Mar 292014
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I got a chance to go into my first grader’s school for a presentation recently called the Habitat Happening, which was a project done by all the first graders at the school.  There wasn’t much information on the flier as to what the presentation was actually about, and of course my six year old just shrugged his shoulders when I asked him.  The flier just said to be there at 2 pm on a certain date, so that’s where I was.


Once all the parents and three out of the six first grade classes piled into the cafeteria, the teachers explained why we were there. That is after they talked about the common core standards for the project first.  Side note:  I hate common core!


Each class broke up into teams of four and they had to do a research project including a presentation board & a report.  It sounded really hardcore to me before I actually saw what they did.

Each child in the group was assigned a topic based on a certain habitat to research: weather, habitat, plants and animals.  Then each child had to complete a report and they all worked on the board as a group.



Here is my guy explaining what was on the board to me & his father.


My guy had to research the animals of the desert and here is the first page of his three page report:


Basically he just had to read a few books and write about what kinds of animals live in the desert.  I thought it was a great introduction to doing a research project and an awesome lesson on team work.

I was really proud of my guy – and all of the kids for that matter.  They all did such a great job!

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  1. Such a smart kid when he sits down and tries

  2. His board looked so good and yay for your guy dong such great work. Side note, I hate Common Core, too!

  3. He did a great job. Thank god that common core program want around when my kids were in school. I hear nothing but bad things about it.

  4. It’s nice the way they broke it down, and big congrats to the students for stepping up to the plate and doing a home run job!!

    I’ve heard a lot of buzz about common core. I don’t know much about it though.

  5. His project turned out great! I remember making something similar when I was in school, many many moons ago.. I think the best part about being in school is getting to make fun projects and presentations. They really are a great way to boost your child’s confidence and encourage their creativity.

  6. Don’t know what common core is?

    But that is cool and looks like he did a great job, that looks like a lot for 6 year olds to do though.

    He looks pleased with his poster though 🙂

  7. What a great idea for first graders. My guys never did anything like this. Your son did a great job. 🙂

  8. Aww they did an awesome job! He is such a cutie pie. We have mutual feelings about common core.

  9. I love his presentation board! The desert image is so cool 🙂

  10. My Aunt is a Teacher, and she detests Common COre. I remember in school learning about real-life concepts, how to write a resume, counting money, etc. I turned out just fine.

    • Writing and counting actually are part of the Common Core and a good teacher would find a way to do just what you mention without it seeming canned or like a formula for a future test.

  11. That is a great way to do a project like that. It reminds me of the science projects we had to do beginning in 6th grade. I learned so much about appropriate ways to do research from those science projects!

  12. The presentations looks great! Good job. As for common core, I am a hater too!

  13. it looks great! good job. funny that my daughter, also grade one (Canada), also just finished doing the same. Only they were given a large shoe box – think what a pair of man’s boats might come in, and had to re-create the habitat in the box. It was really cool what some of the kids made — rainforests and deserts in a box!! with real sand, dirt and tree branches to be trees. Some kids had some very cool designs.

  14. So awesome! You should be so proud 🙂 btw, he looks just like you! He could be your little brother.

  15. I hate, hate, hate common core! Our school adopted it earlier than the rest of the state and it has been a big pain in the rear. Report cards came out yesterday and no one has been happy……

  16. What a great report. I’m so happy I don’t have to deal with that common core crap. We might to one day though. We send our kids to private school and they don’t plan on changing to common core, ever. Great post.

  17. I love this idea! I’m sure you’re a proud mama! Looks like a fun project. I have a toddler so I have no idea what common core means yet…can’t wait, haha.

  18. I love that the kids teamed up and worked together! I love that you got to go and hear (and see) all that they did. Looks like they did a fantastic job- I’d be proud too!!

  19. I used to love doing project work. Your son did an amazing job!

  20. What a great day filled with fun! I really like the project! He did a great job! They all did a great job!

  21. Common core….ugh! But, on a positive note. What a great job he did on his poster.

  22. What a GREAT JOB he did!!! I love the presentation board.

  23. Don’t you love when we can see their great work? Meanwhile, my son saw me on here and loves the name of your site! Mitch

  24. You’ve got to be a proud momma. That’s a great job for a 3rd grader! I’ve subbed many many times and this is one of my favs part about school.

  25. That was a good activity to introduce them to research and team work. I trust your son enjoyed the experience — there is nothing like finding fun in learning. 😉

  26. Looks like a fun project! Their poster board is awesome. And you’re right, sounds like a great introduction to research papers. Oooh and Common Core, I couldn’t agree with you more. Your little guy is very handsome, too.

  27. I can remember doing presentations like this when I was a child. But, sadly, my kids’ schools don’t do any science fairs or anything like this. Looks like your Son did an awesome job!

  28. Aww happy for your little guy! I can’t hardly wait for my son to have events like these!!! Maybe next year when he goes in the first grade!!!

  29. He did a fantastic job!! Way to go!!

  30. I think that is a really great project for that age group. Gets them thinking about many different things, teaches team work and hopefully they will take back that information and remember it.

  31. I remember doing stuff like this in school a lot; one time my brother and I did work that we thought was really bad but actually went to go present our project to a whole different level. It was all about the Platypus; work like this is great for team work and socializing! 😀

  32. Aw! That is an awesome project idea for first graders! I think introducing group projects and presentations in such a fun way is a great way to prepare them for more serious projects later on! 🙂

  33. I am so with you when it comes to common core. I send my girls to school to learn the common core and then home teach them nights and weekends.
    By the way, the habitat project looks like a huge success.

  34. What a fun event and he did a great job! I loved learning about this when I was younger.

  35. What an awesome project it looks amazing and he did really well.

  36. That’s a great idea and a nice way to teach teamwork. Side note: I hate common core also but hate even more when info comes home that doesn’t explain a project well. How are we supposed to help our children if we have no clue what the assignment is?

  37. Wow, your little guy did a great job. What an awesome project!

  38. His board is quite impressive! I think he did a good job too! And, I hate common core too. I find myself so confused most of the time and end up saying “wait until dad gets home to help you” or “go ask your sister!” I feel like such a moron when it comes to 4th grade work!

  39. What a great project. Nice job mama! Looks great.

  40. What a cool project. I always loved seeing my daughter’s school projects when she was growing up. Now I get to see my grandchildrens’ projects.

  41. That’s pretty impressive! I like the drawing, the research, and how they had to verbally explain what they did.

    I have mixed feelings about common core. With math I just feel like it should be introduced as a way of doing it. So many kids that have the answer correct, but do not show their work get it wrong. I think it’s just another way of learning. They really should just make it a chapter; not a do it or you fail type thing. The small part of me that is for it is the artist part. It’s more visual. Visual learners may catch on to math quicker using common core. BUT not everyone learns, and thinks the same way! Isaak’s getting math. I have to say he’s much more advanced than Mica was at his age.

  42. Awe! His project came out so great! My son has to do one of these, but instead of habitat he needs to find an animal and do a report/poster based on interesting facts about said animal. PS: Common Core can just go suck it. The end.

  43. It looks like a great project! It’s great to have the kids share and explain their work to parents…they are so proud! I agree about Common Core too…we are defintely struggling with it!

  44. He DID do such a great job – you must be so proud! I love his desert drawing and how he had to explain it to you guys.

  45. His work is awesome! It’s great that all of that was done at school without the parent having to do work with the child. That would have never happened before common core, which is not my favorite either. Normally, the kids would have gotten that assignment and the parent would have to work on it with the child.

  46. my youngest is in 1st grade too! we havent’ had any projects yet this year, at least nothing the parents have been involved in

  47. I think young kids learn so much when they work as a group. Great effort and the board looks good!

  48. Aww great job!! Looks like they all learned a lot and had fun too!

  49. What a fun project and it seems like he was really proud of his work. Great pictures!

  50. What a great project to do!! I remember doing these and loving it since I could show my creativity.

  51. What a great poster. It looks like he did a great job with the project. – Jaty

  52. Aww, now that is just so cute! Such big impressive work for such a young little guy! Love it! Too funny, my 14yo shrugs at me when I ask him questions too. May be a boy thing? Don’t know… 😉

  53. Awesome project and you can tell he is so proud!

  54. I bet this was a proud Mom & Dad moment.. way to go, what an awesome project and he did an awesome job.. thanks for sharing this with us, I loved it

  55. Wow!! I’m a first grade teacher and I am impressed! What a great idea!! Bet you are one proud momma!! BTW, I hate common core, too!!

  56. What a great project. My son will be in first grade next year, so cool to see all the great things kids are learning.

  57. What a great project. Sounds like thought and prep went into it.

  58. Awe, it sounds like he did what he was supposed to and did a great job at it.

  59. The project looks really well done, what a fabulous job your son and his team did! Btw, I hate Common Core as well.

  60. This is such a neat project for children to do! Thanks for sharing!

  61. His display board is awesome! You’re ALWAYS volunteering at that school, aren’t you? He’s a really good artist! Looked like a fun day!

  62. What a great day for him! I bet you are very proud of his display.

  63. Wow, his display looks awesome! I can’t wait until my little one goes to school (:

  64. What A Great Job You Guys Did He Is Too Cute!!

  65. It is great when teachers find a way to make learning interesting and fun.

  66. i HATE common core too, they are even making us homeschoolers switch to this too. We are fighting for them to stay out! Your son did a great job on his project!

  67. I totally agree that it’s a great start to learning research skills. He looks so proud of himself as well he should be!

  68. My son is always doing “research.” I’m not sure what he means most of the time, but I love that he’s ready and willing! As for common core, I’m worried. We start kindergarten next year and I’m NOT hearing good things!

  69. Aww what a great job. I bet he was proud to show you all of that. I’m not liking common core either although I’m still trying to figure out what all it is.

  70. That a great ideal for a 1st graders and what a great job.

  71. I remember my first graders having to do a report on a desert animal. he did a great job.

  72. I’m really loving your blog! So glad I found it 🙂 And I especially love all the photos you always include…they say so much – and living in a different country I always love seeing photos from the States 🙂

  73. I think team work is absolutely important in life. I love that they’ve done something like this and of course it’s great in so many levels. Looks like he did a great job! Congrats!

  74. Aw, he did a wonderful job! Everything turned out great.

  75. He did an amazing job and even though I despise common core, too, I love that they are promoting team work at such a young age!

  76. That’s super impressive! I can’t imagine a first grader doing something quite so intricate!

  77. He did a good job with the board.

  78. He did a great job! My son loves doing projects like this.