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Spring cleaning is one of the only things that stands between you and an amazing spring. Ok, maybe it won’t ruin your whole season, but if you are anything like me, you dread it all year long and procrastinate as much as humanly possible. The reason spring cleaning is so daunting is because it’s a lot more than just the regular day to day (or weekly) cleaning – it’s a whole lot of work. To be honest, for a lot of us starting our spring cleaning takes a quite a bit of motivation. Today I am going to share some of the ways I motivate myself to get started with my spring cleaning and hope it helps you, too.


The first step to motivation before anything else is to be inspired, if you have no inspiration then you will ultimately end up like me – being lazy and skipping an entire year or two.  So go out and buy some of those home decor magazines you always avoid and throw that “my house will never look this good” attitude right out the door. Sure you may not financially be able to buy all that spendy decor, but trust me when I say it’ll give you some great ideas on how decorate your house in a way that perfectly fits your personality once you are done with the deep cleaning.  I also like to call this one “the reward system”. Once you’re done cleaning, reward yourself with a little shopping spree to liven up your living space a little bit.


This is more than just going out and buying all the things needed to deep clean and revamp your house. In order to completely prepare for spring cleaning you need to mentally prepare yourself. Do this by getting yourself pumped for cleaning.  Yeah, you read that right. You can do it however you’d like, but some ideas to get you started would be to meditate or make yourself “cleaning” playlist to listen too while you clean, etc.  Anything that gets your blood pumping and keeps your mind in the right space to get the job done.

Don’t Overdo It

If your friend invites you for a night out, don’t allow spring cleaning to get in your way! But also don’t use that as an excuse not to start your cleaning! For me, I like to make myself a spring cleaning schedule.  I do one or two rooms at a time and when my goal is accomplished, I allow myself to binge watch some of my favorite shows on Netflix that night. Basically, if you don’t set yourself realistic goals for yourself, there is a good chance you won’t get it all done. Definitely don’t try to do it all in one day – that’s too much work and you will only end up overwhelming yourself.

Speaking of binging on Netflix, I started re-watching Prison Break. There is a brand new season coming out (squee!!) and I wanted to refresh my memory about what happened.

If you need to catch up, too, you can stream Prison Break starting with season 1 on Netflix like I am. Binge watching shows on Netflix is a great way to unwind after a day of spring cleaning.  What are you binging on?

Note: I am a member of the Netflix StreamTeam. As part of the #streamteam, I have received product and complimentary service, but all opinions are 100% my own.

  86 Responses to “How to Motivate Yourself To Start Spring Cleaning #StreamTeam”

  1. Right now, I’m on the fence about what to binge on, but that’s a great problem to have! LOL I love my Netflix.

  2. Great tips I learned pretty early on that if I tried to do too much at once that I wouldn’t do anything. LOL Now I pace myself.

  3. I keep myself motivated to spring clean by having my wife prod me with a stick. I also make sure the kids have to do as much as I do. LOL

  4. Spring cleaning is the worst. I’m just keeping it real. These tips will definitely make it suck less, though. =)

  5. It’s easy for me to spring clean because I love to get rid of stuff – making space for the NEW and I just love living in a clean environment!!! I have to say though, I do not like SPRING in general… Cause I am a weirdo!

  6. Next step… Hire a cleaning lady! LOL, we’re kidding! Spring Cleaning takes a moment to get into but once it’s completed it feels so good.

  7. We definitely have spring cleaning to accomplish and could use all of the motivation we can get. I would much rather hire a professional while I watch Netflix!

  8. Great ideas on how to get motivated to do some spring cleaning! I am happy it’s finally spring season!

  9. I’m definitely not motivated to do it at this moment! I think rewarding yourself with a few episodes on Netflix is a good idea.

  10. YES. I’ve been rewatching prison break. I’ve watched all the seasons about 4 times in total now and cannot wait for the new season. I also need to get myself in gear to get more spring cleaning on the go too! whoops.

  11. We actually haven’t been watching anything recently. We ran out of episodes of the last show we watched, No Tomorrow.

  12. Any motivation to get the job done is appreciated. This spring I’m tackling the garage. Being in there kind of feels like a prison.

  13. Inspirations is always needed to keep motivated and keep the home clean.I love the ideas you shared.Yes,home decor magazines are the best way to have some inspirations.And the blog posts like this also really helpful! 🙂

  14. I stay motivated to do spring cleaning by giving myself a treat after every task completed. I take “before” and “after” photos and revel in a job well done. 🙂

  15. I’m glad that I’e done spring cleaning with the help of my teens! I know someone who really need motivation.

  16. Cleaning will always be there waiting for you to come back and finish. I take one room at a time. Doesn’t seem so overwhelming when I do it that way. Take a break or wait for different day to start again.

  17. We are so excited about the return of Prison Break. Refreshing my memory and catching up on the past episodes of Prison Break is a great way to unwind after a day of spring cleaning.

  18. I need to spring clean, but I’m not sure if I will or not. We shall see. I do love Netflix though!

  19. I love your tips in here! Very smart! Glad I am done spring cleaning our home. Need to have motivations for car cleaning! 😀

  20. It does seem good to binge watch on Netflix. I guess when it comes to spring cleaning, you just have to just do it.

  21. We will be starting our spring cleaning jobs this weekend. It does take a bit of planning, and we can’t wait to get started. I remember watching Prison Break when it originally aired. It will be great to see what the cast will be up to in the revamp/sequel!

  22. We literally just watched Prison Break! It took me a while but I really liked it!

  23. I actually JUST started my spring cleaning routine yesterday! I redid the bathroom makeup situation and moved around some decor items in my house to make it more feng shui like!

  24. Even though we threw away more than half of our stuff when we moved in November, I’m finding more stuff we just don’t need. What I do need is a new vacuum, my 8 year old Dyson is finally starting to lose its power.

  25. It can be so overwhelming if you try to do the whole house at the same time. Great idea to just focus on a room or two at a time. Bite sized chunks are the way to go!

  26. It’s easy for me to start cleaning, though my “spring” cleaning happened in January this year. I had to move so it was perfect timing to start making boxes for goodwill.

  27. I could definitely use some of this motivation! The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy and I need my house clean. Maybe I’ll just start with binge watching LOL.

  28. My husband does most of the cleaning in our household. I know he likes to wear earphones and listen to music as a way to also help with the chores. He also tells me he like to just “chip away at the work, and just make it look better than before,” as ways to not overdo it.

  29. Don’t remind me my house definitely needs to be deep cleaned, especially the bathrooms my least favorite place to clean. Can I just tapped my toes and wish for the cleaning fairy to come visit my house and when I open my eyes my house is clean?

  30. Great tips to prepare to clean! I’ve been slowly going around the house cleaning bits and pieces, but I’m excited to spend a few days soon deep cleaning!

  31. I never thought of trying to be inspired to clean – I just normally think of it that is something that needs to be done. Have any favourite inspiration suggestions?

  32. I’m happy that it’s spring time, finally! But not with the spring cleaning, the windows are already waiting for me. Lol. I can’t wait for the new season of Prison Break!

  33. Spring cleaning is something I need to do.. definitely! Thanks for your post!

  34. Spring cleaning is something I need to do.. definitely! Thanks for your post!

  35. I like to put on music and that helps motivate me. I definitely agree with not taking on too much as well! Love these ideas. 🙂

  36. To get into the mood to Spring clean, I usually blast music and dance. This Friday my kids are getting new beds so that means Spring Cleaning starts then!

  37. Spring cleaning is going to be easy for me because we are moving next week!! I have no choice but to get motivated.

  38. You need to motivate me to spring clean. I keep putting it off. Thank you for these handy tips. xx

  39. Definitely needed this to get motivated for spring, It’s been a weird winter. Thanks for the tips!

  40. We make a room-by-room plan. Sometimes we manage to stick with it and other times it gets tossed into the recycling bin.

  41. I like your tips and reward for getting the job done. You are so right that you need to get motivation and I am sure I will not overdo it.

  42. Don’t overdue it is a good one. I tend to get overzealous and then end up with an even huger mess to clean up than when I began.

  43. My spring cleaning consists of tasks that I only do a couple of time a year. I make sure that I clean well enough to not have to do a major rehaul each season! I love your inspiration!

  44. The idea of a schedule is a good idea because then it helps you manage what tasks to do. It helps you prioritize in order of importance too x

  45. My husband and I have been thinking about finally watching Prison Break. We both loved the two main actors on The Flash.

  46. Oh I don’t need motivation I am in full on spring cleaning mode! Like bigtime! Had a huge sort out of my home office at the weekend, and more cleaning and home renovations to come!

  47. I love spring cleaning and what gets me motivated is shopping for new scented cleaning products and tools.

  48. Being prepared for the battle is the most important! Hahaha, yes I call it a battle, for me general cleaning is such a tough job, preparation and motivation should be partners. Then looking forward to watch a good movie or series to call it a day.

  49. Spring cleanign is indeed very tiring. But whenever I will think that, spring cleaning will help me to sweat and release bad chi (like yoga) then I feel motivated!

  50. Cleaning is everyday routine when you have kids lol…But these are some really helpful tips.

  51. I actually use to enjoy spring cleaning and wouldn’t need much motivation to do so. Not so much anymore. I am all in for catching up with a Netflix show and probably would find myself doing that more than cleaning, lol.

  52. Sometimes the urge suddenly takes hold and you are off on a mission to clean up the house. This is how it happens with me. But yes there is no sense overdoing it. It needs to be balanced and as per requirements. No overdoing!

  53. Spring cleaning can be a headache sometimes and we really need all the motivation we can get. These are very good tips! I’m also excited about that new season of Prison Break!

  54. These are great tips for motivating yourself for spring cleaning. This year it was easy for me because I just moved and cleaned my apartment before moving in it. It is so important not to over do it and to take a break from cleaning along with organizing. Thanks for sharing the the tips.

  55. Yes! It’s hard finding the motivation do clean sometimes but coffee definitely helps 🙂 If I am cleaning in my bedroom I will put on an easy show to follow while I fold laundry.

  56. Thanks for the motivating tips 🙂 Learned alot today

  57. I laughed out loud at your year or two comment. I go in spurts when it comes to deep cleaning. And then my husband gets annoyed because I have 1200 trash bags and need 1200 more storage containers 🙂

  58. I agree with your great tips. Specially not to overdo it because next year, you won’t do it feeling tired even with the thinking of spring cleaning.

  59. I need to find my motivation for spring cleaning. I have been trying to do a little bit every day and i feel like that helps a lot.

  60. People perform at their best when they are inspired and motivated. These people care to do things right and deliver well.

  61. I agree girly! Having a schedule makes it sooo much easier! That way, you won’t get burned out either! Good luck on your cleaning journey! I’ll be doing the same thing way down here in NC!

  62. I get these crazy… it all must get ALL THE THINGS cleaned ideas…. haha! It’s better to space it out.

  63. I think the most important part of getting ready is preparing. I LOVE having a playlist of good music to pump me up. It is super important. I just finished binge watching The Crown. Loved it. I have also seen every episode of Prison Break <3

  64. Thanks for the tips! I especially like the one about not over doing it. If I ever get too zealous about cleaning, I get burned out for a while, haha.

  65. I think the most important part of getting ready is preparing. I LOVE having a playlist of good music to pump me up. It is super important. I just finished binge watching The Crown. Loved it. I have also seen every episode of Prison Break

  66. It isnt the motivation but the time. Cleaning the place with two tiny ones around is hard. They won’t let me do anything.

  67. I always overdo it. If I start cleaning, I can’t stop and then I forget everything else I was supposed to be doing haha

  68. I dread spring cleaning. (Well, any cleaning in general) lol These tips are all great. I love having mini dance parties for one and karaoke. It’s fun and I almost forget I’m not actually on a stage (that is, until I accidentally get soaked with dirty dish water – yuck!)

  69. I’m so glad I naturally love cleaning. But this will definitely help my lazy

  70. I agree don’t overdo it. Break big projects down to get them done. My spring cleaning will be moving out of my apartment in South Korea and in to our new place in Austin Texas.

  71. I do a little bit at a time or a room at a time. The Sad thing is when I get done I have to start over again. I don’t mind cleaning though.

  72. How weird is it that I look forward to spring cleaning? Lol! It’s the perfect time for me to declutter and I love that your giving these tips out. Over-doing or stressing about it makes it so much harder!

  73. I am in the middle of spring cleaning at our house and its at a point where the house looks like there was a tornado in it! But i am glad I got around to it. I have been putting it off for way too long.

  74. Ive been in the spring cleaning mood recently but I agree to take it slow. I try to take on small projects when I am feeling up to it.

  75. Walking through Target this afternoon .. I was thinking about this very topic. Every year I swear I’m going to pace myself .. but never do. There’s something about it that makes me feel really good!

  76. We binged Hawaii Five-O until we caught up to the current season on TV. We’ve also watched Burn Notice, The Office, and Parks & Rec several times all the way through. 🙂

  77. I am doing a major overhaul in the house, I want our whole place to have a new look

  78. I love making up a big list for spring cleaning. My problem is I get overwhelmed when I’m done and starting at two pages of stuff to do!

  79. Skipping a year or two, hahahaha! That is usually my story! I need to get started and get it done this year!

  80. Great tips. I love spring cleaning, get fresh air and planting new flowers! My favorite season of the year!

  81. I am the kind of person to do a “clean out” 2 – 4 times a year. This way the task is not horrendously huge as it sometimes may get when it is done only once a year. These are great tips and I love the inspiration part.

  82. I’ve been binging on Prison Break all week!!

    It’s the best decision I’ve made all month.

  83. I’ve been binging on Prison Break all week!!

    It’s the best decision I’ve made all month.

    I’m already on season 4