Mar 052018

I was recently invited to a fun blogger event that my friend Jackie from Next On Scene organized. She brought a bunch of local mom bloggers together to hear from Amanda from Parenting with a Punch and paint some wine glasses thanks to Drinkable Arts.  Moms painted while they heard about parenting strategies from Amanda.

Amanda is a Parenting Strategist, Behavior Therapist and host of the podcast, Parenting with a Punch show. She is passionate and has a genuine love for her work. Amanda is continually inspired to work with parents and children to help them succeed and feel empowered. Amanda has always been someone who thinks outside of the box which gives her the natural ability to look through the child’s eyes, piece together the steps, and modifications needed to fully support families. Amanda’s foundation lies on promoting
optimal parenting styles and positive outcome parent-child interactions. Amanda is your family’s biggest cheerleader! When you can honestly take ownership of your energy and face the responsibility your role in parenting as their role model life will be more fun!

There is simply no time to waste! Children’s brains are 80% developed by age 5. These are the crucial years that dictate who your children will be when they grow up. Amanda’s niche is ages 2-6 years old due to her strong desire to and passion to create change early. Amanda also specializes in working with children with ADHD, ADD, Autism, ODD, Sensory Processing, Anxiety, and neuro-typical children displaying behavioral challenges.

Amanda has a BS in Psychology from Northeastern University. She then received her MS degree from Touro College with a dual degree in General and Elementary Special Education with a specialization in Early Childhood. Amanda is a former Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT) in NYC. This work inspired Amanda to want to reach families all over the world and not be limited to only families in NYC. Amanda leads parenting and couples retreats both in the states and outside of the country. Amanda has a strong presence and brings a lightness and sense of humor to parenting.

Visit her at:

Drinkable Arts NH/Northern MA Area
Teacher: Sherry Hoffman

Drinkable Arts LLC® with Sherry offers custom designed glasses, wood signs. Canvas, face painting, ornaments and much more!

You can do this via Home Paint Parties, Corporate Events, Bridal Parties, Birthday Parties to name a few.. Sherry and her team bring all of the supplies to help you and your guests create a unique and personal piece of art at the location of your choice!

For more information, visit:

Thanks again to Jackie for organizing such a fun event!

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  1. This looks like a fun night out with a helpful learning component too! I wish I was there!

  2. That looks like a great way to spend an evening. I’ve heard of painting nights before, but I’ve never heard of one like that. I love it!

  3. That’s so fun! I have a few friends that actually work at paint and drink places around here. It’s great for friends to get together to be creative.

  4. Those glasses came out so well. It is great to have a resource like this because these disorders affect so many of our kids and families we know.

  5. That event sounds like a great time! Very informative and fun painting wine glasses!

  6. What a fun paint party, I love how they turned out. I was recently invited to a paint party for a birthday. I couldn’t make it, but I’ve always wanted to go!

  7. I love how wonderful the glasses turned out! What a great event to celebrate parenting, and discuss many issues that we encounter.

  8. Drinkable Arts would make any event a fun one! I would be thrilled to be able to paint and design a wine glass! Face painting would be great for a child’s birthday party too!

  9. Oh my goodness this looks like so much fun. I’d love to do something like this. Those glasses are really

  10. What a fun way to spend the evening. I know that parents struggle, it’s nice to be able to have something like this to get us back in line in a fun way too!

  11. Amanda sounds like a great resource. What a fun night!

  12. I love events like this about parenting. There’s plenty of things to learn as a parent and listening to talks like this is just awesome. I’m sure everyone had an amazing time there!

  13. What a wonderful night out, it looked so fun. These wine glasses came out incredible!

  14. Love love love this !!!! Thanks so much for the feature Masshole Mommy is the best !!!

  15. Such a fun night! Great recap Robin!

  16. My friends recently did a night where they painted wine glasses and they had a blast! I would love to try this out one day.

  17. Such a fun event! I may organize a bloggers night out and paint wine glasses and just hang out. Great inspiration.

  18. Now that is how you do it! I would love to see some more of this!

  19. This is such a great way to spend a night with my girlfriends! Looks really fun!

  20. I would absolutely love that!! I am pretty crafty but could use inspiration now anc then. Need to get my girlfriends to do this with me!

  21. This sounds like a great event. I love that it combined really helpful information from an expert with a creative activity.

  22. I’ve yet to attend any paint nights. Those wine glasses sure look like a fun project! Cool!

  23. Art is very therapeutic. I love a good creative outlet. These glasses are very pretty.

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  26. Umm this looks like the most fun event! I love things like this!

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  28. I’d like a serving of wine in one of those pretty glass please! It’s good to hear someone is devoted to helping children with those disorders since they most often misunderstood.

  29. Mums need to take time off for themselves sometimes and this looks like a fun night out even if it is just for a little while.