Sep 132013
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Hi Masshole Mommy readers! Chris here with another guest post.

The season has begun and today I want to talk about the New TV Series Premieres. Being the accountant/math nerd that I am, I have organized our television watching into a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel by using rate formulas for point distribution and other numerical factors – but that is another guest post for another day. Today I am going to break down the new TV shows into the following categories: Yes (which means we both want to watch or just Masshole Mommy), No (which means we will not be watching it), Maybe (which means we will give it 3 episodes to see if it spikes our interest) and finally the Yes/NO (which means I want to watch it, but Masshole Mommy said we would not be watching it. Her VETO power rules).


Yes: The Black List with James Spader- Crime, drama and action
Yes: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD- Anything involving superpowers is a must

No: Almost Human- Robocop wannabe
No: Cold Justice- We are decated Law and Order fans
No: The million second quiz- Masshole Mommy has a strong dislike for Ryan Seacrest
NO: Witches of East End- Nothing from the Lifetime channel.  Ever.

Maybe: The Crazy ones- Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar
Maybe: The Michael J. Fox show- The title speaks for itself
Maybe: Sleepy Hollow- Adapted to modern times might be interesting

And finally shows I want to watch, but will have to do secretly when Masshole Mommy is at Zumba.

Yes/NO: Dracula- Come on, anything vampires has to be cool?
Yes/NO: Brooklyn Nine-Looks like a funny comedy.
Yes/NO: The Originals- Again anything vampire has to be cool, right?

Well, there you have our new show list for the coming fall season and once they have made it past 3 episodes, they will get added to the spreadsheet and factor into our formulas.

Happy TV watching!


About Christian Rue

Christian is married to Masshole Mommy. A Massachusetts native, he's happy to still be living here, but he also enjoyed living in several states & two other countries during his 20 years in the Air Force. These days, in addition to being a retired Air Force firefighter, he works for our fine government as an accountant. Chris loves movies, reading, comedy and spending time with his family.

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  21 Responses to “New TV Show Lineup”

  1. I hope the blacklist is good.

  2. Great list Chris! So nice to be organized! Do your analytic/organizational skills sometimes drive your better half crazy? lol 🙂 Grant is an engineer, his thing is data data data….it’s like enough already. 🙂 Anyway, the Blacklist looks good. I might catch the Michael J. Fox show to see how it is. I am currently into season 3 of Breaking Bad and LOVE it just like Robin. Anyway! Happy tv watching!

  3. Great list and seriously haven’t totally begun to think about the new shows coming out. But thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  4. I am such a reality show ho ho ho that I never watch anything else.

  5. It really doesn’t seem like there are a lot of good shows in the new lineup this year.

  6. I am cracking up at the admittance to the veto power of Masshole Mommy. I am a die hard Criminal minds, law and order SVU and CSI Las Vegas edition.. Those are going to be watched regardless.

  7. I haven’t heard of any of them! I was surprised to see Robin Williams is going to be in a TV show, I might look for that one to see if I like it. 🙂

  8. I know one of the producers of “The Crazy Ones” – you should definitely check that one out 🙂

  9. Ok Chris, do you do a wrap up post to in a few weeks to tell us how this scale panned out? That would be fun to read as this was. Please tell Robin that I appreciate her support of my thrift shop adventures. I have only shopped on Labor Day. Now my money is spent for the month. hahahaha. Have a great weekend with your sons and all ♥.

  10. LOL … the Black List is a definite yes. I’m excited to see what they do with it, I too have a disdain for Ryan Seacrest because he’s just dumb.

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  11. The Crazy Ones, Sleepy Hallow, and Dracula are definitely on my YES list. Also, there is another one my niece has hyped up so much, I am adding to the TIVO- One Upon a Time in Wonderland. We’ll see how that one plays out though.

  12. I really want to check out the one with Robin Williams in it. He hasn’t been on TV in years.

  13. What the heck I haven’t heard of most of these?!!! I need to get on my DVR lineup!

  14. Law & Order…always! Agree with your maybes. In general I don’t watch much TV. Unless it’s HGTV or the Food Channel.

  15. The Crazy Ones looks like a promising show! I also really want to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I absolutely love Andy Samberg!

  16. I don’t really watch new shows. But hey The Crazy Ones… I would so watch that just for the 2 actors in it!

  17. Sadly, I have never heard of any of these shows since I hardly watch TV. The only time I watch TV is when American Horror Story or The Walking Dead is on, which I’m looking very forward to seeing the new seasons next month. 🙂

  18. I CAN NOT WAIT for The Originals.

  19. I didn’t know about the James Spader one. Going to have to check that one out.

  20. I love the power of veto! I haven’t even looked at the new shows premiering until this list. I’m wondering if my husband knows about the Marvel’s Agent of SHIELD show…

  21. We cannot wait for Marvel Agents of Shield!