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Disclosure: I was provided product samples to help facilitate this post. All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way. 

When I was a child getting Peeps inside my Easter basket was pretty much the highlight of my spring.  I am a huge fan of Peeps and back then, Peeps were only available at Easter time.  Thankfully these days Peeps are available year round for many different occasions, so I can get my fix whenever I want to, but back then my mother would load up my basket so that I was stocked up for a while.

My friends at Peeps sent recently sent be a big box full of goodies and asked me to whip up something yummy with them.  Challenge accepted.


I knew exactly what I wanted to make with all those Peeps, but first thing was first, though. The boys had to do a little taste testing.



In our house, not only do we love Peeps, but we love S’mores, so I figured combing the two would make for an ah-mazing treat.  It did.


  • Graham crackers
  • A Hershey’s bar
  • Peeps


Break the graham cracker sheet in half and set one half aside.

Place your Peep on the Graham cracker and top with two pieces of the Hershey’s bar.

Microwave for about 20 seconds (the peep will begin to get puffy). Remove from microwave and top with the other half of the graham cracker.  Smoosh and enjoy!



If you love S’mores and Peeps, I recommend giving these a try because they are as delicious as they look.  Trust me on this.


These delectable treats can be found nationwide at grocery and mass retailers, PEEPS & Company retail stores or at

Also, be sure to check out their website,, to see fun ways our fans use PEEPS® in recipes, crafts and artwork sharing their own #peepsonality!  Plus you’ll also find a PEEPS® Fun Facts infographic and some Easter recipes that they hope will spark some creative ways to incorporate PEEPS® this spring!

  101 Responses to “Peeps S’mores (No Campfire Needed) #peepsonality”

  1. Such an awesome different way to make s’mores they were so good

  2. What a neat idea. I’ve never made anything out of Peeps before, but those look so yummy that I might give them a try.

  3. So cute! We have a fire pit in our backyard and make S’mores quite often. We will definitely have to use Peeps as opposed to marshmallows for the Easter season. Love it.

  4. I totally did a review last year with Peeps and loved getting all that candy from them. Really wish they would ask me to do an encore, because I seriously am that much of a fan of their products 🙂

  5. S’mores and Easter go together like chocolate and marshmallows. Throw all of those in there together and it is looking pretty tasty!

  6. A great way to enjoy a peep! I would have dipped them in chocolate! 🙂

  7. Love Peeps, it’s one of my favorite Easter candies! My kids love to eat the heads off 1st of the bunnies!

  8. The idea of Peeps S’mores is brilliant! I remember the days of Peeps just making an appearance around Easter…thankfully they are available year round now! lol

  9. i put them in my hot chocolate and even did a nail tutorial with a peeps design once

  10. Love Peeps and love S’mores! I’m definitely going to have to try this. I’ll check out their other Easter recipes too.

  11. I need to make s’mores with peeps! We just got the lemonade flavor the other day.

  12. When I was younger, my Mom would wait for the peeps to get hard and then eat them like that. I like the smores you made with them.

  13. What a great idea! I love s’mores and I love PEEPS, so I’m sure I’d love these!

    Danielle at Framed Frosting

  14. Oh, how clever! My son would love me for doing this!

  15. What a super fun idea! I love the Peeps Kabob too, totally cute! I can’t believe how many products they have now. I have a lot of eating on my to do list this Easter!

  16. I’ve never thought about using them in s’mores! What a great idea.

  17. We make our S’mores under the broiler in the oven! I can make a whole pan full at once. The kids would probably like using the Peeps instead. Thanks for the idea!

  18. I am such a HUGE fan of Peeps! Always love all the fun colors at Easter (and that the company now makes them for every holiday). I’ve never tried or even thought of a Peep s’more. Need to get on that ASAP! – Katy

  19. Smart idea – so creative and delish!

  20. My kids make s’mores in the microwave all the time. However, I never thought about using peeps! YUM

  21. These are cute! And so much easier than having to build a campfire to melt the chocolate. I used to love Peeps (haven’t had them in forever.) I need to pick some up this weekend and see if my son loves them as much as I once did!

  22. Oh, I am all over this little treat! What a great idea.
    I don’t know how it happens, but while the kids are busy counting chocolate eggs….their Peeps seem to just disappear! I even called my mom in to help solve the mystery – and MORE disappeared. crazy. just can’t seem to figure it out. 😉

  23. You had me at Peeps! What a great idea – I’m an old school girl though – I only like the yellow ones!

  24. I have never thought of making smores with peeps! Oh my I am sure they would be delicious I will have to try this soon.

  25. LOL I just dropped off boys and my radio person was talking about peeps and everything you could do with them. They even said Yankee Candle has a Peep scented candle 🙂

  26. Ahh I will always love Peeps! My kids love them too of course LOL!

  27. What a fun twist on a great recipe! My dad LOVES Peeps so this time of year we are surrounded by them, I’m definitely gonna share this with him and my kids! I’m anxious to try the new flavors I’ve seen too!

  28. I love peeps and I love s’mores! Can’t wait to make these for my kids.

  29. we do peeps s’mores a lot. we’ve done them with eggo waffles too. so yummy. peepsters are SO GOOD and so addictive.

  30. I’m not a fan of peeps but, I think I’d like the chocolate mousse ones! I had no idea that they even made chocolate ones!

  31. Ummm…s’mores. So tasty! And, yet, melting the little peeps seems only slightly wrong:)

  32. Yum! Love Peeps and love S’mores. What a great way to have them both!

  33. I love PEEPS and I love chocolate and I love graham crackers–and I do not love camp fires!! This sounds like a win win for me!!!!

  34. Your idea of combining the peeps and S’mores is just brilliant! very yummy, cant go wrong there 🙂

  35. How cute my mother loves peeps we have to buy them every year for her.

  36. These look delicious! I love Peeps and chocolate so I’m definitely trying this out for Easter. I need to start stocking up on Peeps!

  37. Of course they had to taste test them first! LOL!!! I bet your boys were so exciting to help with this review. SO much fun 🙂

  38. These look yummy! Colorful smores, I like ’em!

  39. Yum! My kids would love this too. I might have to try making Smore’s out of Peeps for Easter. Have a terrific weekend!

  40. Total YUMMNESS!!!! I am going to try this with my kids, I know they would love it!

  41. Oh man, what a colorful, and fun package to get! I actually do not like the taste of Peeps, but they sure are pretty and scream “Easter”.

  42. Great way to use up the Peeps at the end of the season, maybe I will save them for camping 🙂

  43. Those look yummy! PEEPS is my favorite treat – and my kids love s’mores so that sounds like a win/win for us!

  44. Peep smores! Love it! There’s a Peeps & Company store near me and we go there year round. I especially love the Peeps around Christmas time 🙂

  45. Fun idea! My kids love Peeps 🙂

  46. I love peeps! But only the bunny ones at Easter. It’s just not the same to me any other way.

  47. I’ll be camping twice next month, including Easter weekend. I’ll have to get Peeps instead of marshmallows for smores. Yum!

  48. Not a HUGE Peeps fan here, but the way you have concocted this treat, I might just have to give them another try. Or else I’ll come for a visit and you can make me one!

  49. Love smores and peeps s’mores sound great

  50. I might be a heathen but I could never understand the allure of Peeps LOL

  51. Seriously why have I not thought of this before. Looks sooooo good! The best part is my kids hate peeps, more for me LOL

  52. Now these are some really cute s’mores! I can’t believe it never occurred to me to use peeps instead of marshmallows! These are so fun and the perfect, colorful treat!

  53. I bet they are so good that way! My parents never bought me Peeps, so I don’t think I had them until I was an adult.

  54. You just appealed to my sweet tooth! 😀

  55. Never tried them in a s’mores before. What a great treat for the holidays.

  56. Aw the bunny never stood a chance. I love peeps and I’m so jealous you got to review these how Yummy. Peeps totally rock and I love that they have them for every season now. Ok off to the store to get some.

  57. I’m 47. I also remember a time when Peeps were only available at Easter time!

  58. Those re some colorful S’mores! I wonder if you cooked them over a campfire how they’d be with their texture.

  59. I haven’t seen the chocolate Peeps anywhere, but I wouldn’t mind having some!

  60. My kids just love those silly Peeps. I can’t believe how many fun colors and shapes they come in now!

  61. Peeps are soooo good! I got a bunch at valentines and hoarded most of them fir myself!

  62. I like little guy’s Peep kabob idea 🙂

  63. I think I’m alone in this but I’ve never been able to eat Peeps alone. I’m super picky with what I eat. This I have to try though because I love S’ mores so I’m pretty sure this will be a big hit for me!

  64. Those are awesome looking! Love it!

  65. Oh yummy!! I make S’mores in my microwave all the time, but I haven’t tried it with Peeps yet.

  66. I love Peeps! We used to play jousting peeps in our microwave. Two peeps, two toothpicks, watch them fight as they grow! So funny!

  67. Poor bunny! 🙂 I wouldn’t have thought of using Peeps for smores but it’s an interesting idea. Something colorful that the kids might enjoy.

  68. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely the cutest snack idea! I am going to have to try this.

  69. I have to do this! Problem is I only have graham cracker crumbs…Hmm.

  70. C’mon, summer! I can’t wait to try these out – so yummy 🙂

  71. Would love to try these!! They look so good. Gotta love Peeps. 🙂

  72. Nothing brings more pleasure than crushing a marshmellow chick between a piece of chocolate and some crackers.

  73. Peep Smores…I would have never thought of that…and love it’s minus the campfire…although I love a good fire just not the clean up of smokes!

  74. I absolutely love Peeps! They are an Easter must-have! I love how you made them into smores – I will definitely be trying that out this year!

  75. Great idea! Maybe I’ll give these a try.

  76. I (whispers) don’t like Peeps. But my daughter would flip for these – and I could stay out of them.

  77. We love our peeps! We actually make these already. Yum!

  78. Neat idea and fun for Easter with kids! Love the color they give the smores too.

  79. These look so delicious I hope we can buy them over here 🙂 x

  80. We have done a lot of things with Peeps but never though to make Smore’s with them. Now I have to try that out. We found the biggest selection at the store the other day and stocked up for some great baking ideas.

  81. This recipe certainly puts a fun twist on ordinary s’mores. These would be fun to make on Easter.

  82. It has been such a long time since I had peeps. I think it’s great that you made s’mores with them. Such a great idea! I can’t tell the kiddos really enjoyed them.

  83. HOLY PEEPS!!! Sugar high anyone? They sound awesome.

  84. We should start this tradition in our house. This looks delicious.

  85. OMG…you melted a PEEP! Terrible, but yummy 🙂 Looks like fun for Easter

  86. We love this smores version too! So much colorful for Spring!

  87. I get nervous around campfires, probably because my brother makes them so big. No campfire smores is much better for me.

  88. I love all the fun Peeps snacks I’ve been seeing lately! These would definitely be a hit in our house!

  89. When I was a kid I use to enjoy eating peeps. We just ate them plain. But this seems like a more fun way to enjoy them.

  90. WHAO! Why haven’t I thought to do this – this is my 2 favorite things!! YUM!

  91. Interesting combination! Will definitely have to give it a try, considering I like chocolate and Peeps.

  92. How incredibly cute and awesome to do! I love that you could do it without the campfire and just anytime you like!

  93. We love Peeps…and we love s’mores too! Good thinking pairing the two together. We’ll be doing this with the Peeps my kids are sure to get this Easter!

  94. This looks so fun!

  95. I like those Peeps on a stick! Peeps s’mores sounds pretty tasty! I am sure we will try this after the kids get their Peeps, if there are any leftover of course!

  96. My daughter is a BIG FAN of Peeps! I will have ot try this out! I know she’d love to make smores with these fun little guys!

  97. This is such a cute idea for Easter! I am already envisioning a party based along those colors: how bright and fun!

  98. What a great idea. I can’t believe I didn’t even think of that!

  99. I’ve never thought to do that with peeps. Very creative indeed and I have to say we love them here too!

  100. I love how much more colorful (and sugary) these are than the originals!