Feb 202014

Yup, you read that right.

Whenever we go to Loon Mountain up in Lincoln, NH, we always eat breakfast at Flapjacks Pancake House.  They may be famous for pancakes, but their french toast is seriously the best I’ve ever had.  Anyhow, when we were there a couple of weeks ago, we were seated at the table directly under this flapjack gallery:


Here are are some close ups:






A few of them were geared towards locals, which made it that much cooler:


FYI: The Old Man of the Mountain was a series of cliff ledges located on the side of Cannon Mountain (in the White Mountains of New Hampshire), that, when viewed from the north, appeared to be the jagged profile of a face.  You may have seen it on the New Hampshire quarter.

However, it collapsed on May 3, 2003.


FYI:  The Kancamagus Highway is a 34.5 mile scenic drive along NH’s Rt. 112 in Northern New Hampshire and you guessed it – it’s windy.


Sorry for the glare on some of the pictures.  We were seated near a window and I was too chicken to ask the people seated by the blinds to close them so I could take pictures (they looked grumpy).

The Van Gogh is my favorite, which is yours?

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  1. Lol – I like “cubism”! Very cute.

  2. hahaha….love!

  3. The Rhode Islander almost made me spit out my coffee. They are all cute, but that one is hilarious.

  4. LOL! I really like the Salvadore Dali and The Van Gogh ones!

  5. THey are all really cute. Gotta love a place with a sense of humor.

  6. The Van Gogh reminds me of Mickey but I also like the Salvadore Dali. The Rhode Islander just made me crack up. 🙂

  7. This is truly awesome and think the Salvadore Dali one is my favorite 🙂

  8. I love the food there

  9. I think I like the Red Sea the best–but I truly got a smile out of each of them-I actually grimaced when I saw the Van Gogh with poor Mickey with only one ear1

  10. Haha The Rhode Islander made me chuckle. These are great.

  11. These are sooo fun! The VanGogh and Cubism both made me laugh! The Rhode Islander is one I definitely wouldn’t want to order!!!

  12. I like the “Rhode Islander”. hilarious.

  13. The Old Man of the Mountain, of course!!

  14. That is hysterical! I never thought to do that with my son! I especially liked Rhode Island!

  15. How creative! I love it when restaurants have amusing decor! Also, I’m now making french toast for supper tonight!

  16. I think the The Kancamagus Highway is my favorite! Not your typical pancake, but I think it would be fun to eat!

  17. Those are hilarious. Dali is my fave, and I’m not even a Dali fan (though I still think it’s cool to see his work, just because). 🙂

  18. I like the rhode islander. or the kanc !

  19. Salvadore Dali is funny lol i like all of them though very creative lol.

  20. Some of those were really fun! My favorite was Cubism! LOL.

  21. The Van Gogh is great. Could go for that French toast right about now! Sounds wonderful!

  22. That is such an awesome collection! lol. My kids always ask me to make shapes out of our pancakes, but I’m no where that good! lol. What a fun place to go out to eat!

  23. Too funny! I like the Van Gogh one as well. Your mention of french toast has me craving it now – haven’t had any in forever!

  24. These are cool, I never thought of anything like that! I am sharing this with a few friends!

  25. The Salvador Dali cracks me up! But the Van Gogh is excellent, especially for it’s #hiddenmickey!

  26. Hilarious! I always love reading your blog bc I can relate to so many sites. We were just at Loon and just ate at flapjacks!!

  27. These are hilarious! Love the Dali one!

  28. I like WC Fields. How funny are these!

  29. Ha ha I was going to say Van Gogh too. With the trip to Disney we have Mickey on the brain. Super cute charm

  30. Seriously your family has way too much fun!! I love the Dali 🙂

  31. They certainly know how to have fun! I really like the Van Gogh, but they are all really funny!

  32. That seems like such a cool place. I appreciate any place of business that has a good sense of humor.

  33. i am the only weird one that don’t really care for pancakes, but still that is seriously cool.

  34. These are really weird, yet cute. I like Van Gogh the best.

  35. As Liz Lemon would say, I want to go to there. I love a place with pancakes and a sense of humor.

  36. The Dali one is the best! This cafe looks great! I have been to Lincoln a million times and never heard of this place!

  37. I like the Rhode Islander. That’s pretty clever with its itty bitty self.

  38. They are all really fun, but I think I like the Dali best. What a neat and unique idea!

  39. Oh My Gosh!! These are so cute! I have never had a WC Fields Pancake! So CUTE~!!!

  40. Love the Old Man in the Mountain. I was lucky to make it to New Hampshire before it fell. Very clever interepretation.

  41. How funny! There is a Flapjack’s chain in Gatlinburg, TN that we love eating at when we go there. They don’t have cool pancakes like this though!

  42. Oh that’s hilarious! Are they real pancakes or sponge?? haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  43. I have never had Salvadore Dali. Don’t think I’ve ever heard of it prior to this post.

  44. It’s fun to play with your food. Those are some really artistic portrayal with pancake

  45. Those are some fun pancakes! I love quirky places like that.

  46. van mouse, i mean van gogh 😉

  47. Thats hilarious! I practically ate the phone when I saw your french toast!

  48. Love pancakes and french toast! I think it would be great to eat here and look at all of the pancake art!

  49. That’s awesome! I am going to have to check this place out if we get up to Lincoln this Summer. Too cute!

  50. Ha, that is hilarious! The Salvadore Dali was my fav

  51. My kids and I were doing a history lesson and they showed some pictures of Plymouth Plantation. Thought of you and your blog when we read that! I’ve really been enjoying reading about all the fun, different places that you go and experience. Your area has such a rich history!

  52. Ha, this is awesome! The Rhode Islander is cracking me up.

  53. This place is super cool!! I love how microscopic the Rhode Islander is!!

  54. So fun! Your posts seriously make me want to visit NH. I like the Dali one; I’m a fan of his anyway, though, so I may be a bit biased.

  55. Very creative!! I actually like all of them! Definitely got my mind going.

  56. Those are all very cute. WHo says you can’t play with your food?

  57. Ha – the Dali one for me. It looks like a pancake I’d actually make.
    I cannot wait for maple syrup season now!!! There are so many places up here where you can go an watch the trees be tapped, the syrup made and they all have restaurants that serve up huge stacks of pancakes with fresh Canadian Maple Syrup!

  58. Very funny! My husband made us pancakes last night and served up a few “snakes” and “plus signs”.

  59. I think they are all adorable. They each have their own sense of humor.

  60. The Van Gogh one is definitely my favorite! Who even knew there was pancake art…so funny! I do love me some pancakes though, AND french toast!

  61. A very creative way to make something you love to eat look like art. I love it!

  62. These are made out of pancake?? LOL my fave is the red sea lol

  63. Now these are totally cute – I love them all!

  64. I’m sure that their pancakes and their French Toast are delicious. I love going to specialty restaurants like this one.

  65. LOL, how cute are these. The pictures turned out great even with the lighting issues. I probably would have to go with W.C. Fields as my favorite.

  66. The Red Sea is fun and something I could even make at home. Fun place to visit!

  67. LOL! This is such a fun post! Who knew pancakes were so funny.

  68. That’s so funny! I had no idea I was so artistic with my pancakes – some of these look like how some of mine turn out LOL

  69. Hysterical! I’d take a Van Gogh please.

  70. That’s neat! I like the Rhode Islander. I bet your kids loved looking at them!

  71. These are fantastic! Love the Rhode Islander one 🙂

  72. haha pancake art i like the van gough one it really spoke to me like in i want pancakes for dinner now

  73. Look at all these different shapes and sizes.. I never thought that pancakes can be made with such creativity :)..

  74. The Salvador Dali is my favorite! I see people making things out of pancakes all the time, so artistic!

  75. This place looks SO COOL! I love following along on your family adventures. Here and on instagram 🙂

  76. Those are all very cool. It made me laugh.

  77. That is very funny… I love them all but especially the Van Gogh

  78. I like the Salvador Dali! All of them are very funny though!

  79. When I was reading this and came across the Van Gogh, I thought to myself. I bet that is Robins favorite… I was so right. I think I like it best too.

  80. Haha that is amazing – I’m not sure what my Pancakes are.. I don’t do that well when I make them though 😉 lol

  81. Neat place! The Rhode Islander one is cute 🙂

  82. Hmmmm… not sure which one is my favorite. But I do think it is nice when people think outside of the box to try and make things fun. Sounds like you guys have lots of adventures. Thanks for sharing with us! 🙂

  83. Those are so interesting! I’m not sure which one is my favorite!

  84. LOL!! Those are really funny! I love the old man on the mountain!!

  85. Those are hilarious! I always love the creativity when people play with their food. My pancake art would look like the Rhode Island one because I’d probably eat it before I actually made something!

  86. This is hilarious! I all time favorite has got to be The Kancamagus Highway! I live in Maine so I’ve been on that highway several times…and windy is an understatement! lol

  87. Great!! Now I can call my mis-shaped pancakes art. I put a lot of Van Goht and Dali pancakes on our table. Too cute.

  88. Oh those are all awesome!!!

  89. I like the highway one! No idea how to spell the word and I don’t want to scroll back up 🙂

  90. Love the tongue-in-cheek humor!