May 162014
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This post was created in partnership with America’s Farmers. All opinions are my own.

America’s Farmers grow a lot more than just crops.

Not only do they grow the crops that feed, clothe, and fuel us but they do it all on less land. In fact, just to equal the amount of food grown today farmers from 50 years ago would need their fields to cover every square inch of the U.S.  

Also, did you know America’s farmers grow 23 million American jobs? That’s right; the American agriculture industry supports 23 million U.S. jobs, making them the largest employer in the nation. America’s farmers also grow the economy with a trade surplus of 34 billion dollars – that’s more than any other U.S. industry.

Oh, and here is a little fun fact for you.  Did you know that about one acre of soybeans can create 82,368 crayons?

I am proud to be working on the America’s Farmers campaign, which aims to celebrate the livelihood of American farmers and today I am going to introduce you to the Woodrow Family, which is one of  eleven featured farm families.

Here’s the low down on the Woodrow’s:



Kelly and Shelley


Springerton, IL


The Woodrow Family grows corn, wheat, and soybeans.

Family Motto:

“I think we’re the best in the world at what we do, so I think it’s up to the American farmer to keep improving the technology, to keep being a better steward to the land, to keep doing better with the quality of grain, to keep feeding the world. I think as long as we do that, we’ll all survive and we’ll all make a good living. That’s what it’s going to take, everybody working together.” – KELLY WOODROW


Kelly Woodrow has been farming since 1979, starting when he was just 18 years old.

He started farming with his dad, Don Woodrow, now retired, and now Kelly’s sons have started farming with him as partners in the operation. The three share all the farm responsibilities equally and work together to make the farm successful. Even Kelly’s father still drives the tractor from time to time.

For the Woodrows, farm life isn’t always easy, but it’s a good life and they love what they do.


What I find most inspiring is that Kelly carried on the family tradition and is working to instill the same values in his own family.I love the tight bond of this family and it’s something I can see in my own life as well.  I spend a lot of time with my own family, although it is much smaller than Kelly’s family.  I love that they make time for each other and love what they are doing at the farm.

Check out my American Farmers Pinterest board for some great recipe ideas with the crops these great farmers provide.

How do you relate to  America’s Farmers? Do you try to buy fresh produce when you can?

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  90 Responses to “Meet the Woodrow Family #AmericasFarmers!”

  1. I very much try to buy fresh produce. Yet, I am a city girl at heart, so farming always does seem so well removed to me, but yet I admire those who do it for a living. thanks for sharing about this family and they sound like they are wonderful tight knit clan and run a strong, hearty business, too 🙂

  2. We have a lot of farms here in mass. I love the fresh fruits and vegetables

  3. We always buy fresh product mainly because it’s so much healthier for our family.

  4. Thanks for the info.Without our farmers we would have no food, so they are appreciated here!

  5. I didn’t know you need soybeans for crayons – interesting! We have a lot of fields around here growing different crops – I think some are soybeans too. I love fresh produce!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. 23 million jobs?? Holy cow…..I had no idea. Thanks for reminding us what an important industry this is.

  7. Gosh, we owe everything to to farmers when you think about it. It’s nice to get to know the Woodrow family. I was considering joining one of those co-ops this year. We do have a farm stand close-by that I like hit in the summer. Also, strawberry picking is a lot of fun too!

  8. I have zero doubt farmers are one of the hardest working people around. We live in a rural community and this time of year they come out and help one another too. I see it every single season, and it’s nice.

  9. Hey they are in IL like me. 🙂 I cannot wait to go to farmer’s markets. I believe there’s one this Sunday. Just hoping the weather holds up!

  10. Farming is essential to our economy. We try to buy farm fresh, organic, and nonGMO.

  11. What a big family – a big farm needs lots of hands. We try to buy local and GMOfree as much as possible.

  12. I relate to farmers because I am a farmers daughter. My Dad grows grain, wheat, alpha-alpha, etc. I think we need to support the farmers who make all our food possible.

  13. if we don’t grow it, we try to always buy from someone nearby who does. even when it costs more. i’d rather support my neighbor than a huge corporation!

  14. I love farms that do nonGMO and organic! They need to do that more and not let Monsanto push the local smaller farmers out. It’s terrible what is happening to the farmers out there.

  15. What an awesome campaign! I loved reading about this family. We have a lot of farmers around here. The American farming family should truly be celebrated.

  16. Thank you for profiling farmers. It’s def a hard occupation! Like Alison above, I buy organic and non-GMO. This is my preference and one I stand behind for the health of my family.

  17. I really admire American farmers. They work so hard and provide so much for us. Sometimes I think they are not appreciated as much as they should be. Thanks for sharing this!

    Have a terrific weekend!

  18. As long as they are organic farmers, I will buy from them. There is one near my house I go to all the time.

  19. I prefer fresh off the farm over canned or frozen any day. Thank goodness summer is coming!!

  20. I have mad respect for farmers. It has to be such a hard job every single day. They don’t even know what the weekend is!

  21. Yay for farmers! They work so hard! I was going to do corn detassling one summer on a local farm when I was a teen, then decided it was too much work lol.

  22. During spring/summer/fall, I try to buy the bulk of our produce from local farmers. I buy 80% of our meat from a local farmer. It’s so important to keep things local.

  23. What an amazing family motto. Love the pictures of the family and their farm!

  24. I definitely love supporting farmers as long as the farmers are organic and have nothing to do with Monsanto!

  25. Yay for farmers! I get my eggs from a local farmer. I feel so much better about eating them and they really taste so much better!

  26. What a lovely write up! Farmers rock! What they do is so amazingly important, yet we don’t think about it much. Nice that you’re bringing it up! Thanks!

  27. I don’t think people give enough credit or attention to farmers. I think it must be a ton of fun to have their own farm, grow their own food, and share their passion with the world. I have switched a lot of my grocery shopping from mainstream stores to local farmer’s markets, I just love what they do and I love getting fresh products!

  28. I love hearing about farmers who are carrying on the family tradition. I think it’s such a great thing. I buy from local farmers as much as I can.

  29. American farmers have always been and will always be the backbone of our country. They work long and hard hours to bring food to our tables. I much prefer buying from them then from the large corporation farms!

  30. Beautiful post and fantastic pictures. Makes me proud to have farmers in my family.

  31. I grew up on a farm, so farmers have a special place in my heart. I try to by fresh straight from the farmer when I can.

  32. What a great thing to blog about!!! I buy local milk. I love it because it comes in a glass container. I reuse it for water to take to work. There’s no filtered water here. Nebraska has crappy drinking water. I’m trying to buy cage free brown eggs. Of course I buy tons of veggies and fruit.

  33. This is great! We outsource so many things I think its great when we focus on what people right here in our own land is doing for America. I think this will be great to help support local farming communities. We tend not think a lot about where our food comes from. I love this.

  34. I come from a long line of farmers. American farmers are so important, and I feel like they don’t get enough credit for what they do.

  35. We grow all of our vegetables here and it’s a lot of work on that small scale I can’t even imagine on a full on scale. I also feel that GMOs have got to go

  36. What a fantastic family! We have a local farm here and we love to visit. It’s clearly so much work, but so worth it.

  37. We buy local veggies and fruits from our local market. I love it because it is cheap too. Farmers are really hard working people and my hats off to them 🙂

  38. What a great program! I get local veggies and fruits mostly from farmer’s market or the little stalls near my house. But I do buy some from the only chain store here in Tena because they have some things I can’t get from anywhere else.

  39. We always try to buy fresh and local whenever possible.

  40. My dad was raised on a farm and my grandparents on the other side owned apple orchards so farming was always a part of life growing up 🙂 Now I still grow most of our vegetables and herbs in the warmer months and freeze them for use in the winter. We also buy local as much as we can.

  41. This is an awesome program. Love when farmers are shown appreciation. Farmers RULE!

  42. I relate by buying local when I can. I grew up in farm country and believe strong is supporting the American farmer.

  43. We haven’t had anywhere close by to buy fresh here in a while. Maybe something will open up this summer. hard to tell since Sandy.

  44. I greatly prefer fresh produce! I try to buy it whenever I can.

  45. What a great story. Most of our farm land down here is gone and replaced with houses and businesses.

  46. I try my hardest to buy non GMO veggies and fruit when possible, I love hard working, honest farmers.

  47. My friends and family members are Americas Farmers and I am proud of them each and every day. Farmers some of the backbone of America.

  48. Going to the farmers market weekly is important to us. We eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies! Great recognition of American Farmers.

  49. Soybeans for crayons?! I had no idea ….. I love learning something new everyday!!!!

  50. I adore fresh produce and my goal is to buy more locally. Harder to do over the winter, but excited to hunt down some farmer’s markets soon!

    Wow on the crayons!

  51. I have a friend who was raised on a farm. It is a ton of work, all day, everyday!

  52. Ah, what a lovely story Robin. And wow to those facts! I have to admit, I don’t buy fresh produce as much but I try to when I can. Their family do seem to have a tight bond. Same with my family 😉

  53. It is so important to support small business owners and our local and national economy. My family got its roots in farming and i know the Importance of keeping this industry going strong in the US.

  54. Love the American farmer! I was born in the 50s and grew up in rural Wisconsin and was surrounded by nothing but farms. My father was the manager of a research farm for Pride Seed Corn and so our life revolved around that farm.

    I have lived in the second largest city in the US for over 30 years. You can take the girl off the farm but you can never take the impact from growing up a farmer out of the girl.

    Kudos to the American farmer!

  55. I did not know that they were the largest employers in America. I try to shop as much as I can at our local farmer’s market to support my local farmers. Farming is a tough life, and it was nice learning about the Woodrow family!

  56. There is something that clicks when we go visit the u picks around us. The natural attraction to the land is amazing. Farm work is not easy so we are grateful to those that dedicate their lives to giving us the possibility of fresh produce

  57. We know lots of farmers around here and they do a great job feeding America! The really work hard!

  58. Thank you for all the info. We prefer fresh local produce!

  59. My boyfriend works on a farm and I love how you talk about spending time with your family. Those are all things that are important to us as well.

  60. I love to buy fruits and vegetables from farms that are organic! They are a bit costly but I know they are more nutritious and healthy for me and my family.

  61. The produce in Michigan was better than where I am now. Spring through Summer was amazing on the farmstands.

  62. I had no idea so many individuals were still in the agriculture. With such an emphasis on health and positive eating habits, I’d hope that would grow!

  63. since I come from a farming family, I very much appreciate any and all attention that comes their way. We try to both local produce during the summer months – we don’t really have a choice once winter starts obviously. But I will always support the local farmer over the supermarket chain when I can. And thanks to my relatives I always have fresh supply of garden stuff and especially corn!

  64. It’s so lovely that family like that existed – all fresh and nothing of chemical incline. I wish most family can be like that too.

  65. Nothing is better than cooking with fresh produce, I love farms.

  66. We buy produce from all of the farm stands around us whenever we can, I believe we should support them.

  67. That’s why farmers are very important in the improvement of our economy. wow that amount of soybeans can create 82,368 crayons?

  68. Farmers have such an important job. We should take time tip thank them.

  69. We live in a farming area and I love it! I love being able to head to the many farmer’s markets and grab some fresh fruits and veggies that I know really are local.

  70. I grew up in farm country, with lots of farming families, including my own. Wonderful that you are bringing attention to these hardworking families!

  71. How cool ! I always try to meet the local farmers. You’re supporting their heritage and more!

  72. I love fresh local produce, and I love getting to talk to the farmers at my local farmer’s market. I always appreciate the work they do.

  73. I love this post highlighting the farmer. I am sure it is a difficult job that often goes unappreciated. I love eating farm fresh produce

  74. What a great family! The kids are so lucky to have this kind of family and learn so many useful things. Being a farmer is really hard, I know it because of my gandparents.

  75. I LOVE getting a behind the scenes look! I am visiting a farm this summer and can’t wait!

  76. I love that they are carrying on a tradition. We do buy fresh and local when we can.

  77. There’s such a huge difference in the quality and flavor of an item when it’s fresh from the farm versus frozen or canned.

  78. Being from Kansas, I know all about soybean fields. I never worked in one, but I have seen a lot! I love that you did a post about this. Farming is such an important part of our world. More people need to know the facts!

  79. Yes, I try to go to Farmer’s Markets when I can. I love supporting our local growers

  80. I love farmer’s markets! We try to eat a lot of fresh, local produce when available. We even have our own little garden – nothing compared to what farmers deal with, but it’s nice to eat straight from the ground!

  81. Coming from a long line of farmers I admire the work they do, I could never do it. I try to support our local farmers by purchasing produce at Farmer’s Markets and at stores that stock locally sourced produce.

  82. Oh, this is awesome! The farmers are often overlooked. I really admire and am thankful for the work they do. Definitely unsung heroes.

    And the soybean and crayon connection, who knew!?

  83. We used to live in Peoria, IL! Miss the farm life!

  84. I believe my great grandfather was a farmer, and I do try to buy locally (and organic) produce much as possible.