Nov 302014

Monsters Inc. Mike Wazowski Holiday Ornament

Do you love Monsters Inc. or know someone who does? If so, this Monsters Inc. holiday ornament is the perfect craft. Simple and inexpensive to make, this Monsters Inc. holiday ornament is the perfect way to add a little monster fun to your tree or holiday dΓ©cor. Take a peek below at how to get started crafting your own Mike Wazowski ornament and see how much fun you can have!

Supplies needed:
Clear holiday ornament (opt for plastic)
Green craft paint (Hot green or a vivid green is perfect, typically less than $1 at most craft stores)
White, black, and blue craft felt or construction paper
Black marker
Craft glue

Monsters Inc. Mike Wazowski Holiday Ornament Supplies

1. Begin by adding a few drops of green paint to the inside of your ornament. Just pour it directly inside. Place your thumb over the opening and gently turn and shake the ornament so the paint distributes. You may need to add a few more drops and repeat the process until the entire inside of the ornament is coated.
2. Replace the cap on the ornament and give it a little time to dry and settle. Repeat if you notice some spots that are yet to be coated.
3. Cut out a large circle from your white felt or paper. Add some craft glue and press it to the center/front of the ornament.
4. Next, cut out a smaller blue circle. Add some glue and apply it to the center of the white circle. You will now see the eye starting to form.
5. Finish the eye by cutting out an even smaller black circle from your felt or paper. Place it in the center of the blue circle. Your eye is now complete.
6. Finish the face of Mike by coloring a black oval for the mouth. Allow the ink to dry. Snip out a small zig zagged piece of white felt for teeth. Apply some glue and press them directly over the ink oval.

Monsters Inc. Mike Wazowski Holiday Ornament Finished
Your Monsters Inc. Mike Wazowski ornament is now complete. All you need to do now is find a place to display him!

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  7. This ornament came out so cute. I’m not that good at arts and crafts but I think I could totally make this one successfully.

    • I love arts and crafts, but I don’t have the patience for very complicated ones. This would be right about my skill level!

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    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

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