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Ah, 2016. A brand new year. A fresh start.

I am always looking for new adventures for my family.  I want my kids to be able to have amazing experiences. When my boys are all grown up, I want them to look back and have tons of great memories from their childhood.

One of the reasons I try to travel with my kids as much as possible is that I rarely went anywhere when I was a kid.  My mom wouldn’t fly, so we always stayed local.  I didn’t fly anywhere until I was an adult, but I am happy to be able to say that my kids have flown over a dozen times (at least) and each of them have been flying since they were under a year old.

Our family traveled to a couple of new places last year (Philadelphia and Washington DC, which was new for the kids) and while we don’t have anyplace new slated to visit this year, yet, we are planning on taking a few return trips to a couple of our favorite destinations in 2016!

First up is San Diego.  This will be our third visit and although, Disneyland is not in San Diego, it’s only a 90 minute drive and we will most definitely be getting our Disney fix while we’re out on the west coast.


We are also planning on taking a road trip back to DC this summer.  Last year we spent a week there and only got a chance to see a fraction of the sights – so we’re going back.  We actually stay with family in Bethesda, MD whenever we are down there, so we might explore a little more of Maryland while we’re there (I’m thinking Baltimore).


I’m sure there will be a lot more travel this year, but those are the things that are a definite as of right now. I am looking forward to making lots of new memories with my family in 2016.  And speaking of family, there’s no other family that can relate more to this than the Croods – you know, the prehistoric crew whose every day is a new adventure (or disaster) – because while our stories may differ from the dark ages, the family hijinks remain the same.

The Croods’ Best Family Adventures!

Every step out of the cave is a new adventure for The Croods, but we’ve compiled a few of our favorites. You can watch all of their pre-hysterical adventures now on Netflix.


We’re definitely going to be having a Croods marathon in our house soon!

What adventures are you looking forward to in 2016?

Note: I am a member of the Netflix StreamTeam.  As part of the #streamteam, I have received product and complimentary service, but all opinions are 100% my own. 

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  1. Definitely planning for some adventures here this year and will also have to check out The Croods on Netflix now, too! 🙂

    • Hey Janine, Why not make it a trip or several trips abroad.
      Saying that I agree with your decision Robin, our children deserve to see more of the world as we can travel further faster. We have always traveled with our children our son was only 4 weeks old when he first went abroad and has had 5 passports since as we fill em up quick!

      I hope you dont mind me sharing that we are members of a travel club that allows us to travel all over for a smidgeon of the normal prices. Its specially amazing offers for USA residents and we have access to an online mall where we earn points for travel as well so we can literally travel for free in some cases! As a parent to a parent, I am happy to share with you if you are open to this amazing community of travel buffs 🙂

      Thanks for sharing with us too!

  2. These are wonderful adventures to look forward to. We are also planning a few trips this year.

  3. Making lots of memories with family is always exciting! Just like The Croods -:)

  4. I truly believe that travelling is just as much of an education as school. Love your travels.

    • I agree with you. When my kids were in grade school through high school, they always had educational field trips which I thought was great! Now that they are grown, we still take trips as a family. Making memories are the best activity we enjoy as a family.

  5. I love to make new memories and create new adventures. Who knows what the year will bring I just have to wait and see!

  6. Looks like 2016 is going to be a great year for you! 2016 is the year I become a mom!

  7. I’m just starting to plan my travel adventures for the year. I’ve enjoyed the last month or so of being grounded, but it’s time to get back to adventuring!

  8. Such a nice family pic! We went to DC with small children and thought it was a very kid-friendly place. We enjoyed taking train everywhere and it was so easy to get downtown to our hotel from the airport by public transportation. We will definitely go back soon too!

  9. One of my old roommates is from Ocean City, MD. We went all around in that area. She took me to see the capitol and Baltimore is certainly fun!

  10. I’m looking forward to lots of adventures in 2016. First up is a Viking Ocean Cruise to the Mediterranean!

  11. I loved traveling but here lately I’m actually kind of scared to. Last year my son caught a bug as we were heading to go camping. Since then I’ve been afraid of them getting sick in the car. I need to get my emetophobia under control so I can travel like you!

  12. They all sound like amazing vacations! The west coast is our favorite spot, although we love South Padre Island in Texas.

  13. We’re starting our summer planning right now. Trying to narrow down Niagara Falls (Canadian side), The Rockey Mountains, or driving down to Fl and renting a condo on the beach.

  14. We go to DC quite a bit,and there is always something to do in the Metro area. I have always wanted to travel and hope we will get an opportunity to do so. You are fortunate, enjoy!

  15. I have never watched The Croods before but it looks like a great film. I want to travel more this year.

  16. Lots of fun adventures in the new year. Great memories in the making!

  17. So far this year we have a 3 day concert trip planned and a trip to CA for a college tour of California Institute of Technology. We have also started the work for next year’s trip to Japan. .

  18. Your boys are so fortunate to have all of these great travel experiences! Happy travels in 2016! Unfortunately, we do not have any travel plans at this time. I would love to take the kids to California some day.

  19. Well, I’m already on a blogging trip, so that’s one adventure down. The adventure I’m most looking forward to is life. You never know what will happen!

  20. I’m always excited at the beginning of the year. It’s a time with everything seems wide open and waiting for you to make it the best thing you’ve ever experienced.

  21. I love Netflix (and the Croods) – and we are also always traveling. I don’t know what we have in store for this year either but last year held some amazing surprises.

  22. I would love to travel more with my family we haven’t had a vacation ever because we haven’t been able to afford to but if money wasn’t a issue I totally would travel the world.

  23. So many wonderful adventures coming for you! We love the Croods, the show is adorable!

  24. Its great that you get to expose your kids to traveling at a tender age, i started traveling when i was 9 and i loved it, i have been slowing traveling in south east Asia for the past 2 year 🙂 I would one day love to be in the States, there is a lot i want to see
    You should plan that with your family, its really cheap down here

  25. 2016 is already looking like a year filled with new adventures for us! Really looking forward to it

  26. I love that traveling is so important to you and your family! And that’s great that you can use a Netflix streaming show as a little inspiration!

  27. I will have to check out Croods on Netflix. So for this year I have 2 cruises planned one with my sister and one with the girl’s. In August I am going to Texas to see my little sister graduate from college.

  28. My boys are very particular about what they watch–nothing scary allowed–so I will most definitely have to see if Croods is a contender for them. I am so sick of Cars!

  29. Sounds like you’ve got a fun year planned for traveling! I am hoping to go if you places myself with my family we are saving for one big trip and then a couple little small trips. At some point we are going to go to Washington DC I would love to see all the history there.

    • I agree, it sounds like you are going to have a bunch fun this year. I have always wanted to go to Washington DC.

  30. Your family always goes on the coolest adventures! My hubby and I are taking a ski trip soon, can’t wait! I’d love to go back and visit DC!

  31. I have not done my trip planning yet. I want to go to a beach.

  32. We didn’t travel much either as kids, but we do travel more now with kids! Not sure what adventures we will plan this year!

  33. Looks like 2016 is going to be a lot of fun for you and making new memories with your family.

  34. We are also planning a road trip up to DC this summer! The kids are so excited 🙂

  35. We’ll be planning more camping trips this summer! I’m anxious for spring (we’ve still got a long ways to go here)! I love DC and could go back again and again…there really is so much to see and do!

  36. I think travel is so important for growth (in many ways). And if you can’t travel, travel with movies! I’m not sure of our vacation plans yet but I know we’ll be watching loads of movies in the meantime.

  37. The biggest adventure I’m planning for this coming year is getting back into great shape. That’s certainly going to be a journey.

  38. Our six year old loves the Croods and it is the perfect thing for him to watch on long car trips!! Netflix is a lifesaver in the car 🙂

  39. Planning a trip to AZ this year for sure. Will look for Croods on Netflix!

  40. That looks like fun. I love how you are creating memories that will last a lifetime. Your kids will appreciate it.

  41. I could say that we have given our kids (all grown up now) lots of memories of places we’ve been to as a family. I hope the tradition carries on, and when the time comes that they have children of their own, they too, would explore places and create beautiful memories.

  42. I have never been to San Diego. Sounds like a great trip to plan! And I bet my kids would love to watch the Croods adventures!

  43. Disney is always such a great adventure. Cheers to more fun in the new year. We are headed to Universal for Mardi Gras.

  44. Traveling with the kids is definitely a whole different experience than grown up trips! I love the memories we get to share as a family, and they always have a take that I would have completely missed had we not all gone together.

  45. San Diego looks like a beautiful place, I would love to go there 🙂

  46. I love the croods. So do my kiddos!!! I am SO excited to see what adventures you and your family have in 2016. I just adore all your photos and all the adventures you’ve taken so far!

  47. you guys look like you are having sooo much fun. i love the moments you captured. 2016 is gonna be totally epic.

  48. I hope one day I can travel around with my family too! I would so love to a road trip and visit a few different places.

  49. At 60 yrs old I am starting a new career in 2016!

  50. I had the same youth as you – never went anywhere. I have the travel bug now for sure. We are off to DC in may as well. Super excited!

  51. I’d like to take a small trip somewhere this year. I’m just not sure of the destination yet.

  52. It’s nicer to travel when the kids are at this age because they’ll be able to enjoy it more. I love that you make it a point to travel with your kids. That’s definitely something people should do. Kids deserve to see the world.

  53. We love Disney. I’d also love to plan a trip to San Diego – my best friend is there.

  54. Sounds like a lot of adventures! My son is a jr in high school and looking at colleges, so I think most of our visits are going to revolve around possible colleges for him. It is a good excuse to visit some new places anyway.

  55. I can’t wait until my son is old enough to start traveling more. I definitely want to take him to DC.

  56. I had just notice the Croods show on Netflix, my kids loved the movie and would probably enjoy the show!

  57. Looks like you’ll be up to some coast to coast traveling this year! We’re hoping to a bigger than ever trip for our 5 year anniversary. Not decided where yet. (And lucky you for being on the #StreetTeam!!)

  58. It is really nice to travel as a family. Take advantage of the time you have together.

  59. These are the things that kids will remember long after they cease being kids. You would be surprised to know the things that they talk about years after.

  60. I love to travel. My husband and I are planning to take a road trip to Arizona at the end of this month. When I was a teenager I often spent my summers traveling from west coast to the east coast visiting my brothers Pittsburgh. I always loved being able to take plane rides by myself.

  61. We drove everywhere when I was a child. I have family in Ireland, so that is the only place we flew. I was a flight attendant and it allowed me to travel extensively. So much to see in the United States.

  62. It sounds like you have some great plans for 2016. We are hoping to go to Disney for the first time this year.

  63. I would love to travel more with my family. I didn’t know The Croods were on Netflix.

  64. My kids are addicted to the Croods on Netflix! Looks like you have big summer plans

  65. Looks like you have your summer all planned out for the family! Have fun can’t wait to see more pictures!

  66. You are off to a great start for 2016. I am looking forward to all the travelling i have planned.

  67. I do not have children of the same age but I do believe in broadening their horizons and mind through travel.

  68. Disneyland is my husband’s favorite place to go . Personally, I like Disney, but there are so many other things I want to see.

  69. I really love family adventures! creating a new and happy memories.

  70. I just love family adventures. It’s best to take advantage of this while the kids are young and you can make lots and lots memories.

  71. That’s so great your family is able to take frequent vacations together, what great family memories ❤ I’m excited to travel somewhere hot for the first time, most likely Mexico!

  72. I’m so glad that you and your family had fun adventure, I’m sure my family would love to see their.

  73. I’m pretty sure your boys would remember all these adventures. It must be very cool having you as a mom! Cheers to 2016!

  74. We also have great plan for this new year of 2016. Looking forward to great fun and exciting adventures!

  75. I can’t wait to hear about these family adventures. We are also looking forward to a lot of fun and adventures this year.

  76. I wish you and your family more family adventures coming your way for 2016. Looks like your family had a blast in San Diego.

  77. DC is still on our bucket lust. I love your pictures, makes me want to visit the places this year!

  78. Such a nice way to have fun adventure with family.

  79. I’m with you Robin! when we were kids the only “vacations” we had as kids were to go and see other family members in other provinces. Now that we are “grown” we take our kids to the places we wanted to go to when we were younger (three trips to Disneyland, 1 to Disney world). There is just so much to learn when your not at home that we want our kids to get all of that!

  80. I love the Croods so much and am excited that it is on Netflix as a series for us to enjoy together. Great post! Happiness.

  81. Have fun going back to DC this summer!! I was there last summer for the first time ever and it was awesome!!

  82. I really want to get away at least one time this year. I know my family would enjoy getting away for a while!

  83. We did so much traveling at the end of 2015 that we haven’t planned 2016 yet. My biggest goal is to take a few days away for our 7th anniversary.

  84. I really like the fact that you want to ensure that you do many fun things with your kids to build lots of good memories.

    SanDiego is one place that I have always heard good things about and would love to visit one day soon.

  85. That is nice that you changed your environment regarding flying for your children….you did not just adapt to what your mom “taught” you about traveling, or lack thereof.
    I am sure your children will appreciate it greatly as they grow up!

  86. What a wonderful trip to take the kids along to. We dream of taking our kids to DC as a big historical trip!

  87. Looks like a great trip! I agree that you can learn so much on a trip that you can’t get in a classroom! Looking forward to reading about all your 2016 adventures.

  88. From coast to coast! Sounds like you’ve got a great year ahead of you. Scary to admit but I don’t have much planned for 2016 travel yet.

  89. I’m really excited to visit DC with my oldest. The 5th grade does an overnight trip there in the Spring and he decided he wanted me to go along. I’m glad b/c I feel better about him going this way.

  90. Experiences are so worth it. I remember the few trips my family made together. So much better than stuff

  91. WOW! The kids are in for a super fun year. I hadn’t heard of The Croods on Netflix. Can’t wait to watch it.

  92. Sounds like you have a super fun year planned girl! I love following you and your family’s adventures!

  93. Hubby and I are hoping to make a few oceanside visits (we live in Maine, so it’s not far away!) this summer. We also want to take our dogs to one of the dog-friendly walking paths along the ocean.

  94. Wow looks like so much fun! I’d love to take the family some day.

  95. Sounds like a fun plan.. I always want to travel more often, bring my kids and experience the world

  96. Seems like some wonderful fun! Enjoy the fam.

  97. I am just loving those beautiful pictures & I can see you guys have had a wonderful time out there. I would love to travel with my family as well to make sure we have some wonderful memories this year.

  98. I was so excited to see this on Netflix! What a great series to have. I can’t wait for the new adventures we go on this year.

  99. The Croods was such a good movie! I didn’t know they had a series now (it probably isn’t on Canadian Netflix!) I hope you guys have lots of fun this year on all your adventures!!

  100. We did the trip to DC when my girls were little, many moons ago. It was a lot of walking but all beautiful!

  101. Sounds like an awesome trip! I absolutely love Netflix – we can all watch what we want when we want…separately…and on the go! It’s really a lifesaver when you have small kiddos cooped up in a car or airplane for long periods of time!

  102. I don’t necessarily make ‘resolutions’ (actually goal setting should really be done for your birthday which is your personal ‘annual reset’) but I do want to travel more this year. I love international travel best and it’s been awhile since I’ve set off an adventure, I’m overdue for some personal travel this year!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  103. I haven’t had a chance to watch this show yet but it’s definitely on our to watch list.

  104. Seems like you guys had a lot of fun with all the traveling. I know I loved DC when I visited. I didn’t have time to see everything either lol

  105. I love how your family travels so much and keeps busy. I wish we could do that. My husband’s job keeps us grounded a lot unfortunately. We’ll be watching the croods for sure. LOVED the movie

  106. Oooooo my disputed and I will definitely have to check out the Croods! It’s along weekend since Monday is a holiday so I’m sure we will need something to watch on Netflix!

  107. We like the Croods too. And you already know I love travel. 🙂

  108. This looks like a fun series. My kids love the movie, so we will have to check it out. We do a lot of traveling as well, and we can stream for free on our 4G so this is something we are going to look at for sure!