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NewAir water dispenser review

Keeping hydrated is important and my doctor requested that I drink at least 10-12 glasses of water a day. Also you good people who work out regularly, know how important keeping hydrated is. If you are like me, you don’t like drinking from the tap. And all those water bottles aren’t good for the environment. Not to mention having lots of them in my car or the grandkids bedrooms!

I was looking into a solution, when I was given the opportunity from Masshole Mommy to review a new water dispenser from the NewAir Company. I checked out their website at http://www.newair.com.

After looking at several models I, decided on model WAT40 in black. This model is also available in white. I picked the black to match my other appliances. What else drew me to this unit was that the size was perfect and it would fit at the end of my cabinets and blend in well. But what really got me excited was the fact that the water bottle was hidden in the base of the unit. The NewAir WAT40 is a great convenient way to get all the fresh clean water you want. As I said the biggest selling point for me was that the large water bottle is hidden away in the base of the unit. All you do in open the cabinet in the front, remove the cap from the bottle and put in the pump nozzle, push it down to the bottom of the bottle, slide the bottle into the unit and close the door. It is that easy! No spills or lifting heavy bottles. The water is then pumped into stainless steel tanks. Being stainless steel, the tanks are 100% BPA free.


Operating the dispenser is very easy. The unit is turned on from the back. There are red/ hot and blue/cold switches that you flip on and the unit begins to work and warm/ cool the water. To dispense you just place your glass or water bottle against the blue tab and cold water fills your container. To operate the hot water, you need to press the button against the red tab and press against the red tab, at the same time. This is a safety feature and if not done in the correct order the red tab will shut off. I really like this feature. You can also shut off the hot water by the red switch on the back of the unit.

There are lights on the unit that let you know what the unit is doing, such as warming/ cooling the water when a new bottle is installed. Also there is a light that will blink when the bottle is getting too low. Cleaning is easy, just undo the top to clean the stainless steel unit about every 3 months. Also the drip tray is easy to remove and is dishwasher safe.


My family is really enjoying the NewAir40. My grandsons love to make instant hot chocolate and the adults love the quick cup of tea it provides. Many times in cooking , a recipe calls for hot water and I love the fact that it is so convenient. And of course I am loving filling my large water bottle and knowing I have plenty of water while I am out and about. If my car could talk it would say how happy it is without a pile of disposable water bottles in it! I know that I will get many years of enjoyment and use from my NewAir40. It has a one year warranty on defective parts as long as the unit was being used in normal operating conditions. It is also backed up by NewAir’s customer service team.


Having the NewAir40 has turned out to be the perfect solution for my families clean fresh water use. Take a look at the NewAir Facebook page and see what other consumers feel about their water dispensers. For a chance to win your own, enter here.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful water dispenser and would love to try here as we are all bottled water drinkers for the most part.

  2. This is great! Nebraska has really crappy water. My work has no filter system, so I take in my own water from home. My co-workers just don’t understand me. I don’t understand how they can drink it as it is.

  3. This dispenser looks that it can easily fit in any kitchen. It is a great investment, thank you for the review!


  4. We have amazing water at my house, but the water at my in-laws is really gross. They only drink bottled water. This would be a great solution for them.

  5. Looks like a great dispenser. Thank you for the review.

  6. What a nifty dispenser. I don’t drink tap water, so this would get used a lot in our house!

  7. Ive been tempted to get something like this. I’ll be bringing it up to hubby tomorrow.

  8. Water dispensers are always convenient and I really love it when we had one at home. Cold and hot water in just one go.

  9. My mom has been thinking about getting a water machine. She’d love this one because it has the hot and she loves her tea.

  10. I have been looking into ordering a water dispenser, just haven’t actually ordered any yet. We drink alot of water as is and I get tired of tracking down the good reusable water bottles the kids leave around, usually outside and all the trash from the plastic ones. I like this one offers the hot and cold too, we love a good hot chocolate or tea in the winter.

  11. I love the hot water feature, too! I am an avid tea drinker and not to have to prepare hot water stovetop is a time saver (and I NEVER microwave my water). I also like what you write about the tanks being BPA-free. We have a filter on our fridge, but it isn’t cutitgn it for us. I will definitely be checking this out!

  12. Ever since becoming a personal grocery shopper I am amazed (not in a good way) as to how much bottled water people purchase…I just think about all those empty bottles:( This is a great alternative to have good clean water at your fingertips!

  13. I have this classic looking water dispenser for years now, sometimes I feel like replacing it witha new one. This Newair looks so cool and sleek in design.

  14. That looks like a great water dispenser. I love that the bottle is hidden.

  15. I also think about the amount of bottles of water that I go through because I don’t like to drink water from the tap either. This would be a great solution!!

  16. The absolute best part of this dispenser is the hidden water bottle. I HATE the look of a water bottle just sitting out there in the open. It’s so ugly.

  17. I also hate drinking tap water to! Iam also trying to get the kids to drink more water aswell and with 6 kids the amount of bottles we go through you can imagine. This looks so simple to use and sits nicely in your kitchen to! I love that it is all hidden in the cabinet so you don’t have a big hefty water tub sat on your kitchen side. After you review Iam really debating wether to get one for us now! Thank you for writing about this x

  18. This looks like a great water dispenser. I like that the water bottle is hidden in the base of the unit.

  19. I’ve always wondered about the dispensers. They were big here in Calif. years ago and lately I rarely see them.

  20. I was actually in Costco recently and was shown something similar and I’ve been really contemplating on getting it. We drink a TON of bottled water here in CO. The water doesn’t taste great so I buy my water and we go through a lot of bottles. It might also encourage my kids to drink more.

  21. I have only ever seen the dispensers with the bottles on top. This is so sleek looking and attractive. I love it.

  22. This looks like a great water dispenser. I love that it offers both hot and cold water, that seems very convenient.

  23. I love this! Hot water on demand. I need this. I would drink more tea!

  24. I also got this product for review! It will be up soon. 🙂 I love it! And it cuts back on how much water I waste from water bottles. Thanks so much for sharing!

  25. What an awesome water dispenser. We go through so much water in our home, this would be perfect.

  26. What a great thing to have in the house. I’m sure it really motivates everyone to drink more water! I know the hot water feature would be handy when I want to make tea 🙂

  27. This looks stylish. This would be great for my kitchen

  28. I really like how the water tank is on the bottom, nice and tucked away. After we lived in a neighborhood where the tap water was absolutely nasty, we learned the necessity of a water dispenser.

  29. These are really great for people that don’t like tap water. I don’t mind tap water as long as it’s cold. I keep a gallon of water in the fridge for myself on a daily basis.

  30. This seems great! I’d love to have one of these in my house.

  31. Oh I love the no-dump feature!! I have repeatedly dumped that huge container all over myself at work.

  32. Im from Cape Town, South Africa, we are fortunate to have good quality water here. I do think that a water dispenser has its place and works well, particularly in office environments as well.

  33. It would be so convenient to have instant hot water. I also like that you don’t see the water bottle too. How nice to not have to lift the big bottle.

  34. I love the idea that the bottle stands in the bottom and there is no need to lift it up! That is very convenient!

  35. What an awesome water dispenser. I drink lot of water daily adn this would be great to have especially for guest who are picky about their water.

  36. I love the compact size! I drink a lot of water, but our fridge doesn’t have a dispenser, so my fridge is full of my insulated water bottles I keep refilling and that takes up room.

  37. I like that it heats or cools the water. I don’t like drinking tap water either. I prefer spring, but I can deal with filtered.

  38. The New Air water dispenser looks and sounds sophisticated and useful. I like the picture showing its attractive shape and easy to use features.

  39. We need to get a water dispenser, we go through so much and i just don’t care for tap water! This looks like a great machine to have hot and cold water read.

  40. I like the idea of making Hot Chocolate late at time. The microwave is getting noisy wake up everyone.

  41. THis looks awesome! I wish we had a water dispenser!

  42. We use to get bottle watered delivered all the time, but now i use a filter from a separate dispenser in the sink. I think this a great idea for when this option is possible, or for those that live in apartments.

  43. Having a two year old who is curious, and an autistic five year old who sometimes doesn’t understand dangerous concepts I love that this water dispenser has a safety feature for the hot water. My mother in law has a popular name brand water dispenser in her home and I cannot let my guard down with the kids while we are there becuase they can get burned if they play with it.

  44. My mother has one of these and absolutely loves it. I really need to start drinking more water myself on a daily basis as don’t think I’m drinking a healthy amount lately and have been indulging in way too much soda.

  45. I really want to get a water system like this at my house. I have well water and it does not taste good at all . Since moving here I have had to resort to bottled water, which I hate. I hate tossing all these bottles.

  46. Well that looks like a really nce model. I know several people that have these and they love them

  47. That’s awesome that you can have both hot and cold water! Looks super slick!

  48. I like that it is stainless steel so it is BPA free. Very cool!

  49. This sounds very convenient! I bet my kids would like this, great for little hands reach!

  50. I really like that the water bottle is out of sight. The one I have now is ugly and the bottle sits on top and is visible. I might need to make a change.

  51. I can definitely see this coming in handy. It’s nice that it will dispense both hot water and cold water.

  52. What a cool device!, one of my aunts has one of those, it makes it a lot easier for the little guys to drink water =) id love having one of those in my place.

  53. I was just complaining the other day about how annoying it is to buy water and lug it home. I hate drinking tap water! I’ll have to check out this water system. It looks really awesome!

  54. My husband and I were just talking about getting a water cooler. This NewAir model looks like a great fit for my family.

  55. I need to get a NewAir40 for my house. I have been drinking a lot more water but i hate all the waste from the empty bottles.

  56. I think I need one of these for my house. My family would love it.

  57. I want one of those in my office! I try to bring water from home, but when I run out I’m stuck refilling with tap water. This would be so much better.

  58. This looks like a really great water dispenser! Personally I am a huge fan of tap water, but mine from my taps at home tastes really good!!

  59. I’ve read about this once and I’ve liked it since then! Thanks for sharing your experience with the air dispenser. That sounds really great, I like that there’s a safety feature as well. Perfect for when you have kids at home.

  60. I love that the water is the base of the unit! It can be a pain in the booty to have to heft one to the top!

  61. I was thinking of having a water dispenser at home, thanks for the review, It will fit perfectly in my kitchen, now have to seriously discuss it with hubby 🙂

  62. We have filtered water in our fridge, and I can sure taste a difference from the tap. But, I love when we’ve had a dispenser like that with instant cold and hot water. It makes things so easy.

  63. This would be so great to have in the house! We filter all of our water, so Im not sure how well it would work for us?

  64. I need this in my home. my kids love to make hot chocolate!

  65. I think I need one of these!! I love how you can have fresh cold water or piping hot for teas. They are more affordable than I thought.

  66. Having a good clean water supply is so important. I’d love hot water on the rother day!

  67. All dispensers should have the water go in this way! We have one similar and love it!

  68. I don’t have one of these and wasn’t sure how I would use one but another blogger used hers in the workout room. THAT WAS BRILLIANT.

  69. My family drinks so much water that this would really be a great idea for us. I don’t like buying all of that bottled water. It is not good for the environment.

  70. This looks like a great water cooler, I love that the bottle is loaded at the bottom. I need to get a new one soon!

  71. Looks like a great water cooler! I love that the water bottle is hidden underneath! Thankfully since we moved to Norway the water from the tap is the clearest and best water there is!

  72. amazing water dispenser! love the black colour. i wanted one too but our house is too small haha

  73. That’s awesome you got to review that! I love the fact that it’s BPA free. Enjoy!

  74. This seems like a great water dispenser for home. Looks really great, nice and clean. Hope we can have one of it soon.

  75. i love the design of this water despenser because the container is kept inside

  76. This water dispenser is a great reinforce for water consumption, as we all should be drinking that amount too!

  77. It’s sleek looking too! I like it, and I bet the kids would be thrilled to have it in the house.

  78. This water dispenser looks really cool. I would like to have this in our home

  79. I so need one of these in my home. I do like to buy bottled water most of the time because it comes from a tap elsewhere…

  80. This looks really good to use for hot & cold water! I love it!

  81. We were using that before, it is really great to use. I need it! Thanks.

  82. This sounds like an awesome product. This is something I could use around the house. I love that it has the option to lock the hot water. That would be great since I have two daughters.

  83. Looks like a great water dispenser and I think I need this in my house

  84. What a great system! I have one but with the bottle above and it is to heavy! And the water always spill everywhere

  85. Oh my goodness, I would never be able to drink 10-12 glasses of water a day! I can barely make it to my 60 ounces I’m supposed to drink. You go, girl!

  86. Wow, I love this thing. I drink loads of water but have the bottles stacked at the top of my fridge. There’s never enough room inside the fridge and the recycling, bpa thing worries me.

  87. This water dispenser looks awesome! I love water. This would be perfect for my house!

  88. I drink so much water. This would actually come in real handy in my home. Thanks for letting me know about it!

  89. Oh my gosh I would LOVE this. Not only so I would drink more water but also for instant hot water access during those middle of the night bottle making sessions.

  90. I have one at home! I don’t live without mine! We hate tap water!

  91. This looks like a great tool to keep hydrated! I have been considering some sort of water system for our family. I will have to look into this brand – I haven’t heard of them before!

  92. This looks awesome! We drink a lot of water in our house so this would be very useful.

  93. awww, how convenient is that! I want one for sure. Nice review. Thanks for sharing.

  94. I wish I had such a cool water dispenser! Looks awesome.

  95. This would be perfect for my house. We drink nothing but bottled water in my house but this would be ideal!

  96. Great review! I love the hot water feature for instant hot chocolate, in my case hot tea!

  97. I’ve always wanted to have a water dispenser like this one in our house. Seeing how awesome it is and how it helps to keep you all hydrated makes me really consider getting one finally.

  98. I have always been wanting to try one in my house. This looks like a good one to try.

  99. I just wish I had room in my small space kitchen for one of these…. soon though, then all the remodel will be done and I’ll be sure and check out this brand!

  100. I love the instant hot water dispensers. They make life so much easier – would love to have one of these at home!

  101. That sounds so awesome. Instant? Cool! Glad to know it. Thanks!

  102. My husband has been begging for a water dispenser like this! I’ll have to show him!

  103. Nice! You’re right, the water bottle being hidden underneath is a cool feature.

  104. This looks awesome I need a new water dispenser and I definitely want one with boiling water as an option! I’ll look into this one!

  105. Water is all I drink, and I’ll only drink bottled water – very picky! Super cool idea though!

  106. This is awesome! We’re looking for one and we shall check this out. It’s cool that the bottle is hidden underneath, very cool!