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Easy Paper Plate Easter Egg Craft

If there is one thing that I remember from my childhood, it’s that my parents house was always decorated for every holiday imaginable.  Not only did my mom put out decorations she bought from Bradlees (remember Bradlees??), but she would always put my sister, brother and me to work crafting homemade decorations.  As a child I loved making Easter eggs out of paper plates and now that I have my own kids, they love making them, too.  They are incredibly easy to make and I love that they help bring out the kids creativity!  Plus, it’s pretty cool to walk into my house and see these cute Easter eggs everywhere.

Here’s what you need to make your paper plate eggs:

  • Paper plate platter
  • Green, blue, pink, and yellow craft paint
  • Paint brush
  • Plastic eggs

Here’s what you do:

1. Squirt a little of each color paint onto a separate plate or scrap paper.

Paper Plate Easter Egg Craft

2. Turn your paper plate platter over to the back side.
3. Open your plastic eggs up.  You are going to use the circle part as a stamp, so just take the half of the egg and begin dabbing it into the paint.
4. Now that your plastic egg has paint on it, begin stamping it onto the paper plate starting in the middle.

Paper Plate Easter Egg Craft2
5. Use your paint brush to make stripes, zigzags, and polka dots! Be sure to let your creativity flow when decorating your eggs.  The more creative, the better!

Paper Plate Easter Egg Craft5

Paper Plate Easter Egg Craft4
6. Be sure to let your plates dry completely.  Once they are all dry, hang them up and display them for Easter!

Paper Plate Easter Egg Craft6

If you’re looking for an easy Easter craft to do with the kids, this is it.  Not only are they easy to make, the kids can get as creative as they want with them.

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  1. Looks easy and totally came out great! Got to try soon here now 😉

  2. What a cute idea! It looks pretty simple too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. What a wonderful idea! This is so clever, i never thought about how perfect a plate is for eggs! Perfect for Easter!

  4. My grandmother always decorated for every holiday too. I also remember at Christmas she would make cute ornaments for our classrooms. This is such a cute idea. I love how easy it is to do with a toddler! Thanks for sharing we will be doing this tomorrow.

  5. such a cool and easy craft love how decorative and fun they look
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  6. Very creative! How did you come up with this idea?

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    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  13. That is really cute and the gray thing about it is that they’re all going to be unique. No two will ever look alike.

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    Jasmine /

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    -born and raised in MA

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