Oct 112017
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Minecraft is Coming to a Boston Movie Theater THIS Weekend!

Does your child love Minecraft? Starting this Saturday morning, instead of just playing at home, they can enjoy the game while meeting new friends as part of a local team representing Boston, thanks to Super League Gaming and their Minecraft City Champs tournament, run in partnership with Nickelodeon. It’s like little league for Minecraft players! Fun, positive and a great opportunity to get out and play with other kids their age. Past players clearly have had a GREAT time!

And one skilled player will win a HUGE prize for their family – 4 tickets to Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards 2018, inclusive of round trip airfare, 2 nights in a hotel and a $500 spending allowance. There will be other giveaways for all players, including an official Boston Revolt team jersey!

Minecraft is Coming to a Boston Movie Theater THIS Weekend!

While you may find it challenging to pull your little ones away from their iPad or Xbox, the truth is that playing Minecraft (and video games in general) can be beneficial for your kids on many levels, including problem solving, building self-confidence, enhancing creativity, understanding teamwork and improving academic performance.

Super League’s Minecraft City Champs tournament is in its 3rd season, so the company knows how to provide a well-organized experience for your Minecrafter. It’s ideal for kids 6-14, who will play alongside their peers and have the chance to compete against teams in cities across the country. The tournament takes place in a movie theater, which means they also get to see their favorite game on the big screen!

Day One is this Saturday, Oct 14th, when players will meet their teammates and get a chance to practice the custom game modes designed by Super League. The tournament then begins on Sat. the 21st and continues on the following three Saturdays.

Minecraft is Coming to a Boston Movie Theater THIS Weekend!

To learn more and get tickets visit Super League’s Minecraft City Champs Boston Event Details Page.

Parents attend for free, although Super League provides full coverage if you need to drop off. Of course if you’re there, you can cheer on your Minecrafter to victory!

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  53 Responses to “Minecraft is Coming to a Boston Movie Theater THIS Weekend!”

  1. That is so awesome! My kids would love that. They’re all huge Minecraft fans They’re always digging and building huge structures. It’s great.

  2. Such a good way to get the kids out of the house and making new friends. Always fun meeting new people with similar interests!

  3. If my kiddo knew about this he would be begging to go to Boston. Minecraft is probably his favorite game ever.

  4. This is seriously AWESOME. My daughter loves Minecraft so much and she’d love this!

  5. Oh I hope this comes to Florida! My son plays Minecraft – as well as half the kids in the neighborhood – so they would all love this.

  6. This is awesome! My kids love Minecraft and would love to be there. Too bad its so far away. And a great prize package….my youngest has been asking to go to Kids Choice for like 4 years now lol.

  7. I love this idea of getting them OUT of the house doing something they love and meeting new friends in real-time too.

  8. My boys love Minecraft, This event would be so fun for them.

  9. You are so lucky to be able to have this event near you. my son loves minecraft but even I love minecraft!!! I have to find out if they are doing any events near Chicago.

  10. Oh my! My kids would go nuts over this! And they are 21 & 17! lol They still have brother sister nights where they just sit and play minecraft…

  11. This looks like so much fun. I know my girls would love this!

  12. This sounds so awesome for kids. My son is grown, still loves his video games. lol

  13. Boston has so many fun events come around! I know a lot of kiddos who are totally into Minecraft!

  14. This is so cool! My kids grew up playing Minecraft and to be honest, I know a lot of adults who still play it! I know there are a lot of games out there to choose from but Minecraft seems to keep the focus of millions of players young and old!

  15. This is awesome. We love MineCraft here and are about two hours from Boston 😉 Super cool to know about this.

  16. I personally do not have kids but am sure my pupils will all be talking about it next week and cannot wait to hear from them.

  17. Sounds like a great way to spend this weekend!!! Love all the kids events popping up in Bean Town!

  18. I’ve heard of Minecraft. This looks like them places that were popular years ago, where people went to play Laser Tag.

  19. My kids love Minecraft but i have never seen them play it myself. I am sure my son age 12 would love to be in this tournament.

  20. How fun! i’m looking for activites to share with the grandchildren and this looks like the perfect thing. I’ll have to look into this!

  21. My Son would love to go to the Minecraft City Champs tournament. It is a popular game with his friends.

  22. So cool! My daughter LOVES Minecraft and would do this.

  23. WOW! This looks as though it would be great fun to participate in.

  24. Awww how fun! My nieces and nephews love Minecraft so much!

  25. What a fun way for kids to get together! And a great way for kids to practice working together and competing.

  26. This looks like so much fun. My little nephew would love this. Such a fun thing to do with him when I visit Florida.

  27. My son is all about Minecraft right now. He would love to go here if it is available near us!

  28. That sounds like a lot of fun for little Minecraft fans!

  29. My twins love Minecraft! This sounds like it will be soooo cool! Wish we lived closer!

  30. My kids love Minecraft so much! They could spend hours building them little squares.

  31. My kids love Minecraft so much! They could spend hours building them little squares!

  32. My kids love Minecraft! Are they coming to LA?

  33. This is awesome! My nephews would love this game! So cool!

  34. I have tried to convince my son to do this so many times. He’s a huge gamer and he and his friends have groups that play Minecraft together. I don’t know why he won’t do it.

  35. This sounds like a great idea! So nice to get the kids playing together…..I know lots of kids who would love this 🙂

  36. My nephew LOVES all things minecraft – he would absolutely love to participate in something like this. Sounds like so much fun

  37. I don’t have kids but Minecraft has taken up a great initiative. The prizes sound exciting and I wish all the kids best of luck 🙂

  38. I’ve seen the trailer and I can’t wait to watch the movie. Although I’m not really familiar with the MineCraft game like my nephews and nieces, I think this will be a great bonding movie date with them

  39. My Minecraft-mad son would LOVE an event like this! It sounds fantastic!!

  40. This is such a fun activity for kids! Nowadays there are professional gamers who earn their livelihood by playing online games! Who would’ve thought! This is really amazing though!

  41. I know a few kids that would freak over this. Too bad we live so far away!

  42. My kiddos are too young for minecraft but my nephew is definitely into it. Great opportunity for kids and adults to have an engaging time together

  43. My son would absolutely love this. He is a huge Minecraft fan. I’ll have to check and see if they are going to have something like this here in our area!

  44. This sounds so much fun and awesome. Some of my friends would love this, even though they are too old. Thanks for sharing.

  45. That sounds like it would be a fun event and a great way to meet players in your area. We’ve aactually never played Miencraft.

  46. Oh wow this is so cool! I always heard about the game, but what a fun time it would be. Pro game players are awesome. Their strategies and teamplay shock me.

  47. I wanted to do this but the drive was just too much. I know my son would have loved it though.

  48. I know it’s going to sound like I live under a rock. But I never understood the whole minecraft thing ‍♀️ Why is everything blocks lol

  49. Amazing how my son developed his skills in playing minecraft. To my surprise, he is actually getting better in mind buggling kid puzzle games.

  50. Honestly, Minecraft is one of the few games that my son plays that doesn’t drive me crazy lol I love how excited he gets when he builds something.

  51. My nephew is into Minecraft and I’m going to share this with him. It must be a hit for minecraft fans.

  52. This is awesome, I had no idea that they did that!! My son isn’t quite old enough to be into Minecraft, but I know some others that their boys would love it. Thanks for sharing!

  53. My kids will love it! They are such a big fan of Minecraft and hopefully they have similar thing here in NYC