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How I Met Your Mother is one of the best comedy sitcoms ever! It ended a few years back, and people (including me and my husband) still quote the show, and continue to watch the re-runs! After watching just a few episodes, there is a good chance you find yourself being sucked in and becoming addicted to the hilarious story line and characters!

How I Met Your Mother was nine seasons of listening to Ted share with his teens, how he met his wife, their mom. There are tons of twists and turns in his love story on and it was definitely an adventure to find the love of his life. He has a great group of friends in his life and their shenanigans will keep you entertained during every single episode. It is argued who is the best character, Lily, Robin, Marshall, Ted or Barney!

8 Reasons Why How I Met Your Mother is the Best Show Ever

It’s hilarious: This show will have you laughing from beginning to end. Some of the story lines are absolutely outrageous and will leave you thinking that they could only happen to one of the gang. Plus, who doesn’t want to unwind after a long day with a hilarious comedy!
Barney Stinson: For good reason, he is one of the most popular characters on the show. From the Bro Code to The Playbook to the Hot Crazy Scale, you will learn exactly how not to get a girl by watching Barney on this show. Oh and we can’t forget his famous quote, “Legen-waitforit-dary”! Lily and Marshall even gave their first born “waitforit” as a middle name thanks to Barney.
It keeps you Wondering: For eight seasons, you are left you wondering who Ted finally married. The show definitely does a good job of keeping you guessing along the way, in hopes that you might finally learn who his mystery woman was.
Marshmallow and Lilypad (aka Lily and Marshall): One of the best couples ever, they love each other so much. They started dating back in college, survived many ups and downs, got married and then kids. My husband and I want to be them when we grow up.
Awesome Quotes: Like I said before, this is one popular show that people still quote after it is long gone. It has some awesome quotes like “Legen-dary”, “Suit Up” and more. If anyone has watched the show, they know exactly what you are saying when you quote it.
Search for Love: Who doesn’t love a good love story! This takes you down a journey of finding your one true love. You might have some bumps along the road, but hopefully in the end we all find true happiness. Ted is a real love sick man and he finally finds “the one”, but not before dating his way through New York City.
They are Always There for Each Other: One thing that is great about this sitcom, is it shows how great their friendships are. No matter what happens in their lives, they always have each others backs.
You will fall in Love with Characters: Each character on the show has their own quirks and it’s part of what makes the show great.  From Barney making fun of Robin for being Canadian to Marshall’s love of Big Foot, you will get sucked into each and every story line and really start to feel invested in their “lives”. You will find yourself beginning to root for your favorite characters to find happiness or find the success they are looking for!

One of my favorite things is that nothing is left hanging.  There is an episode in which Ted mentions that there is a goat in his bathroom, but says that he will give the kids the full story later.  Sure enough, a few episodes later we got to hear the story. By the end of the series, everything has been wrapped up nicely and you will be updated on all of the recurring characters and where they ended up after their encounters with Ted and the gang.

Guess what?  You can stream the entire series on Netflix, so if you missed it, you can binge on it this weekend.  And trust me, it’s definitely binge-worthy.

Note: I am a member of the Netflix StreamTeam.  As part of the #streamteam, I have received product and complimentary service, but all opinions are 100% my own. 

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  1. How I Met Your Mother is one of the best comedy shows I’ve ever seen! It really was so well done. I still watch it in reruns.

  2. This was one of my favorite comedies of all time. The writing was witty, and the acting was superb. It was really a cut above a lot of other sitcoms out there.

  3. I absolutely agree with every reason you listed here. I’ve often called How I Met Your Mother, the Lost of comedies. I always wondered about that marriage.

  4. I absolutely agree with every reason you listed here. I’ve often called How I Met Your Mother, the Lost of comedies. I always wondered about that marriage.

  5. HIMYM is in my top 5 favorite shows of all time!

  6. No need to explanation – it just is and I FRIGGIN ADORE IT! I could and do watch it over and over and over again! THANKS NETFLIX!

  7. I love How I Met Your Mother! It just never gets old and you get some emotionally invested in the characters you want to know how their lives end up. I think the writers did a fantastic job with the ending

  8. I love How I Met You Mother! It’s absolutely one of the best shows of all time. It’s a classic that I could watch over and over!

  9. I have seen bits of this show and love watching it. I need to kick my husband off the tv so I can watch this show.

  10. I think I’ll have to start watching this one.I keep hearing good things about the show and I like all of the actors in it.

  11. “How I Met Your Mother” is one of those shows that I can watch over and over again! I always find myself laughing hysterically even I have already seen that episode 🙂

  12. Can you believe I have never actually seen How I met Your Mother? I feel like the only person who hasn’t.

  13. This is one of favorite shows. I watch it when I need a laugh.

  14. I love the show, but I haven’t watched the entire series. I need to stream it soon! It really is so funny!

  15. Thanks for sharing! I haven’t watched this show before but I’m definitely going to check it out on Netflix 🙂

  16. YESSSS!!!!!
    I never watched this show when it was on regular tv (I learned about it when it was in its last season). My husband kept watching it and I was like what is that, it’s so funny. My husband was like, oh you should because you literally are the female version of Ted Mosby. I literally binge watched it in a few days! Carter Bays is supposedly the real life Ted Mosby, and I want to tell him I think we are somehow related or from the same gene pool. Hahaha.

    PS I don’t know why I’m not following you on Bloglovin yet, but I’m going to now. 🙂

  17. YESSSS!!!!!
    I never watched this show when it was on regular tv (I learned about it when it was in its last season). My husband kept watching it and I was like what is that, it’s so funny. My husband was like, oh you should because you literally are the female version of Ted Mosby. I literally binge watched it in a few days! Carter Bays is supposedly the real life Ted Mosby, and I want to tell him I think we are somehow related or from the same gene pool. Hahaha.

    PS I don’t know why I’m not following you on Bloglovin yet, but I’m going to now. 🙂

  18. My husband likes this show. I haven’t really checked it out yet so since I’m always looking for new old shows to binge I’ll keep this one in mind.

  19. I never watched it when it was on regular television, but being a new mom again and staying up all hours of the night, I might just need a new show to binge. This sounds great!

  20. I used to watched this too. Indeed this show is a hit and many can really relate that they did watch this too.

  21. I think it’s awesome and it’s one of my favorite shows EVER. It’s definitely a show that I miss watching. So far, I have watched the whole 9 seasons three times. Lol.

  22. Really bizarrely I have never seen this show. So many people have told me how funny it is, I really must check it out.

  23. I love (!!!) how I met your mother. A lot of people compared it to friends… but it’s a tough call on which is better 😉 It’s what started me off being slightly (massively) obsessed with Neil Patrick Harris. Great post!

  24. My other half got me into How I Met Your Morher and we binge watched it from start to finish isn’t it great!

  25. I’ve already heard about this but never had a chance to take a look. I think I’ll look for a copy and watch it this weekend. How many season does it have?

  26. I remember watching this one and I loved it. It always made me laugh so hard. I need to go back and rewatch all nine seasons when I get the chance.

  27. I would disagree I can remember some other comedy shows that were better or just as good. I did watch this show for awhile. Everything changes and gets old after awhile.

  28. I have honestly never seen it before. I’ve always heard about it–my friend was PISSED about the finale. I might have to watch on Netflix over the summer.

    • I haven’t seen it either. I have a lot of friends who have watched all of it and rave about it though.

  29. So true! I love this show and feel right at home when watching it. It definitely keeps me laughing!

  30. I binge watched this on Netflix a few months ago and I am SOOO sad that its over.

    And seriously, the finale? HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE

  31. I can honestly say I have never watched it. No I’m not living under a rock, but the cartoons just seem to rule my house. Now you are going to make me go check out re-runs! I love a good comedy.

  32. I love getting lost in shows like this that make me lol. I have only recently started watching this but I love what I’ve seen and I look forward to watching all of the shows.

  33. This reminds me of how much I use to watch CBS. I’ve never really watched this show, but I will check it out now.

  34. My hubby and I have been watching this show after my mom recommended it. It’s going to take a lot of binge watching on Netflix to get through all 9 seasons.

  35. When I read the headline my first thought was … “Neil Patrick Harris…duh” LOL He’s awesome and the cast of this show is amazing. Love it!

  36. We are on the hunt for a new series to binge and How I Met Your Mother sounds perfect. As a huge NPH fan, I am not sure why I have yet to give this show a shot.

  37. I have never watched this! I will have to look for some reruns bc I heard it is hilarious!

  38. Haha I agree I love HIMYM! It’s so hilarious but at the same time touching and suspenseful. I want to rewatch it now!

  39. I’ve watched a few episodes and it did look like a good comedy. However, I have been tied up with work lately so there is a need to catch up – a lot of catching up. Thanks for the reminder.

  40. I never watched this show from the beginning. I probably saw maybe 15 episodes? My husband though absolutely loved this show and it is his favorite so I’m going to have to watch it from the beginning and see if he wants to watch it again. It was hilarious and funny when I did watch it!

  41. I will be honest, I’ve never watched the entire show. I have seen so many of the reruns that I’ve probably seen majority of the show. It is hilarious but I’ve always watched the reruns out of order. I need to see how the show ends.

  42. Omg… I have a secret… it’s shameful and no one ever believes me…. I’ve never seen How I Met Your Mother. Clearly I need to fix that ASAP!

  43. You make some good points here. That is a good show.
    And I really like your choice of pictures.

  44. If I admit that I’ve never watched this series (at all)…can we still be friends? haha… But – you are encouraging me to check it out on Netflix now!

  45. I loved the show and was super sad when it went off the air.

  46. I’ve been obsessed with this show and own the DVDs. Sooooo funny! I just read an article about how women characters were treated in the show, which made me love it a bit less. But, my husband and I quote it all the time!

  47. I watch Netflix a whole lot. I’ve never really watched this. I’ll have to give it a go and see what the “hype” is all about. I’ve heard a whole lot of things about it and all of them have been good.

  48. I used to watch How I Met Your Mother when it aired on TV. I just found out it is on Netflix and started to binge watch it.

  49. I’ll be honest this is one of those shoes I watched and stopped watching and then just forgot about. Then you go on netflix and realize it’s still running. Say what

  50. First of all – i love the fact that I can re-watch all these episodes with my kids and enjoy it again through a whole new perspective! and I agree with all your points also- my husband and I quote the show all the time– WAIT FOR IT….

  51. My favorite episodes are when Barney runs the marathon and then is too sore to get off the train on the way home and just keeps riding it throughout the city + the show where Barney loses a bet and Marshal can slap in the face unexpectedly anytime he wants. I miss this being on prime time though I found the ending really sad and a bit disappointing.

  52. I LOVED HIMYM so much! I was a HUGE Friends (it’s my favorite show) so HIMYM was helped me get over Friends ending. It’s such a funny show.

  53. I’ve watched this comedy show for many times! I’d definitely agree that it is one of the best comedy shows to date!

  54. I absolutely love this show! You’re reasons are spot on lol. I completely forgot about it until reading our posts.

  55. I watched this show on Netflix. When it was airing I was kinda like “meh” but then I started watching it on Netflix and found that it was pretty doggone good!

  56. It’s definitely one fun show to watch. They will make you feel every emotion, from joy, to a little bit of hurt from some of the challenges that they face. I miss watching this show! I should rewatch the whole series!

  57. I loved that show! However, I wasn’t exactly happy about who the ‘mother’ ended up being. But love lilly and marshall! And barney!

  58. How I met your mother, A great series to look upon, if you are a fan of romedy genre. The points over there clearly depict what any die-hard fan would say. You learn, laugh and yes fall in love with this series. Personally, My favorite is Lily, how she always cared for all four of them took my heart.

  59. I have never watched the show but have always heard great things about it. You pointed out some great reason why people should watch it.

  60. I remember running into it on some cable channel when I was with my daughter. She started watching and got hooked. So we binge watched the seasons on Netflix and it was legen . . . wait for it . . . .

  61. I love this show! I got hooked on it watching syndicated reruns, of course, but one of the best things about it is that you ALWAYS just know Robin and Ted are going to end up together…..until you find out how it really ends. As crass as it can be at times, it is endearing in it’s humor and the character’s love for each other.

  62. Thanks for the reminder! I have missed a lot of episodes of How I met Your Mother! It is rare to have really good comedy shows and I will have to catch up on the series on Netflix.

  63. I AM CRAZY FOR HIMYM!!!!! I wish to meet my Ted someday <3 thanks for sharing this!

  64. I love this show too, but I had no idea it had ended! We just watch reruns with the kids all the time.

  65. HIMYM is one of my favorites! I loved watching it when it was on and I was always laughing! My favorite things is the ” have you met Ted?” Line.. I actually started doing that to my single friend Birttany when we were out and it is actually really funny.

  66. I loved this show, I think I got to series 5 or 6 before I stopped watching it. Must pick it back up again. I still don’t know how it ends!

  67. I love this show. Very funny and addicting. This is one of my unfinished tv series. I’ll go back to it asap when I can.

  68. This has been one of my favorite shows to watch for many years. My husband and I used to watch it every Monday night together.

  69. I have never watched this show. But this looks like a great show to watch so i will definitely watch this summer.

  70. This looks like a cute show! I have never seen it so I could totally grab my tea, snacks, and snuggle in for a weekend of marathon TV watching (that is, if I had the time) LOL

  71. I have yet to watch this show but saw thriller of it and it is really funny.

  72. I tuned into this show on and off throughout its run. It was always funny and whenever I see reruns, I still get a chuckle out of the crazy things they did.

  73. Even though I disliked the finale, I still love this show. It was so funny and completely relatable. There’s nothing like Barney Stinson.

  74. I have never really watched this show before, but I have heard it is really funny. Might be a binge watching weekend.

  75. I can’t agree that it’s the best comedy show ever. 😉 However, I CAN agree it’s a pretty darn good one!

  76. My brother introduced us to this show last year. We binge watched the whole thing! I was so sad when we finished! It’s such a good show!

  77. I have seen almost all the episodes of how I met your mother and they were all hilarious.

  78. YES!! I love HIMYM!! My boyfriend and I just watched the entire series last year, and we loved it! Hands-down best show ever.

  79. I’ve only seen a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother, and then I stopped peeking. It is so funny. I vowed to binge watch it one of these days (months).

  80. The show How I Met Your Mother is something I usually watch a few times a night. I have seen episodes over and over again but still watch.Thanks for sharing the information.

  81. I used to be legit obsessed with this show and Barney is just the best!! I went through stages of liking different characters (never Ted haha!) but Barney always fins. Maybe because people always say I look like Robin (I wish ha!) x

  82. I absolutely love this show! My husband and I never missed an episode!

  83. I totally agree with you even before I read your post! We love this show! We never miss it either!

  84. Who wouldn’t love this show! It’s awesome and it’s funny! I love the cast’s chemistry especially Barney and Ted. It’s definitely one of my favorites to date.

  85. This was definitely one of my absolute favourite shows. I felt I identified with all the characters. Marshall was the best though.
    Katja xxx

  86. You are absolutely correct–How I Met Your Mother is one of the best comedy sitcoms ever on TV. I have never laughed so hard in my life. I am happy to know that I can binge watch on Netflix.

  87. I’ve heard great things about this comedy show. Great actors in it so I’ll have to watch it on Netflix.

  88. I never watched this show but I know so many of my friends who have. I’m so lame when it comes to watching TV shows. I’m always behind. <3

  89. I liked this show when it started. Like many other’s I hated the ending. It just wasn’t my cup of tea.

  90. I love this show! Sadly, I haven’t seen the last season of it yet! I didn’t know it was on netflix – now I know what I am going to binge this weekend 🙂

  91. I never watched this show, but I always heard that it was funny!

  92. So fun this is loads of fun. I knew this was a great show, now I know why!

  93. This is a show I only watched a few times but I think after reading this I need to give it another go

  94. I’ve watched this show and it’s very funny! I need to catch up on it!!

  95. I love this show and watched every episode on Netflix.