Jan 192014
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Do you love Instagram as much as I do?  I swear, I am always over there posting pictures of one thing or another.  Often times, I share the pictues on Twitter or Facebook, but not always.  It depends on my mood. Here’s a little peek at a few of the things that have been going on with me over on Instagram recently.

I snapped this picture of Milo sporting his winter coat out at the bus stop one morning.  Isn’t he adorbs?


Chris and I had a date night down at the Fire House Theater in Newport.  We took in a hilarious improv comedy show by the Bit Players.


As I was picking up a few things at the grocery store, I saw this sign.  I had no idea that there was a bacon shortage (I thought the Velveeta one was enough).  When I asked the cashier, she said it was because the trucks couldn’t get out  of the midwest to deliver it because of the extreme cold temperatures.  Um, ok?


This joke cracked me up and it was too good not to share.


And I posted this picture of my boys when they were babies for #tbt (Throw Back Thursday).


I got sweet talked into taking my boys to Pump n Jump when they had a day off from school last week.  Man, I hate that place with a passion, but my boys love it there.


I ended up having to bring my kids with me to spin one day & of course, the little man wanted to sit on the bike before class started.


And last, but not least, here is the little man getting a stripe in karate last week.


Oh, and on Friday night, Chris & I went into Boston to see Jim Gaffigan (and it was an awesome show by the way).


We’re always doing one thing or another, and if you want to keep up with me on Instagram, you can find me here.

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  79 Responses to “Meanwhile Over on Instagram”

  1. Love the pictures

  2. I don’t have Instagram but my Daughter does and uses it probably as often as you do. Milo is very Adorbs in that winter jacket… bet Milo is also warm.

  3. BACON???? For the love of God, the apocalypse is coming!!!

    I’m headed out to the grocery store myself, thankfully I have a stockpile of bacon in the freezer.

  4. That is so funny about the bacon. We had a similar sign in our grocery store and it fell On The same day that they announced the velveeta shortage! Can you believe that?

  5. Ok, you I already know how much I love Instagram and seriously out of all my social networks, can find me there daily throughout the day. So much fun and also so happy we follow each other over there!! 🙂

  6. Wow – your week is full with action! Ahem, I mean activity 🙂 Love the pic of your boys from years back side to side with the current one.

  7. Love the pics. especially the boys as little guys – so cute!! I am your newest follower on Instagram. That is if you accept my request. 🙂 My friend’s daughter saw Gaffigan too…said he wasn’t that funny…..(teenagers….what the hell do they know?)

  8. I LOVE Instagram! And I’m loving the pics of the boys. I can’t believe there’s a bacon shortage!?

  9. I already follow you on Instagram. I love seeing everyone’s pictures.

  10. Oh I love I.G its a small quick way to blog if you are short on time. Great pics 🙂

  11. THat sign about the bacon is hilarious. I understand the reason they couldn’t deliver, but the sign is really weird. Like, instead of saying due to the weather restricting delivery this week, they make it sound like sever weather means only 2 packages of bacon are allowed. If it was bright and sunny, you could buy as much as you want! Grocery stores are notorious for ridiculous signs and I always think if I carried around a sharpie, I’d probably be thrown out of the store for correcting bad spelling, awful grammar and bad penmanship!

  12. Cute! Bacon shortages are no joke! I have read several articles over the last few years about how we can expect a shortage in bacon products this year. Isn’t it terrifying?! BACON!

  13. I am not on instagram! And I think I am missing out on a lot because of that.. I love all these pictures Robin, Kids are adorable.. The one about bacon really cracked me up haha Thank you for sharing 🙂

  14. High Five, Terry! 🙂 I don’t have instagram too. The shortage of bacon was funny but they just want to be fair to their customers. That was sweet! 🙂

  15. Your post are always so fun! I love seeing your next adventures!

  16. Same as you, I love posting photos on Instagram as well! Your boys are adorable. I’m also looking into enrolling my baby into Karate lessons when she’s a little bit older 🙂

  17. I don’t do Instagram as much as I should, but Facebook I’m posting pics all the time. It’s amazing how people just find the social channel they love and use it more than they do the others

  18. Milo and the boys are really adorable. Thank you for the pics. I haven’t really learned to use Instagram yet. Still a bit behind in the technology, must be my age 😉

  19. I envy people who can do the instant on the go posts and updates. All good to me. 🙂

  20. We are so lucky in this digital age, that is so easy to take photo, see them, share them. Being a bit (only a bit lol 😛 ) older I was brought up when this ease of taking photos existed. Lovely photos bth

  21. I just want to comment on everything, lol. Jim Gaffigan is a riot, sounds like you had a great time. And it’s so true, whoever complains about any type of heat is getting throat punched! I almost cried about a possible bacon shortage. Whew, glad that’s over with.

  22. Oh what a sweet and fun night for the two of you. I wish I could have a date with my husband soon lol.

  23. I haven’t been out of the house for anything else other than to go to work, go to the grocery store, and go to the pharmacy. My husband is recuperating from hip replacement surgery and it requires me to be home most of the time. I am happy to see that you always make it a point to spend quality time with your loved ones.

  24. I have a hard tie with Instagram, I take photos and it takes so long to actually post them that I do not bother. I need to get better but feel like it takes too much time from what I am trying to actually enjoy at the moment.

  25. I really like Jim Gaffagan. Cool that you got to see him! You are such a good Mommy to do things you hate just so your kids can have a good time. Great instagram pics! Congrats to your boy on his karate stripe 🙂

  26. I love IG so much, I get addicted to it as I check it constantly from day to night lol!

  27. Great job on your Instagram pics!! I love the summer sign!! I live in Florida but it has been too cold for me……..I know it doesn’t even compare to up north!!

  28. I have an instagram account but I’m very rarely on there. I may have seen a few of yours but not all of them. I just can’t keep up with all the social media that is going on. I wonder what’s next?

  29. oh man, I love Jim Gaffigan!! I hope my husband and I can see him at some point! Hes great! I need to use my instagram more often…. it freezes my phone though, so I stay away from it.

  30. Nice pictures. I am not really into instagram but I can see why people love it.

  31. People either love or hate Instagram. Personally, I don’t get they hype. I also don’t like the fact that you can’t post to it from a pc and that you can’t hyperlink to your website on individual pictures.

  32. I love Instagram and cracked up at the Summer one when I saw it on there! And of course, cute little Milo is always a favorite 🙂

  33. I really like Instagram and I think I spend more time there than I do on Facebook. There is something about being able to see things visually.

  34. IG can be fun but i don’t post alot as son is getting tired of me always taking his picture

  35. I’m not on their yet. I know insert (loser here). I can’t keep up with everything as it is now. I can’t imagine adding another social media site to my list.

  36. I don’t currently have instagram but every time I see my sister in law she always urges me to sign up. I tried signing up but each time it told me I had to have a cell phone number?

  37. Looks like you had a great week. Its fun to always be so busy, and especially with kids it seems like it never stops. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  38. I love instagram! These are great pictures and thanks for sharing!

  39. Lots of fun going on your way! I don’t have a smartphone, but if I did, I’d use Instagram. 🙂 I love the flashback pic!

  40. I’m sorry I don’t have the ability to formulate any thoughts here because I’M GOING TO GO BUY BACON BEFORE IT IS GONE.

  41. Love your pictures! I really need to get into using Instagram a lot more than I do.

  42. Actually I just joined over the weekend. Luddite here 🙂

  43. Your weeks are always so full! I love how you make your moments so special. And that coat the dog…so cute!

  44. i’m totally an IG addict, as i’m sure you’ve seen! 🙂

  45. When I see your pics, I’m just thankful that I’m sitting next to a heater warming myself up.. brrrrr. Wouldn’t want to be walking around on that ice, or being deprived of bacon!

  46. Wow, you guys have a lot of fun. I usually sit at home!

  47. I’m not an Instagramer … blogging, Facebook, emails, Flickr and Twitter keep me busy enough 🙂

  48. Instagram is actually my favorite social media network. I love that I can see what people’s lives are really like and develop a personal connection to them! I really, really hope that Instagram doesn’t start letting companies and bloggers drop links so it’s ruined with sponsored content!

  49. I love Instagram too! I use it as an easy way to post pictures to Facebook and Twitter at the same time.

  50. I am obsessed with Instagram! I stopped using my Facebook as soon as the application was available for Android. Then once I got an iPhone again it was all over from there! I think I post at least once a day. It’s such a fun easy way to share memories and moments with followers. Plus I love scrolling through and seeing what everyone else is up to from travels to the delicious foods they are eating!

  51. I just joined Instagram in December and am already loving it! I love your Summer reference! I feel the same exact way haha!!

  52. I didn’t get into Instagram when it first got popular, but I have been shared on their quite regularly. I like that will automatically share my photos to Twitter and Instagram for me.

  53. Bacon Shortage, Oh NO that is unacceptable! LOL!! I love to use Instagram as a quick way to keep folks posted about whats going on.

  54. Love the instagram pics! I love how instagram is a little peek into our everyday lives.

  55. Love your photos.Heading over to Instagram to follow now.

  56. Love all your photos on FB and seeing them here :). I do think your pup is very cute!

  57. you are the busiest family i have ever seen!! it’s crazy!

  58. I LURVE instagram. It’s a way for me to log and time pictures! And that is one skinny pup you have – we own a 60 pound english bulldog, so he’s super beefy.

  59. I’m totally addicted to Instagram! I just started following you!

  60. I go in phases with instagram, forgetting about it and then getting really into it. I love seeing all of your pictures. 🙂

  61. Love the pictures! Looks like you had a great week!

  62. I love instagram, too. I don’t share on there very often because I don’t think my pictures are unique or cool enough to share, but I still love that platform.

  63. I love all of these pics – looks like a fun week!

  64. As I read the First person to complain about summer picture, I had to laugh. I am under 12 inches of snow

  65. Cute idea! I love Instagram as well. What’s your username? I’m zealousmom. See you on the feed!

  66. I use Instagram but only for work related things. I don’t put person things on it. I enjoyed seeing your photos. It looks like you have a fun life.

  67. i feel like my days are so uneventful lately there is nothing to share on instagram. i need to notice the small things and share more

  68. These are so fun! I’m glad you post the last one, my husband and I love Jim G and we’re thinking about going when he’s in Cleveland!

  69. What cute pics!! I need to get back on instagram! ..

  70. First off your doggy in that coat is the cutest. Secondly, a bacon shortage?? My husband would freak lol

  71. You guys are seriously always on the go. You don’t live a boring life at all!

  72. Instagram is pretty awesome. It plays into my visual learner side, plus I get quick glimpses into what everyone is doing, versus having to read a Facebook update!

  73. I’ve heard great things about Instagram but know absolutely nothing about it. I’ve steered clear because I figure it’s something else I’d get caught up in. Your dog looks cute in that coat.

  74. Great photos! I love Instagram and had a plan to do the photo a day.. but I only lasted a day before I forgot all about it! I’ll try again next month!

  75. What a great week! I love the way Instagram captures the little details that make up our lives.

  76. Instagram is awesome, sadly my photo skills are not

  77. No, but I definitely need to start using Instagram more often. 🙂