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As with most historic cities in the US, Boston has a rich background and with that comes TONS of tourist attractions. Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States, the area played an integral role in our nation’s history and there are landmarks EVERYWHERE that celebrate this rich and amazing history. Unless you are coming to stay or for a very extended visit, you’ll need to prioritize your must see tourist attractions in Boston. There are some things that you just have to experience while you are visiting Boston. In case you are not as familiar with Boston as I am here is a list to help!

Sports Fans Must See Tourist Attractions in Boston

If you are a sports fans these are the places you will NOT want to miss when you are visiting Boston. Along with being home to some of the best teams that call Boston home, these locations are beautiful works of architecture and some even have historical cred of their own!

  • Fenway Park: Home of the Boston Red Sox
  • TD Garden: Home of the Bruins and the Celtics

If you can’t catch a game while you are in town I highly recommend that you swing by anyway just to take in the awesome and massive feel of these locations!

Museums & Historical Landmarks

Old churches are a HUGE part of the history of Boston…you know with Paul Revere and all that. I’d suggest you put these museums and historical churches on your must see tourist attractions in Boston list if you are a history buff or a lover of architecture.

  • New England Aquarium: My person favorite. I love aquariums!
  • Boston Athenæum: 19th Century Art, Library, Museum
  • Symphony Hall: Home of the Boston Symphony since 1900
  • MIT Museum: Awesome museum geared toward technology and science
  • Trinity Church: Founded in 1773 and home to a congregation of nearly 3,000 households
  • Harvard Museum of Natural History: an amazing natural history museum
  • Old South Meeting House: Historic Church built in 1729
  • Old State House: the original colonial seat and state capital.
  • Institute of Contemporary Art: this waterfront contemporary modern art museum is a must see for any art lover
  • Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: venetian style palace and art museum
  • Boston Children’s Museum: an awesome option for a more hands on approach
  • Old North Church: “One if by land, two if by sea” you remember now?
  • Museum of Fine Arts: another must see museum for the art lover

Walking Tours and Parks

Sometimes the last thing I want to do is deal with stuffy old buildings and guided tours. If you are looking for more of a hands on approach to checking out Boston these are definitely some great options. Put these walking tours and parks on your must see tourist attractions in Boston list so that you can witness the historical aspects of the city without missing out on the amazing modern vibes of the present.

  • Freedom Trail: 2.5 miles of pathway that will take you along 16 must see locations through Boston
  • Boston Common: historical and gorgeous. Perfect for lunch or relaxing with a book!
  • Public Garden: right next door to the Boston Common. Another great park area to explore and enjoy
  • Boston Harbor: Home to the port of Boston
  • Newbury Street: Must see for shopping and fashion enthusiasts
  • Boston Harborwalk: open to the public and runs all along the harbor perfect for checking out the boats
  • Boston Navy Yard: historic home of the navy battleships
  • Black Heritage Trail: another awesome walking tour option
  • Rowes Wharf: currently it’s a modern housing development in downtown Boston but you’ve got to go and see the arch. It’s pretty well known and it’s amazing to see in person.
  • Charles River Esplanade: located on the Back Bay it’s another must see option for the outdoor lover

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  75 Responses to “Must See Tourist Attractions in Boston”

  1. Thanks for sharing. This list is perfect. Looking forward to visiting Boston.

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit Boston and I always think about that old song – please come to Boston for the springtime – but I think Boston would be a great place to visit any time of the year.

  3. I absolutely adore Boston. I love the atmosphere, and I love all the historical sites. Great post.

  4. I would love to take a walking tour of Boston. The city just has so much history to take in!

  5. This is great! I love Boston. Have only been there once, but, we did walk the freedom trail and visited Boston Common. Hoping to get back up there and do more of these. Thanks!

  6. I think Boston would be a fun place to visit for the historic sites.I’d like to see the harbor and visit the museums.

  7. Wow this looks a very great place! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I have never been to Boston but would love to go. There are so many places to visit and check out!

  9. Thanks for these tips! I will be adding them to my list of must sees when I visit Boston!

  10. Boston sounds like a really neat place to visit. I would love to check out the New England Aquarium if I am ever in the area.

  11. I have always wanted to check out Boston! I have never been there sad to say. I have traveled all over but for some reason Massachusetts has not hit my list of travel places yet. It looks like there’s a lot to see you out there.

  12. This is an extensive list! If I’m ever in the Boston area I will have to check some of these out. I love how there are things that I would enjoy (churches and parks) and things that my husband would enjoy (MIT Museum)!

  13. Boston is definitely on my bucket list! There seems like there is always so much to see and do, I’m going to have to take an extended trip some day!

  14. Boston is on my list of places I want to go, I really want to visit Plimoth Plantation and see the pilgrim sites there amidst many other places!!

  15. This is a great list for Boston. It’s such a fun city and there’s always something new to do every time you’re there!

  16. The New England Aquarium sounds like something I would really enjoy seeing along with a few museums Boston is a place that we have never visited but would love to because of all the history. Thanks for sharing the information.

  17. The New England Aquarium sounds like something I would really enjoy seeing along with a few museums Boston is a place that we have never visited but would love to because of all the history. Thanks for sharing the information.

  18. Wow, we’ve never been to Boston but it sounds like it has some great attractions. As sports fans we would definitely be interested in going to Fenway Park!!

  19. My brother got to go to Boston for a Choir Competition once. He loved seeing these sights while he was there and listening to him has made me really want to visit as well! So many great attractions!

  20. One of my favorite aspects of Boston is all of the historical areas/attractions you can visit. I’ve always loved exploring the city and the surrounding areas. It’s like going back in time.

  21. And of course Stephanies on Newbury should be on this list. Love everything about Boston and miss it like crazy!

  22. Boston is one city that I have always wanted to visit, but have yet to make it to! I love visiting old churches in different cities so those would be awesome to see and the aquarium would be a must see! Great tips!

  23. I went to Boston last summer and loved it! I saw most of these sights when I was there but there are a few of these I missed!

  24. I have never been to Boston but I have heard hat it is a really cool place to visit. I would love to see the National Aquarium and the Public Garden.

  25. I love parks and walking tours. I guess I’ll take the Public Garden and the Boston Harbor. I think I’ll enjoy taking time out here and taking a nap. 🙂

  26. Boston is one of my favorite cities in the USA. It is full of history and amazing places.

  27. These are most certainly some sights I would love to see if I came to the states. Boston sounds great!

  28. Ooh the more reasons to return to the States! I never been to Boston before and Boston always looks like so much fun to explore.

  29. I have always wanted to visit Boston. My husband would love to see Fenway park.

  30. See, I know you wrote this just for me! 🙂 Thank you!!

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  32. This is a great city guide. I am looking forward to seeing it myself one day!

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  34. I didnt know that Boston was so neat. I should visit there some day.

  35. Nice list you got. Plus Boston has some of the best restaurants in the US.

  36. I have never been to boston but now I have to add it to my bucket list – also heard there is some great food in Boston!

  37. In every place that I visit, I like going to at least one or two of their museums as well as their parks! Boston definitely has everything that I need and it’s perfect for family vacations as well. I love that it has so many historic places!

  38. I have only been to Boston once when I was on the look out for a college. I toured the elites and decided I was too poor to attend there! ☺

  39. Boston seems like a very interesting place to explore. Thanks for this list. I would love to go one day.

  40. Boston is one of the places that I’ve always wanted to visit. I love visiting places that have so much history!

  41. Definitely going to make use of these list and add it on my bucket list for Boston – thank you!

  42. I’m a regular in Boston and I must say, your list is complete! Love sightseeing eve nthough I’m not a tourist.

  43. I have had Harvard Museum of Natural History in mu bucket list for some time now. Really hope to visit it in the future. Looks like Boston has a lot of interesting places to visit.

  44. I really need to spend more time traveling, it’s so rewarding to see other parts of the world and Boston looks so amazing! Definitely on my places-to-go list, thank you for the recommendations.

  45. I would love to do all of this. I love history! I’d skip the sport stuff though.

  46. Great list! I just love Boston! Always so much to see and do. I never leave without getting a chowdah bowl!

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  49. I’ve only visited Boston in passing but it looks like such a great city! I have been telling my girlfriend that we must pick a weekend to explore the city so this article was very helpful! I am especially excited to see a baseball game at fenway and visiting the aquarium!

  50. Such a good list in Boston, I wish I can go there someday

  51. I would love to visit Boston and do some of these wonderful attractions. I love a good aquarium.

  52. Boston has been on my travel list for quite some time. One of the things I want to do is the Irish Heritage Trail.

  53. This looks like an insightful list to me. My husband has a very close friend who is from the Boston area. I want to bounce some of your ideas off of him.

  54. What a beautiful city! Boston is one of my bucket list for next year and I’m so excited to see Boston.

  55. I haven’t been in Boston and sounds like a good place to visit

  56. You should be posting for TripAdvisor. You always rock these tourist, tricks & tips posts. I cant wait to see boston the way you do

  57. Boston is definitely on my #bucketlist! Thanks for this post, I’m totally going to bookmark it!

  58. My husband is a huge Boston Red Sox fan. I have no doubt he would adore Boston.

  59. It’s so funny. I’ve never been a baseball fan, but I’ve always wanted to visit fenway park! I think it would be such a fun experience! It’s definitely on my bucket list 🙂

  60. Boston is a must see city on my list of places to travel. Love it.

  61. My niece recently moved from Boston to San Francisco. I am glad I was able to visit her while she lived there. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see everything on your list, so I’ll need to go back soon!

  62. I have never been to Boston, but it definitely sounds like a place I would LOVE! My husband and I are making a list of places we need to visit before we have kids so this is going on the list!

  63. This is definitely an area I’d love to visit, especially because you always speak so highly of it. The Boston Harbor would likely be first on my list!

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  67. I remember going to some of these places during a high school trip. I loved the harbourwalk mostly because it kind of reminded me of my hometown. And Fenway was very cool to see that big green fence live in person. I believe Mo Vaughan sailed one over top the Green Monster that day! 🙂

  68. Fenway Park is definitely on my list of MUST-SEE places in Boston. We’re big baseball fans in the Foodie house and we have to get to Fenway.

  69. I should really plan a trip to Boston with the kids soon! There’s just so much that you can do here! It’s awesome. I bet my sons would love to see anything sports related as well.

  70. I love and miss Boston so much! I agree Fenway is a must-see for sports lovers and tourists alike! There’s nothing like catching a Red Sox game at Fenway!

  71. Ooooo so many fun things to do in Boston!!! I need to plan a trip!

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