Feb 272014

Way, way back in July of 2011 I posted this:


As my family was making their way home from our weekend in New Hampshire yesterday, we saw this sign along Route 16 in Ossipee, NH:


Yes, it really was spray painted onto the side of a truck and parked along the side of the road. I have no idea how long ago the 20 foot wooden Santa Claus was taken, but it certainly begs the question (s):

1.  Who would want a 20 foot wooden Santa in the first place – aside from the owner who either spent many, many hours carving it or paid a bundle for it, which is another question in and of itself, but I’ll let that one go for now.

2. How is it that no one noticed a team of people & a flatbed truck hauling the humongous Santa structure away?

3.  How in the world do you hide a 20 FOOT wooden Santa?

Chris and I talked about it on and off all day yesterday & I knew as soon as I saw this sign that I had to share it with everyone.   It’s baffling, isn’t it?


Fast forward to last week.  My husband, Chris, and I were driving along when I spotted something interesting out of the corner of my eye.



Sure enough, it is a 20 foot wooden Santa!

In my typical high-strung style, I quickly shouted “STOP THE CAR NOW” to my poor unsuspecting husband, who was driving the car at the time. Thank  god he’s really laid back and he did, in fact, stop the car immediately so that I could take a quick picture.

This Santa is at a Christmas Tree Farm in Rehoboth, MA and although I am pretty sure it’s not the one stolen from New Hampshire, I thought it was funny.  I mean, seriously, how many 20 foot wooden Santa’s can there be?

  99 Responses to “Missing 20 Foot Santa in New Hampshire – Mystery Solved?”

  1. I want to collect the reward

  2. So funny! Those folks must be pretty upset to vandalize their own truck by spray painting a sign. The Santa must mean more to them than their truck.

  3. First off, I recall your original post! 🙂 I can see where you would have thought that this was the stolen Santa….that’s not something you can easily hide, and who would want to hide Santa anyway??

  4. That is pretty funny and wonder if it could be the same one from the truck reward. Hmm 🙂

  5. did you call and report it?? hehe, at least the mystery is solved! and i see a future in cold cases for ya;)

  6. maybe it’s the same one, you should find out maybe?

    that’s cool that your husband knew to pull over 🙂

  7. A book could be written about that “The Mystery of the Missing 20 Foot Santa”. Maybe the original owner also had a tree farm and the place you saw it just wanted it and took it in the dead of night–or someone else saw that sign and had one made up for their business–or the truck sign made a difference and Santa was returned to his owners! Be interesting to know if that truck is still where you saw it with the sign—or maybe they had another one made?

  8. Interesting, funny and strange all at the same time. If the one missing looks like the one you goa photo of then I would think it is worth way more than $1000 reward

  9. How funny! I have never seen a 20 foot tall wooden Santa, so I wouldn’t think there would be that many out there.

  10. I’m baffled by the fact that someone actually had the spare time to carve, detail, and paint a 20 foot wooden Santa! It would be hysterical if the Santa you saw was actually the stolen Santa.

  11. It never ceases to amaze me how many crooks there are out there and what they have the balls to steal! Our neighbor had one of those huge inflatable snowmen in their yard a few years ago, it cost him something like $200, and someone stole it during the night!

  12. That’s hilarious! Our neighbors have these 2 gigantic wooden reindeer that they put out every Christmas, and every year, someone “strategically” puts the reindeer in compromising sexual positions. These reindeer are huge!

  13. I agree, how can a 20 foot wooden santa just disappear? Maybe it is the same one and they are doing it just to make a fun scavenger hunt type thing. I would hope that someone would not really steal something so valuable/beautiful and then like you say – how on earth do they get away with a 20 foot santa? HMMM.

  14. That is hilarious! What a funny post! I can’t believe that is actually real!

  15. That is absolutely hysterical!! You sure do have a keeper with Chris

  16. Hahahahaha! Timing is everything! Maybe it is like the traveling gnome, where people move it and take pictures and send it t the owners. LOL How funny!

  17. Well, we know there’s at least two… or maybe only one. You could have $1k right there, and you don’t even know it. 🙂

  18. That is hysterical. Hey maybe that is the stolen one? You could make some quick cash! Although the arrest & conviction part will be interesting lol

  19. You should totally call, and email them a picture. You never know. That’s so funny! What are the chances?

  20. Oh, that’s so funny! I’m sure there aren’t too many 20 foot Santas.

  21. That is hilarious! Really, how many could there be? What a bizarre thing to steal. People are a bit too brave! (And you know they couldn’t just misplace their 20 foot Santa like it’s their cell phone or keys!)

  22. Oh the life of a blogger and what we need to do lol. Glad Santa is back home!

  23. Lol. Wow, I can’t really imagine how the 20 foot Santa got stolen (if it really did) in the first place because like you said – who would want it? LOL!

  24. Its so sad that people do this type of thing!! Obviously it was important to the owners. We have a wooden deer family out front of our house and on Dec 20 someone stole our baby. luckily we found it four house down.

  25. I cant’ even imagine how heavy that Santa must have been, so those thieves must have really wanted that Santa! I have a few yard statues that weight a freakin ton that I loath ever having to move them. And they aren’t more than 3 feet!

  26. Right??!?!?! How could they not notice that thing being toted away??? It seems like eventually, it will be found. Glad you got to see the long lost cousin of the MIA Santa.

  27. That’s hilarious!! I’m glad he stopped so you could get a picture.

  28. What in the world? It’s all the most ridiculous thing!

  29. LOL this is too funny, I had to read it twice to see I didn’t misunderstand! So he’s back now huh…

  30. OMG! That is hilarious!!!!!!! You need to call those people asap and tell them you found their missing santa!!!! LOL

  31. That is too funny! A 20 ft Santa, I can’t even imagine.

  32. Oh my goodness! You had me literally laughing so hard it hurts! I wonder if they will see this – I think you solved their mystery 😛

  33. This is so funny! I actually think I saw this Santa too at some point but now I don’t remember,lol!!! 20 feet-wowzers!

  34. That is great. Thanks for sharing this story. It made me smile.

  35. Oh, that is funny. Did you call and report it just in case? 🙂

  36. People are weird with what they steal. People steal couches off people’s porches here. That’s why I never had anything nice on our porch 🙂

  37. yep on my way to collect the reward for the Santa. lol people really are weird. interesting that you would see the two and put it together and find it. I think you should get the reward before I go down there and get the reward for myself lol I’ll race ya lol

  38. I totally want it to be the same Santa. In my head, it’s the same one.

  39. Okay, that’s really funny! How random! Just imagining someone stealing one of these makes me laugh!

  40. Oh how uncanny to spot one after you saw the sign years ago! Wouldn’t hurt to just send in the pic and ask the first owner, right? 😛 It IS a nice reward haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  41. I want to know the answers to the same questions as you asked. Who wants a huge wooden Santa?? You should send them the picture you took, just in case 😀

  42. This gave me a good laugh. And the fact that you even remembered the missing Santa is impressive to me! I’d send the photo…you never know…

  43. Ah! You HAVE to call that number/send them the photo. What if it’s the missing Santa??

  44. The sign is a little confusing. Are they calling for the arrest and conviction of the santa? Or who stole the Santa? 😉 Anyway, what a cute post.

  45. Looks like another “cold” case might be solved! Maybe you should call it in, just in case!

  46. This is amazing
    So funny!
    I sure would want that reward it would be very difficult not to see that Santa leave its rightful place

  47. LOL! You should call the number and let them know… Maybe you’d get $1000! 😉 Also, I’m with you… How does a 20ft Santa just disappear without anyone noticing?

  48. Wait…..what if they are the thieves!! Start the car!! start the car!!
    ha – but how many can there be really?

  49. This is hilarious. How did they steal a 20 ft Santa that would have been heavy and how would no one notice

  50. HA!!! That is so funny that you had chance to share your life with a 20 ft wooden santa 2X! You must have laughed and laughed!

  51. haha. That is hilarious. I wonder who did steal the santa. They must have REALLY liked it. Great story 😀

  52. Okay that is awesome! I totally would have tried to collect on that, although you’re right it probably isn’t the right one. But maybe it is!

  53. LMAO!!! I Can’t Stop Laughing… Thanks For Making My Day!!!1 LOL! XO 🙂

  54. That is hysterical! Who knew there was such a thing as a 20 ft santa! Though, I do feel bad for the person who got their Santa stolen!

  55. That is wild! You should call the number and see what they say. I’d love to read the sequel to this!

  56. Oh wow! What a coincidence! I wonder if someone stole it and sold it to the unsuspecting tree farm? You never know!

  57. Apparently, there are at least two of them! 😉 Too bad you couldn’t collect on that reward!

  58. Haha! The missing sign itself is hysterical, but I can’t even imagine that situation. Way too funny!

  59. Lol!!! This is pretty darn funny!! I have seen that Santa myself!

  60. Yeah, sounds like they’re twinsies. It’s untelling where the missing 20 foot Santa will show up. Will the REAL 20 Foot Santa please stand up? 🙂

  61. So funny! Glad to know I am not the only one who makes their husband stop the car for a funny picture. Drives my poor husband nuts but he does it anyway!

  62. Oh my gosh! It would be even funnier if it WAS the same one! And it’s like some prank – two families keep stealing it from each other and displaying it in different places until the other one finds it, hahaha!

  63. That is TOO funny! How did you find out about that! Love the early morning laugh 🙂

  64. LOL! That is hilarious!! You better get your reward!!

  65. That is TOO funny!! Imagine if it was the missing Santa? I can’t even begin to imagine where someone would hide a 20 foot Santa. Craziness!

  66. hahaha I would have called them and told them you found it haha, I mean really how many could there be! haha Also I’m wondering too how one steals a 20 foot santa!

  67. I would not want a 20 foot wooden santa lol. Even if I owned a business, I wouldn’t want it. And who in the world could steal something like that and not be noticed?

  68. So how do they know whose Santa is whose? Did someone write their company name on the foot like Andy did to Woody in Toy Story?

  69. I’m picturing a 20-foot Santa with a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses hiding in someone’s backyard 🙂

  70. That would have been a nice reward if it was the same Santa. I don’t think I have ever seen one that was 20 foot.

  71. That’s hilarious! I really do wonder how no one noticed a 20 ft Santa being stolen..

  72. Yikes! That is funny to think someone would steal Santa! they are definitely on the naughty list next Christmas

  73. That is hilarious… who would steal a 20 ft santa.. and I can’t believe you found him… HA

  74. I’m hoping you get a reward for it!

  75. That is quite a coincidence! You have so many exciting stories to tell in your posts! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  76. What a riot! Are you sure it was not the missing one? That would be a real juicy story. Stay Tuned! 🙂

  77. That is so funny! With the amount of christmas craziness that can take some people over, I’d be willing to bet there are many more ridiculously tall santas than we could ever imagine!

  78. My old neighbors used to decorate with all kinds of things. I can see him totally having a 20 foot Santa as part of the decor.

  79. Love your story, my son, hubby and I laughing so hard with your blog post, love it! Will share!

  80. this reminds me of when our local playground set got stolen. It ended up being spotted in a local neighbors backyard, though.

  81. Haha that is amazing and what a memory you have as well to remember it 🙂 x

  82. Hahahaha I Would totally call the number!! Too funny.

  83. What kind of person steals a 20 foot Santa and thinks people won’t notice them bringing it home?

  84. I couldn’t imagine there would be many 20 foot tall statues

  85. This is too funny! For real though, who would steal it? lol Maybe kids trying to play a joke!

  86. Haha! That is too funny. I wonder if they are the same one.

  87. Claim the reward…funny!

  88. Kind of funny how that sign actually says they want to arrest and convict Santa Claus! haha We have a giant Santa like that here and someone stole the top so now it’s just Santa pants!

  89. Cha Ching! Who else would want a 20 ft Santa? Suspicious methinks 😉

  90. OMGosh this is freaking hilarious! I’m totally lol’ing right now!

  91. How funny is that?! It reminds me of the huge statue of Paul Bunyan that’s in Bangor, ME. I want to know what company makes those things!

  92. LOL! So did you get your reward for finding him?

  93. Oh my goodness. That must have been some feat trying to move that!

  94. Although there’s always the possibility that it IS the same Santa, right?!

  95. Can you imagine the weight of it!?

  96. I wonder if this is their whole marketing ploy. Very cool that you found it!

  97. LOL. How ironic that you would happen across another. I would totally call the other person just to make sure!

  98. What are they hiding in that 20 ft. Santa? Haha.