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My Experience With ThermiSmooth™ and BodyFX™

Do you remember when I told you about my consultation with Dr. Petropoulos last month? She’s a cosmetic surgeon located north of Boston and when I met with her, she introduced me to Botox. While I was talking with Dr. Petropoulos, I mentioned how unhappy I was with my saddle bags and asked her what I could do about them.

For those of you who aren’t sure what I mean by “saddle bags”, they are these thick fat deposits on the tops of the outside of my thighs. Sadly, I inherited mine at birth and like every other female in my family, I have spent many hours trying to exercise them away – and honestly, no amount of exercise makes fat that dense go away.  It just doesn’t work. Trust me, I’ve been trying for years.

*Disclosure:  I was provided with complimentary services in exchange for sharing them here.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way.

After Dr. Petropoulos looked at my saddle bags, she said that what I really needed was Liposuction in the area to get rid of the fat completely.  I am not against having liposuction done, but we decided to try to tackle them with a combination of two procedures that they do right in the office. We did a combination of ThermiSmooth™ and BodyFX™.

For a series of five weeks, I met with Dr. Petropoulos’ Medical Esthetician, Jeanine Oteri, who performed the treatments. But what exactly are these procedures?


ThermiSmooth™ is a non-evasive procedure which uses radio frequency for improving skin laxity. ThermiSmooth™ is performed using a specially designed hand-piece, which delivers precise heating to the skin’s surface.  The idea is to heat the cells and stimulate the body’s own collagen production

The procedure itself is really easy.  Jeanine told me that many patients compared it to getting a hot stone massage and I can confirm that now that I have been through five ThermiSmooth™ treatments.   After applying a small amount of coupling gel to the area being treated, the ThermiSmooth™ hand piece is applied to the skin’s surface in that area.


The ThermiRF™ system is set to a specific temperature (anywhere between 42°C – 45°C depending on how much the patient can handle) and then the person doing the treatment will move the hand piece in a circular motion while gradually heating up the skin in the area being treated.  The skin’s temperature will slowly rise during the treatment, which is reached after just a few minutes.  Once the desired temperature is reached, the area will be treated for about 5-10 minutes depending on the size of the area. Treatments are then repeated several times to achieve the desired result.

Many people use it for problem areas on their face (eyes, cheeks and around mouth) or their neck. It’s a very gentle procedure, it’s non invasive and best of all, there is no downtime.


BodyFX™ offers a permanent solution for fat reduction and body contouring. The BodyFX™ radio-frequency technology provides precise and optimal heating of the skin for reduction, contraction and body shaping which that results in permanent fat cell death, fat reduction and cellulite improvement. Best of all, it’s non-surgical!

The negative pressure massage applies gentle vacuum pressure allowing for maximal depth treatment. It can be preformed right in the doctor’s office and it requires no topical or local anesthesia.  The BodyFX™ applicator is simply placed over the area of unwanted fat/cellulite and the treatment is begun.

Body FX

It takes approximately 20 minutes to treat an area of unwanted fat and/or cellulite. Common areas treated include the lower or upper abdomen, buttocks, thighs, the bra line, the inner knees and the upper arms.  There is no downtime after having  a BodyFX™ treatment and like the ThermiSmooth™ procedure, it will require multiple treatments to get the desired effect.

My Thoughts

Let’s talk about the ThermiSmooth™ first.  Like I was told, it actually was like getting a hot stone massage.  While the applicator was heated to a pretty high temperature, it was never uncomfortable.  Since I had my outer thighs treated, I laid on my side while the treatment was performed.  It took about 20 minutes on each side and about half of that was waiting for my skin to heat up to the temperature it needed to be.  It went quick, though, and I didn’t experience any kind of discomfort from this procedure.

As for BodyFX™, that’s a different story.  I read up on the procedure before I had my first treatment and was under the impression that this was a painless procedure.  That was not the case!  It wasn’t excruciating, but it was highly uncomfortable – especially during the second half of the treatment when the temperature was higher.  If you’ve ever had a tattoo, I would compare the pain of this procedure to that.  If you’ve never gotten a tattoo, I would probably compare the pain to a moderate sunburn.  So, like I said, it wasn’t excruciatingly painful, but it wasn’t pleasant.  Like the ThermiSmooth™ treatment, each side took about 20 minutes.

Did they work?

The answer to this is yes and no.  I had a total of five of each treatment.  I was actually scheduled for a sixth, but canceled the appointment because it was snowing that day & the roads weren’t great where I live.



If you recall, I mentioned that  Dr. Petropoulos said that what I really needed was Liposuction to completely get rid of those pesky saddle bags, so honestly I had no expectations of either procedure working because of how big the fat deposits were.  I am happy to report that as of today, they are about half the size that they were before I got the treatments. And I am really happy with that. Jeanine told me way back in November when I went for my first treatment that the radio frequency works for up to six months, so there is a chance that my saddle bags will get even smaller over the next few months (fingers crossed).  But even if my saddle bags don’t shrink anymore, I am really happy with the result of the treatments I had – even if they aren’t completely gone.  These procedures are both totally worth it.

And who knows, maybe I will sign up for the actual lipo procedure one of these days.  I have a long list of procedures I would love to have done, so I am going to start working on that this year.

I am not a doctor.  I am just sharing my own personal experiences with these treatments and yours may differ from mine.  If you are considering having a procedure done and you live in the Boston area (or beyond), please consider giving Dr. Petropoulos a call.  She is highly talented and had the experience & knowledge that truly makes her one of Boston’s best plastic surgeons.

Her office is located at 80 Lindall Street in Danvers, MA 01923.  You can call the office at  978-739-9500 and be sure to check out her webite at www.classicface.com.

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  1. Very interesting and definitely an alternative to the more invasive treatments that are out there. Thanks for sharing your experience here with us.

    • I agree yet again with you Janine.

      Robin, I dont know about you but I don’t like my skin being cut or anything. I dont know much about Thermismooth and bodyfx either.
      My personal opinion for one is that it sounds like it would be an amazing solution for my saddle bags too 🙂

      so thank you for sharing

  2. That was interesting to read about your experience! You did get results and it was a non-invasive treatment, so that’s good news. I would love to try something like this. I need all the help I can get. 😉

  3. That sounds like an experience. The way you described it, it sounds like it would feel good. I’ve never heard of this.

  4. I have saddle bags too….I haven’t heard of these procedures. Thank you.

  5. I recently watched something about cool sculpting and was so intrigued. These procedures sound interesting, though pricey. At least they seem safer than lipo.

  6. Very nice! Did you take before and after pictures to also see the difference? I had a tummy procedure done called Pellefirm that helped tighten the skin with heat helping the collagen and elasticity. This is so neat! It’s nice they have other options out there besides just surgery.

  7. Glad that you were honest about your experiences, the second treatment sounds incredibly painful! I have never considered lipo because I don’t need it but I know plenty of people that would .

  8. Interesting. It’s so crazy how quickly we are advancing with technology. Before long we may never need to use needles again (or maybe that’s just my hope.) 😉

  9. Oh how interesting! I didn’t realize a procedure like that existed. That’s good it didn’t hurt though, it sounds like it kind of felt good even!! Do you feel more confident now that you have had it done even if they aren’t completely gone?

  10. Half is awesome as far as I’m concerned. Why is is that some of us are cursed with those dumb things? Glad this helped though!

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  13. I find it quite interesting to find out what these procedures are like. Definitely not my cup of tea but interesting to read about.

  14. They both sound like very interesting procedures. I’m going to look into them.

  15. I think it’s great that you are checking out non-surgical options first. I’m kind of chicken when it comes to that kind of thing, so it’s really good to hear your perspective. Any kind of improvement is a win when it comes to getting rid of unwanted extra “stuff”…lol…I’m content with my legs and backside…it’s the belly area that needs work for me.

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  18. Half in size works for me! Thighs have always been my worst body part. They are such a pain to get to the size we want them to be!

  19. Very informative on alternative to liposuction! I like that you were honest that you only saw a 50% reduction-but that’s still a really good result!

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  29. I have the worst saddle bags, but like you, I would much prefer non-invasive treatment to liposuction. I’m glad to hear that your treatments were so successful!

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  31. The concept is highly fascinating. I’ve always worried about invasive surgery when it wasn’t absolutely necessary, but these alternate techniques seem safer, and if not the absolute answer to getting rid of the body fat, at least they can subsidize the process. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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  33. I love this idea. Liposuction is so invasive, and it’s downright dangerous! This is a great alternative.

  34. I would rather do this then go under the knife any day! I’m glad you have seen some difference and are happy with your results! I thankfully don’t have saddle bags but I have a muffin top that I would like to shrink…do they have something for that?

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  41. The important thing is you are happy with the results and that’s all that matters.

  42. I think the most important thing is that you’re satisfied with whatever it is that you want to get done. I joke with my husband that I’m going to get liposuction on my stomach and my legs maybe one day I will. But I am happy with me.

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  48. This is so interesting! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  49. I wonder if both procedures at the same time had an effect over choosing one or the other. I’m with you … the painless procedure would be the one I would choose!

  50. I wonder if a treatment such as these two would work for love handles. Ever since I was a child it don’t matter how much exercise I did or how healthy I ate I always had these extra flabs of skin on my sides, even at a 108lbs and 5’5 I still have these not so lovely love handles. I may have to check into something like this if any of our local offices offer them. Thank you for such a wonderful post and sharing your experience.

  51. Wow, this sounds like a great way for moms like me to get their bodies back. Thanks for your first person account and review.

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  55. I am scared to go under the knife- these treatments sound like the perfect thing for me… when I’m done with babes!

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  66. Very interesting, learning about these procedures for the first time. I hope that your procedure lasts and you won’t have to do lipo!

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  68. Sounds awesome! I don’t think I can ever have treatments like this, but it’s nice to know that they really work!

  69. I have a few friends who exercise a ton but as with what you described, one can’t shed her saddlebags. They both have CoolSculpting. Have you heard about that? Google it. The friend with the saddlebags got rid of them that way. No liposuction required.

  70. This is interesting. I haven’t heard of this procedure, but this sounds like something I will try.

  71. I think I will be going out with my fat and wart as I am not going to use any of these things. However, kudos to you for doing what you thought best for you! Glad that you were more or less happy.

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  94. This is a tough subject – I too, have had saddlebags and HATE those dense fat pockets.
    I have tried liposuction; one key with that is that doctors say you need to strive to get within 10lbs of your goal weight BEFORE you undergo that procedure (more for shape and not weight weight reduction). This article’s subject looks interesting and may be worth an experiment or at least looking into and discussing with close friends.

  95. These both sound interesting, it is great to hear if they actually work. I am glad you are pleased with the results, I couldn’t do it if it hurt! Kaz

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  112. i have heard it so much but still too afraid to get one

  113. I have toyed with the idea of getting liposuction in the past, especially with my tummy that I’ve had trouble with since childhood. However, the idea of any type of surgery scares me!

  114. I literally need to try this. I have a tad bit of belly fat so if I can use this a few times it can slim me up because honestly I am really bad about working out!

  115. I am losing weight now but I know I will have problem areas (just from before gaining weight- my stomach needed some assistance, so I stopped competing in body building competitions)- this would be something I would try for a little help. Half the size of your saddlebags is pretty good! Especially for being non-invasive.

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  117. Thanks for sharing! I’m seeing Dr. Petropoulos the 26th for smartlipo and then in June for vanquish for my stomach and ThermiSmooth for my legs, glad you had a great experience! 🙂