Dec 312013
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Do you have any big plans for tonite?  Chris & I are just planning on staying in with the kids and in all honesty, we will probably be in bed by 10 pm. We’re lame like that.

Anyhow, I found these funnies that cracked me up, so I thought I’d share.

2014 loading







new year 3

new year

new year2

What are you up to tonite?  Any fun plans?

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  54 Responses to “New Year’s Funnies”

  1. More likely in bed by 9

  2. We’re pretty lame here too but we’ve got a 20-something crew in the crowd right now so I’m sure it’ll be more fun/active than usual. 🙂

  3. Loved the funnies. My husband has to work today, but will be home around 5 or so. I bought some goodies (appetizers and such). Now just have to decide on dinner and hope to be up when the ball drops (old here too!). Happy New Year!!

  4. Very funny, especially because I was given an actual gym membership for Christmas. Happy New Year.

  5. Yeah – we are like you…to bed early. Although the boys think they are going to stay up until midnight! ha ha ha But earlier tonight we are going to see Frozen and take the kids out to eat – this is our New Year’s Eve tradition. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  6. Nothing fancy – dinner with my best friend and an early bedtime.

  7. LOL and my New Year resolution is not to make any New Year resolutions 😉

    Have a very Happy New Year & all the best for 2014 😉

    PS: Loved your comment over at mine heheh!

  8. We are lame too. I did buy champagne!

  9. Hahaha, I love that last one!!! Happy New Year!

  10. We’re lame to. HA HA! Last year we had a dance party for the boys. This year we’re heading out to see the in-laws, or should I call them the out-laws? Anyhow it’s early to bed, early to rise for us.

  11. As far as New Year Resolutions go. I don’t usually make one. But this year I want to make it a goal to do more artsy craftsy things with Isaak. He enjoys that stuff. I need to teach him how to paint with different types of paint, and more.

  12. Still feeling yucky, probably bed early … lol

  13. omg, that lists one is too funny!

  14. My plans? A good book and a soft bed! Blessings to you! Teresa from NanaHood

  15. I would love to be more positive and less sarcastic. Let me know how that one goes for you. Hahahahahha…. It would last for me about 2 seconds.

  16. Hi Robin!! Haven’t talked to you forever! I bet I”ll beat your bedtime tonight haha 🙂
    Happy New Year!!!

  17. Love #4 because I’m a spelling and grammar nut. I can’t help myself.

  18. Pretty much the same here. Chris and I – and to be clear that’s MY Chris not your Chris – will most likely be asleep before the three year old. She’s like the energizer bunny. Well you know, if he had tantrums.

  19. Wait for my hubby fall asleep & put powder in his hand, & take a string & rub it across his face, & YOU KNOW THE REST LOL

  20. I won’t be staying up much past 10 either 🙂 I hope you have a great New Year!

  21. Those are cool funnies… Hoping to stick to some New Year’s Resolutions. My daughter and I are staying up .. not sure about the guys around here.

    Happy New Year!

  22. Well, it’s 7:51, so my money’s on unconscious by 11:03. Tony’s got to be somewhere early in the am, and the kids and I are hanging out all day in ‘da jammies, mainly so I don’t have to do more laundry. I may even take a nap.

    Good times. 🙂

  23. ahaha those were hilarious!! love the one about gaining 20 pounds over the holidays and making a new year’s resolution to lose 10 ahahahah

  24. I think I fell asleep at 9 PM last night! The days of partying are long gone. Today–well I’ll probably read some and generally relax–Happy and Peaceful New Year to you and yours (and NO I do not bother making resolutions any more!!!!)

  25. I was in bed at 10:00. 🙂 Happy New Year!

    Great funnies!

  26. LOL. Especially the New Year’s resolutions. why do we bother? I never make any. It’s basically the same thing each year: be happy, be healthful, laugh and love a lot. No need to get complicated, right?

  27. Hehehe these are funny. I tried to stay up but crashed early lol. I decided that this year I will not make a resolution, rather a business plan for my life in detail to make it easier to follow

  28. Those are hilarious! We went to a bit New year’s bash some friends were hosting, but came home early and were in bed shortly after 11:00.

  29. Loving the second to last one that is very likely the best resolution I couldn’t make 😉 (gave up making them years ago as they last 5 seconds at most. x

  30. lol those were brilliant i love a good laugh every day thank you

  31. Oh those are funny! We had a family dinner with the inlaws last night. And celebrated with Fireworks….3 hours early cause the kids were tired and wanted to go to bed. lol. So we did the fireworks and the kids and inlaws went to bed. And then the hubs and I stayed up watching Last Man Standing. lol. We brought in the New Year with Laughing. 🙂

  32. ajajaja great ones. Loved them – they brought out a chuckle. I didn’t make any new years resolutions this year… I didn’t stick to any last year!

  33. Those are funny! I do have to say though, I need to renew my membership and actually use it!

  34. We are so lame too. I attended a twitter chat last night and Bryan went to bed. ha!

  35. I have teenagers to impress so I had no choice but to stay up till midnight. We watched the Hobbit and had a great time.

  36. Love these! Thanks for the smiles to start out the new year. Pinning this to bring smiles next year too.

  37. No resolutions made here. I’m fabulous at being a jerk, so why change? Lol. We stayed in playing board games all night, other than stepping out for a few to watch Frozen with our girls. Perfect New Year’s Eve!

  38. We always stay up until after midnight, I can not believe you go to bed before that. Of course I only stay awake because my youngest and our dogs are terrified of the fireworks and I spend the entire night wishing it would hurry up and be over. I hate to ruin anyone’s fun but a child in fear for hours is not fun!

  39. Lol. I did not really do anything special to bring in the new year but I did get a good laugh from your illustrations. Thank you for sharing.

  40. You are not the only one who was in bed early last night! Too hard to do anything with kids – although I like to use that as an excuse. Basically I am just lazy!

    Funny…the first one is me!

  41. My only fun plans last night were watching the ball drop with my boys around me and my husband right next to me. We enjoy staying home and ringing in the New Year than anything else.

  42. I keep hoping for a slim body and fat bank account, but the good Lord keeps getting that one backwards. I guess I’ll go with my daughter’s resolution, to remember to write 2014 on all of my dates. Upping the flossing would be good, too. Good luck with your resolutions.

  43. I have seen a few of those before. Too funny! We had a quiet night at home but we did stay up past midnight and watch a few movies. Happy New Year!

  44. Haha very cute! We stayed up long enough to kiss and planned our vacation. Not bad. I don’t mind being lame ;0)

  45. LOL that made my night, I needed a good laugh before bedtime 😛

  46. ha! those are some cute ones, especially the “resolution” of the screen one!

  47. So funny! I didn’t have wild plans for NYE or New Year’s except for trying to get my daughter to feeling better. She has been sick with bad cold for a little over a week now. Then, I had to go to ER last night, because I was experiencing health issues of my own besides a cold. Still not feeling quite up to par!

  48. A couple of those cracked me up. And seemed oddly fitting 🙂

  49. HAH! Those are funny! Son was in bed by 8:30, daughter lasted until just after 11 on the couch. I however fell asleep around 11:30 only to wake back up at 11:58 and demand my husband change the channel so we could watch the ball drop! Happy New Year!

  50. Yep, I’m totally lame for New Year’s Eve too. I was in bed by 10:30 pm. I’m such a whooper-upper! These someecards were making me laugh too! LOVE the sarcastic one and the nailed down plans one.

  51. We are going out tonight 1/3/2014. I’m going on a date night with hubby. were going to see dueling piano’s play while we eat dinner at this place called Monaco Bay in Kalamazoo Michigan. I will post photo’s and blog all about it later as it’s our 8 year wedding anniversary. Officially the longest relationship either of us have been in.

  52. LMAO love the last one