Aug 152014

Mint Minecraft Rice Krispie Treats

Are your kids as obsessed with Minecraft as my two are?  If that’s the case, they may get a kick out of these Minecraft Creeper Rice Krispie Treats. They are easy to make and they are a big with those little Minecraft fans!


3 Tbsp butter

10 oz Bag Marshmallows

½ tsp peppermint extract

Green food coloring

5 cups crispy rice cereal

What you will need: Glass Baking Dish

Square Cookie Cutter

Frosting Bags

Frosting Bag Couplers

Frosting Tips

Rice Krispies

Green Food Coloring

Mini Marshmallows

Black Chocolate Melts


Melt butter over low heat.

Add marshmallows and stir till melted.

Next, add in the Food Coloring and the peppermint extract.

Finally, add the Rice Krispies and stir until well coated.

Lightly butter or spray a 9 x 13 pan with cooking spray.

Using buttered spatula or wax paper, press Rice Krispie mix into prepared pan.

Cut into squares.

Creeper Face:

Melt Black Chocolate Melts (Follow Directions on Bag)

Print & Cut out a Creeper Face

Place the melted candy melts into a pipping bag or squeeze bottle

Place a sheet of wax paper over the print out and draw/trace the face on the wax paper

Let the chocolate faces set and harden for approx 15 min

Peel the faces off the wax paper and place on top of the Rice Krispie Squares and you’re done!!

Minecraft Creeper Rice Krispie Treats 1

  84 Responses to “Mint Minecraft Creeper Rice Krispie Treats”

  1. Very cute and love that you flavored the green portion mint!! 🙂

  2. Yeah, that’s pinned. We’re thinking of a Minecraft birthday theme for little man, since his gifts are all Minecraft related. These would be a great addition to the party!

  3. OMG! Allison would FLIP if I made her these. She’s so obsessed with Minecraft!

  4. This is would be my son’s dream. He is so big into Minecraft and if he saw this he would totally want me to make it. Guess I need to log off before he sees. 🙂

  5. My boys are seriously obsessed, they would love these! What a great idea 🙂

  6. My son is Minecraft CRAZY!! he would go ape sh*t for these. I’d be the best mom on the planet. (I mean, aside from all the other moms who are making these.)

  7. This is a nice idea. They came out really cute.

  8. How fricking cool are these. Big Brother would LOVE them.

  9. That is so cute Robin! My kids love Minecraft!

  10. my daughter loves minecraft right now

    and she’d love these treats 🙂

  11. I have never made Rice Krispie Treats before, but I know that my son would love this!

  12. So far mine haven’t gotten into it. They know about it though. These treats are fun!

  13. 🙂 These are awesome, one of my best friends loves rice krispie treats might have to make these for her!

  14. How cute! And I love the idea of mint Rice Krispie treats!

  15. these are great! AND rice krispy treats are safe for class treats- my son’s birthday is right when school starts and i like to send a goodie in 🙂 — last year it was ninjabread men

  16. You just come right on over to my house. My son and my nieces are standing over my shoulder oohing and awwing right now. Jesus already knows if I try to make these they will NOT come out looking right. Box them up, ship them out and tell me what to send through paypal. lol. You don’t even know. They look awesome. Maybe I will try it while they are at school.

  17. My nephews are way in to mine craft! They would love these!

  18. These are too cute! I think both of my kids would enjoy them and they look like fun to make as well.

  19. How fun are these treats!! My boys aren’t into minecraft yet but I know that our day is coming soon to be into this. When we do I will have to make this for them. 🙂

  20. Those turned out great! Rice Krispie cereal is so versatile!

  21. What kid wouldn’t love these?! I love the color and perfect rectangular shapes.

  22. These are so cute. Thanks for sharing the recipe with us.

  23. Amazing. If I made these for my kids after school one day, I don’t know what they’d do. I just might have to try it! PINNING!

  24. Those are so very cute! Very creative idea!

  25. Oooh, these are kind of creepy, but really cool! I bet they’d be a BIG hit at a Minecraft-themed birthday party!

  26. Those are so cute! I am sure they would be a real treat for any Minecraft fan!

  27. Such a great idea and rice Krispy treats are delicious

  28. Those look cool but I’d skip the mint. I save mint for toothpaste not food. But, personal preference and all that. They are very cool though.

  29. Super cool.My son is just starting to get into Minecraft. I’ll have to make sure to pin these.

  30. Love them! I tried this method and it was a mess … LOL. I did free handed when I did the boys party.

  31. These look like so much fun to make! Such a creative, yummy treat 🙂

  32. My kids have no idea what this is, but I’m sure they would think it’s a fun monster treat!

  33. Those are so cute…and I love the idea of adding peppermint! Yum!

  34. Those are great for the game AND for Halloween. They’re too darn cute and who doesn’t love Rice Krispies treats?

  35. Would be such a great birthday party treat!

  36. I just pinned these to save them to my Minecraft board since I know I’ll be making these in the near future for my Minecraft lover and don’t want to forget where I saw them. Thanks for the great idea!

  37. Super cute! I never thought to flavor rice krispies!

  38. Oh my kids would LOVE LOVE LOVE these!

  39. I’m not a fan of Rice Krispie Treats, but I think my nieces would love these 🙂

  40. My s/o’s boys would definitely love these. Thank you for sharing!

  41. My nephew would definitely be surprised if I made these. Also, I LOVE Rice Krispie Treats myself and green in my favorite color.

  42. I really like this idea for using RK treats to make anything block-related. Thinking legos!

  43. These are awesome! My nephews would love them!

  44. We just made Rice Krispie Treats but we did cocoa here. Will have to make some of these, the kids love Minecraft!

  45. This has to be the coolest adaptation of Rice Krispies Treats I’ve ever seen! The creeper is super cool.

  46. My son is a HUGE Minecraft fan. He would absolutely go crazy for these.

  47. My son is obsessed with Minecraft… I have to make these for him!

  48. Cute! Love rice krispi treats pretty much any way they are made!

  49. I have grandsons who would LOVE these. You are so clever!

  50. Those are so neat! I am planning a Minecraft party for my son this fall and will definitely make those

  51. This sounds cool! My friend’s kids will love this..

  52. Wow! These look totally Amazing. I am certainly going to be making these for my kids, brilliant. Thank you for sharing.

  53. I totally need to make these for my lil’ dude! He’s Minecraft obsessed!

  54. I love this idea! they are so cute and cool looking!

  55. These are so fun! I love how bright they are.

  56. Adorableness! Saved for later. This would be so cute at a kid’s party….or a BIG kid’s party. lol

  57. You, my friend, are a genius! I wish I had this last year for Ks birthday! I made a minecraft cake! It look horrible!

  58. Ha, those are awesome! I don’t have anyone minecraft obsessed but these would be fun to make anyway.

  59. How cool are these? My daughter would love them!

  60. What a wonderful idea! I need to pin this and do these for my son. He’s a HUGE Minecraft fun and will love these for sure!

  61. I love these! I especially love that there is mint in them. I love anything minty! You did a great job-mine would have come out looking like a pile of green you-know-what!

  62. Oh my goodness! My son loves Minecraft and, since both of my boys love rice krispies treats, they would flip over me making these here at home.

  63. I have a couple of nephews who are big into Minecraft. I bet I’d be the greatest aunt ever if I made these for them!

  64. These are adorable and look enough to do. My kids like this game a lot.

  65. Oh my they are fantastic! I don’t think I would want to eat them as they look so cool. x

  66. What a fun treat for the kids. They turned out great.. I don’t know a lot about minecraft though. This reminds me of a slot machine I play that has mines on it. Gold mines.

  67. I love these, they look amazing.
    I love marshmallow rice crispies treats!!!

  68. Now that is just adorable! No Minecraft fans in my house, but we do love Rice Krispie treats. A lot

  69. Ok those are awesome. My son would love these he is addicted to Mind Craft.

  70. Those are so incredibly adorable. My kid would adore them!

  71. Ahhh, those are awesome! My kids love Minecraft so they would love it if I made these for them. Thanks for sharing!

  72. My son would love these! He’s a huge MineCraft fan.

  73. I still don’t get MineCraft. However, I’d totally take some rice krispies though. Yummy!

  74. These are so fun. What a great snack idea for minecraft fans.

  75. These are adorable. My kids are not fans (yet) but they would make any fan happy. I actually might just make them bc my kids love any rice krispie treats lol

  76. That is so cool! My son loves MineCraft. He would totally want this

  77. I haven’t had Rice Krispies treats since I was little. I can see why kids would like these if they like Mine Crafter

  78. I love making Rice crispy squares. This is such a fun idea and i love the mint. Great idea for a kids party.

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  80. These are super cute! I used to love eating rice krispie treats but I haven’t had them in years.

  81. Goodness, that is so creative LOL I’ll bet the boys loved them!

  82. These look yummy! Great idea for Minecraft fans.

  83. I’m making these for my boys. Like right now! They are huge Minecraft fans!

  84. These are so cute! My kids are obsessed with Minecraft and would love them!