Apr 042014

I’m just going to come out and say it – I hate running.  With a passion.  I know some people love it and I want to love it – I really do, but I just can’t do it. The thing is, I know that running is a great workout and  I am going to need to run a timed mile in the very near future because of the martial arts training that I am currently going through (it’s part of the testing process).

Since I truly dislike running so much, I need something to help me get through my misery and music is that thing.

1.  Sound of Madness by Shinedown
2.  Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J
3.  Bring the Action by Will.I.Am and Britney Spears
4.  Gold on the Ceiling by El Camino
5.  Everything Zen by Bush
6.  Berzerk by Eminem
7.  C’mon by Ke$ha
8.  Magic by B.o.B.
9.  Safe and Sound by Capital Cities
10.  Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey
11.  Applause by Lady Gaga
12.  Talk Dirty to Me by Poison
13.  Krazy – Pitbull
14.  That Power by Will.I.Am
15.  Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie
16.  Volcano Girls by Veruca Salt
17.  Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People
18.  Tubthumper by Chumbawamba
19.  Without You by David Guetta (feat. Usher)
20.  I Can Only Imagine by David Guetta (feat Chris Brown)
21.  Suck My Kiss by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
22.  Weight of the World by Saliva
23.  Counting Stars by One Republic
24.  Cherry Pie by Warrant
25.  The Sickness by Disturbed

I know, I know….some of those are pretty random.  But at least it keeps me going and that’s what counts, right?

What songs motivate you while you’re working out?

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  1. Good list. I like to listen standup comedy, which probably looks weird when I burst out laughing on the treadmill.

  2. Thank you for this! I am getting sick of my running playlist and have been on the lookout for some new songs. You can do it. It’s hard at first, but once your body gets used to it, I think you’ll enjoy it. It definitely helps relieve stress, for me anyway.

  3. Anything that helps us get to Mr. T’s 8min mile… Burn it Down (Linkin Park), Old White Lincoln (The Gaslight Anthem), Gasoline (The Airborne Toxic Event)

  4. My workout list is just as diverse. The BlackEyed Peas- Boom Boom Pow is a staple though. That one makes me run a bit faster every time it comes on.

  5. I am with you and I hate running with a passion, but loved your list of music if I ever have to do it. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  6. I have a friend that also has a workout music line-up to keep her moving. She likes fast, powerful songs too. I think for me being distracted by a TV show keeps me motivated on the treadmill.

  7. That definitely is an eclectic mix, but you’re right…….whatever keeps you going so you can get through it.

  8. Great list of songs to get you moving! I am usually watching TV on the treadmill. We are running a race this weekend – 5K, I am a slow runner, but it is my preferred form of exercise. Good luck with your test. 🙂

  9. I so do not know who any of these are! I listen to Christian music – I like fun upbeat praise music!

  10. Clearly this is an amazing playlist! LL COOL J?! Love him.

  11. I’m going to miss running and Zumba. My knee is shot from both. From here on out it is walking for me. Love the playlist.

  12. I use my Songza app and get the 90s jock jams out! I have to have serious club thumping music to keep a pace!

  13. Bahaha .. I can’t get Cherry Pie out of my head now! LOL

    Have a great weekend mama!

  14. I am bad, I watch tv when I run on the treadmill 🙂 I can’t do music, I get bored! I like your playlist though!

  15. I am not able to run much any more but I used to listen to the Theme from Last of the Mohicans.

  16. Music motivates me – I love to play music loud and clean the house! Windows open and the music blasting!!!!

  17. Back when I USED TO work out–nothing but nothing motivated me!! As for running–never did get into that unless I was running after one of my dogs in a field to play!

  18. Good for you that you run even though you hate it, you are really getting it done. That’s a great playlist I can see how it keeps you moving through your run.

  19. Love your list! I love every kind of music so mine is all over the place from Hip Hop to Country to Classical.

  20. lol, some of these ARE pretty random. A good play list is essential for working out or running to me.

  21. I say random is good… right? I love upbeat music something that keeps me going

  22. I could never work out without music and am always looking for new songs to add to my playlists. Am definitely taking some of these, thanks!

  23. This is a good list! I love having music during workouts. It keeps me motivated even when I’m tired!

  24. I’m totally going to look some of these songs up! I’ve been running a lot lately and am always looking for new tunes!

  25. I abhor running but I agree – upbeat music definitely helps.

  26. A good playlist is the only thing that keeps me running…unless I am being chased!

  27. I love that you shared your playlist because I am always looking for new music to add to mine. I get SO bored running on my treadmill and I always need the boost to keep going. Definitely going to steal some of yours!

  28. Your list is all over the place and looks a lot like mine. I have a lot of those same songs on mine. In addition to some of those, I like Mr. Jackson- Panic At The Disco, Timber- Pitbull, My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark- Fallout Boy, and Til I Collapse and Lose Yourself- Eminem. Anything that sounds angry or upbeat as I work out keeps my adrenalin going and pushes me to whip my body into shape.

  29. We could totally be best friends, haha! I was going to list my favorites but I realized it was pretty much the entire list!

  30. I know this is weird, but sometimes, I run to the disney station on pandora. You’d be amazed at how motivating “Let It Go” can be while running. lol. It makes me run a little faster.

  31. This is a great list! I normally have quite the collection for working out, but my iPod died last week and I’ve been doing Pandora since then…so I’m not quite as organized as I like.

  32. Wow, what an awesome playlist! I love that song cherry Pie by Warrant.

  33. This is an awesome running playlist! Tubthumper is definitely on my playlist for exercise too.

  34. When I’m running and “Applause” comes on, I go hard and run my ass off. I love this list. I hate running too, but I always do a better job with a good playlist.

  35. That’s a great list! I have Mama Said Knock You Out on my list too. I also listen to motivational speakers when I run!

  36. I totally agree with you! I can not run without my playlist! You picked some good songs.

  37. I’ve been doing stairs with weights on. I hate that to, but I have to do it. Then I do leg lifts, weights, and girl push ups. I started with 10 push ups, but now do 37, which is my age. I don’t listen to music when I work out, maybe I should. We work out, while the kids are still asleep. I’d have to get head phones. I listen to lots of music, so I’d have to go through and pick songs out.

  38. This is a great list. We enjoy a lot of the same types of music.

  39. I love number 2!! My DH and his bros sang this at our wedding..it had sentimental feelings!

  40. Usher, Creed, and anything Taio Cruz. I definitely need a good beat when I run

  41. You totally aren’t alone, I’ve never been a runner.. I stink at it. Walking.. right up my ally. Kudos to you for plugging through it playlist and all! What a fun list at that, I must admit I haven’t heard of many of these songs.. but I see a few favs on the llst too!

  42. I hate running too, but mostly because I have asthma. I walk on the excercise machines at the gym. I just bought a new MP3 player, so I will soon be jamming out while i do some fast paced walking.

  43. I really dislike running also. I like fast walking. I don’t know many of the selections you have on your list but I do like I Can Only Imagine.

  44. Music makes the exercise go by so much faster! I have an outdated playlist that I really need to update.

  45. Thanks for sharing your music list…it is definitely a diverse one! You have inspired me to change mine up and add some new songs.

  46. So love you music mix. Laughing at your music selection. A few through backs for sure!!

  47. YAY! Thanks for some new tracks and ideas, I was getting sick on some of mine. Adding some now.

  48. Anything by pitbull gets my blood pumping and my motivation going for a good work out 😀

  49. I am no runner, I’m allergic to it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! But that is a great song list and now I feel like updating my iPod. I can use those songs while I walk, but not run… brevets of my running allergy. Lol.

  50. That’s an awesome playlist, one which I’m totally saving for when I make my workout soundtrack! I have a love-hate relationship with running… I do it because I feel amazing when I’m done, but I hate the thought of it, and I know I’m not a “real” runner. I’m totally not one of those graceful looking people who look like they were born to run. I know I don’t look as ridiculous as Phoebe (did you ever see that episode of Friends? I die!) but I know I can’t be far from it. Ah well… If my scale and my body look better for it, I’ll do it. Ugh. lol

  51. I am always looking for new playlists for working out! This is a great mix!

  52. Ha! Ll cool j rocks. Long time.

  53. I like randomness for workout music. The variety keeps it motivating.

  54. I tried running in high school – but I’m just into walking now.

    I like your list – some I don’t even now, but some I do. Good luck on your test 🙂

  55. Great Playlist You Have The Same Taste As Me good Luck On Your Training I Feel The Same Way You Do About Running You Can Do It!

  56. I am not a runner, but I do walk on the tred mill and ride the bike. I like songs from the 80’s… they keep me from thinking.

  57. Number 2 is one of my personal favorites and definitely a song that helps to get you pumped up when working out.

  58. That really is a random list! For the life of me, I can’t remember what’s on my running playlist! I always end up zoning out and enjoying the run!

  59. Music is very important to me for working out. It helps get me through the tough workouts easier.

  60. This is a great playlist! I love Ellie Goulding’s “Burn” and Pharrell’s, “Happy.” Both are fun and can keep me motivated.

  61. I only run when chased….and even then, meh….how much danger I am Really in??
    But I wish I could love it to. I ran when I was younger, but then wrecked my knee one year and just never got back into it.
    Can I just say how awesome it is that you have Poison, Rob Zombie and Tubthumper on the same playlist.

  62. Wow! I am so out of the loop on music now days. I haven’t listened to much for about 2 years since I lost my mojo on exercising {my bro was ill and had many hospital and dr appointments that got me off schedule} No wonder I got b c! But in those days, I loved Train’s ‘Soul Sister’ and Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi’! see ??? out of the loop. lol

  63. Sounds like my playlist! I am pretty random as well. I like a mix of everything on the shuffle. Keeps me going.. when I do run! LOL

  64. I think championship songs like “eye of the tiger” are classic yet it’s so effective and encouraging..

  65. Music is a powerful tool. I have soundtracks for several areas of life!

  66. I”ve been thinking of writing a post like this too! My music can really make or break my run. Right now, Work, B*tch by Britney Spears is helping me KILL it (as much as I hate to admit that.) I’m also loving Doin’ Dirt by Maroon 5 and Timber by Kesha and Pitbull. I would never listen to them otherwise, but they really help me amp up my workout!

  67. Thanks for the push, I need a spring exercise routine.

  68. I need to update my ipod… I think it has been over 2 years. A little outdated 🙂

  69. Ok I’m off to add a few of these to my iPod right now! I totally love your list.

  70. I wish I was a runner …great song list, though.

  71. This is a great list! I hate running too so I definitely need an upbeat playlist!

  72. I don’t work out! There, I said it! lol I am thinking of doing Yoga but my mind is preventing me from taking on some yoga classes. Running is just out of question.. I am right there with you.. but its good that you are doing martial arts with the help of music. Great choice! 🙂

  73. Great playlist! I actually don’t listen to music when I’m working out. When I’m walking or running outside I always like to just hear the sounds around me. I like being outside!

  74. Those are some great songs for a playlist. I’m just like you I hate running but don’t run with music unless I’m in the gym.

  75. I am soooo unmotivated to run too! Hubby has a great play list that he loves, but I have yet to get one together. Need to work on that!

  76. I hate running myself but I really don’t run to music. That may be what I’m missing. This is quite an eclectic mix. I love Lana Del Rey! I don’t love the radio remixes though. Just her pure voice on the original tracks. Good luck running

  77. I really like some of the songs on the list, but I absolutely hate and despise running. I could use it for power walking.

  78. I definitely love anything fast and upbeat. Definitely gets me going.

  79. Very random, but awesome! Tubthumper?!! YES!

  80. Even those of us that actually love to run have days that we hate running! I hated it when I was younger and now can not get enough though still have days where I do not want to do it. 1 mile is not far, I promise it sounds worse than it is! I am going to check out a few of your songs on your list, I need a longer list of songs for my upcoming full marathon. I have listened to the same list over and over for well over a year now – I think it is time for a change.

  81. 1, 15, and 25 are some of my fav songs! I love rock, and metal music!!

  82. Wide ranging selections, but I like that. I have random swings too! Have fun working out!

  83. I love that you put LL Cool J on your playlist! Nothing says badass more that “Mama Said Knock You Out!” Also, he’s hott. 🙂

  84. You had me at Shinedown. Seriously great playlist you have going there, hopefully it helps.

  85. I have some of these on my workout list! Great list you have

  86. Ooooh nice list! Will be updating my own (totally outdated!) list with some of these!

  87. I hate to run, too! No playlist here- b/c I refuse to run!

  88. LOVE your playlist. I’m going to have to reference it when I build my own.

  89. I dont run. At all. But I do walk a lot and listen to music. You have some good songs on your playlist. Need to add some of these to mine.

  90. Love your list! I’ve got several Eminem songs on my playlist (Til I Collapse and Lose Yourself are my faves). I didn’t see Eye of the Tiger on your list though….no running playlist is complete without that one!

  91. You have some good ones on there! My boyfriend loves Disturbed. You definitely have eclectic music tastes!

  92. First of all, thanks. Bc today I finally committed myself to running and I need a workout list. Mine only had 10 songs and I got bored of it. You’re not alone in hating running.. I hate it too. I just feel like its a necessity right now as I need to get fit. :/

  93. I am stealing this! I need a good playlist for my workouts. Nothing is worse than a slow song while you’re trying to push out that last set.

  94. This is a good list. I don’t like running either. Sometimes I have to slap myself when I start to feel like I’m making excuses not to do it that day 🙂

  95. Exercise is really really important, but it’s not a pleasant experience most of them as well. Thus, listening to music is one of the many strategies I do to keep myself motivated. I use to listen to upbeat songs and music while running, but now I tend to listen to audio books or motivational speakers. This way, I don’t just get physically fit, but also mentally educated. So I get more out of my time burning fats. I recommend that you try it too! 🙂

  96. I’ve heard of ONE of those songs. I live in a bubble! A country music bubble!

  97. I am so out of the loop that many I don’t know, but I’m sure these are upbeat and worth while!

  98. I am in the exact same boat right now. I just signed up for my first 5K, because I REALLY want to like running too. Looks like we like a lot of the same music and recently I’ve found that NOTHING powers me through a tough run like Ms. Spears. Work B**ch is guaranteed to keep me moving.

  99. Bruno Mars usually croons me while I run, making me forget the laziness I feel in my bones.

  100. Those are awesome list – I don’t know that much music but I have to agree it always helps us make it sync with the running so running can’t be so much of a chore-like, haha!

  101. i was hoping there was some overlap between mine and yours. some artists are the same but not songs.

  102. I love the randomness of your playlist! Mine is sort of all over the place too (and since you’ve inspired me to share mine, you’ll probably see it sometime in the next week or so!) I need to give mine a fresh boost though, and I think I’m going to pull out a few of your choices to add in. Great tunes!

    Also, while I try to run a lot, I don’t really like it either. For me, it’s more of an “I need to be off my ass” thing and I like pushing my endurance. I will never be fast, and I am ok with that. I’m just aiming to go farther and a little faster than I did last time!

  103. I don’ work out. I do love good music though, my favorite genre is rock. Familiar with some of your music like the Shinedown, Disturbed and Poison.

  104. Mine is equally as random and we have a few of the same!!

  105. I love running! I usually listen to podcasts when I run. If I am on the treadmill I watch TV 🙂

  106. You’re not the only one. I hate running, too, yet used to be a really fast runner in school. The reason why I hate is because I get side stitches (a.k.a. side cramps) very easily. By the way, great playlist! I like Sound of Madness by Shinedown and Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey as well. 🙂

  107. I don’t like to run unless I’m being chased. Those are some good songs on your playlist. You have good taste in music.