May 212014
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Thanks to Cottonelle for sponsoring today’s discussion.

When I was a little girl, I remember that my mother would always set her alarm for an hour earlier than anyone else in the house – whether it was a school day or a weekend day.  It didn’t matter, she was always up much earlier than anyone else in the house.  Whenever I asked her why she got up so early in the mornings, her answer was always the same.  She’d say “I like my quiet time”.

I went for years scratching my head about that one….until I had children of my own and now I get it completely.

These days I find myself with a nine & a six year old and I now set my alarm clock to go off before they wake up so that I can enjoy the peace and quiet of the house just like my mother did when I was a child.  I mean, hey, I need time to get ready before they need to get into the bathroom and start getting ready for school.

When it comes to getting ready in the mornings, I am basically a creature of habit, and my routine has been the same for as long as I can remember.

1. Tinkle
2. Brush my teeth
3. Shower
4. Flat iron my hair
5. Apply lotion


Once all that is done, I usually have a few minutes to sit down to enjoy the most important part of my morning before the boys wake up – COFFEE!

Recently I had an epiphany, though and I decided that it was time to change things up a little bit.  I don’t wear makeup, but I do use lots of cleansers and lotions, but lately I have had the urge to try out some new brands.  I headed to my local CVSto pick some new products which included Cottonelle® Flushable Cleansing Cloths and Clean Care toilet paper.  Let’s face it, a clean bum is important, too, right?  I mean, I am fairly confident when I say that no one likes to be uncomfortable using the bathroom, so you might as well use a wet-dry system to make sure clean up goes ahem, smoothly.

Cottonelle products leave the whole family feeling extra fresh and clean, so I was nice and shared.  This time…..

So there you have it in a nutshell, an easy way to help you feel refreshed in the morning. When you shop for your Cottonelle® Flushable Cleansing Cloths and Clean Care toilet paper, be sure to head over to CVS like I did.  And, you can save $1.50 just by downloading this exclusive CVS coupon.

* This post is sponsored by Cottonelle, but the thoughts and opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way!

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  132 Responses to “My Morning Bathroom Routine #LetsTalkBums”

  1. I have the same routine but ad shaving and Pepsi max instead of coffee

  2. I always get up before anyone else also. Love Cottonelle products, too

  3. I can barely function without my morning coffee, so for me that comes before getting dressed. We all are such creatures of habit though, aren’t we?

  4. I get up-I head straight to the bathroom-feed the cat while making my coffee then finally sit down at the computer while she goes back to sleep-did I mention this is around midnight?

  5. Well look at you in your pj’s. Aren’t you just the cutest thing?

  6. I never got it either and now that I have kids I am like you and up always at least an hour earlier, too 🙂

  7. I just can’t seem to get up any earlier than my two. They’re up at 6 a.m. We don’t leave for the bus until 8:30. But after they’re on the bus I do my morning routine. And every day it will include Cottonelle because its the only brand I will buy.

  8. You do too much before coffee. LOL I must fuel up before anything happens. I love those flushable wipes, too, though!!

  9. We use Cottonelle at our house. Their products are so soft.

  10. I do pretty much the exact same thing, on the weekends I “try” to wake up before the kids but it usually never happens. I need my extra sleep LOL.

  11. My morning routine is sooooo predictable. If you’re going to switch things up though, might as well do it with a brand you can trust, and Cottonelle fits the bill. 🙂

  12. we’ve been using these for potty training, and I may or may not have smuggled my own pack into my bathroom….

  13. Love your post title, lol. And the product sounds really great, hope I can find it here also.

  14. Cottonelle is always my toilet paper brand of choice!

  15. I don’t use any other brand on my bum 🙂 I’m brand loyal to Cottonelle because they are the best.

  16. I get up an hour early to do my blog work. I answer emails, etc. If I don’t it takes me twice as long to complete everything after the kids wake up. I can get a lot done in one hour without someone sitting on my lap or hitting buttons or asking me to do something for them. I really need this time!

  17. We are a Cottonelle family here, too! 🙂 It’s a great brand.

  18. Love ideas to make morning routines go quicker, I need to check out these wipes! They sound great. I don’t get up early enough, I really need to work on that. Every morning is a horror show!

  19. Wet-dry system <<< love it! I was the first in our household to jump on this bandwagon, and I am never going back!

  20. We LOVE the cottonelle wipes. The whole fam uses them.

  21. I wish I could get up before my kids! The baby wakes around 5 to nurse and then he’ll go back to sleep, but by then- the toddler’s normally awake. Someday… 🙂 Thanks for sharing the coupon too! CVS is our favorite store!

  22. Okay, I LOVE those cleaning cloths! And, no kids here, but I’m still up at least an hour before my hubby! I like the peacefulness!

  23. I get up about an hour earlier than my kids, too. My day is much different if I don’t. I have seen the blond lady on TV talking about bums maybe I need to add them to my life.
    Happy Wednesday!

  24. I am with you and LOVE my quiet time in the morning as well to drink my coffee. Don’t mess with that time. 😉 I also Love me some cottenelle! I don’t use the restroom with out it.

  25. Love the wipes and coffee? It’s my must! We have the same routine!! 😉

  26. I have to admit we are an angel soft family, I have tied others but they always ask for angel soft.

  27. I have to admit, your mom was a smart woman! When you have little ones, it is hard to get a routine finished let alone have any privacy!

  28. I don’t have a CVS where I live but my routine is a little bit more hectic than yours. I haven’t used cottonelle in a while either. Will have to give them another shot.

  29. The flushable cleaning wipes sound handy to have on hand. Thanks for the info.

  30. Oh yes I have the same routine! I do love their flushables 🙂

  31. We have some of their wipes on hand! They are nice to have for sure!!

  32. My mornings are purely accomplished out of habit. I do the same exact routine everyday and could probably do it with my eyes closed! The flushables are a must especially when my little one gets up in the middle of the night and for the morning tinkle 🙂

  33. Quiet time is good. I’ve tried the Cottenelle flushables and they are great. I keep them on the top of the toilet tank

  34. Since we have had kids in the house every bathroom has wipes – that the adults use too. I will have to check out Cottonelle wipes so the adults can have an upgrade 🙂

  35. Love your post about bums lol. I do think this is a great for kids and potty training.

  36. yep, I can totally relate to your outine!

  37. Coffee is probably the one part of my morning routine that is constant, no matter what!

  38. I am totally the same way! I love my quiet time!

  39. Coffee is such an important part of the morning. I never thought about extending the beauty routine down below.

  40. Switch the coffee to iced tea and we basically have the same morning routine!

  41. Please come over and flat iron mine when you are done! LOL

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  42. Thanks for sharing your morning bathroom routine!.. I’m wakeup 5:30 am..

  43. I love the mornings when everything is quiet ~ My computer and a cup of coffee!

  44. I love morning quiet times! Though my oldest tends to stay in her room most of the day (moody teenager stuff right there) and my youngest is a stay up late and sleep all day kind of girl. Quiet time usually lasts until about 11 here lol.

  45. Flushable wipes=genius. Cute pjs! Morning is my favorite time of the day–I wake up extra early to be ALONE.

  46. I get up early all the time but by the time I put dishes away, get coffee made and dogs fed, the children are up. Thankfully they get on the bus for school not long after. Although summer is coming blech

  47. I start my morning off with a pepsi haha but other than that, very similar. I also need the time to myself in the morning to get the day ready.

  48. I like this brand, it’s durable and doesn’t fall apart in the messy job!

  49. Umm, you forgot coffee. This girl doesn’t go any where even the shower without my morning cup of coffee! I love the cottonelle flushable wipes but the city sure doesn’t. Apparently its causing grief on the pipes. I still use them ( I’m bad like that)

  50. We use Cottonelle flushable wipes here too! (Jinx!) What did we ever do without them? Thanks for the coupon. I clicked to get it. 😉

  51. Theres no way i can get up before my children lol. I am definitely not a morning person, but my morning routine could be not so rushed if i got up earlier. I just can’t bring myself to waking up before the sun =)

  52. I’m usually a creature of habit myself both in the mornings and at night! I do need to start getting back to a regular routine with things like teeth brushing and washing my face though.

  53. I will totally use this coupon! Thanks!

  54. Your routine makes total sense to me from top to bottom. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

  55. We love the wet wipes at our house. They are a must have staple!

  56. I love my quiet time, too! I quickly learned that if I don’t get up before my kids in the morning, I won’t be able to peacefully shower (or shower at all) and it doesn’t start my day off well.

  57. I have Crohn’s and I LOVE those portable wipes from Cottonelle. They are a freaking lifesaver some days, lol.

  58. In the winter, I have a hard time rising before the boys. The long dark days and nights of Alaska just have me wanting to curl up in bed. But, I have been enjoying some quiet time in the morning with the long days of summer and the need to rise early and drive hubby to work.

  59. Nice PJs you have there! This stuff sounds great.

  60. I signed up for a free sample of the flushable wipes. If we like them, we will definitely be stocking up on them.

  61. I love that quiet time in the mornings! Thank you for the coupon!

  62. WE have routines like that on here.. but it starts with the dog wanting to go out..

  63. I’m not a coffee drinker but tinkling is always number one on my list! Thanks for the coupon! I love that the wipes are flushable!

  64. Our whole family loves to use cottonelle whips.

  65. I have just been trying to get up earlier then my kids. I like my sleep!

  66. What a great coupon.. I love Cottonelle and we are currently out, so this will come in handy, may need to make a CVS run for this deal… thanks for sharing your morning routine… sounds just like me…lol

  67. I don’t drink coffee, but I don’t get much done before my morning Mountain Dew!

  68. I get up at 5:30 which is about an hour before anyone else. I value quiet time.

  69. Love your PJ pants! 🙂 I need to get up earlier every day to get started with my projects!

  70. Very cute bathroom! I love that you start your day off with a tinkle! Me too!

  71. Got to love those daily morning routines, yours is pretty similar to mine. Cottonelle is a great brand!

  72. We love Cottonelle products in our home too! They have the best tissues for the tushies.

  73. I really like those cleansing cloths, they work great. They have a nice scent as well.

  74. I love having time for myself in the morning before the craziness begins. I look forward to my morning coffee and checking email in peace!

  75. We need a better morning routine in our house. It’s one of the things we are working on this summer.

  76. I still can’t make myself get up much before my kids in the morning. I’m such a night owl.

  77. Love the idea of getting up an hour earlier than everyone else. Must try this!

  78. Given up on the flat ironing and just let it wave 🙂 Lots of other good coupons on the CVS site, too.

  79. I can’t believe you straighten your hair everyday! I am way too lazy for that haha 🙂

  80. I tried this method of waking up before the kids — but every single frickin time: one or all of them woke up within 10 minutes of me being up. And that is the main reason I hate our bungalow.

  81. Loving the $1.50 coupon! Your morning routine sounds similar to mine, but I don’t usually flatiron my hair, I just let it curl!

  82. There’s nothing like having some quiet time! My mom has always been the same way, too.

  83. I like to stumble around putting out emergency fires in the morning until the kids are at school, my husband is at work and the toddler is napping. Then I can relax.

  84. We recently switched to the Cottonelle wipes and my boys are so much happier with them then what we were using. I am just happy knowing that my son will actually wipe better if he uses the wipes, he is still in training so the wipes are a must!

  85. Great timing – just the other day I was thinking that I should really get up an hour earlier before everyone, just for some ‘me’ time. I don’t think it would work though… my eight year old is already ahead of me. She sets her alarm an hour earlier than everyone so she can get up to read before we all get out of bed!

  86. I’m the first or second one up depending on the day. And my routine isn’t that different from yours either, especially the caffeine!

  87. I think these are great for kids who need a little extra help in the “totally clean” department!! 🙂

  88. These flushable wipes are a great idea. It is nice to get fresh and clean!

  89. Your routine sounds very similar to mine. I love that cottonelle has these wipes especially for little kids

  90. I am lucky if I get a chance to pee before one of my kids is yelling for me to come take them to go potty! As long as we get of of the house on time…

  91. I get my caffeine out of coke but is practically the same, except now that I’m preggo I tinkle 4 times in those 30 mins

  92. I’m up 30-45 minutes before everyone else most days. I tinkle then get coffee. Then I get my day started.

  93. I’m right there with you. Don’t mess with my 30 minutes of quiet time in the morning. We have been using the wipes for a while as well…I love them.

  94. It takes me 30-40 mins every day but that it from beginning to end, including makeup.

  95. I love that Cottonelle makes these! Hmm, my routine is similar to you but, I skip doing my hair. My hair takes forever to straight iron.

  96. Sounds just like my morning! Except Protein shake instead of coffee 🙂

  97. we’ve been using toilet paper and wipes for as long as I can remember. now when we’re out of the house everyone expects me to carry them with me.

  98. I usually stay up VERY late for my “quiet” time – which consists of several episodes of Murder, She Wrote on my iPad in a dark room (so I don’t wake anyone). lol Cottonelle makes the best toilet paper and wipes!

  99. I like my quiet time too. I often get it late at night. 🙂

  100. Got to love those early morning routines, it’s my personal time I enjoy.

  101. I love your pjs. I’ve started getting up extra early for some quiet work time, too. Makes me a better mom when the craziness starts.

  102. Coffee first, otherwise I cannot guarantee the safety of those around me that first hour…

  103. I have the same routine except I’m always the last one up! haha (no kiddos here). Coffee is a MUST though!

  104. I’m a morning creature of habit too! Minus the flat iron though 🙂

  105. Looks like a really good offer. I like how you are saving cash doing your morning routine.

  106. That sounds like a lot of my mornings!

  107. Our routines are the same! I also get up way before my kids to get it all done before I have to get them up and start their routine.

  108. I love their toilet paper but I especially love the wipes. They come in handy for lots of different uses. Thanks for the coupon.

  109. I definitely understand what your mom was saying about “her time” now that I have a daughter, as well. A peaceful house is always nice to enjoy for a little bit!

  110. i love cottonelle flushable wipes. And I’m impressed that you straighten your hair every day.

  111. I also enjoy that quiet time when no one else is awake. Also love cottonelle flushable wipes!

  112. I wish I had a regular morning routine but my mornings are always hectic due to my kids waking up the same time as me (6am).

  113. I would love everything about these wipes!

  114. Mornings are always hectic in this house wish I had a routine but it’s all, chaos. lol Would love to try the flushable wipes

  115. Mornings are so hectic. I’ve fallen into a horrible habit of coming downstairs, making my son breakfast and immediately opening my email and starting to work. It’s like 6:30 in the morning! By then I’m just working away until I realize that hey, it’s noon and I haven’t showered yet. Work at home problems right? I need back on a schedule!

  116. Brush teeth THEN shower? That’s cray cray.

  117. We had tried different brands but were only comfortable to Cottonelle brand! Great quality.

  118. I need to start that quiet time routine. I sure could use the quiet before mayhem ensues!

  119. Lately I’ve been doing coffee/breakfast before my shower. I should probably shower first though, to wake me up faster! I am NOT a morning person at all and would sleep until noon every day if I could.

  120. You’ve already done a lot by the time you have coffee! I need coffee before getting the day started but I do love my quiet time in the morning

  121. I’m a creature of habit in the morning too. I like the idea of having these cleansing wipes in the bathroom, especially with kids in the house.

  122. I am definitely a creature of habit, too. Thanks for the coupon. I can definitely use that.

  123. Ha! I was a bit worried based on the post title’s end! But you’re right – we all are creatures of routines.

  124. I don’t have a routine like this, but I think I need one. My days might be more relaxed if I start my day by myself! Cottonelle is a big part of my day though!

  125. I always end up exhausted because I stay up longer than the kids instead of waking up before them, I need to try this out!

  126. I need to start getting up earlier too. I dont’ wear makeup either I’m with you there.

  127. I like my quiet time to. The trouble is, when the boys hear me up they get up to. Isaak wants to cuddle, so there he is on my lap.

  128. Used to wake up earlier than everyone else for a different reason: high maintenance hair. Takes about an hour or two to get straightened. But when I got my Karmin G3 iron, straightening time was cut in half, and I get my me time before everyone else is up. A great time saver, you should try this one out 🙂