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If there is one thing you can count on in Boston, it’s that the Big Apple Circus comes to town every spring.  The circus is set up right on City Hall Plaza under a big old tent. We’ve gone to the circus a few times in the past, but when I heard several of my blogger friends were giving away family four packs of tickets to the circus, I entered a few of their giveaways and wouldn’t you know – I won one of them.

My hubby, Chris, works in the Federal Building right next door to where the tent is set up, so he was kind enough to snap this picture of the view from above.


Chris and I didn’t tell the boys in advance that we were going, so they were really happily surprised when they found out.  We’ve been seeing lots of commercials on tv for it and they asked to go every time one came on.  When we arrived, they were each given clown noses, which made their day.


The show was really good.  The first act we saw was a juggler – and he was only 15 years old.


Next was this guy who did all sorts of balancing tricks on his ladder – that was completely unsupported by anything.  It was amazing.



Oh, and these strong men balancing on each other were incredible.



The horses did all sorts of tricks, too.



Then a couple of tightrope walkers went up and did some truly amazing things up on the tightrope.  They were a married couple and I was super impressed by her because she sang the entire time she was performing on the tightrope.



The last act were these acrobats who catapulted each other all over the place.




Oh, and what’s a circus without a clown?


I like the Big Apple Circus because none of the seats are more than 50 feet from the stage, so you are guaranteed a great seat.  We all had an awesome time and hopefully we can make it back to the show next year.

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  104 Responses to “Our Adventures at the Big Apple Circus in Boston”

  1. My favorite part was the high wire act so much balance and danger.

  2. It sounds like a great show. I’ve seen the big circus at the garden, but never gone to this one. It sounds like it’s worth going!

  3. Whao..so fun to visit a circus. My kids have yet to see a live show under a big tent.

  4. I bet that was a fun day fab photos love the red noses LOL

  5. Circus looks like fun, but my favorite photo is the one with your boys and the red noses.

  6. I used to love going to the circus as a kid and need to try to take my girl soon, because definitely couldn’t agree it is a fun time for all!! 🙂

  7. What a great adventure. It really looks exciting! Such great acts.

  8. I have never been to the Big Apple Circus in Boston or NY-I really mean to go every single year but never quite make it. I certainly does look like a lot of fun!

  9. It’s hard work and a tough life, but lots of fun to be in the audience. I’m glad you guys won those tickets and the boys could have the experience. Neat photo that your hubby took along with your photos. Thanks for sharing!

  10. The circus is SO much fun! I haven’t been in ages! I need to take my niece and nephew next time they come to Cincy.

  11. We made it the circus last year–it’s always fun!

  12. While we are not big fans of traditional circus we do love the acrobatics and all the human acts. I’m sure it was much fun for you all.
    Have a nice day!

  13. We go to cirque du soleil whenever we can – circus’ are becoming a lost art!

  14. This looks like so much fun! Lucky that you won those tickets.

  15. Looks like you guys had a great time! I love Boston!

  16. Going to a circus is so much fun and not just for the animals. I am always amazed at how easy they make it all look, that it makes me think I can do it too. snort.

  17. We love the circus! That looks like a lot of fun. I love the clown noses!

  18. Hari OM
    It brings out the inner child in us all!! Great memories for the kids. YAM xx

  19. Looks fun – I never went to that one – but been to other’s over the years.

    they look cute in their clown noses 🙂

  20. Its been so long since I’ve been to the circus!! I’m looking forward to the day that I can take my niece!

  21. I have horrible balance so when I can see people balancing each other… I am very impressed.

  22. Love the view from Chris’s window.

    How much fun that would be!

    P.S. Congrats to Chris!

  23. This sounds like lots of fun! I haven’t been to a circus in many years!

  24. Aw, how cool! The boys must have had great fun! 🙂

  25. Congrats on winning!! it looks like a nice circus full of fun performances 🙂

  26. How fun! My kids would enjoy going to the circus, too!

  27. Is it just me or does the tightrope lady almost look nude, haha!! I think the catapulting acrobats would’ve been really cool to see 😉

  28. Glad you guys had fun at the circus. Looks like a lot of suspenseful acts. In response to Chelsea, yeah I thought that too. She looks nude!

  29. you know… I don’t think I have ever been to an actual live circus! 🙁

    this one looks like amazing fun. The horses are beautiful (country girl at the circus – LOL)

  30. I really want to take my girls to the circus. It looks like so much fun! I will have to try to go to the Big Apple Circus! I just hope my girls are not afraid of clowns! lol!

  31. I like the picture of your boys with the clown noses. Cute!

  32. Kids love the circus, I have not been in years!

  33. I always wonder how practice sessions look. #AbsorbineJr anyone? 🙂 It looks like it was a great show!

  34. What a fun surprise for your boys! The stunts do look impressive.

  35. I have always wanted to take my daughter to a big circus! This one looks amazing!

  36. You guys do the most wonderful things together what an amazing family.

  37. We used to go to the Big Apple Circus in New York every year when my kids were little. This brings back a lot of memories.

  38. I bet that was a lot of fun! We have always liked to visit circuses.

  39. Oh man I would so love to see this is real life!! Thanks for the awesome photos 🙂

  40. We love the circus but have never been to the Big Apple Circus. Looks like it was a lot of fun!

  41. Oh my goodness, what a great time y’all had. I actually went to the circus for the first time ever late last year and loved it.

  42. i like to see pictures of circuses, lots of family fun, but I have had a family long fear of clowns.

  43. Looks like a wonderful show. I’ve always loved the circus.


  44. It’s great that the seats are in close… who wants to sit in the nosebleed seats

  45. I alwaaays love circus..but haven’t taken my kids there..I can’t wait to do that soon :D…

  46. I love circus clowns! Looks like you guys had a great time.

  47. I’m Glad You All Had A Great Time Love The Pictures Especially Your Handsome Boys!

  48. I have yet to take my kids to the circus, its on our list for sure the next time they come into town. Your kiddos look like that had a lot of fun!

  49. I haven’t been to a circus in ages. Probably when my oldest was in kindergarten. Allison hasn’t been to one yet. Looks like it was a great time!

  50. I have never been to a circus before! Hopefully that will change soon enough so my kiddos can enjoy one!

  51. It’s been quite a while since I went to a circus. I always enjoy the daredevil acts.

  52. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. We just went to the circus too and loved it! I can’t believe the stuff they can do!

  53. I think I saw a special on them on PBS! Thanks for sharing the pics! 🙂


  55. These people are so talented, I love watching them!

  56. I have always wanted to visit a Circus and see all the fun! But there has never been one near us before. How fun! -Amber E.

  57. Been a while since I last went to circus, I loved going there as a kid.

  58. Always wanted to go to a circus but no budget so thanks for sharing this amazing photos!

  59. Sounds like fun! I always managed to miss the Big Apple Circus when I lived in the area.

  60. I love the circus! It’s been years since we went.. I should probably take them soon. Looks like you guys had an awesome time!

  61. Holy Moly! The coordination of these performers is amazing!
    «Louis» was hiding behind the door the day God was passing out coordination, so he would crash and burn if he tried any of these things! 🙂

  62. IT sounds like it was a lot of fun! I haven’t taken my son to the circus for a while….

  63. I’d love to take my 4yo to the circus, but he’s already such a climber I don’t want to give him any ideas!

  64. That would be something to see! Also I haven’t heard the term Masshole since I lived in NH!!:) HA!

  65. sounds like fun, my kids would so love to go to this, looks very entertaining!

  66. I loved going to the Big Apple Circus when I lived in Boston. It was something fun for even the college students to go to. – Katy

  67. i love seeing the acrobats, but not the clowns as i’m scared of them

  68. Wow! looks like so much fun! And what great shots — I am impressed!

  69. Sounds like a great time! I notice the only animals you mentioned are horses. That is a little unusual for a circus.

  70. This looks like a lot of fun! Now that my son is two I would love to take him to the circus!

  71. This looks like a lot of fun! I have never been to a circus.

  72. It looks like you guys really had a lot of fun!

  73. YIKES! I could never do those stunts! Looks like a great circus!

  74. I haven’t been to a circus in a very long time. This one looks like a lot of fun and I love anything where horses are involved too.

  75. I loved those clown noses! I would love to take my kids to watch a circus but the distance is the main problem. They always have it in Pittsburg where it is 4 hrs. drive. Glad you all have the fun!

  76. I love the circus! My great aunt retired to FL and went to a local ‘clown collage’ since she’s been there. Her and her friends travel around visiting kids and painting their faces. Fun 🙂

  77. This looks really fun! From the pictures, it seems like you had a great view of everything and the kiddies had fun.

  78. This would have been a total blast! Acrobats are definitely my favorite part of the circus 🙂

  79. I haven’t been to the circus in a long time. For a moment I thought the high wire person had no pants on!

  80. It looks like you guys had an awesome time! I went to my first circus in forever last year! It was entertaining!

  81. Looks like a lot of fun. I love the clown noses! So cute.

  82. Congrats on winning the tickets and I am sure it was a great surprise for the boys. Looks like it was a lot of fun. We have never been to the circus, my youngest is terrified of it so we do not want to take him screaming and ruin it for others.

  83. I love that you surprised your boys! This looks like such a great time! Fantastic photos!

  84. Circuses are always fun! I haven’t been to one with the kids in a long time. I love the clown noses. Very cute

  85. Pretty awesome! I love the animals at the circus, and taking the littlest kids for the first time.

  86. Looks like you and the boys had a lot of fun! I always love reading about your adventures with your boys. I really want to take my boys to the circus this year, I am just not sure how my toddler would handle it! LOL I am still afraid of clowns HA !

  87. Looks AMAZING! Our family would enjoy a day at the circus I’m sure!

  88. So fun, I’ve heard great things about this circus specifically!

  89. I would love to watch the acrobatics and aerial tricks!

  90. You know what, I’ve never been to a circus before! This one looks awesome!

  91. Looks like you had a great time! I Haven’t been to a circus for ages! Your boys look really cute with those red noses.

  92. I love acrobatic acts! How awesome it must’ve been to see the tightrope act…with singing too! I’m so afraid of clowns though, that might be the only part I’d close my eyes for.

  93. I haven’t been to the circus in forever. I love the red noses. :O)

  94. Always fun to visit a circus! We went one last year and we have a blast. 🙂

  95. I really like the acrobatic parts best. I feel bad for some of the animals, but I am sure some are treated well.

  96. I haven’t been to a circus since elementary school. That looked like quite the fun time! 😀

  97. I would love to see a circus that was actually help in a circus tent, and instead of in a large arena. Looks like you had a great time!

  98. I like circuses when they don’t have animals … I don’t like the thought of the animals being mistreated for profit 🙁

  99. Wow. This is awesome. I would love to see this live.Looks fun!

  100. Looks like ya’ll had fun! I refuse to go to circuses because of how the animals are treated. It’s horrible 🙁 But were there only horses at this one?

  101. Looks like the kids had a blast!! We still love the circus too!

  102. Oh, how fun! It has been awhile since I have been to a circus.

  103. Looks like so much fun! I love Boston but have yet to visit the circus.

    Thanks for your post – I’ve just added you on Twitter so I can read more!