the marshmallows. This can cause them to expand or even harden.

Marshmallow Boo Boo Ice Pack1

2. Mix the marshmallows well so the color splatters all over. Spread them out on a plate or cookie sheet and allow them to dry for 30 minutes.

Marshmallow Boo Boo Ice Pack2

3. Once dry, remove the marshmallows and place them in a Ziploc bag. Close the bag.

Marshmallow Boo Boo Ice Pack3

4. Optional: fold over the edges of the bag and tape them to the underside so your sides are nice and clean and tight.

Marshmallow Boo Boo Ice Pack4

Place the marshmallow boo boo pack in the refrigerator. It will get nice and cold but the marshmallows still stay soft and flexible. This works well on boo boos and acts as a fun distraction. Plus it is easier and cleaner than messing with ice packs which can be wet, hard, and uncomfortable. Give it a try and if you do, let stop by and let me know what you thought.

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  1. What a fun idea and totally going to have to try now, because lord knows we get our fair share of boo boos here, too!

  2. What a great idea! Especially for knee scrapes when cold packs won’t bend around the knees.

  3. This is the most fun cold pack ever! This is the kind of thing that makes the kiddos feel much better about life when they have an injury.

  4. I have never thought about this, but it makes perfect sense. It’s genius.

  5. it’s a great idea indeed. And fun for sure. I know with summer soon coming, it will come very handy :). Thanks for sharing it..

  6. OK that is a great idea! I know my son would like it whenever he gets a boo-boo. He’s right at that age where he’s noticing more boo-boos in what I do to them.

  7. My son would love this but want to eat them. I think I’d skip the coloring so they could enjoy them after.

  8. What a great idea! I bet this would work great for my next breast biopsy!

  9. This is such a creative idea especially for the summer months when marshmallow’s are everywhere! These are great to stick a few in the beach cooler as well to cool yourself off on a hot summer day or nights at the baseball field!

  10. Now this is a fabulous idea. I have two girls and a boy and no matter what, there are falls and tumbles, so this is awesome. I am totally going to try this. Thanks for sharing

  11. Huh, what a very cool idea, would never have thought of this in a thousand years. Kids would love this for sure!!

  12. That’s a real original idea! I have never thought of using marshmallows for boo boos. You are so smart, Robin!

  13. What a smart idea for an ice pack!! My kids are always getting bumps and scrapes and need ice packs for them.

  14. Ha, I would have never thought of that. What a great idea and fabulous for those elbows and knees.

  15. That is a super creative idea! And different, too.

  16. That’s a really fun way to deal with boo-boo’s although I’m pretty sure my little one would want to eat it loll

  17. I love this!!! Thanks for sharing, I’ve never thought to use marshmallows. I need them for my boo-boos.

  18. What a fun idea! My kids would totally want one of these for every bump and scrap. LOL

  19. That is such a great idea. I could use a few of these right now. My daughters are always getting hurt it seems. These would be great to help relieve some of their pains.

  20. This definitely would act as a good distraction to little cuts and scratches. Love the idea of this rather than putting a bag of peas or a bag of frozen veggies!

  21. What a clever idea! My kids are always stealing our ice packs, so I stopped buying them, lol. This way they can even enjoy a little snack while feeling better – because you know my kids are going to eat those marshmallows, right?

  22. This is such a simply but really helpful idea. My kids are already rocking a few bumps and bruises not that it is warmer outside. Thanks for the idea!

  23. What an interesting way to make a pack up, never thought about marshmallows for this before. Very cool!

  24. This is a very cute idea! We have a little who wont let ice touch her booboos, just too hard and too cold- this is a great substitute!

  25. Genius! However, do we have to dye them – or is that just a fun way to personalize it?

  26. I think my kids would just eat all the marshmallows. At least they would be happy and not crying anymore.

  27. What a great idea that’s easy to do. It’s not only fun and colorful it will help take kids’ minds off their boo boos.

  28. This is such a good idea! Ice packs are always just a little TOO cold for my kids!

  29. Wow, you are genius! I never thought that marshmallows are good as cold pack, the kids will surely love this thing!

  30. What a great idea! My kids would love this so much 🙂 I’m going to stick some marshmallows in the freezer now!

  31. I have so many marshmallows in my pantry that I had no clue what I was going to do with them. So glad to find this idea! Thanks for sharing.

  32. This is brilliant! An idea that never occurred to me, but one that kids all around the country would adore and would make boo boos better.

  33. I like this idea! It is certainly less messy than ice in a ziplock bag. I will have to try this at our house.

  34. What a fun way to Use and “get rid” f marshmallows. See am not a fan if these sweets an my son s and he does get abut like he is being chased like heck so ends up on his knees marshmallow boo boo pack it is 🙂

  35. I need one of these for band camp season. Son gets lots of aches during practice.

  36. This is a fun idea! I think my kids would be willing to put this on a bump or bruise, which is good since they usually refuse the traditional cold pack! Thanks for sharing this easy tutorial!

  37. So it goes in the refrigerator not the freezer? I like the idea that it is distracting as I think kids would be pretty fascinated with this creation.

  38. What a unique way to make a boo boo pack for kids, I bet kids will be more apt to use this and many parents have this stuff on hand!

  39. What an incredibly clever idea! I have never seen this before. 🙂 I would have loved this as a kid.

  40. I’ve seen lots of homemade ice pack ideas, but never one made with marshmallows. I need to try this out.

  41. Genius idea. Ice packs are so messy. This is a fun way to create an ice pack without the drippy water

  42. I never thought of using marshmallows for ice packs. This would be a great craft for Cub scouts.

  43. OMG, my kids would go nuts over this. Thanks so much for sharing.

  44. This is such a great idea!! I would’ve never thought to make an ice pack out of marshmallows. Go you!

  45. This is a fun idea! Thanks for sharing 🙂 My nieces and nephews will have so mich fun this weekend.

  46. I never thought of this too ^ ^ Thanks for sharing! I’m sure my nephews and nieces will be more excited 😉

  47. I love it. Until now, my favorite boo boo bag was frozen peas! Thanks for the clever idea!

  48. I want to make one of these marshmallows boo boo packs for myself. They are so cute and I love that they don’t leak everywhere.

  49. What a cool idea. Those cold packs always come in handy when you have kids. This is clever!

  50. What a great idea! (At first glance I thought the marshmallows were all moldy at first LOL I might choose a different color 🙂 )

  51. Wow! How cool is that? I am so making a marshmallow boo boo pack to keep in the freezer!

  52. My husband has all girls and between softball, basketball and just being kids they get banged up, too. This is the most fun “boo boo pack” I’ve ever seen LOL!

  53. Great idea. My kids are forever needing an ice pack for some ache or pain. Definitely going to give this a try.

  54. What a fantastic idea! This would be a huge hit in our house – we have booboo’s all the time with 4 boys especially they are so rough!

  55. I have heard about freezing marshmallows before for an ice pack but the added food coloring is a great idea! Adds a bit of fun to an un-fun situation.

  56. This should be a fun thing to do with the kids. I bet they will love it..

  57. I’ll have to try that for my daughter during all of her basketball games, she gets hurt a lot.

  58. This is such a great idea!! I love this.

  59. Great tip here will make one and keep it on the fridge in case needed.

  60. Wow, this is genius. Especially if you didn’t have an ice pack. You always have marshmallows!

  61. Interesting idea. I have never seen or heard of such a boo boo cold pack.

  62. That’s a really smart idea! I’ll have to make my own boo boo packs soon!

  63. This is such an adorable idea. And the staying soft would be great, sometimes you just can’t get the ice pack to wrap where needed.

  64. Great idea! I’ll have to try this when the little one gets a boo boo! Thanks!

  65. Very adorable and fun idea for kids. I am sure they will love this

  66. Well, that’s a fun way to do it, can’t argue with that. While we can prepare for the inevitable, let’s still hope that kids are gonna be alright every time.

  67. That’s a really cool idea! I would love to do that for the kids if they ever have a booboo. Candies and sweets is always a good distraction especially when you’re feeling a little down.

  68. This is such a good idea! I never would have thought to do this — marshmallows, who knew?! I know I have plenty of marshmallow bags that have been half-opened and they are hard already. I’m going to test this out!

  69. I don’t have kids, but I never would’ve thought of this. How creative!!

  70. That is such a clever idea! Because as you said marshmallows are not mess and will mold to the child’s shape!

  71. I can’t believe that this is possible. This pack is so great, it can adapt to the body curves and not too cold!

  72. My son doesn’t like cold packs because of too much coldness, they bring brain freeze to him, Lucky to find this post, marshmallow can’t be too cold so this is so perfect for him.

  73. The marshmallow boo boo cold pack is an awesome idea indeed. I will have to share this idea with my sister and nieces for their little ones. Thanks for sharing this amazing idea.

  74. How cool is this, you’re so creative I love the combination of colors

  75. This is so cool. Who would have ever thought about making an ice pack pretty. Love this idea.

  76. Wow, this is a great idea! I wonder if a blue marshmallow cold pack will be a better one for my little boy.

  77. That pack is seriously cool! It looks so flexible and I love the thought that it is not too cold. This is a very great ideas especially for little kids.

  78. Fun idea! I’m sure little kids will be faking injuries just so they can use the boo boo cold pack haha!

  79. I should try this. Isaak still falls a lot. It looks fun. I love the green coloring.

  80. Nice idea, this would be perfect for our home. I don’t want cold packs but this one, I can compromise!

  81. I just love this idea, of course it might be hard for this adult to not nibble said marshmallows since she kind of LOVES them a lot! I guess thats a win in both mine and the littles world!!

  82. I love this idea! It would make a bit more interesting for my son and an easier clean up for me.

  83. What a cute idea! My sons would really love this. Do the marshmallows stay cold for a while?

  84. I love this idea. Personally I wouldn’t use food coloring so once they are better they could snack on them. I try to limit food coloring in the house. I have two boys 2 and 4 years old so I better stock up in marshmallows!!

  85. Whaat! I always get surprised when I see your recipes! Im going to pin this! This is perfect for a movie night!

  86. This is something useful and indeed a great idea. I have four boys and surely this would be very useful to us. they would often have bruises or sprain.

  87. This is really good to know! I always end up having to toss ice packs after awhile because they leak.

  88. This is such a great idea for getting kids excited about holding an ice pack to an injury. I think the basketball players on my son’s team would even love this for when they get hurt.

  89. This sounds like such a great idea for kids. My kids are 7 and 8, and 1 and don’t like ice or anything cold on them. Maybe they’d go for this idea.

  90. This is way too cute!! I think I would eat my pack!! Haaaa

  91. It is the most fun cold pack ever! I can’t wait to make it!

  92. How fun it this! My kids would love this fun ice pack!

  93. Wow, what an creative idea. It looks cool and fun to try

  94. Great Idea!! I never realized marshmallows had such a cool (haha…pun intended) property to them 😀 Thanks for sharing!

  95. this is so weird as I just found out about this idea the other day. It is such a fun way to help out the kiddos. 😉

  96. What a creative idea, this is genus! Just tried to get my daughter to have an ice pack on her had the other day and she was so NOT into it! I could see this being a great hack for us.

  97. Omg how cleaver!!!!! I definitely need to make one of these for my daughter.

  98. This is a fantastic idea. I will have to make a few for when my friends kids are over. I would have never thought of using marshmallows.

  99. This is a brilliant idea. Plus, they can be tossed if it busts open. I’ll have to make these. I need them for all my aches n pains.

  100. This is very interesting. I never thought marshmallows will do. I am going to give this one a try.

  101. never thought of doing this before, this is a pretty smart idea.

  102. That is such an amazing idea I am loving it and the colour looks fun too