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Mother’s Day is going to be here before you know it (seriously – it’s this weekend)! Growing up, my sister brother and I always made my mom breakfast. Somehow over the years it seems that most people have transitioned from breakfast to brunch and that is a-ok by me. I love brunch and I am always on the lookout for great new things to try when I host brunch. Lucky for you, I recently found a bunch of great new recipes that are perfect for brunch. These Mother’s Day brunch recipes are sure to please mom (and everyone else) on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

Apple Cinnamon Crumple Doughnuts

Breakfast Tacos

Nutella Deviled Strawberries

Peanut Butter Banana Stuffed French Toast

Sparkling Raspberry Lemon Mimosas

Berry Punch

Strawberry Crepes

Poached Eggs Recipe

Cheese Grits with Roasted Tomatoes

Brunch Pizza

Lemon Rolls

Maple Bacon Pancake Bites

Almond Blueberry Scones

Cranberry Brunch Punch

Sherbet Mimosas

Berry Salad Recipe

Cheesy Bacon and Egg Bombs

Breakfast Crescents

Raspberry Cream Cheese Sweet Rolls

Ricotta Pancakes

Brunch makes me happy. I love breakfast foods…ok, scratch that – I love food. My issue is that I can’t eat right away after I wake up in the morning. It usually takes me a few hours to be able to get food in my tummy and that is one of the reasons why I think that brunch is so great. Not to mention that it combines two meals in one, so you can totally pig out during brunch because you know you are covering two meals.

So tell me, do you have brunch on Mother’s Day? Β If the answer is yes, I hope you like some of these Mother’s Day brunch recipes.

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  94 Responses to “Perfect Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes to Make for Mom”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! We love to do home made brunch for Mother’s Day, and these recipes look uber good.

  2. Oh, I LOVE this! We decided to do a Mother’s Day brunch this year, and mimosas are SO on the list. I’m bookmarking because this has everything we’ll need.

  3. Oh my gosh I love this list! I am going to send this on to my husband and I’m hoping that he will pick something from this list and make it for Mother’s Day.

  4. There were so many great choices to choose from I hope my husband looks his over. I think I wnt to try the peanut butter and banana french toast for Elvis and my son.

  5. I love doing a Mother’s Day Brunch! These recipes look fantastic. They will give us something new to try this year.

  6. Now to just have someone to make the food and clean up afterwards. Lots of yummy choices.

  7. Thank you for sharing these delicious brunch ideas! All of them are great ideas for celebrating mother’s day!

  8. I am always looking for new brunch recipes to try. I will have to try the Cheesy Bacon and Egg Bombs for Mothers Day.

  9. I am excited to start with the Maple Bacon Pancake bites. I am sure they will be a hit with my kids. All of these recipes sound delicious.

  10. Mmm, I’d be happy with any of these. My stomach is growling.

  11. I would love to have any of these yummy things served to me on Mother’s Day. I wish my kids knew how to cook!

  12. I can’t choose a favorite! Maybe the raspberry cream cheese sweet rolls.

  13. Lovely and inspiring recipes. I just may try one or two. Esp the peanut butter stuffed banana French toast. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I decided that on Sunday I am going to make a big brunch. These are great ideas to get my started!

  15. Such a wonderful collection of tasty recipes. I will definitely make the breakfast tacos for my wife on Mother’s Day.

  16. Holy cow that is a lot of yummy sounding recipes to choose from! I am terrible at making decisions so I wish this was narrowed down more hehe The one for sure though – mimosas! ::dances:: My mom and I love a good drink and chat πŸ™‚

  17. So many tasty options as long as someone else makes it for me. I’d love to have the eggs benedict for breakfast.

  18. Brunch sounds like a great plan for Mother’s Day! Now to choose some recipes from your collection… πŸ˜‰

  19. We always have brunch to celebrate Mother’s Day! Such a great time to start a special day with the family! Love these recipes! Will add these to our menu!

  20. I love doing a Mother’s Day Brunch! You have shared such a good list to choose. It will definitely helps me to chose one for me, they all are fantastic.

  21. Oh yum what some delicious sounding brunch ideas, I am in love with the sound of Apple Cinnamon Crumple Doughnuts I might just to treat my Mum (and me) to them!

  22. Mom’s are great aren’t they! I love mine to bits. And I love being a mum. Some lovely food ideas here, the nutella strawberries sound yum!

  23. All of these sound wonderful, but if I am going to get any of this great food I would be the one making it. Going out for brunch is our go too.

  24. I would really enjoy a breakfast in bed! Those Strawberry Crepes sound really good. So do the Cheesy Bacon and Egg Bombs! I am pinning this post for later because I want to try most of them even after Mother’s Day has passed lol

  25. I love brunch these are some great recipes. Especially with Mother’s Day coming up these will come in-handy.

  26. This list is Mmmmm tasty. You had me at the bacon pancakes as everything taste good when bacon is added. I do not do breakfast brunch as the lines to go out to eat are too long to wait with my kiddos. I like to go out for lunch or dinner.

  27. We do Mother’s Day lunch but after this, we may have to change it to brunch. All of these recipes look amazing!

  28. Great list of recipes! The strawberry crepes sound devine! I’d love that any day! And of course the sparkling raspberry lemon mimosa would accompany it!

  29. This all looks great and trying a new recipe on Mothers Day is a good idea! May ask my hubby if he can make one of these for us!!

  30. Wow, as in oh wow! So many recipes to choose from! I will definitely save this link and check out which one I can cook. Thanks a lot for sharing! Happy Mother’s day!

  31. All of these recipes sound delicious. The bacon pancake bites so especially tempting. I’ve never seen that recipe before.

  32. This is a great list of brunch recipes! They all sound delicious. Maybe I won’t wait until Mother’s Day to make them!

  33. Yum I LOVE mimosas and lemon raspberry mimosas sounds even better! Give me those and some breakfast tacos, and I would be good to go!

  34. Hmm Lemon Rolls, Strawberry Crepes, and Raspberry Cream Cheese Sweet Rolls! You have my mouth watering, as usual! So many yummy brunch food that isn’t chalked full of meat!

  35. These are great recipes. I loved to try a handful of these…. Hmmmm heads to the Publix!!

  36. I’m going to need to tell my husband to get on here and read these… haha, take some tips man! πŸ˜‰
    These recipes look absolutely delicious. <3

  37. oh man, that looks amazing. someone please come and make everything or anything shown here.

  38. Mmm, I would love any of these treats on Mother’s Day. The lemon rolls sound especially yummy!

  39. Thanks for sharing such yummy brunch ideas! I got to try some of them.

  40. Ok these all sound absolutely delicious! Love me a good roundup! I’m lucky this mother’s day we are actually going out for brunch so no cooking for me yippee! Although I might make a sweet treat regardless!

  41. These Mother’s Day brunch ideas all sound fantastic. We’re lucky because our neighbors always host a delicious brunch on Mother’s Day so I don’t have to make anything.

  42. Love the ideas. Definitely going to try the Breakfast tacos. It sounds awesome!

  43. Anything with the word “bacon” and I’m down! There’s quite a few things that look tasty. I think some of these I will make and take to work for lunch. I vote one of the mimosas.

  44. These look amazing especially the Sparkling Raspberry Lemon Mimosas and berry Punch. I am def going to have to try some of these Brunch Ideas. Thanks for sharing

  45. Oh my! Everything on your menu looks SO good! I would love for my husband and kids to make me the apple doughnuts and Nutella deviled strawberries!! Yum!

  46. I hope I get ALL of these for Mother’s Day πŸ˜‰ The grits with roasted tomatoes sounds super amazing, though, and I think I’ll be making this for breakfast next week!

  47. Wow! What a delicious roundup. I love most of the recipes listed here, I guess you picked the best πŸ™‚

  48. You had me at Sparkling Raspberry Lemon Mimosas! These recipes look super yummy and what a great way to kick off this Mother’s Day! Great Blog :)!

  49. We usually have brunch here to save time and money. I think these brunch recipes are just awesome.

  50. This is sooo perfect for Mother’s Day. It’ll be a great treat for my mom! Thanks!

  51. Excuse me while I go share this lovely (and very tasty!) compilation of Mother’s Day food ideas with my husband. I’m not sure he’ll thank you for how busy he’ll be making me all of this delicious-ness ;)!

  52. I think I will just leave this open for my family to see and hope that they get inspired and make me one of these. And bring it to me on a tray in bed.

  53. They’re all yummy! Can’t help, but drool lol…kidding aside though, I found an additional idea for our celebration tomorrow with Mommy! Thank you so much, great help!

  54. They’re all yummy! Can’t help, but drool lol…kidding aside though, I found an additional idea for our celebration tomorrow with Mommy! Thank you so much, great help!

  55. I might try to cook for my Mom however she cant’t trust me in the kitchen πŸ™‚
    so this means dining oout somewhere πŸ™‚
    Or she will insist of cooking these recipes for her day!

  56. I saved the recipe for the Cheesy Bacon and Egg Bombs and Ricotta Pancakes. Anything with cheese immediately catches my attention! Thanks for the links. I will be coming back to this post again soon and save some more interesting and delicious recipes.

  57. I am having brunch on Mother’s Day with my kiddos and I willl add the Almond Blueberry.Scones to the list of food I have to prepare. Thank you so far for the recipe

  58. Brunch is one of the best meals and the peanut butter stuffed toast sounds amazing. Definitely going to need to give some of these a go x

  59. These are all great brunch recipes for mom on mother’s day. I will have to share this list with my kids. lol The Cheesy Bacon and Egg Bombs sound so good right now and I know my mom would love them. Thanks for sharing the recipes.

  60. I’ve made brunch for Mother’s Day the past couple years. It’s so much fun trying out new recipes because you never know how they will turn out.

  61. I love brunch. The only thing that can make it better is a brunch in bed. You have a lot of great suggestions, would it be wrong to want to try them all?

  62. I am really hoping my family makes me breakfast in bed … but not too early … might have to “share” this with them to drop some hints. Everything sounds delicious!

  63. You have listed out some wonderful recipes out there and I am sure these will be something which all mothers could be treated with on Mother’s day. Brunch with Mom on Mother’s day would be so awesome and it can be made memorable with these dishes! πŸ™‚

  64. These are all amazing brunch ideas for moms. I can’t wait to surprise my mom with a special brunch.

  65. These are some really delicious options for brunch! Some look so good that I want to make them right now! Happy Mothers Day!

  66. I will have to make some of this for my wife. She would love it! Thanks for the great ideas.

  67. All of these recipes sound delicious. I’ll have to make some of these on Sunday.

  68. These are all so good I don’t know which one to try first. I love Mother’s Day brunch.

  69. You have so many great ideas for brunch. I am going to try a few for Mothers Day.

  70. Isn’t brunch awesome! Especially when your kids are cooking for you. I think it’s awesome that you shared all of these recipes, now I just need my kids to read this post!

  71. Awesome ideas for Mother’s day! I don’t really host a brunch or prepare for it but it’s good to have a list of recipes at hand.

  72. Passing this along! Definitely going to want my husband to make me some of these ideas!

  73. Passing this along! Definitely going to want my husband to make me some of these ideas!

  74. yummy! thanks for putting together this list! I can’t wait to try some of these out!

  75. If I were to make brunch for my mom, I would choose the Strawberry crepes because my mom loves strawberries so much. However, if I were to choose what my family will make for me for Mother’s day brunch, I would love to have the Cheesy Bacon and Egg Bombs. Thanks for sharing these recipe links. I will save all of them for whenever. πŸ™‚

  76. Great brunch options. I am not even a mom yet but I wanna try some of these out just because!

  77. We are taking my mom out and I am hoping it is a brunch! My aunt is in town, too, so we will get to treat them both out!

  78. Oooo so many yummy brunch ideas!!!!! For Mother’s Day I’m making my family take me out! I will have to try a few of these on another Sunday though because yum!!!!

  79. I am totally down for these brunch ideas and I am particularly living for the sherbet mimosas. They sound divine x

  80. Mother’s day is awesome. Thanks for this beautiful ideas. My husband needs to see this post. Seriously!

  81. Wow at the spread! A lot of great ideas to make your mom for breakfast or lunch! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and recipes to celebrate Mother’s Day!

  82. Great recipes! I am going to try one for Sunday’s brunch at my sister in laws!

  83. This is a great list for Mother’s day ideas. I will save a few to add to the list.

  84. You had me at Breakfast tacos and brunch pizza. Great list of delicious meals and they seem easy to make.

  85. The apple cinnamon donuts sounds amazing! I want a few of these for a yummy breakfast!

  86. These all look so good! We are going out for brunch this year, but I would definitely like some breakfast in bed one year!!

  87. Some amazing monthers day brunch ideas! We have already had Mother’s Day in the U.K. but you don’t need a special day to spoil your mom. I’m sure she would love many of these!

  88. I love all these recipes. I enjoy brunch when it’s 1) not in my home that I had to clean in preparation for guests, and 2) not cooked by me. I’ll share these recipes with my husband! πŸ˜‰

  89. Theres some fantastic mothers day recipes here and although mothers day has passed here in the UK, I think I need to treat my mam! xxx

  90. These all sound tasty for sure! I ended up going out to a local place to get doughnuts. I never had them before.

    Isaak’s birthday is on the 19th. Maybe I’ll try and make one of these recipes for him.

  91. Love this recipe and come to think of it .. honestly everyday should be Mother’s Day. I know my mom worked so hard to raise me and I want to set a good example for my daughters, so I’m going to make this with my kids and go randomly surprise my mama!